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DVD Producer is the latest-generation DVD authoring application from Sonic's acclaimed range of professional authoring solutions. DVD Producer includes some exclusive technology that will help you deliver your best work both easily and efficiently.

JumpAnywhere™ - Author sophisticated, interactive DVD titles without the need for deep understanding of the DVD specification. Sonic’s exclusive JumpAnywhere technology enables you to execute complex navigation sequences using simple drop down menus and check boxes. This means you can author complex titles today without having to learn the ins-andouts of the DVD specification.

DVD Producer’s JumpAnywhere engine also removes any potential for human error by ensuring your DVDs are as compatible as possible. Benefits of this technology include:

  • Easily mix-and-match 4:3 and 16:9 video footage anywhere on the same disc.
  • Expand the destination options for the Menu button on the DVD Player remote control for each individual movie or menu.
  • Highlight any button when navigating to a motion or moving menu.
  • Set ‘End Actions’ for every movie using a drop down menu
  • Replace End Actions on a menu button (for looping or play-all features)
  • Set Audio or Subtitle streams on a menu button

JumpAnywhere makes all of these professional features easy, empowering you to make professional looking discs today.

OpenDVD™ – the new standard for interchanging finished DVD discs that can be opened and re-edited across different applications. DVD Producer can both write and read OpenDVD compliant titles saving you time and money on project revision. OpenDVD enables your company to make changes to your client’s projects by simply re-opening the project from the finished disc, making the requested changes, and then re-burning.

Built-in Menu Compositor – Add text, images, and animated buttons to your DVD menus. DVD Producer’s built-in menu compositor enables you to compile a range of DVD menus within the application. Starting with any generic still image or moving background you can add graphics, text, and animated buttons. DVD Producer’s animated menu compositor is able to extract any length of imported video, resize it, and then composite it with other text and graphic elements into a single MPEG file for use as a motion menu. This feature streamlines the DVD production workflow as it removes the need for a separate menu compositing station and also enables last minute changes to take place within the application.

Jacket Picture Support – Add a DVD ‘screen saver’ to your project. Jacket picture support enables the user to select a still image that displays whenever the disc is loaded and the DVD player is in stop mode.

Extensive CD, DVD and DLT drive support – DVD Producer 3.5 supports the widest range of output devices. For a full list of supported devices please see the list of Supported Drives.

WriteDirect™ - Sonic's exclusive WriteDirect technology is the fastest way to create a DVD-R or DLT from a finished project. Using WriteDirect, the system writes directly to the DVD-R or DLT from the basic assets that make up the project, without the intermediate step of writing data to the computer hard disk. WriteDirect can save hours of production time and up to 4.7 GB of hard disk space per DVD project.

Integrated Encoding and Authoring - DVD Producer integrates the entire DVD production process, encoding, authoring, and writing DVD data to any medium, into a single application. No other system available today offers this level of integration, making the process of tape-todisc seamless.

Timeline Interface - Sequence video, audio, subtitles and still-image clips in an environment that will be instantly familiar to anyone used to operating a NLE.

Adobe® Photoshop® File Support - Import and edit multi-layer files to create sophisticated DVD Menus.

Multiple Audio and Subpicture Streams - Give your DVDs international appeal by adding up to eight audio streams and 32 subtitle streams. Each audio stream can be up to 5.1 surround sound!

Real-time Proofing - Preview your DVD project at any time during assembly, or after the disc has been formatted, prior to replication. Using Sonic’s SD-1000 encoder, you can also preview your project on an external broadcast quality monitor.

Integrated Transcoding - Automatic and fast AVI and Quicktime® to MPEG-2 conversion. Save time and maintain quality by saving transfer to and from video tape.

Unlimited undo - users may experiment as they work with the knowledge that they can return to a previous state quickly and easily.

You can find out more from the complete DVD Producer Specifications


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