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RecordNow! Deluxe
Deluxe Suite v7
The easiest CD and DVD burning software with complete backup and copy utilities.

Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe Suite is the easiest way to rip and burn audio CDs, copy discs, archive and share data, backup your system, and create stunning disc labels.
RecordNow! Deluxe

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RecordNow! Deluxe
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Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe Suite is the state-of the-art CD and DVD mastering tool that takes the guesswork and complexity out of CD and DVD burning. With an award winning task-based user interface designed by usability professionals, it's never been easier to get the most out of your CD or DVD burner. Also, this Suite comes with 2 additional power packed programs, Sonic Simple Backup and Drive Letter Access (DLA). Simple Backup provides easy to use system backup tools. DLA allows you to drag and drop files to a rewritable disc turning it into a virtual hard-drive. Sonic RecordNow Deluxe includes all that is needed for creating music CDs, data CDs and DVDs, exact copies, disc images, file archives, bootable discs, and system backup and it can all be done with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Integration & Ease of Use
The technologies that make up Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe Suite are tightly integrated so that you can seamlessly move from making audio CDs, to data DVDs, to full system backup all with a few clicks and within a familiar user interface environment. Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe Suite is also really easy to use. Just choose from the list of easy to understand projects and add the content you want on your disc, Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe takes care of what technology to use!
Copy Discs
Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe can quickly and easily make exact copies of your CDs and DVDs (provided they are not CSS encrypted). Looking for maximum control over your burn? Then RecordNow! Deluxe is for you, as it offers a full selection of advanced user options.
Archive Important Files
Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe provides quick and easy File Archiving, the best way to protect your favorite tracks, images, files, and folders. Select what you want to protect from “Photos, Music, Email, Productivity, or Financial”, and RecordNow! Deluxe will scan your entire machine or a specified location to find these files. Have more data than will fit on 1 disc? Don’t worry, because RecordNow! Deluxe will automatically span the data across multiple discs!
Rip & Burn Music
Music lovers will appreciate the suite of Audio projects available in Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe. You can create custom music compilation CDs in all of today’s popular formats, as well as rip your original music CDs using the included MP3 encoder. Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe adds noise reduction, normalization, and other advanced options for those users looking for the utmost control. Users with playlists can scan for and burn the entire playlist or any combination of files from with the playlist (requires WMP 9).
With Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe Suite, it is a snap to share or protect photos, data files, and other important data using the Data CD and DVD creation project. Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe Suite features Drive Letter Access (DLA) and intelligent drag-and-drop technology, so you can quickly and easily write data to CDs and DVDs by simply dragging files and folders to the disc drive icon within Windows Explorer, or to the RecordNow interface. Just Drag, Drop, and Burn!
Full System Backup and Restore
Sonic Simple Backup is included in the RecordNow! Deluxe Suite, providing users of all levels with an easy to use backup application. Choose to backup your entire system or just certain files. The included backup and restore wizards makes it a snap to protect your valuable data.

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