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Which CD, DVD and DLT devices does ReelDVD work with?

As of version 3.0.3, ReelDVD supports the most currently available CD-recordable, DVD-recordable, and DLT drives. Many of these newer devices can write to the latest DVD media, including DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD+R (in addition to DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW and DLT tape). Click here for a full list of supported devices and media. To upgrade to version 3.0.3, click here.

Why are DVD discs formatted with ReelDVD more compatible than if they were made with competing systems?

ReelDVD uses the same multiplexing engine as Sonic Scenarist. The unique way in which this engine arranges the data on the DVD disc has proved itself for over six years to produce the widest range of compatibility across the full spectrum of available DVD players. To the user, the multiplexing process, where all the video, audio and menus are compiled into a finished DVD, is just another progress bar, but in fact, the exact way in which this is done can have a large effect on DVD player performance and compatibility.

What does the advanced navigation feature in ReelDVD allow you to do?

Most all DVD authoring applications allow a user to link a button from a menu to initiate playback of a section of video. The advanced navigation in ReelDVD allows you to take this one stage further; menus can actually be superimposed over the video, to facilitate the authoring of truly interactive presentations. For example, you could have a menu pop up over a video clip of a man aiming a gun at someone, and the menu could say "Do you want to save the villain? If so, press enter on the remote." You could then program the enter button to transition to a separate version of the ending where the gunman would be distracted, and the villain would live.


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