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Sonic ROM Formatter is the ultimate utility for DVD premastering. It's a simple, robust, cost-effective solution for transferring data to DVD or DLT, and provides intricate control of the data layout on the finished disc. ROM Formatter is unique in its ability to premaster content for dual-layer DVD-ROMs and has been successfully tested with over a million files!

ROM Formatter is designed to seamlessly integrate with both Sonic Scenarist and ReelDVD, making the DVD authoring workflow even more efficient.

With the introduction of Sonic’s PlantDirect Tapeless Premastering™ technology, removing the need for a DLT master, ROM Formatter is now the ultimate tool for every DVD Production facility.

Read on to learn more about ROM Formatter and to see how it's right for you, or contact your Sonic Reseller to see a demonstration today.

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