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Full range of DVD-ROM capabilities - Sonic ROM Formatter is the only DVD premastering tool capable of formatting ROM data in the DVD-9 (single-sided, dual-layer) format. In addition, ROM Formatter can premaster data for DVD-5 (single-sided, single-layer), DVD-10 (double-sided, single-layer), DVD-14 (double-sided, single-layer side A, dual-layer side B) and DVD-18 (double-sided, dual-layer).

Complete control of data layout - Sonic ROM Formatter enables the user to specify the position of data on the disc for optimum performance ROM Formatter. For dual-layer DVD-ROM titles, the user has full control over positioning of the layer break.

Built-in Premastering engine - Write directly to DVD-R, DLT for mass replication, or create a DDP Disc image to your hard disk for efficient network transfer to the replication facility.

Macintosh compatibility - Sonic ROM Formatter is the only tool that will allow you to create Macintosh-compatible pure DVD-ROMs for mass replication. Using specialized cross-platform architecture; ROM Formatter is capable of preserving the Macintosh resource forks on DVD-ROM so Macintosh applications remain in tact.

PlantDirect Tapeless Premastering – Sonic’s PlantDirect Tapeless Premastering technology removes the need for DVD-R and DLT mastering. Finished projects can be securely transferred directly to the replication facility over a network connection.

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