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Toast 6 Titanium
Toast® 6 Titanium

Don't Burn It. Toast It.
Toast 6 Titanium
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Toast 6 Titanium
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The standard for CD/DVD burning on Mac OS X. Toast helps you do even more with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. Now it's easier than ever to create and copy your data, music, photo and video CDs and DVDs.

Music made perfect
  • Create perfect CDs from any QuickTime audio files or iTunes tracks.
  • Digitize your vinyl records and tapes, or record live audio performances, with a completely re-engineered CD Spin Doctor® 2.
  • Reduce noises, pops, and clicks. Enhance the sound with included filters, or add your own 3rd party VST effects.
  • Design personalized disc labels, case covers, and inserts.
Videos made easy
  • Create Video CDs, Super Video CDs, or DVDs, with menus, buttons, and chapters, and view them on a home DVD player or computer
  • Plug & Burn™ and create video discs from your DV camcorder content, automatically, and effortlessly
  • Drag & drop any QuickTime video file or your iMovie into Toast's Universal Video Converter
Photos made fun
  • Drag & drop any QuickTime image file or iPhoto picture to create fast and easy full screen slide shows and watch them on a home DVD player or computer
  • Motion Pictures software turns your still photos into stunning movies. Automatically add Hollywood-style pan and zoom effects, cross fades, and soundtrack
Data made safe, copies made simple
  • Back-up folders and files to CD, DVD, network, or Web storage, automatically
  • Compress your data up to 50% on CDs or DVDs
  • Secure your data with 128-bit encryption and password protection
  • Copy an unprotected CD or DVD with a single click
Award-winning burning
  • Share CD & DVD burners with other Macs on your network or across the Internet
  • Toast It™ and save time - burn directly from your desktop

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