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"Touring Little Bighorn Battlefield" and "A Good Day to Die"

On "A Good Day to Die", climb with Varnum to the Crow's Nest, charge down the valley of the Little Big Horn with Reno, and ride with Custer, Boyer and Curley into legend. Then tour the Little Bighorn Battlefield, the most famous in all of the Indian Wars. All are carefully recreated by historical photos, computer-generated maps, and re-enactors including Sioux and Cheyenne Indians.

Jim Baugh Outdoors (Best of 2001-2002)

Program highlights from the 2001-2002 broadcast year. Features include a tour and cooking segment on board the wind tunnel Cousteau Ship Alcyone. Rock Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, Cooking at the Radisson, the Hampton Blackbeard Festival & the Hampton Cup Regatta. Special music feature with legandary recording artist Bill Bruford and Earthworks. Jim covers Bill's career from Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, to Bill Bruford's latest Jazz recordings.

Mission to Ecuador

Multi-Dove Nominee Shaun Groves joins a group of Christian radio listeners on a mission trip to Ecuador in South America. The journey is an extremely honest portrayal of an artist's struggle with the paradox of fame and Christianity. The DVD includes LIVE performances by Shaun Groves, out-takes, deleted scenes and some very special messages Shaun delivered to the short-term missionaries.

The Energy Tapes: Basic Qigong

Everyone can do the gentle, energizing exercises in Basic Qigong. You'll easily follow our instructor, Jim Bouchard, through these simple sets with clear instructions. Jim Bouchard is founder and Senior Instructor at Northern Chi Martial Arts Center. He has been practicing and teaching martial arts & qigong since 1985. Jim designed "Body Energetics" to bring the benefits of qigong training to everyone!

St. Margaret Mary School Christmas Concert - 2002

This DVD contains edited footage of both the morning and evening performances of the St. Margaret Mary School Christmas Concert on Thursday - December 12, 2002.

Introduction to Asian Long Staff Fighting

Christopher Keith brings nearly 20 years of practice & teaching experience to this unique production. His understanding of Japanese, Chinese & Okinawan styles combined with American innovation makes his a truly unique approach to the bo.

Swedish Folk Music Treasures: Nisse Nordstrom

Nisse Nordstrom, nyckelharpa player, graciously agreed to be the first subject of the "Swedish Folk Music Treasures" series. Born in 1921, he plays tunes from Bladaker, Uppland, his childhood home. Nisse was designated Fiddler of the Realm in 1974 and in 1978 he became the first folk musician employed full-time in that capacity by the Swedish state. Nisse is paired with Peter Puma Hedlund, who at roughly half Nisse's age is already a legendary nyckelharpa virtuoso in his own right.

Creating COOL STUFF on Your PC

Step by step video instruction for creating amazing computer graphics images. If you've been poking around with your graphic software and are ready to take it to the next level, get ready to create COOL STUFF! You don't need to be a techno nerd or a graphic professional. All you need is the desire to learn and the time to practice. You CAN create amazing desktop backgrounds, greeting cards and more!