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What we do

At Stone & Stone Second World War Books, we don't stock or sell books or anything else.

Since 1995, we've been a clearinghouse for information about books concerning World War II, the authors of those books, their publishers, and the new and secondhand booksellers who make those books available. In addition, we provide a wide range of book reviews, historical essays, an online WWII order-of-battle database, an entertaining WWII Trivia Challenge, a massive "War Diary" chronology of WWII, and more. We make all this information available at no charge via our website to anyone who's interested.

Our primary goal is to help readers, researchers, collectors, veterans, and hobbyists find and acquire the books they want. In doing so, we also help publishers and dealers sell their titles.

How you can help

Ours is a very small, part-time operation run mostly for the pleasure of working with books, authors, publishers, and booksellers. Like any free website, we simply can't do everything that everyone wants us to do for them. Just to keep doing what we've been doing, we can use all the help we can get! Most of all, you can help us defray our costs and improve our level of services by purchasing inexpensive advertising on our pages. If you'd like to place an ad, please contact us.

There are also other ways you can help.

If you're a publisher, please keep us fully apprised of your new and forthcoming WWII-related books. Also, please send us copies of your WWII-related books to be considered for review purposes, for our Recommended Reading page, and so we can scan the covers and add those images to our webpages. If you're a publisher with whom we're unfamiliar, you can use our online form to submit the basic information we need to get you listed on our Publisher Directory.

If you're an author, let us know about your latest projects so we can keep your entry updated on our Directory of Authors. If you don't already have a listing there, you can use our online form to submit the basic information we need to get you set up.

How to contact us

We're located in California but we conduct all our business on the Web, so the best way to contact us is via email at If needed, contact us by email and we can provide our phone number and/or mailing address.  


We don't buy, stock, publish, or sell books or anything else.
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