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Book Reviews
Agte, Patrick. Jochen Peiper: Commander Panzerregiment Leibstandarte

Agte, Patrick. Michael Wittmann and the Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte

Alden, John D. U.S. Submarine Attacks during World War II

Altobello, Brian. Into the Shadows Furious: The Brutal Battle for New Georgia

Alvarez, David (editor). Allied and Axis Signals Intelligence in World War II

Alvarez, David. Secret Messages: Codebreaking and American Diplomacy, 1930-1945

Ambrose, Stephen E. Citizen Soldiers

The American Arsenal: The World War II Official Standard Ordnance Catalog

Anders, Lt. Gen. Wladyslaw. Russian Volunteers in Hitler's Army, 1941-1945

Anderson, Col. Clarence E. To Fly and Fight: Memoirs of a Triple Ace

Anglin, Douglas G. Free French Invasion: The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941

Anonymous. Historical and Pictorial Review of the 28th Infantry Division in World War II

Anzuoni, Robert P. The All-American: An Illustrated History of the 82nd Airborne Division

Astor, Gerald. The Greatest War

Autry, Jerry. General William C. Lee: Father of the Airborne

Baldwin, R. E. and Thomas Wm. McGarry. Last Hope: The Blood Chit Story

Balkoski, Joseph. Beyond the Beachhead

Bando, Mark. 101st Airborne: The Screaming Eagles at Normandy

Bando, Mark. Breakout at Normandy

Banks, Arthur. Wings of the Dawning: The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1939-1945

Baptiste, Fitzroy Andre. War, Cooperation, and Conflict: The European Possessions in the Caribbean, 1939-1945

Bartsch, William H. Doomed at the Start: American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942

Bath, Alan Harris. Tracking the Axis Enemy

Beale, Nick. Ghost Bombers: The Moonlight War of NSG 9

Beale, Nick; Ferdinando D'Amico; and Gabriele Valentini. Air War Italy, 1944-45: The Axis Air Forces from the Liberation of Rome to the Surrender

Beckman, Morris. The Jewish Brigade: An Army with Two Masters

Beesley, Patrick. Very Special Intelligence: The Story of the Admiralty's Operational Intelligence Centre, 1939-1945

Bell, Walter F. The Philippines in World War II, 1941-1945: A Chronology and Select Annotated Bibliography

Bennett, Gill (ed). The End of the War in Europe, 1945

Bennett, John. Fighter Nights: 456 Squadron RAAF

Bergerud, Eric M. Fire in the Sky: The Air War in the South Pacific

Bergstrom, Christer and Andrey Mikhailov. Black Cross, Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front, volume one: Operation Barbarossa, 1941

Bergstrom, Christer and Andrey Mikhailov. Black Cross, Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front, volume two: Resurgence, January - June 1942

Bernad, Denes. Henschel Hs 129 in Action

Bernad, Denes. Rumanian Air Force: The Prime Decade, 1938-1947

Bernage, Georges. Red Devils in Normandy: 6th Airborne Division, 5-6 June 1944

Bevis, Mark. British and Commonwealth Armies, 1939-43

Beyer, Kenneth M. Q-Ships versus U-Boats: America's Secret Project

Bimberg, Edward L. The Moroccan Goums

Binder, L. James. Lemnitzer: A Soldier for His Time

Binkoski, Joseph and Arthur Plaut. The 115th Infantry Regiment in World War II

Blackburn, Tom. With Eric Hammel. The Jolly Rogers: The Story of Tom Blackburn and Navy Fighting Squadron VF-17

Boatner III, Mark M. The Biographical Dictionary of World War II

Bonn, Keith E. With Fire and Zeal: The 276th Infantry Regiment in World War II

Boog, Horst et al. Germany and the Second World War, volume IV: The Attack on the Soviet Union

Booth, Terrence. Handbook of WWII German Military Symbols & Abbreviations, 1943-45

Botjer, George F. Sideshow War: The Italian Campaign, 1943-1945

Bowlby, Alex. Countdown to Cassino: The Battle of Mignano Gap, 1943

Bowman, Martin W. The Reich Intruders

Boykin Jr, Calvin C. Gare La Bete (Beware the Beast): A History of the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 1942-1945

Breuer, William B. Drop Zone Sicily: Allied Airborne Strike, July 1943

Brodniewicz-Stawicki, Margaret. For Your Freedom and Ours: The Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War

Brooks, Thomas R. The War North of Rome: June 1944 - May 1945

Brown, David. (editor) Naval Operations of the Campaign in Norway

Brown, Gordon and Terry Copp. Look to Your Front...Regina Rifles: A Regiment at War, 1944-45

Brown, John Sloan. Draftee Division: The 88th Infantry Division in World War II

Brown, Kenneth T. Marauder Man: World War II in the Crucial But Little Known B-26 Marauder Medium Bomber

Browning Jr., Robert M. U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casualties of World War II

Brulle, Robert V. Angels Zero: P-47 Close Air Support in Europe

Bruyelle, Frederic; Mansuy, Renaud; Raquillet, Francois. Les Casques de l'Armee Francaise, de 1915 a 1945

Burgess, Colin. Destination: Buchenwald

Burgett, Donald R. Currahee! A Screaming Eagle at Normandy

Burgett, Donald R. The Road to Arnhem: A Screaming Eagle in Holland

Burgett, Donald R. Seven Roads to Hell: A Screaming Eagle at Bastogne

Burn, Alan. The Fighting Commodores: Convoy Commanders in the Second World War

Busch, Rainer and Hans-Joachim Roll.German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary

Butler, Daniel Allen. Warrior Queens: The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in World War II

Caine, Philip D. Aircraft Down!

Caldwell, Donald. The JG 26 War Diary, volume one: 1939-1942

Caldwell, Donald. The JG 26 War Diary, volume two: 1943-1945

Capelotti, P.J. (Editor) The Svalbard Archipelago

Caraccilo, Dominic J. (editor) Surviving Bataan and Beyond: Colonel Irvin Alexander's Odyssey as a Japanese Prisoner of War

Carafano, James Jay. After D-Day: Operation Cobra and the Normandy Breakout

Cassells, Vic. For Those in Peril...

Chandonnet, Fern (ed). Alaska at War

Chaney, Otto Preston. Zhukov

Chubaryan, Alexander O. and Harold Shukman (editors). Stalin and the Soviet-Finnish War, 1939-1940

Claasen, Adam R. A. Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945

Cline, Rick. Escort Carrier WWII

Collins, General J. Lawton. Lightning Joe: An Autobiography

Conner, Claude C. Nothing Friendly in the Vicinity

Conner, Howard M. The Spearhead: The World War II History of the 5th Marine Division

Coombs, L. F. E. The Lion Has Wings

Cooper, Belton Y. Death Traps: The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II

Copp, Terry. (Editor) Montgomery's Scientists

Cora, Paul B. Yellowjackets! The 361st Fighter Group in World War II: P-51 Mustangs over Germany

Cosner, Shaaron and Victoria Cosner. Women under the Third Reich

Cottam, Kazimiera J. Women in War and Resistance: Selected Biographies of Soviet Women Soldiers

Cottam, Kazimiera J. Women in Air War: The Eastern Front of World War II

Cotton, M. C. "Bush". Hurricanes over Burma

Crandall, Jerry. Doras of the Galland Circus

Crandall, Jerry. EagleFiles #2: Yellow 10: The Story of the Ultra-Rare Fw 190 D-13

Crenshaw, Captain Russell. The Battle of Tassafaronga

Cressman, Robert J. The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II

Crofoot, Craig R. The Order of Battle of the Soviet Armed Forces, volume 1: 22 June 1941

Crofoot, Craig. The Order of Battle of the Soviet Armed Forces: The Sleeping Bear, volume 1, part one: 22 June 1941

Crost, Lyn. Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and the Pacific

Cull, Brian and Frederick Galea. Hurricanes over Malta, June 1940 - April 1942

Cull, Brian and Bruce Lander with Heinrich Weiss. Twelve Days in May: The Air Battle for Northern France and the Low Countries, 10-21 May 1940

Cull, Brian with Nicola Malizia and Frederick Galea. Spitfires over Sicily: The Crucial Role of the Malta Spitfires in the Battle of Sicily, January - August 1943

Currie, Jack. Echoes in the Air

Cynk, Jerzy B. The Polish Air Force at War: The Official History, 1939-1943

Cynk, Jerzy B. The Polish Air Force at War: The Official History, 1943-1945

Dabrowski, Hans-Peter. Messerschmitt Me 321/323: The Luftwaffe's "Giants" in World War II

Darby, William O. with William. H. Baumer. Darby's Rangers: We Led the Way

Daso, Dik Alan. Hap Arnold and the Evolution of American Airpower

Davin, D. M. Crete

Davis, C. R. Von Kleist: From Hussar to Panzer Marshal

Delaforce, Patrick. Smashing the Atlantic Wall: The Destruction of Hitler's Coastal Fortresses

D'Este, Carlo. Patton: A Genius for War

Devey, Andrew. Jagdtiger: Volume one

Devey, Andrew. Jagdtiger: Volume two

Dillon, Neal B. A Dying Breed: The Courage of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Dingman, Roger. Ghost of War: The Sinking of the Awa Maru and Japanese American Relations, 1945-1995

Dudgeon, Air Vice-Marshal A.G. Hidden Victory: The Battle of Habbaniya, May 1941

Dunn Jr., Walter S. Hitler's Nemesis: The Red Army, 1930-1945

Dunn Jr., Walter S. Kursk: Hitler's Gamble, 1943

Dunn Jr., Walter S. Soviet Blitzkrieg: The Battle for White Russia, 1944

Dunn Jr., Walter S. The Soviet Economy and the Red Army, 1930-1945

Eimannsberger, Ludwig V. Zerstorer Gruppe: A History of V./(Z)LG1 - I./NJG3, 1939-1941

Ellis, John. World War II: A Statistical Survey

Ellis, Robert B. See Naples and Die: A Ski Trooper's World War II Memoir

Elson, Aaron C. A Mile in Their Shoes

Elson, Aaron C. Tanks for the Memories: An Oral History of the 712th Tank Battalion from World War II

Elson, Aaron C. They Were All Young Kids

Ericson III, Edward E. Feeding the German Eagle: Soviet Economic Aid to Nazi Germany, 1933-1941

Evans, David C. and Mark R. Peattie. Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1887-1941

Evans, Martin Marix. The Fall of France: Act with Daring

Evleth, Donna. (Compiler) The Authorized Press in Vichy and German-Occupied France, 1940-1944

Faltum, Andrew. The Essex Aircraft Carriers

Fischer, Bernd J. Albania at War, 1939-1945

Fitzpatrick, Jim. The Bicycle in Wartime

Flanagan, Lt. Gen. E. M., Jr. The Rakkasans: The Combat History of the 187th Airborne Infantry

Fletcher, David. British Armour in the Second World War, part 1: The Great Tank Scandal

Fletcher, David. British Armour in the Second World War, part 2: The Universal Tank

Ford-Jones, Martyn R. Desert Flyer

Ford-Jones, Martyn R. and Valerie A. Ford-Jones. Oxford's Own: Men and Machines of No. 15/XV Squadron Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force

Foreman, John. Fighter Command War Diaries, volume one

Foreman, John. Fighter Command War Diaries, volume two

Foreman, John. Fighter Command War Diaries, volume three

Forsyth, Robert with Jerry Scutts. Battle over Bavaria: The B-26 Marauder versus the German Jets, April 1945

Forsyth, Robert. JV 44: The Galland Circus

Forsyth, Robert. Mistel: German Composite Aircraft and Operations, 1942-1945

Franklin, Bruce Hampton. The Buckley-Class Destroyer Escorts

Franks, Norman. The Battle of the Airfields

Franks, Norman. Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War, volume one

Franks, Norman. Search, Find and Kill: The RAF's U-Boat Successes in World War Two

Freeman, Roger. American Eagles, volume 2: P-38 Lightning Units of the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces

Fry, Garry L. Eagles of Duxford

Fugate, Bryan and Lev Dvoretsky. Thunder on the Dnepr: Zhukov-Stalin and the Defeat of Hitler's Blitzkrieg

Furey, Charles. Going Back: A Navy Airman in the Pacific War

Gabreski, Francis. Gabby: A Fighter Pilot's Life

Gailey, Harry. The Liberation of Guam

Gailey, Harry. MacArthur Strikes Back: Decision at Buna: New Guinea, 1942-1943

Gamble, Bruce. The Black Sheep: The Definitive Account of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in World War II

Gamble, Bruce. Black Sheep One: The Life of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington

Gardner, W.J.R. Decoding History: The Battle of the Atlantic and Ultra

Gardner, W.J.R. (editor) The Evacuation from Dunkirk

Garfield, Brian. The Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians

Gause, Damon. The War Journal of Major Damon "Rocky" Gause

Gawne, Jonathan. Americans in Brittany, 1944: The Battle for Brest

General Staff, War Office. Handbook of the German Army

George, Mark A. Price Guide of World War I and World War II Books and Manuals

The German Police

Getz, Marshall J. Subhas Chandra Bose: A Biography

Gibney, Frank (ed). Translated by Beth Cary. Senso: The Japanese Remember the Pacific War

Gieck, Jack. Lichfield: The U.S. Army on Trial

Giziowski, Richard. The Enigma of General Blaskowitz

Glantz, David M. Atlas and Survey: Prelude to Kursk

Glantz, David M. Atlas of the Battle of Kursk

Glantz, David M. Atlas of the War on the Eastern Front

Glantz, David M. Barbarossa: Hitler's Invasion of Russia, 1941

Glantz, David M. Forgotten Battles of the German-Soviet War, 1941-1945, volume I

Glantz, David M. Forgotten Battles of the German-Soviet War, 1941-1945, volume II

Glantz, David M. Forgotten Battles of the German-Soviet War, 1941-1945, volume III

Glantz, David M. Kharkov, 1942

Glantz, David M. Operation "Mars": Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Defeat

Glantz, David M. The Red Army in 1943: Central Command and Control Organs and Leaders

Glantz, David M. The Red Army in 1943: Strength, Organization, and Equipment

Glantz, David M. Stumbling Colossus

Glantz, David M. Zhukov's Greatest Defeat: The Red Army's Epic Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942

Glantz, David M. and Jonathan M. House. The Battle of Kursk

Glantz, David M. and Harold S. Orenstein (translators and editors). The Battle for Kursk, 1943: The Soviet General Staff Study

Glantz, David M. and Harold S. Orenstein (translators and editors). Belorussia 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study

Glantz, David M. and Harold S. Orenstein (translators and editors). Kursk 1943: The Soviet General Staff Study

Goda, Norman J. W. Tomorrow the World: Hitler, Northwest Africa, and the Path toward America

Gordon, Bertram M. (editor) Historical Dictionary of World War II France

Gordon, Richard M. Horyo: Memoirs of an American POW

Gordon, Yefim and Keith Dexter. Red Star, volume 3: Polikarpov's I-16 Fighter, Its Forerunners and Progeny

Goss, Chris. Bloody Biscay

Goulter, Christina J. M. A Forgotten Offensive: Royal Air Force Coastal Command's Anti-Shipping Campaign, 1940-1945

Grady, Frank J. and Rebecca Dickson. Surviving the Day: An American POW in Japan

Graves, Donald E. South Albertas: A Canadian Regiment at War

Gray, Jennie. Fire by Night: The Dramatic Story of One Pathfinder Crew and Black Thursday, 16/17 December 1943

Green, Brett. Eagle Files #3: Augsburg's Last Eagles: Colors, Markings and Variants

Greene, Jack and Alessandro Massignani. The Naval War in the Mediterranean, 1940-1943

Gretzyngier, Robert. Poles in Defence of Britain

Griehl, Manfred. Luftwaffe at War: German Bombers over England, 1940-1944

Griehl, Manfred. Luftwaffe at War: German Jets, 1944-1945

Griggs, William E. The World War II Black Regiment That Built the Alaska Military Highway: A Photographic History

Grimm, Jacob L. Heroes of the 483rd

Grossjohann, Georg. Five Years, Four Fronts: The War Years of Georg Grossjohann

Hague, Arnold. The Allied Convoy System, 1939-1945

Hair, Charles Arthur. The Saga of '54 and More: The Story of the 310th Bombardment Group (M)

Halbrook, Stephen P. Target Switzerland: Swiss Armed Neutrality in World War II

Hall, Steve and Lionel Quinlan. KG55: The Photographic History of the Famous Luftwaffe Bomber Unit

Hamalainen, Matti. Finnish Air Force Squadrons, volume one; Bomber Squadron 42

Hammel, Eric. Aces against Japan: The American Aces Speak, volume I

Hammel, Eric. Aces Against Japan II: The American Aces Speak, volume III

Hammel, Eric. Aces at War: The American Aces Speak, volume IV

Hammel, Eric. Air War Pacific

Hammel, Eric. Carrier Clash: The Invasion of Guadalcanal & and the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, August 1942

Hammel, Eric. Carrier Strike: The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October 1942

Hammel, Eric. Guadalcanal: Starvation Island

Harris, Sir Arthur. Bomber Offensive

Harris, Sir Arthur T. Despatch on War Operations, 23rd February, 1942 to 8th May, 1945

Harrison Place, Timothy. Military Training in the British Army, 1940-1944: From Dunkirk to D-Day

Haskell, W. A. Shadows on the Horizon: The Battle of Convoy HX-233

Hata, Ikuhiko, Yasuho Izawa, and Christopher Shores. Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units and Their Aces, 1931-1945

Haupt, Werner. Elite German Divisions in World War II: Waffen-SS, Fallschirmjaeger, Mountain Troops

Hayes, Arthur and Jon Maguire. Uniforms of the Third Reich: A Study in Photographs

Hays jr, Otis. The Alaska-Siberia Connection: The World War II Air Route

Hayward, Joel S. A. Stopped at Stalingrad: The Luftwaffe and Hitler's Defeat in the East, 1942-1943

Heal, S.C. A Great Fleet of Ships

Hempel, Andrew. Poland in World War II: An Illustrated Military History

Herman, Jan K. Battle Station Sick Bay: Navy Medicine in World War II

Hermann, Dietmar. Focke-Wulf Ta 152

Hill, Mike. The 451st Bomb Group in World War II: A Pictorial History

Hlihor, Constantin and Ioan Scurtu. The Red Army in Romania

Hoehling, A. A. The Franklin Comes Home

Hogg, Ian V. British and American Artillery of World War Two

Hogg, Ian V. German Artillery of World War Two

Holmes, Tony. American Volunteers in the RAF, 1937-1943

Holztraeger, Hans. In a Raging Inferno: Combat Units of the Hitler Youth, 1944-45

Houterman, J. N. Eastern Troops in Zeeland, The Netherlands, 1943-1945

Howlett, Peter. Fighting with Figures: A Statistical Digest of the Second World War

Hoyt, Edwin P. Backwater War: The Allied Campaign in Italy, 1943-1945

Hughes, David, James Broshot, and Alan Philson. The British Armies in World War Two: An Organisational History, volume one

Hughes, David, James Broshot, and David A. Ryan. The British Armies in World War II: An Organisational History, volume three

Hunnicutt, R. P. Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank

Hutton, Stephen. Squadron of Deception: The 36th Bomb Squadron in World War II

Isby, David (editor) Fighting in Normandy: The German Army from D-Day to Villers-Bocage

Jackson, Carlton. Forgotten Tragedy: The Sinking of HMT Rohna

Jarymowycz, Roman Johann. Tank Tactics from Normandy to Lorraine

Jay, Alwyn. Endurance: A History of RAAF Aircrew Participation in Liberator Operations of RAF Coastal Command, 1941-1945

Jensen, Marvin. Strike Swiftly: The 70th Tank Battalion from North Africa to Normandy to Germany

Jentz, Thomas L. and Hilary L. Doyle. Germany's Tiger Tanks, volume 1: D.W. to Tiger I

Jentz, Thomas L. and Hilary L. Doyle Germany's Tiger Tanks, volume 2: VK45.02 to Tiger II: Design, Production & Modifications

Jentz, Thomas L. Germany's Tiger Tanks, volume 3: Tiger I & II: Combat Tactics

Jentz, Thomas L. Germany's Tiger Tanks Series: Tigers at the Front

Jentz, Thomas L. Tank Combat in North Africa

Johnston, James W. The Long Road of War: A Marine's Story of Pacific Combat

Johnston, Mark. That Magnificent 9th: An Illustrated History of the 9th Australian Field Division, 1940-46

Jordan, Roger W. The World's Merchant Fleets, 1939

Joslen, Lieutenant Colonel H. F. Orders of Battle: Second World War, 1939-1945

Kaminski, Theresa. Prisoners in Paradise: American Women in the Wartime South Pacific

Kane, Robert B. Disobedience and Conspiracy in the German Army, 1918-1945

Kaufmann, J.E. and H.W. Kaufmann. The Maginot Line

Kaufmann, J.E. and H.W. Kaufmann. Maginot Imitations

Kaufmann, J.E. and H.W. Kaufmann. The Sleeping Giant: American Armed Forces between the Wars

Kemp, Paul. U-Boats Destroyed: German Submarine Losses in the World Wars

Kershaw, Robert J. It Never Snows in September: The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944

Kidder, Rolland E. A Hometown Went to War

Kieser, Egbert. Hitler on the Doorstep: Operation Sea Lion

Kiesling, Eugenia C. Arming Against Hitler: France and the Limits of Military Planning

Kimmett, Larry and Margaret Regis. The Attack on Pearl Harbor: An Illustrated History

Kimmett, Larry and Margaret Regis. U.S. Submarines in World War II: An Illustrated History

King, Benjamin and Timothy Kutta. Impact

Kirby, Major General S. Woodburn, et al. History of the Second World War: The War Against Japan, volume III: The Decisive Battles

Kirby, Major General S. Woodburn, et al. History of the Second World War: The War against Japan, volume IV: The Reconquest of Burma

Knickerbocker, H. R. et al Danger Forward: Story of the First Division in WWII

Koburger, Jr., Charles W. Naval Expeditions: The French Return to Indochina, 1945-46

Koch, Brig. Gen. Oscar W. G-2: Intelligence for Patton

Kolln, Jeff. The 421st Night Fighter Squadron in World War II

Kriebel, Rainer. Inside the Afrika Korps: The Crusader Battles, 1941-1942

Kurowski, Franz. The Brandenburgers: Global Mission

Kurowski, Franz. Luftwaffe Aces

Kursietis, Andris J. The Wehrmacht at War, 1939-1945: The Units and Commanders of the German Ground Forces

Kurtz, Robert. German Paratroops: Uniforms, Insignia, and Equipment of the Fallschirmjager in World War II

Kuusela, Kari. Panzers in Finland, 1941-1944

Kuusela, Kari and Olli Wikberg. Wikingin Suomalaiset

Lacroix, Eric and Linton Wells II. Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War

Langer, Howard J. World War II: An Encyclopedia of Quotations

Lee, Loyd E. (editor) World War II in Asia and the Pacific and the War's Aftermath, with General Themes: A Handbook of Literature and Research

Lee, Loyd E. (editor) World War II in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, with General Sources

Lehrer, Steven. Wannsee House and the Holocaust

Lenton, H. T. British and Empire Warships of the Second World War

Lepre, George. Himmler's Bosnian Division

Le Tissier, Tony. Race for the Reichstag: The 1945 Battle for Berlin

Le Tissier, Tony. With Our Backs to Berlin

Le Tissier, Tony. Zhukov at the Oder: The Decisive Battle for Berlin

Levine, Alan J. The War against Rommel's Supply Lines, 1942-1943

Lewis, Adrian R. Omaha Beach: A Flawed Victory

Logusz, Michael O. Galicia Division

Lord, Cliff and David BirtlesThe Armed Forces of Aden, 1839-1967

Lotz, Dave. World War II Remnants: Guam, Northern Mariana Islands: A Guide and History

Loza, Dmitriy. Attack of the Airacobras: Soviet Aces, American P-39s, and the Air War against Germany

Loza, Dmitry. Fighting for the Soviet Motherland

Macdonald, Patrick. Through Darkness to Light

Mackay, Ron. Ridgewell's Flying Fortresses: The 381st Bombardment Group (H) in World War II

MacLean, French L. The Camp Men

MacLean, French L. The Field Men

MacLean, French L. The Ghetto Men

MacLean, French L. Quiet Flows the Rhine: German General Officer Causalties in World War II

Maga, Tim. America Attacks Japan: The Invasion that Never Was

Mallmann Showell, Jak P. Hitler's U-Boat Bases

Mallmann Showell, Jak P. What Britain Knew and Wanted to Know about U-Boats, volume 1

Man, John. The D-Day Atlas

Mansfield Jr., John G. Cruisers for Breakfast

Mansoor, Peter R. The GI Offensive in Europe

von Manstein, Field Marshal Erich. Lost Victories

Mapes, Victor L. with Scott A. Mills. The Butchers, the Baker: The World War II Memoir of a United States Army Air Corps Soldier Captured by the Japanese in the Philippines

Marteinson, John and Michael R. McNorgan. The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps: An Illustrated History

Maslov, Aleksander A. Captured Soviet Generals: The Fate of Soviet Generals Captured by the Germans, 1941-1945

Mason, Francis K. The Hawker Hurricane: An Illustrated History

Mason, Theodore C. Rendezvous with Destiny: A Sailor's War

Massman, Emory A. Hospital Ships of World War II

Masters, Charles J. Glidermen of Neptune: The American D-Day Glider Attack

May, Ernest R. Strange Victory: Hitler's Conquest of France

McDonald, Neil and Peter Brune. 200 Shots: Damien Parer, George Silk, and the Australians at War in New Guinea

McKercher, B.J.C. and Roch Legault (editors). Military Planning and the Origins of the Second World War

McManus, John C. Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II

McWhorter III, Cdr Hamilton with Jay A. Stout. The First Hellcat Ace

Megargee, Geoffrey P. Inside Hitler's High Command

Melton, George E. Darlan: Admiral and Statesman of France

Merrill, Sandra D. Donald's Story: Captain Donald R. Emerson, A 4th Fighter Group Pilot Remembered

Metelmann, Henry. Through Hell for Hitler

Mets, David R. Master of Airpower: General Carl A. Spaatz

Michel, John J.A. Mr. Michel's War: From Manila to Mukden

Michulec, Robert. Luftwaffe at War: Luftwaffe Aces on the Western Front

Military Intelligence Service. German Army Order of Battle: October, 1942

Miller, Edward G. A Dark and Bloody Ground: The Huertgen Forest and the Roer River Dams, 1944-1945

Miller, Kent D. Fighter Units & Pilots of the 8th Air Force: September 1942 - May 1945, two volumes

Mitcham Jr., Samuel W. Eagles of the Third Reich: The Men Who Made the Luftwaffe

Mitcham Jr., Samuel W. The Panzer Legions: A Guide to the German Army Tank Divisions of World War II and Their Commanders

Mitcham Jr., Samuel W. Rommel's Greatest Victory

Mitchell, Lt. Robert J. The Capture of Attu: A World War II Battle as Told by the Men Who Fought There

Moffatt, Jonathan and Audrey Holmes McCormick. Moon over Malaya: A Tale of Argylls and Marines

Monahan, Evelyn M. and Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee. All This Hell: U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese

Mombeek, Eric with J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek. The Attack in the West, May 1940

Mombeek, Eric with David Wadman and Eddie J. Creek. Battle of Britain, Phase One, July-August 1940

Mombeek, Eric with David Wadman and Martin Pegg. Battle of Britain, Phase Two, August-September 1940

Mombeek, Eric. Birth of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force

Mombeek, Eric. Defenders of the Reich: Jagdgeschwader 1, volume one: 1939-1942

Mombeek, Eric. The Spanish Civil War

Montgomery, Jim. B Company: 776 Tank Destroyer Battalion in Combat

Morehead, James B. In My Sights

Morrison, Wilbur. Birds from Hell: The History of the B-29

Mulligan, Timothy P. Neither Sharks nor Wolves: The Men of Nazi Germany's U-Boat Arm, 1939-1945

Munch, Karlheinz. Combat History of Schwere Panzerjaeger Abteilung 653

Munch, Karlheinz. The Combat History of Schwere Panzerjaeger Abteilung 654

Munoz, Antonio J. (editor) The East Came West: Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist Volunteers in the German Armed Forces, 1941-1945

Munoz, Antonio J. Goering's Grenadiers: The Luftwaffe's Field Divisions, 1942-1945

Munoz, Antonio J. Hitler's Eastern Legions, volume II: The Osttruppen

Munoz, Antonio J. (editor) The Last Levy: SS Officer Roster, March 1st, 1945

Munoz, Antonio J. Lions of the Desert: Arab Volunteers in the German Army, 1941-1945

Munoz, Antonio J. Slovenian Axis Forces in World War II, 1941-1945

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