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We know

there are no playbooks or rulebooks or formulas. Your culture is your company. It’s not about us. Nobody runs your company like you. Listening works. We have our own style. Products can make markets. Pattern-matching is for non-believers. Pitch decks aren’t everything. There’s no single right way to do this, but there are some pretty wrong ones.

We invest

in products we love, people, experiences, crazy, dreams, design, details, brains, reality, unreality, reinvention, new markets, weird stuff, The Future, guts, independence, hustle, distinction, art, humanness, idealists, iconoclasts, oddities, optimism, communities, creation, surprises, technologists with the heart of an artist, each other.

We love

this job. To see impossible ideas made real. Not following the herd. Not being jerks. Committing. Having our minds blown. Sweating the details. Products—and actually using them. Swimming upstream. To prove the exceptions. Winning your way. Left and right brain. Form and function. The ups and downs and twists and turns of the decade-long journey. The chutzpah of founders. Dogs.


here to do this with you.