Release 6.2.0 (in development)


  • Require Docutils 0.18.1 or greater.

Incompatible changes

  • LaTeX: removal of some internal TeX \dimen registers (not previously publicly documented) as per 5.1.0 code comments in sphinx.sty: \sphinxverbatimsep, \sphinxverbatimborder, \sphinxshadowsep, \sphinxshadowsize, and \sphinxshadowrule. (refs: #11105)

  • Remove .egg support from pycode ModuleAnalyser; Python eggs are a now-obsolete binary distribution format

  • #11089: Remove deprecated code in Patch by Daniel Eades

  • Remove internal-only sphinx.locale.setlocale


  • #11247: Deprecate the legacy intersphinx_mapping format

Features added

  • #11147: Add a content_offset parameter to nested_parse_with_titles(), allowing for correct line numbers during nested parsing. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard

  • Update to Unicode CLDR 42

  • Add a --jobs synonym for -j. Patch by Hugo van Kemenade

  • LaTeX: a command \sphinxbox for styling text elements with a (possibly rounded) box, optional background color and shadow, has been added. See The \sphinxbox command. (refs: #11224)

  • LaTeX: add \sphinxstylenotetitle, …, \sphinxstylewarningtitle, …, for an extra layer of mark-up freeing up \sphinxstrong for other uses. See Macros. (refs: #11267)

  • LaTeX: note, hint, important and tip can now each be styled as the other admonitions, i.e. possibly with a background color, individual border widths and paddings, possibly rounded corners, and optional shadow. See Additional CSS-like 'sphinxsetup' keys. (refs: #11234)

  • LaTeX: admonitions and topic (and contents) directives, and not only code-block, support box-decoration-break=slice.

  • LaTeX: let rounded boxes support up to 4 distinct border-widths (refs: #11243)

  • LaTeX: new options noteTextColor, noteTeXextras et al. See Additional CSS-like 'sphinxsetup' keys.

  • LaTeX: support elliptical corners in rounded boxes. (refs: #11254)

  • #11150: Include source location in highlighting warnings, when lexing fails. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard

Bugs fixed

  • #11079: LaTeX: figures with align attribute may disappear and strangely impact following lists

  • LaTeX: fix potential color leak from shadow to border of rounded boxes, if shadow color is set but border color is not

  • LaTeX: fix unintended 1pt upwards vertical shift of code blocks frames respective to contents (when using rounded corners)

  • #11235: LaTeX: added \color in topic (or admonition) contents may cause color leak to the shadow and border at a page break

  • #11264: LaTeX: missing space before colon after “Voir aussi” for seealso directive in French

  • #11147: Fix source file/line number info in object description content and in other uses of nested_parse_with_titles. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard.

  • #11192: Restore correct parallel search index building. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard

  • Use the new Transifex tx client


  • Fail testing when any Python warnings are emitted

  • Migrate remaining unittest.TestCase style test functions to pytest style

  • Remove tests that rely on setuptools

Release 6.1.4 (in development)


Incompatible changes


Features added

Bugs fixed


Release 6.1.3 (released Jan 10, 2023)

Bugs fixed

  • #11116: Reverted to previous Sphinx 5 node copying method

  • #11117: Reverted changes to parallel image processing from Sphinx 6.1.0

  • #11119: Supress ValueError in the linkcheck builder

Release 6.1.2 (released Jan 07, 2023)

Bugs fixed

  • #11101: LaTeX: div.topic_padding key of sphinxsetup documented at 5.1.0 was implemented with name topic_padding

  • #11099: LaTeX: shadowrule key of sphinxsetup causes PDF build to crash since Sphinx 5.1.0

  • #11096: LaTeX: shadowsize key of sphinxsetup causes PDF build to crash since Sphinx 5.1.0

  • #11095: LaTeX: shadow of topic and contents boxes not in page margin since Sphinx 5.1.0

  • #11100: Fix copying images when running under parallel mode.

Release 6.1.1 (released Jan 05, 2023)

Bugs fixed

  • #11091: Fix util.nodes.apply_source_workaround for literal_block nodes with no source information in the node or the node’s parents.

Release 6.1.0 (released Jan 05, 2023)


  • Adopted the Ruff code linter.

Incompatible changes

  • #10979: gettext: Removed support for pluralisation in get_translation. This was unused and complicated other changes to sphinx.locale.


  • sphinx.util functions:

    • Renamed sphinx.util.typing.stringify() to sphinx.util.typing.stringify_annotation()

    • Moved sphinx.util.xmlname_checker() to

    Moved to sphinx.util.display:

    • sphinx.util.status_iterator

    • sphinx.util.display_chunk

    • sphinx.util.SkipProgressMessage

    • sphinx.util.progress_message

    Moved to sphinx.util.http_date:

    • sphinx.util.epoch_to_rfc1123

    • sphinx.util.rfc1123_to_epoch

    Moved to sphinx.util.exceptions:

    • sphinx.util.save_traceback

    • sphinx.util.format_exception_cut_frames

Features added

  • Cache doctrees in the build environment during the writing phase.

  • Make all writing phase tasks support parallel execution.

  • #11072: Use PEP 604 (X | Y) display conventions for typing.Optional and typing.Optional types within the Python domain and autodoc.

  • #10700: autodoc: Document typing.NewType() types as classes rather than ‘data’.

  • Cache doctrees between the reading and writing phases.

Bugs fixed

  • #10962: HTML: Fix the multi-word key name lookup table.

  • Fixed support for Python 3.12 alpha 3 (changes in the enum module).

  • #11069: HTML Theme: Removed outdated “shortcut” link relation keyword.

  • #10952: Properly terminate parallel processes on programme interuption.

  • #10988: Speed up TocTree.resolve() through more efficient copying.

  • #6744: LaTeX: support for seealso directive should be via an environment to allow styling.

  • #11074: LaTeX: Can’t change sphinxnote to use sphinxheavybox starting with 5.1.0

Release 6.0.1 (released Jan 05, 2023)


  • Require Pygments 2.13 or later.

Bugs fixed

  • #10944: imgmath: Fix resolving image paths for files in nested folders.

Release 6.0.0 (released Dec 29, 2022)


  • #10468: Drop Python 3.6 support

  • #10470: Drop Python 3.7, Docutils 0.14, Docutils 0.15, Docutils 0.16, and Docutils 0.17 support. Patch by Adam Turner

Incompatible changes

  • #7405: Removed the jQuery and underscore.js JavaScript frameworks.

    These frameworks are no longer be automatically injected into themes from Sphinx 6.0. If you develop a theme or extension that uses the jQuery, $, or $u global objects, you need to update your JavaScript to modern standards, or use the mitigation below.

    The first option is to use the sphinxcontrib.jquery extension, which has been developed by the Sphinx team and contributors. To use this, add sphinxcontrib.jquery to the extensions list in, or call app.setup_extension("sphinxcontrib.jquery") if you develop a Sphinx theme or extension.

    The second option is to manually ensure that the frameworks are present. To re-add jQuery and underscore.js, you will need to copy jquery.js and underscore.js from the Sphinx repository to your static directory, and add the following to your layout.html:

    {%- block scripts %}
        <script src="{{ pathto('_static/jquery.js', resource=True) }}"></script>
        <script src="{{ pathto('_static/underscore.js', resource=True) }}"></script>
        {{ super() }}
    {%- endblock %}

    Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10471, #10565: Removed deprecated APIs scheduled for removal in Sphinx 6.0. See Deprecated APIs for details. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10901: C Domain: Remove support for parsing pre-v3 style type directives and roles. Also remove associated configuration variables c_allow_pre_v3 and c_warn_on_allowed_pre_v3. Patch by Adam Turner.

Features added

Bugs fixed

Release 5.3.0 (released Oct 16, 2022)

  • #10759: LaTeX: add latex_table_style and support the 'booktabs', 'borderless', and 'colorrows' styles. (thanks to Stefan Wiehler for initial pull requests #6666, #6671)

  • #10840: One can cross-reference including an option value like :option:`--module=foobar`, :option:`--module[=foobar]` or :option:`--module foobar`. Patch by Martin Liska.

  • #10881: autosectionlabel: Record the generated section label to the debug log.

  • #10268: Correctly URI-escape image filenames.

  • #10887: domains: Allow sections in all the content of all object description directives (e.g. py:function). Patch by Adam Turner

Release 5.2.3 (released Sep 30, 2022)

  • #10878: Fix base64 image embedding in sphinx.ext.imgmath

  • #10886: Add :nocontentsentry: flag and global domain table of contents entry control option. Patch by Adam Turner

Release 5.2.2 (released Sep 27, 2022)

  • #10872: Restore link targets for autodoc modules to the top of content. Patch by Dominic Davis-Foster.

Release 5.2.1 (released Sep 25, 2022)

Bugs fixed

  • #10861: Always normalise the pycon3 lexer to pycon.

  • Fix using sphinx.ext.autosummary with modules containing titles in the module-level docstring.

Release 5.2.0.post0 (released Sep 24, 2022)

  • Recreated source tarballs for Debian maintainers.

Release 5.2.0 (released Sep 24, 2022)


  • #10356: Sphinx now uses declarative metadata with pyproject.toml to create packages, using PyPA’s flit project as a build backend. Patch by Adam Turner.


  • #10843: Support for HTML 4 output. Patch by Adam Turner.

Features added

  • #10738: napoleon: Add support for docstring types using ‘of’, like type of type. Example: tuple of int.

  • #10286: C++, support requires clauses not just between the template parameter lists and the declaration.

  • #10755: linkcheck: Check the source URL of raw directives that use the url option.

  • #10781: Allow ref role to be used with definitions and fields.

  • #10717: HTML Search: Increase priority for full title and subtitle matches in search results

  • #10718: HTML Search: Save search result score to the HTML element for debugging

  • #10673: Make toctree accept ‘genindex’, ‘modindex’ and ‘search’ docnames

  • #6316, #10804: Add domain objects to the table of contents. Patch by Adam Turner

  • #6692: HTML Search: Include explicit index directive index entries in the search index and search results. Patch by Adam Turner

  • #10816: imgmath: Allow embedding images in HTML as base64

  • #10854: HTML Search: Use browser localstorage for highlight control, stop storing highlight parameters in URL query strings. Patch by Adam Turner.

Bugs fixed

  • #10723: LaTeX: 5.1.0 has made the ‘sphinxsetup’ verbatimwithframe=false become without effect.

  • #10257: C++, ensure consistent non-specialization template argument representation.

  • #10729: C++, fix parsing of certain non-type template parameter packs.

  • #10715: Revert #10520: “Fix” use of sidebar classes in agogo.css_t

Release 5.1.1 (released Jul 26, 2022)

Bugs fixed

  • #10701: Fix ValueError in the new deque based sphinx.ext.napolean iterator implementation.

  • #10702: Restore compatability with third-party builders.

Release 5.1.0 (released Jul 24, 2022)



  • #10467: Deprecated sphinx.util.stemmer in favour of snowballstemmer. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #9856: Deprecated sphinx.ext.napoleon.iterators.

Features added

  • #10444: html theme: Allow specifying multiple CSS files through the stylesheet setting in theme.conf or by setting html_style to an iterable of strings.

  • #10366: std domain: Add support for emphasising placeholders in option directives through a new option_emphasise_placeholders configuration option.

  • #10439: std domain: Use the repr of some variables when displaying warnings, making whitespace issues easier to identify.

  • #10571: quickstart: Reduce content in the generated file. Patch by Pradyun Gedam.

  • #10648: LaTeX: CSS-named-alike additional ‘sphinxsetup’ keys allow to configure four separate border-widths, four paddings, four corner radii, a shadow (possibly inset), colours for border, background, shadow for each of the code-block, topic, attention, caution, danger, error and warning directives.

  • #10655: LaTeX: Explain non-standard encoding in LatinRules.xdy

  • #10599: HTML Theme: Wrap consecutive footnotes in an <aside> element when using Docutils 0.18 or later, to allow for easier styling. This matches the behaviour introduced in Docutils 0.19. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10518: config: Add include_patterns as the opposite of exclude_patterns. Patch by Adam Turner.

Bugs fixed

  • #10594: HTML Theme: field term colons are doubled if using Docutils 0.18+

  • #10596: Build failure if Docutils version is 0.18 (not 0.18.1) due to missing Node.findall()

  • #10506: LaTeX: build error if highlighting inline code role in figure caption (refs: #10251)

  • #10634: Make -P (pdb) option work better with exceptions triggered from events

  • #10550: py domain: Fix spurious whitespace in unparsing various operators (+, -, ~, and **). Patch by Adam Turner (refs: #10551).

  • #10460: logging: Always show node source locations as absolute paths.

  • HTML Search: HTML tags are displayed as a part of object name

  • HTML Search: search snipets should not be folded

  • HTML Search: Minor errors are emitted on fetching search snipets

  • HTML Search: The markers for header links are shown in the search result

  • #10520: HTML Theme: Fix use of sidebar classes in agogo.css_t.

  • #6679: HTML Theme: Fix inclusion of hidden toctrees in the agogo theme.

  • #10566: HTML Theme: Fix enable_search_shortcuts does not work

  • #8686: LaTeX: Text can fall out of code-block at end of page and leave artifact on next page

  • #10633: LaTeX: user injected \color commands in topic or admonition boxes may cause color leaks in PDF due to upstream framed.sty bug

  • #10638: LaTeX: framed coloured boxes in highlighted code (e.g. highlighted diffs using Pygments style 'manni') inherit thickness of code-block frame

  • #10647: LaTeX: Only one \label is generated for desc_signature node even if it has multiple node IDs

  • #10579: i18n: UnboundLocalError is raised on translating raw directive

  • #9577, #10088: py domain: Fix warning for duplicate Python references when using :any: and autodoc.

  • #10548: HTML Search: fix minor summary issues.

Release 5.0.2 (released Jun 17, 2022)

Features added

  • #10523: HTML Theme: Expose the Docutils’s version info tuple as a template variable, docutils_version_info. Patch by Adam Turner.

Bugs fixed

  • #10538: autodoc: Inherited class attribute having docstring is documented even if autodoc_inherit_docstring is disabled

  • #10509: autosummary: autosummary fails with a shared library

  • #10497: py domain: Failed to resolve strings in Literal. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10523: HTML Theme: Fix double brackets on citation references in Docutils 0.18+. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10534: Missing CSS for nav.contents in Docutils 0.18+. Patch by Adam Turner.

Release 5.0.1 (released Jun 03, 2022)

Bugs fixed

  • #10498: gettext: TypeError is raised when sorting warning messages if a node has no line number. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10493: HTML Theme: topic directive is rendered incorrectly with Docutils 0.18. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10495: IndexError is raised for a kbd role having a separator. Patch by Adam Turner.

Release 5.0.0 (released May 30, 2022)


5.0.0 b1

Incompatible changes

5.0.0 b1

  • #10031: autosummary: sphinx.ext.autosummary.import_by_name() now raises ImportExceptionGroup instead of ImportError when it failed to import target object. Please handle the exception if your extension uses the function to import Python object. As a workaround, you can disable the behavior via grouped_exception=False keyword argument until v7.0.

  • #9962: texinfo: Customizing styles of emphasized text via @definfoenclose command was not supported because the command was deprecated since texinfo 6.8

  • #2068: intersphinx_disabled_reftypes has changed default value from an empty list to ['std:doc'] as avoid too surprising silent intersphinx resolutions. To migrate: either add an explicit inventory name to the references intersphinx should resolve, or explicitly set the value of this configuration variable to an empty list.

  • #10197: html theme: Reduce body_min_width setting in basic theme to 360px

  • #9999: LaTeX: separate terms from their definitions by a CR (refs: #9985)

  • #10062: Change the default language to 'en' if any language is not set in

5.0.0 final

  • #10474: language does not accept None as it value. The default value of language becomes to 'en' now. Patch by Adam Turner and Takeshi KOMIYA.


5.0.0 b1

  • #10028: jQuery and underscore.js will no longer be automatically injected into themes from Sphinx 6.0. If you develop a theme or extension that uses the jQuery, $, or $u global objects, you need to update your JavaScript or use the mitigation below.

    To re-add jQuery and underscore.js, you will need to copy jquery.js and underscore.js from the Sphinx repository to your static directory, and add the following to your layout.html:

    {%- block scripts %}
        <script src="{{ pathto('_static/jquery.js', resource=True) }}"></script>
        <script src="{{ pathto('_static/underscore.js', resource=True) }}"></script>
        {{ super() }}
    {%- endblock %}

    Patch by Adam Turner.

  • setuptools integration. The build_sphinx sub-command for is marked as deprecated to follow the policy of setuptools team.

  • The locale argument of sphinx.util.i18n:babel_format_date() becomes required

  • The language argument of sphinx.util.i18n:format_date() becomes required



  • sphinx.util.docutils.__version_info__

  • sphinx.util.docutils.is_html5_writer_available()

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXWriter.docclasses

Features added

5.0.0 b1

  • #9075: autodoc: The default value of autodoc_typehints_format is changed to 'smart'. It will suppress the leading module names of typehints (ex. io.StringIO -> StringIO).

  • #8417: autodoc: :inherited-members: option now takes multiple classes. It allows to suppress inherited members of several classes on the module at once by specifying the option to automodule directive

  • #9792: autodoc: Add new option for autodoc_typehints_description_target to include undocumented return values but not undocumented parameters.

  • #10285: autodoc: singledispatch functions having typehints are not documented

  • autodoc: autodoc_typehints_format now also applies to attributes, data, properties, and type variable bounds.

  • #10258: autosummary: Recognize a documented attribute of a module as non-imported

  • #10028: Removed internal usages of JavaScript frameworks (jQuery and underscore.js) and modernised doctools.js and searchtools.js to EMCAScript 2018. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #10302: C++, add support for conditional expressions (?:).

  • #5157, #10251: Inline code is able to be highlighted via role directive

  • #10337: Make sphinx-build faster by caching Publisher object during build. Patch by Adam Turner.

Bugs fixed

5.0.0 b1

  • #10200: apidoc: Duplicated submodules are shown for modules having both .pyx and .so files. Patch by Adam Turner and Takeshi KOMIYA.

  • #10279: autodoc: Default values for keyword only arguments in overloaded functions are rendered as a string literal

  • #10280: autodoc: autodoc_docstring_signature unexpectedly generates return value typehint for constructors if docstring has multiple signatures

  • #10266: autodoc: autodoc_preserve_defaults does not work for mixture of keyword only arguments with/without defaults

  • #10310: autodoc: class methods are not documented when decorated with mocked function

  • #10305: autodoc: Failed to extract optional forward-ref’ed typehints correctly via autodoc_type_aliases

  • #10421: autodoc: autodoc_preserve_defaults doesn’t work on class methods

  • #10214: html: invalid language tag was generated if language contains a country code (ex. zh_CN)

  • #9974: html: Updated jQuery version from 3.5.1 to 3.6.0

  • #10236: html search: objects are duplicated in search result

  • #9962: texinfo: Deprecation message for @definfoenclose command on bulding texinfo document

  • #10000: LaTeX: glossary terms with common definition are rendered with too much vertical whitespace

  • #10188: LaTeX: alternating multiply referred footnotes produce a ? in pdf output

  • #10363: LaTeX: make 'howto' title page rule use \linewidth for compatibility with usage of a twocolumn class option

  • #10318: :prepend: option of literalinclude directive does not work with :dedent: option

5.0.0 final

  • #9575: autodoc: The annotation of return value should not be shown when autodoc_typehints="description"

  • #9648: autodoc: *args and **kwargs entries are duplicated when autodoc_typehints="description"

  • #8180: autodoc: Docstring metadata ignored for attributes

  • #10443: epub: EPUB builder can’t detect the mimetype of .webp file

  • #10104: gettext: Duplicated locations are shown if 3rd party extension does not provide correct information

  • #10456: py domain: :meta: fields are displayed if docstring contains two or more meta-field

  • #9096: sphinx-build: the value of progress bar for paralle build is wrong

  • #10110: sphinx-build: exit code is not changed when error is raised on builder-finished event

Release 4.5.0 (released Mar 28, 2022)

Incompatible changes

  • #10112: extlinks: Disable hardcoded links detector by default

  • #9993, #10177: std domain: Disallow to refer an inline target via ref role


  • sphinx.ext.napoleon.docstring.GoogleDocstring._qualify_name()

Features added

  • #10260: Enable FORCE_COLOR and NO_COLOR for terminal colouring

  • #10234: autosummary: Add “autosummary” CSS class to summary tables

  • #10125: extlinks: Improve suggestion message for a reference having title

  • #10112: extlinks: Add extlinks_detect_hardcoded_links to enable hardcoded links detector feature

  • #9494, #9456: html search: Add a config variable html_show_search_summary to enable/disable the search summaries

  • #9337: HTML theme, add option enable_search_shortcuts that enables / as a Quick search shortcut and Esc shortcut that removes search highlighting.

  • #10107: i18n: Allow to suppress translation warnings by adding #noqa comment to the tail of each translation message

  • #10252: C++, support attributes on classes, unions, and enums.

  • #10253: pep role now generates URLs based on

Bugs fixed

  • #9876: autodoc: Failed to document an imported class that is built from native binary module

  • #10133: autodoc: Crashed when mocked module is used for type annotation

  • #10146: autodoc: autodoc_default_options does not support no-value option

  • #9971: autodoc: TypeError is raised when the target object is annotated by unhashable object

  • #10205: extlinks: Failed to compile regexp on checking hardcoded links

  • #10277: html search: Could not search short words (ex. “use”)

  • #9529: LaTeX: named auto numbered footnote (ex. [#named]) that is referred multiple times was rendered to a question mark

  • #9924: LaTeX: multi-line cpp:function directive has big vertical spacing in Latexpdf

  • #10158: LaTeX: excessive whitespace since v4.4.0 for undocumented variables/structure members

  • #10175: LaTeX: named footnote reference is linked to an incorrect footnote if the name is also used in the different document

  • #10269: manpage: Failed to resolve the title of ref cross references

  • #10179: i18n: suppress “rST localization” warning

  • #10118: imgconverter: Unnecessary availablity check is called for remote URIs

  • #10181: napoleon: attributes are displayed like class attributes for google style docstrings when napoleon_use_ivar is enabled

  • #10122: sphinx-build: make.bat does not check the installation of sphinx-build command before showing help

Release 4.4.0 (released Jan 17, 2022)


  • #10007: Use importlib_metadata for python-3.9 or older

  • #10007: Drop setuptools

Features added

  • #9075: autodoc: Add a config variable autodoc_typehints_format to suppress the leading module names of typehints of function signatures (ex. io.StringIO -> StringIO)

  • #9831: Autosummary now documents only the members specified in a module’s __all__ attribute if autosummary_ignore_module_all is set to False. The default behaviour is unchanged. Autogen also now supports this behavior with the --respect-module-all switch.

  • #9555: autosummary: Improve error messages on failure to load target object

  • #9800: extlinks: Emit warning if a hardcoded link is replaceable by an extlink, suggesting a replacement.

  • #9961: html: Support nested <kbd> HTML elements in other HTML builders

  • #10013: html: Allow to change the loading method of JS via loading_method parameter for Sphinx.add_js_file()

  • #9551: html search: “Hide Search Matches” link removes “highlight” parameter from URL

  • #9815: html theme: Wrap sidebar components in div to allow customizing their layout via CSS

  • #9827: i18n: Sort items in glossary by translated terms

  • #9899: py domain: Allows to specify cross-reference specifier (. and ~) as :type: option

  • #9894: linkcheck: add option linkcheck_exclude_documents to disable link checking in matched documents.

  • #9793: sphinx-build: Allow to use the parallel build feature in macOS on macOS and Python3.8+

  • #10055: sphinx-build: Create directories when -w option given

  • #9993: std domain: Allow to refer an inline target (ex. _`target name`) via ref role

  • #9981: std domain: Strip value part of the option directive from general index

  • #9391: texinfo: improve variable in samp role

  • #9578: texinfo: Add texinfo_cross_references to disable cross references for readability with standalone readers

  • #9822 (and #9062), add new Intersphinx role external for explict lookup in the external projects, without resolving to the local project.

Bugs fixed

  • #9866: autodoc: doccomment for the imported class was ignored

  • #9883: autodoc: doccomment for the alias to mocked object was ignored

  • #9908: autodoc: debug message is shown on building document using NewTypes with Python 3.10

  • #9968: autodoc: instance variables are not shown if __init__ method has position-only-arguments

  • #9194: autodoc: types under the “typing” module are not hyperlinked

  • #10009: autodoc: Crashes if target object raises an error on getting docstring

  • #10058: autosummary: Imported members are not shown when autodoc_class_signature = 'separated'

  • #9947: i18n: topic directive having a bullet list can’t be translatable

  • #9878: mathjax: MathJax configuration is placed after loading MathJax itself

  • #9932: napoleon: empty “returns” section is generated even if no description

  • #9857: Generated RFC links use outdated base url

  • #9909: HTML, prevent line-wrapping in literal text.

  • #10061: html theme: Configuration values added by themes are not be able to override from

  • #10073: imgconverter: Unnecessary availablity check is called for “data” URIs

  • #9925: LaTeX: prohibit also with 'xelatex' line splitting at dashes of inline and parsed literals

  • #9944: LaTeX: extra vertical whitespace for some nested declarations

  • #9940: LaTeX: Multi-function declaration in Python domain has cramped vertical spacing in latexpdf output

  • #10015: py domain: types under the “typing” module are not hyperlinked defined at info-field-list

  • #9390: texinfo: Do not emit labels inside footnotes

  • #9413: xml: Invalid XML was generated when cross referencing python objects

  • #9979: Error level messages were displayed as warning messages

  • #10057: Failed to scan documents if the project is placed onto the root directory

  • #9636: code-block: :dedent: without argument did strip newlines

Release 4.3.2 (released Dec 19, 2021)

Bugs fixed

  • #9917: C and C++, parse fundamental types no matter the order of simple type specifiers.

Release 4.3.1 (released Nov 28, 2021)

Features added

Bugs fixed

  • #9838: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on building document for functions decorated by functools.lru_cache

  • #9879: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on building document for an object having invalid __doc__ attribute

  • #9844: autodoc: Failed to process a function wrapped with functools.partial if autodoc_preserve_defaults enabled

  • #9872: html: Class namespace collision between autodoc signatures and docutils-0.17

  • #9868: imgmath: Crashed if the dvisvgm command failed to convert equation

  • #9864: mathjax: Failed to render equations via MathJax v2. The loading method of MathJax is back to “async” method again

Release 4.3.0 (released Nov 11, 2021)


  • Support Python 3.10

Incompatible changes

  • #9649: searchindex.js: the embedded data has changed format to allow objects with the same name in different domains.

  • #9672: The rendering of Python domain declarations is implemented with more docutils nodes to allow better CSS styling. It may break existing styling.

  • #9672: the signature of domains.python.PyObject.get_signature_prefix has changed to return a list of nodes instead of a plain string.

  • #9695: domains.js.JSObject.display_prefix has been changed into a method get_display_prefix which now returns a list of nodes instead of a plain string.

  • #9695: The rendering of Javascript domain declarations is implemented with more docutils nodes to allow better CSS styling. It may break existing styling.

  • #9450: mathjax: Load MathJax via “defer” strategy


  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.AttributeDocumenter._datadescriptor

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator._fieldlist_row_index

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator._table_row_index

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTML5Translator._fieldlist_row_index

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTML5Translator._table_row_index

Features added

  • #9639: autodoc: Support asynchronous generator functions

  • #9664: autodoc: autodoc-process-bases supports to inject reST snippet as a base class

  • #9691: C, added new info-field retval for c:function and c:macro.

  • C++, added new info-field retval for cpp:function.

  • #9618: i18n: Add gettext_allow_fuzzy_translations to allow “fuzzy” messages for translation

  • #9672: More CSS classes on Python domain descriptions

  • #9695: More CSS classes on Javascript domain descriptions

  • #9683: Revert the removal of add_stylesheet() API. It will be kept until the Sphinx 6.0 release

  • #2068, add intersphinx_disabled_reftypes for disabling interphinx resolution of cross-references that do not have an explicit inventory specification. Specific types of cross-references can be disabled, e.g., std:doc or all cross-references in a specific domain, e.g., std:*.

  • #9623: Allow to suppress “toctree contains reference to excluded document” warnings using suppress_warnings

Bugs fixed

  • #9630: autodoc: Failed to build cross references if primary_domain is not ‘py’

  • #9644: autodoc: Crashed on getting source info from problematic object

  • #9655: autodoc: mocked object having doc comment is warned unexpectedly

  • #9651: autodoc: return type field is not generated even if autodoc_typehints_description_target is set to “documented” when its info-field-list contains :returns: field

  • #9657: autodoc: The base class for a subclass of mocked object is incorrect

  • #9607: autodoc: Incorrect base class detection for the subclasses of the generic class

  • #9755: autodoc: memory addresses are shown for aliases

  • #9752: autodoc: Failed to detect type annotation for slots attribute

  • #9756: autodoc: Crashed if classmethod does not have __func__ attribute

  • #9757: autodoc: autodoc_inherit_docstrings does not effect to overridden classmethods

  • #9781: autodoc: autodoc_preserve_defaults does not support hexadecimal numeric

  • #9630: autosummary: Failed to build summary table if primary_domain is not ‘py’

  • #9670: html: Fix download file with special characters

  • #9710: html: Wrong styles for even/odd rows in nested tables

  • #9763: html: parameter name and its type annotation are not separated in HTML

  • #9649: HTML search: when objects have the same name but in different domains, return all of them as result instead of just one.

  • #7634: intersphinx: references on the file in sub directory are broken

  • #9737: LaTeX: hlist is rendered as a list containing “aggedright” text

  • #9678: linkcheck: file extension was shown twice in warnings

  • #9697: py domain: An index entry with parens was registered for py:method directive with :property: option

  • #9775: py domain: Literal typehint was converted to a cross reference when autodoc_typehints='description'

  • #9708: needs_extension failed to check double-digit version correctly

  • #9688: Fix Sphinx patched code does not recognize :class: option

  • #9733: Fix for logging handler flushing warnings in the middle of the docs build

  • #9656: Fix warnings without subtype being incorrectly suppressed

  • Intersphinx, for unresolved references with an explicit inventory, e.g., proj:myFunc, leave the inventory prefix in the unresolved text.

Release 4.2.0 (released Sep 12, 2021)

Features added

  • #9445: autodoc: Support class properties

  • #9479: autodoc: Emit a warning if target is a mocked object

  • #9560: autodoc: Allow to refer NewType instances with module name in Python 3.10 or above

  • #9447: html theme: Expose the version of Sphinx in the form of tuple as a template variable sphinx_version_tuple

  • #9594: manpage: Suppress the title of man page if description is empty

  • #9445: py domain: py:property directive supports :classmethod: option to describe the class property

  • #9524: test: SphinxTestApp can take builddir as an argument

  • #9535: C and C++, support more fundamental types, including GNU extensions.

Bugs fixed

  • #9608: apidoc: apidoc does not generate a module definition for implicit namespace package

  • #9504: autodoc: generate incorrect reference to the parent class if the target class inherites the class having _name attribute

  • #9537, #9589: autodoc: Some objects under typing module are not displayed well with the HEAD of 3.10

  • #9487: autodoc: typehint for cached_property is not shown

  • #9509: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on failed resolving typehints

  • #9518: autodoc: autodoc_docstring_signature does not effect to __init__() and __new__()

  • #9522: autodoc: PEP 585 style typehints having arguments (ex. list[int]) are not displayed well

  • #9481: autosummary: some warnings contain non-existing filenames

  • #9568: autosummary: summarise overlined sectioned headings correctly

  • #9600: autosummary: Type annotations which contain commas in autosummary table are not removed completely

  • #9481: c domain: some warnings contain non-existing filenames

  • #9481: cpp domain: some warnings contain non-existing filenames

  • #9456: html search: abbreation marks are inserted to the search result if failed to fetch the content of the page

  • #9617: html search: The JS requirement warning is shown if browser is slow

  • #9267: html theme: CSS and JS files added by theme were loaded twice

  • #9585: py domain: :type: option for py:property directive does not create a hyperlink

  • #9576: py domain: Literal typehint was converted to a cross reference

  • #9535 comment: C++, fix parsing of defaulted function parameters that are function pointers.

  • #9564: smartquotes: don’t adjust typography for text with language-highlighted :code: role.

  • #9512: sphinx-build: crashed with the HEAD of Python 3.10

Release 4.1.2 (released Jul 27, 2021)

Incompatible changes

  • #9435: linkcheck: Disable checking automatically generated anchors on (ex. anchors in reST/Markdown documents)

Bugs fixed

  • #9489: autodoc: Custom types using typing.NewType are not displayed well with the HEAD of 3.10

  • #9490: autodoc: Some objects under typing module are not displayed well with the HEAD of 3.10

  • #9436, #9471: autodoc: crashed if autodoc_class_signature = "separated"

  • #9456: html search: html_copy_source can’t control the search summaries

  • #9500: LaTeX: Failed to build Japanese document on Windows

  • #9435: linkcheck: Failed to check anchors in

Release 4.1.1 (released Jul 15, 2021)


  • #9434: sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp-2.0.0 or above

  • #9434: sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml-1.1.5 or above

Bugs fixed

  • #9438: html: HTML logo or Favicon specified as file not being found on output

Release 4.1.0 (released Jul 12, 2021)


  • Support jinja2-3.0


  • The app argument of sphinx.environment.BuildEnvironment becomes required

  • sphinx.application.Sphinx.html_theme

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary._app

  • sphinx.util.docstrings.extract_metadata()

Features added

  • #8107: autodoc: Add class-doc-from option to autoclass directive to control the content of the specific class like autoclass_content

  • #8588: autodoc: autodoc_type_aliases now supports dotted name. It allows you to define an alias for a class with module name like

  • #9175: autodoc: Special member is not documented in the module

  • #9195: autodoc: The arguments of typing.Literal are wrongly rendered

  • #9185: autodoc: autodoc_typehints allows 'both' setting to allow typehints to be included both in the signature and description

  • #4257: autodoc: Add autodoc_class_signature to separate the class entry and the definition of __init__() method

  • #8061, #9218: autodoc: Support variable comment for alias classes

  • #3014: autodoc: Add autodoc-process-bases to modify the base classes of the class definitions

  • #9272: autodoc: Render enum values for the default argument value better

  • #9384: autodoc: autodoc_typehints='none' now erases typehints for variables, attributes and properties

  • #3257: autosummary: Support instance attributes for classes

  • #9358: html: Add “heading” role to the toctree items

  • #9225: html: Add span tag to the return typehint of method/function

  • #9129: html search: Show search summaries when html_copy_source = False

  • #9307: html search: Prevent corrections and completions in search field

  • #9120: html theme: Eliminate prompt characters of code-block from copyable text

  • #9176: i18n: Emit a debug message if message catalog file not found under locale_dirs

  • #9414: LaTeX: Add xeCJKVerbAddon to default fvset config for Chinese documents

  • #9016: linkcheck: Support checking anchors on

  • #9016: linkcheck: Add a new event linkcheck-process-uri to modify URIs before checking hyperlinks

  • #6525: linkcheck: Add linkcheck_allowed_redirects to mark hyperlinks that are redirected to expected URLs as “working”

  • #1874: py domain: Support union types using | in info-field-list

  • #9268: py domain: python_use_unqualified_type_names supports type field in info-field-list

  • #9097: Optimize the parallel build

  • #9131: Add nitpick_ignore_regex to ignore nitpicky warnings using regular expressions

  • #9174: Add Sphinx.set_html_assets_policy to tell extensions to include HTML assets in all the pages. Extensions can check this via Sphinx.registry.html_assets_policy

  • C++, add support for

    • inline variables,

    • consteval functions,

    • constinit variables,

    • char8_t,

    • explicit(<constant expression>) specifier,

    • digit separators in literals, and

    • constraints in placeholder type specifiers, aka. adjective syntax (e.g., Sortable auto &v).

  • C, add support for digit separators in literals.

  • #9166: LaTeX: support containers in LaTeX output

Bugs fixed

  • #8872: autodoc: stacked singledispatches are wrongly rendered

  • #8597: autodoc: a docsting having metadata only should be treated as undocumented

  • #9185: autodoc: typehints for overloaded functions and methods are inaccurate

  • #9250: autodoc: The inherited method not having docstring is wrongly parsed

  • #9283: autodoc: autoattribute directive failed to generate document for an attribute not having any comment

  • #9364: autodoc: single element tuple on the default argument value is wrongly rendered

  • #9362: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on processing a subclass of Tuple[()]

  • #9404: autodoc: TypeError is raised on processing dict-like object (not a class) via autoclass directive

  • #9317: html: Pushing left key causes visiting the next page at the first page

  • #9381: html: URL for html_favicon and html_log does not work

  • #9270: html theme : pyramid theme generates incorrect logo links

  • #9217: manpage: The name of manpage directory that is generated by man_make_section_directory is not correct

  • #9350: manpage: Fix font isn’t reset after keyword at the top of samp role

  • #9306: Linkcheck reports broken link when remote server closes the connection on HEAD request

  • #9280: py domain: “exceptions” module is not displayed

  • #9418: py domain: a Callable annotation with no parameters (e.g. Callable[[], None]) will be rendered with a bracket missing (Callable[], None])

  • #9319: quickstart: Make sphinx-quickstart exit when already exists

  • #9387: xml: XML Builder ignores custom visitors

  • #9224: :param: and :type: fields does not support a type containing whitespace (ex. Dict[str, str])

  • #8945: when transforming typed fields, call the specified role instead of making an single xref. For C and C++, use the expr role for typed fields.

Release 4.0.3 (released Jul 05, 2021)

Features added

  • C, add C23 keywords _Decimal32, _Decimal64, and _Decimal128.

  • #9354: C, add c_extra_keywords to allow user-defined keywords during parsing.

  • Revert the removal of sphinx.util:force_decode() to become some 3rd party extensions available again during 5.0

Bugs fixed

  • #9330: changeset domain: versionchanged with contents being a list will cause error during pdf build

  • #9313: LaTeX: complex table with merged cells broken since 4.0

  • #9305: LaTeX: backslash may cause Improper discretionary list pdf build error with Japanese engines

  • #9354: C, remove special macro names from the keyword list. See also c_extra_keywords.

  • #9322: KeyError is raised on PropagateDescDomain transform

Release 4.0.2 (released May 20, 2021)


  • #9216: Support jinja2-3.0

Incompatible changes

Bugs fixed

  • #9210: viewcode: crashed if non importable modules found on parallel build

  • #9240: Unknown node error for pending_xref_condition is raised if an extension that does not support the node installs a missing-reference handler

Release 4.0.1 (released May 11, 2021)

Bugs fixed

  • #9189: autodoc: crashed when ValueError is raised on generating signature from a property of the class

  • #9188: autosummary: warning is emitted if list value is set to autosummary_generate

  • #8380: html search: tags for search result are broken

  • #9198: i18n: Babel emits errors when running compile_catalog

  • #9205: py domain: The :canonical: option causes “more than one target for cross-reference” warning

  • #9201: websupport: UndefinedError is raised: ‘css_tag’ is undefined

Release 4.0.0 (released May 09, 2021)



  • Drop python 3.5 support

  • Drop docutils 0.12 and 0.13 support

  • LaTeX: add tex-gyre font dependency


  • Support docutils-0.17. Please notice it changes the output of HTML builder. Some themes do not support it, and you need to update your custom CSS to upgrade it.

Incompatible changes


  • #8539: autodoc: info-field-list is generated into the class description when autodoc_typehints='description' and autoclass_content='class' set

  • #8898: extlinks: “%s” becomes required keyword in the link caption string

  • domain: The Index class becomes subclasses of abc.ABC to indicate methods that must be overridden in the concrete classes

  • #4826: py domain: The structure of python objects is changed. A boolean value is added to indicate that the python object is canonical one

  • #7425: MathJax: The MathJax was changed from 2 to 3. Users using a custom MathJax configuration may have to set the old MathJax path or update their configuration for version 3. See sphinx.ext.mathjax.

  • #7784: i18n: The msgid for alt text of image is changed

  • #5560: napoleon: napoleon_use_param also affect “other parameters” section

  • #7996: manpage: Make a section directory on build manpage by default (see man_make_section_directory)

  • #7849: html: Change the default setting of html_codeblock_linenos_style to 'inline'

  • #8380: html search: search results are wrapped with <p> instead of <div>

  • html theme: Move a script tag for documentation_options.js in basic/layout.html to script_files variable

  • html theme: Move CSS tags in basic/layout.html to css_files variable

  • #8915: html theme: Emit a warning for sphinx_rtd_theme-0.2.4 or older

  • #8508: LaTeX: uplatex becomes a default setting of latex_engine for Japanese documents

  • #5977: py domain: :var:, :cvar: and :ivar: fields do not create cross-references

  • #4550: The align attribute of figure and table nodes becomes None by default instead of 'default'

  • #8769: LaTeX refactoring: split sphinx.sty into multiple files and rename some auxiliary files created in latex build output repertory

  • #8937: Use explicit title instead of <no title>

  • #8487: The :file: option for csv-table directive now recognizes an absolute path as a relative path from source directory



  • html_codeblock_linenos_style

  • favicon and logo variable in HTML templates

  • sphinx.directives.patches.CSVTable

  • sphinx.directives.patches.ListTable

  • sphinx.directives.patches.RSTTable

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.directive.DocumenterBridge.filename_set

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.directive.DocumenterBridge.warn()

  • sphinx.registry.SphinxComponentRegistry.get_source_input()

  • sphinx.registry.SphinxComponentRegistry.source_inputs

  • sphinx.transforms.FigureAligner

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.convert_with_2to3()

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.execfile_()

  • sphinx.util.smartypants

  • sphinx.util.typing.DirectiveOption

Features added


  • #8924: autodoc: Support bound argument for TypeVar

  • #7383: autodoc: Support typehints for properties

  • #5603: autodoc: Allow to refer to a python class using its canonical name when the class has two different names; a canonical name and an alias name

  • #8539: autodoc: Add autodoc_typehints_description_target to control the behavior of autodoc_typehints=description

  • #8841: autodoc: autodoc_docstring_signature will continue to look for multiple signature lines without backslash character

  • #7549: autosummary: Enable autosummary_generate by default

  • #8898: extlinks: Allow %s in link caption string

  • #4826: py domain: Add :canonical: option to python directives to describe the location where the object is defined

  • #7199: py domain: Add python_use_unqualified_type_names to suppress the module name of the python reference if it can be resolved (experimental)

  • #7068: py domain: Add py:property directive to describe a property

  • #7784: i18n: The alt text for image is translated by default (without gettext_additional_targets setting)

  • #2018: html: html_favicon and html_logo now accept URL for the image

  • #8070: html search: Support searching for 2characters word

  • #9036: html theme: Allow to inherite the search page

  • #8938: imgconverter: Show the error of the command availability check

  • #7830: Add debug logs for change detection of sources and templates

  • #8201: Emit a warning if toctree contains duplicated entries

  • #8326: master_doc is now renamed to root_doc

  • #8942: C++, add support for the C++20 spaceship operator, <=>.

  • #7199: A new node, sphinx.addnodes.pending_xref_condition has been added. It can be used to choose appropriate content of the reference by conditions.


  • #8818: autodoc: Super class having Any arguments causes nit-picky warning

  • #9095: autodoc: TypeError is raised on processing broken metaclass

  • #9110: autodoc: metadata of GenericAlias is not rendered as a reference in py37+

  • #9098: html: copy-range protection for doctests doesn’t work in Safari

  • #9103: LaTeX: imgconverter: conversion runs even if not needed

  • #8127: py domain: Ellipsis in info-field-list causes nit-picky warning

  • #9121: py domain: duplicated warning is emitted when both canonical and its alias objects are defined on the document

  • #9023: More CSS classes on domain descriptions, see Doctree node classes added by Sphinx for details.

  • #8195: mathjax: Rename mathjax_config to mathjax2_config and add mathjax3_config

Bugs fixed


  • #8917: autodoc: Raises a warning if function has wrong __globals__ value

  • #8415: autodoc: a TypeVar imported from other module is not resolved (in Python 3.7 or above)

  • #8992: autodoc: Failed to resolve types.TracebackType type annotation

  • #8905: html: html_add_permalinks=None and html_add_permalinks=”” are ignored

  • #8380: html search: Paragraphs in search results are not identified as <p>

  • #8915: html theme: The translation of sphinx_rtd_theme does not work

  • #8342: Emit a warning if a unknown domain is given for directive or role (ex. :unknown:doc:)

  • #7241: LaTeX: No wrapping for cpp:enumerator

  • #8711: LaTeX: backticks in code-blocks trigger latexpdf build warning (and font change) with late TeXLive 2019

  • #8253: LaTeX: Figures with no size defined get overscaled (compared to images with size explicitly set in pixels) (fixed for 'pdflatex'/'lualatex' only)

  • #8881: LaTeX: The depth of bookmarks panel in PDF is not enough for navigation

  • #8874: LaTeX: the fix to two minor Pygments LaTeXFormatter output issues ignore Pygments style

  • #8925: LaTeX: 3.5.0 verbatimmaxunderfull setting does not work as expected

  • #8980: LaTeX: missing line break in \pysigline

  • #8995: LaTeX: legacy \pysiglinewithargsret does not compute correctly available horizontal space and should use a ragged right style

  • #9009: LaTeX: “release” value with underscore leads to invalid LaTeX

  • #8911: C++: remove the longest matching prefix in cpp_index_common_prefix instead of the first that matches.

  • C, properly reject function declarations when a keyword is used as parameter name.

  • #8933: viewcode: Failed to create back-links on parallel build

  • #8960: C and C++, fix rendering of (member) function pointer types in function parameter lists.

  • C++, fix linking of names in array declarators, pointer to member (function) declarators, and in the argument to sizeof....

  • C, fix linking of names in array declarators.


  • C, C++, fix KeyError when an alias directive is the first C/C++ directive in a file with another C/C++ directive later.


  • #9167: html: Failed to add CSS files to the specific page

Release 3.5.5 (in development)

Release 3.5.4 (released Apr 11, 2021)


  • #9071: Restrict docutils to 0.16

Bugs fixed

  • #9078: autodoc: Async staticmethods and classmethods are considered as non async coroutine-functions with Python3.10

  • #8870, #9001, #9051: html theme: The style are not applied with docutils-0.17

    • toctree captions

    • The content of sidebar directive

    • figures

Release 3.5.3 (released Mar 20, 2021)

Features added

  • #8959: using UNIX path separator in image directive confuses Sphinx on Windows

Release 3.5.2 (released Mar 06, 2021)

Bugs fixed

  • #8943: i18n: Crashed by broken translation messages in ES, EL and HR

  • #8936: LaTeX: A custom LaTeX builder fails with unknown node error

  • #8952: Exceptions raised in a Directive cause parallel builds to hang

Release 3.5.1 (released Feb 16, 2021)

Bugs fixed

  • #8883: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on assigning __annotations__ on read-only class

  • #8884: html: minified js stemmers not included in the distributed package

  • #8885: html: AttributeError is raised if CSS/JS files are installed via html_context

  • #8880: viewcode: ExtensionError is raised on incremental build after unparsable python module found

Release 3.5.0 (released Feb 14, 2021)


  • LaTeX: multicol (it is anyhow a required part of the official latex2e base distribution)

Incompatible changes


  • pending_xref node for viewcode extension











  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.AttributeDocumenter.isinstanceattribute()

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.directive.DocumenterBridge.reporter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer.get_module_members()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate._simple_info()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate._simple_warn()

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.permalink_text

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTML5Translator.permalink_text

Features added

  • #8022: autodoc: autodata and autoattribute directives does not show right-hand value of the variable if docstring contains :meta hide-value: in info-field-list

  • #8514: autodoc: Default values of overloaded functions are taken from actual implementation if they’re ellipsis

  • #8775: autodoc: Support type union operator (PEP-604) in Python 3.10 or above

  • #8297: autodoc: Allow to extend autodoc_default_options via directive options

  • #759: autodoc: Add a new configuration autodoc_preserve_defaults as an experimental feature. It preserves the default argument values of functions in source code and keep them not evaluated for readability.

  • #8619: html: kbd role generates customizable HTML tags for compound keys

  • #8634: html: Allow to change the order of JS/CSS via priority parameter for Sphinx.add_js_file() and Sphinx.add_css_file()

  • #6241: html: Allow to add JS/CSS files to the specific page when an extension calls app.add_js_file() or app.add_css_file() on html-page-context event

  • #6550: html: Allow to use HTML permalink texts via html_permalinks_icon

  • #1638: html: Add permalink icons to glossary terms

  • #8868: html search: performance issue with massive lists

  • #8867: html search: Update JavaScript stemmer code to the latest version of Snowball (v2.1.0)

  • #8852: i18n: Allow to translate heading syntax in MyST-Parser

  • #8649: imgconverter: Skip availability check if builder supports the image type

  • #8573: napoleon: Allow to change the style of custom sections using napoleon_custom_styles

  • #8004: napoleon: Type definitions in Google style docstrings are rendered as references when napoleon_preprocess_types enabled

  • #6241: mathjax: Include mathjax.js only on the document using equations

  • #8775: py domain: Support type union operator (PEP-604)

  • #8651: std domain: cross-reference for a rubric having inline item is broken

  • #7642: std domain: Optimize case-insensitive match of term

  • #8681: viewcode: Support incremental build

  • #8132: Add project_copyright as an alias of copyright

  • #207: Now highlight_language supports multiple languages

  • #2030: code-block and literalinclude supports automatic dedent via no-argument :dedent: option

  • C++, also hyperlink operator overloads in expressions and alias declarations.

  • #8247: Allow production lists to refer to tokens from other production groups

  • #8813: Show what extension (or module) caused it on errors on event handler

  • #8213: C++: add maxdepth option to cpp:alias to insert nested declarations.

  • C, add noroot option to c:alias to render only nested declarations.

  • C++, add noroot option to cpp:alias to render only nested declarations.

Bugs fixed

  • #8727: apidoc: namespace module file is not generated if no submodules there

  • #741: autodoc: inherited-members doesn’t work for instance attributes on super class

  • #8592: autodoc: :meta public: does not effect to variables

  • #8594: autodoc: empty __all__ attribute is ignored

  • #8315: autodoc: Failed to resolve struct.Struct type annotation

  • #8652: autodoc: All variable comments in the module are ignored if the module contains invalid type comments

  • #8693: autodoc: Default values for overloaded functions are rendered as string

  • #8134: autodoc: crashes when mocked decorator takes arguments

  • #8800: autodoc: Uninitialized attributes in superclass are recognized as undocumented

  • #8655: autodoc: Failed to generate document if target module contains an object that raises an exception on hasattr()

  • #8306: autosummary: mocked modules are documented as empty page when using :recursive: option

  • #8232: graphviz: Image node is not rendered if graph file is in subdirectory

  • #8618: html: kbd role produces incorrect HTML when compound-key separators (-, + or ^) are used as keystrokes

  • #8629: html: A type warning for html_use_opensearch is shown twice

  • #8714: html: kbd role with “Caps Lock” rendered incorrectly

  • #8123: html search: fix searching for terms containing + (Requires a custom search language that does not split on +)

  • #8665: html theme: Could not override globaltoc_maxdepth in theme.conf

  • #8446: html: consecutive spaces are displayed as single space

  • #8745: i18n: crashes with KeyError when translation message adds a new auto footnote reference

  • #4304: linkcheck: Fix race condition that could lead to checking the availability of the same URL twice

  • #8791: linkcheck: The docname for each hyperlink is not displayed

  • #7118: sphinx-quickstart: questionare got Mojibake if libreadline unavailable

  • #8094: texinfo: image files on the different directory with document are not copied

  • #8782: todo: Cross references in todolist get broken

  • #8720: viewcode: module pages are generated for epub on incremental build

  • #8704: viewcode: anchors are generated in incremental build after singlehtml

  • #8756: viewcode: highlighted code is generated even if not referenced

  • #8671: highlight_options is not working

  • #8341: C, fix intersphinx lookup types for names in declarations.

  • C, C++: in general fix intersphinx and role lookup types.

  • #8683: html_last_updated_fmt does not support UTC offset (%z)

  • #8683: html_last_updated_fmt generates wrong time zone for %Z

  • #1112: download role creates duplicated copies when relative path is specified

  • #2616 (fifth item): LaTeX: footnotes from captions are not clickable, and for manually numbered footnotes only first one with same number is an hyperlink

  • #7576: LaTeX with French babel and memoir crash: “Illegal parameter number in definition of \FNH@prefntext

  • #8055: LaTeX (docs): A potential display bug with the LaTeX generation step in Sphinx (how to generate one-column index)

  • #8072: LaTeX: Directive hlist not implemented in LaTeX

  • #8214: LaTeX: The index role and the glossary generate duplicate entries in the LaTeX index (if both used for same term)

  • #8735: LaTeX: wrong internal links in pdf to captioned code-blocks when numfig is not True

  • #8442: LaTeX: some indexed terms are ignored when using xelatex engine (or pdflatex and latex_use_xindy set to True) with memoir class

  • #8750: LaTeX: URLs as footnotes fail to show in PDF if originating from inside function type signatures

  • #8780: LaTeX: long words in narrow columns may not be hyphenated

  • #8788: LaTeX: \titleformat last argument in sphinx.sty should be bracketed, not braced (and is anyhow not needed)

  • #8849: LaTex: code-block printed out of margin (see the opt-in LaTeX syntax boolean verbatimforcewraps for use via the ‘sphinxsetup’ key of latex_elements)

  • #8183: LaTeX: Remove substitution_reference nodes from doctree only on LaTeX builds

  • #8865: LaTeX: Restructure the index nodes inside title nodes only on LaTeX builds

  • #8796: LaTeX: potentially critical low level TeX coding mistake has gone unnoticed so far

  • C, c:alias skip symbols without explicit declarations instead of crashing.

  • C, c:alias give a warning when the root symbol is not declared.

  • C, expr role should start symbol lookup in the current scope.

Release 3.4.3 (released Jan 08, 2021)

Bugs fixed

  • #8655: autodoc: Failed to generate document if target module contains an object that raises an exception on hasattr()

Release 3.4.2 (released Jan 04, 2021)

Bugs fixed

  • #8164: autodoc: Classes that inherit mocked class are not documented

  • #8602: autodoc: The autodoc-process-docstring event is emitted to the non-datadescriptors unexpectedly

  • #8616: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on non-class object is passed to autoclass directive

Release 3.4.1 (released Dec 25, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #8559: autodoc: AttributeError is raised when using forward-reference type annotations

  • #8568: autodoc: TypeError is raised on checking slots attribute

  • #8567: autodoc: Instance attributes are incorrectly added to Parent class

  • #8566: autodoc: The autodoc-process-docstring event is emitted to the alias classes unexpectedly

  • #8583: autodoc: Unnecessary object comparison via __eq__ method

  • #8565: linkcheck: Fix PriorityQueue crash when link tuples are not comparable

Release 3.4.0 (released Dec 20, 2020)

Incompatible changes

  • #8105: autodoc: the signature of class constructor will be shown for decorated classes, not a signature of decorator


  • The follow_wrapped argument of sphinx.util.inspect.signature()

  • The no_docstring argument of sphinx.ext.autodoc.Documenter.add_content()

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.Documenter.get_object_members()

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.DataDeclarationDocumenter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.GenericAliasDocumenter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.InstanceAttributeDocumenter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.SlotsAttributeDocumenter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.TypeVarDocumenter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._getannotations()

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._getmro()

  • sphinx.pycode.ModuleAnalyzer.parse()

  • sphinx.util.osutil.movefile()

  • sphinx.util.requests.is_ssl_error()

Features added

  • #8119: autodoc: Allow to determine whether a member not included in __all__ attribute of the module should be documented or not via autodoc-skip-member event

  • #8219: autodoc: Parameters for generic class are not shown when super class is a generic class and show-inheritance option is given (in Python 3.7 or above)

  • autodoc: Add Documenter.config as a shortcut to access the config object

  • autodoc: Add Optional[t] to annotation of function and method if a default value equal to None is set.

  • #8209: autodoc: Add :no-value: option to autoattribute and autodata directive to suppress the default value of the variable

  • #8460: autodoc: Support custom types defined by typing.NewType

  • #8285: napoleon: Add napoleon_attr_annotations to merge type hints on source code automatically if any type is specified in docstring

  • #8236: napoleon: Support numpydoc’s “Receives” section

  • #6914: Add a new event warn-missing-reference to custom warning messages when failed to resolve a cross-reference

  • #6914: Emit a detailed warning when failed to resolve a :ref: reference

  • #6629: linkcheck: The builder now handles rate limits. See linkcheck_retry_on_rate_limit for details.

Bugs fixed

  • #7613: autodoc: autodoc does not respect __signature__ of the class

  • #4606: autodoc: the location of the warning is incorrect for inherited method

  • #8105: autodoc: the signature of class constructor is incorrect if the class is decorated

  • #8434: autodoc: autodoc_type_aliases does not effect to variables and attributes

  • #8443: autodoc: autodata directive can’t create document for PEP-526 based type annotated variables

  • #8443: autodoc: autoattribute directive can’t create document for PEP-526 based uninitialized variables

  • #8480: autodoc: autoattribute could not create document for __slots__ attributes

  • #8503: autodoc: autoattribute could not create document for a GenericAlias as class attributes correctly

  • #8534: autodoc: autoattribute could not create document for a commented attribute in alias class

  • #8452: autodoc: autodoc_type_aliases doesn’t work when autodoc_typehints is set to “description”

  • #8541: autodoc: autodoc_type_aliases doesn’t work for the type annotation to instance attributes

  • #8460: autodoc: autodata and autoattribute directives do not display type information of TypeVars

  • #8493: autodoc: references to builtins not working in class aliases

  • #8522: autodoc: __bool__ method could be called

  • #8067: autodoc: A typehint for the instance variable having type_comment on super class is not displayed

  • #8545: autodoc: a __slots__ attribute is not documented even having docstring

  • #741: autodoc: inherited-members doesn’t work for instance attributes on super class

  • #8477: autosummary: non utf-8 reST files are generated when template contains multibyte characters

  • #8501: autosummary: summary extraction splits text after “el at.” unexpectedly

  • #8524: html: Wrong url_root has been generated on a document named “index”

  • #8419: html search: Do not load language_data.js in non-search pages

  • #8549: i18n: -D gettext_compact=0 is no longer working

  • #8454: graphviz: The layout option for graph and digraph directives don’t work

  • #8131: linkcheck: Use GET when HEAD requests cause Too Many Redirects, to accommodate infinite redirect loops on HEAD

  • #8437: Makefile: make clean with empty BUILDDIR is dangerous

  • #8365: py domain: :type: and :rtype: gives false ambiguous class lookup warnings

  • #8352: std domain: Failed to parse an option that starts with bracket

  • #8519: LaTeX: Prevent page brake in the middle of a seealso

  • #8520: C, fix copying of AliasNode.

Release 3.3.1 (released Nov 12, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #8372: autodoc: autoclass directive became slower than Sphinx 3.2

  • #7727: autosummary: raise PycodeError when documenting python package without

  • #8350: autosummary: autosummary_mock_imports causes slow down builds

  • #8364: C, properly initialize attributes in empty symbols.

  • #8399: i18n: Put system locale path after the paths specified by configuration

Release 3.3.0 (released Nov 02, 2020)




  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.SingledispatchFunctionDocumenter

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.SingledispatchMethodDocumenter

Features added

  • #8100: html: Show a better error message for failures on copying html_static_files

  • #8141: C: added a maxdepth option to c:alias to insert nested declarations.

  • #8081: LaTeX: Allow to add LaTeX package via app.add_latex_package() until just before writing .tex file

  • #7996: manpage: Add man_make_section_directory to make a section directory on build man page

  • #8289: epub: Allow to suppress “duplicated ToC entry found” warnings from epub builder using suppress_warnings.

  • #8298: sphinx-quickstart: Add sphinx-quickstart --no-sep option

  • #8304: sphinx.testing: Register public markers in sphinx.testing.fixtures

  • #8051: napoleon: use the obj role for all See Also items

  • #8050: napoleon: Apply napoleon_preprocess_types to every field

  • C and C++, show line numbers for previous declarations when duplicates are detected.

  • #8183: Remove substitution_reference nodes from doctree only on LaTeX builds

Bugs fixed

  • #8085: i18n: Add support for having single text domain

  • #6640: i18n: Failed to override system message translation

  • #8143: autodoc: AttributeError is raised when False value is passed to autodoc_default_options

  • #8103: autodoc: functools.cached_property is not considered as a property

  • #8190: autodoc: parsing error is raised if some extension replaces docstring by string not ending with blank lines

  • #8142: autodoc: Wrong constructor signature for the class derived from typing.Generic

  • #8157: autodoc: TypeError is raised when annotation has invalid __args__

  • #7964: autodoc: Tuple in default value is wrongly rendered

  • #8200: autodoc: type aliases break type formatting of autoattribute

  • #7786: autodoc: can’t detect overloaded methods defined in other file

  • #8294: autodoc: single-string __slots__ is not handled correctly

  • #7785: autodoc: autodoc_typehints=’none’ does not effect to overloaded functions

  • #8192: napoleon: description is disappeared when it contains inline literals

  • #8142: napoleon: Potential of regex denial of service in google style docs

  • #8169: LaTeX: pxjahyper loaded even when latex_engine is not platex

  • #8215: LaTeX: ‘oneside’ classoption causes build warning

  • #8175: intersphinx: Potential of regex denial of service by broken inventory

  • #8277: sphinx-build: missing and redundant spacing (and etc) for console output on building

  • #7973: imgconverter: Check availability of imagemagick many times

  • #8255: py domain: number in default argument value is changed from hexadecimal to decimal

  • #8316: html: Prevent arrow keys changing page when button elements are focused

  • #8343: html search: Fix unnecessary load of images when parsing the document

  • #8254: html theme: Line numbers misalign with code lines

  • #8093: The highlight warning has wrong location in some builders (LaTeX, singlehtml and so on)

  • #8215: Eliminate Fancyhdr build warnings for oneside documents

  • #8239: Failed to refer a token in productionlist if it is indented

  • #8268: linkcheck: Report HTTP errors when linkcheck_anchors is True

  • #8245: linkcheck: take source directory into account for local files

  • #8321: linkcheck: tel: schema hyperlinks are detected as errors

  • #8323: linkcheck: An exit status is incorrect when links having unsupported schema found

  • #8188: C, add missing items to internal object types dictionary, e.g., preventing intersphinx from resolving them.

  • C, fix anon objects in intersphinx.

  • #8270, C++, properly reject functions as duplicate declarations if a non-function declaration of the same name already exists.

  • C, fix references to function parameters. Link to the function instead of a non-existing anchor.

  • #6914: figure numbers are unexpectedly assigned to uncaptioned items

  • #8320: make “inline” line numbers un-selectable


  • #8257: Support parallel build in sphinx.testing

Release 3.2.1 (released Aug 14, 2020)

Features added

  • #8095: napoleon: Add napoleon_preprocess_types to enable the type preprocessor for numpy style docstrings

  • #8114: C and C++, parse function attributes after parameters and qualifiers.

Bugs fixed

  • #8074: napoleon: Crashes during processing C-ext module

  • #8088: napoleon: “Inline literal start-string without end-string” warning in Numpy style Parameters section

  • #8084: autodoc: KeyError is raised on documenting an attribute of the broken class

  • #8091: autodoc: AttributeError is raised on documenting an attribute on Python 3.5.2

  • #8099: autodoc: NameError is raised when target code uses TYPE_CHECKING

  • C++, fix parsing of template template parameters, broken by the fix of #7944

Release 3.2.0 (released Aug 08, 2020)


  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.members_set_option()

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.merge_special_members_option()

  • sphinx.writers.texinfo.TexinfoWriter.desc

  • C, parsing of pre-v3 style type directives and roles, along with the options c_allow_pre_v3 and c_warn_on_allowed_pre_v3.

Features added

  • #2076: autodoc: Allow overriding of exclude-members in skip-member function

  • #8034: autodoc: :private-member: can take an explicit list of member names to be documented

  • #2024: autosummary: Add autosummary_filename_map to avoid conflict of filenames between two object with different case

  • #8011: autosummary: Support instance attributes as a target of autosummary directive

  • #7849: html: Add html_codeblock_linenos_style to change the style of line numbers for code-blocks

  • #7853: C and C++, support parameterized GNU style attributes.

  • #7888: napoleon: Add aliases Warn and Raise.

  • #7690: napoleon: parse type strings and make them hyperlinks as possible. The conversion rule can be updated via napoleon_type_aliases

  • #8049: napoleon: Create a hyperlink for each the type of parameter when napoleon_use_params is False

  • C, added c:alias directive for inserting copies of existing declarations.

  • #7745: html: inventory is broken if the docname contains a space

  • #7991: html search: Allow searching for numbers

  • #7902: html theme: Add a new option globaltoc_maxdepth to control the behavior of globaltoc in sidebar

  • #7840: i18n: Optimize the dependencies check on bootstrap

  • #7768: i18n: figure_language_filename supports docpath token

  • #5208: linkcheck: Support checks for local links

  • #5090: setuptools: Link verbosity to distutils’ -v and -q option

  • #6698: doctest: Add :trim-doctest-flags: and :no-trim-doctest-flags: options to doctest, testcode and testoutput directives

  • #7052: add :noindexentry: to the Python, C, C++, and Javascript domains. Update the documentation to better reflect the relationship between this option and the :noindex: option.

  • #7899: C, add possibility of parsing of some pre-v3 style type directives and roles and try to convert them to equivalent v3 directives/roles. Set the new option c_allow_pre_v3 to True to enable this. The warnings printed from this functionality can be suppressed by setting c_warn_on_allowed_pre_v3` to True. The functionality is immediately deprecated.

  • #7999: C, add support for named variadic macro arguments.

  • #8071: Allow to suppress “self referenced toctrees” warning

Bugs fixed

  • #7886: autodoc: TypeError is raised on mocking generic-typed classes

  • #7935: autodoc: function signature is not shown when the function has a parameter having inspect._empty as its default value

  • #7901: autodoc: type annotations for overloaded functions are not resolved

  • #904: autodoc: An instance attribute cause a crash of autofunction directive

  • #1362: autodoc: private-members option does not work for class attributes

  • #7983: autodoc: Generator type annotation is wrongly rendered in py36

  • #8030: autodoc: An uninitialized annotated instance variable is not documented when :inherited-members: option given

  • #8032: autodoc: A type hint for the instance variable defined at parent class is not shown in the document of the derived class

  • #8041: autodoc: An annotated instance variable on super class is not documented when derived class has other annotated instance variables

  • #7839: autosummary: cannot handle umlauts in function names

  • #7865: autosummary: Failed to extract summary line when abbreviations found

  • #7866: autosummary: Failed to extract correct summary line when docstring contains a hyperlink target

  • #7469: autosummary: “Module attributes” header is not translatable

  • #7940: apidoc: An extra newline is generated at the end of the rst file if a module has submodules

  • #4258: napoleon: decorated special methods are not shown

  • #7799: napoleon: parameters are not escaped for combined params in numpydoc

  • #7780: napoleon: multiple parameters declaration in numpydoc was wrongly recognized when napoleon_use_params=True

  • #7715: LaTeX: numfig_secnum_depth > 1 leads to wrong figure links

  • #7846: html theme: XML-invalid files were generated

  • #7894: gettext: Wrong source info is shown when using rst_epilog

  • #7691: linkcheck: HEAD requests are not used for checking

  • #4888: i18n: Failed to add an explicit title to :ref: role on translation

  • #7928: py domain: failed to resolve a type annotation for the attribute

  • #8008: py domain: failed to parse a type annotation containing ellipsis

  • #7994: std domain: option directive does not generate old node_id compatible with 2.x or older

  • #7968: i18n: The content of math directive is interpreted as reST on translation

  • #7768: i18n: The root element for figure_language_filename is not a path that user specifies in the document

  • #7993: texinfo: TypeError is raised for nested object descriptions

  • #7993: texinfo: a warning not supporting desc_signature_line node is shown

  • #7869: abbr role without an explanation will show the explanation from the previous abbr role

  • #8048: graphviz: graphviz.css was copied on building non-HTML document

  • C and C++, removed noindex directive option as it did nothing.

  • #7619: Duplicated node IDs are generated if node has multiple IDs

  • #2050: Symbols sections are appeared twice in the index page

  • #8017: Fix circular import in sphinx.addnodes

  • #7986: CSS: make “highlight” selector more robust

  • #7944: C++, parse non-type template parameters starting with a dependent qualified name.

  • C, don’t deepcopy the entire symbol table and make a mess every time an enumerator is handled.

Release 3.1.2 (released Jul 05, 2020)

Incompatible changes

  • #7650: autodoc: the signature of base function will be shown for decorated functions, not a signature of decorator

Bugs fixed

  • #7844: autodoc: Failed to detect module when relative module name given

  • #7856: autodoc: AttributeError is raised when non-class object is given to the autoclass directive

  • #7850: autodoc: KeyError is raised for invalid mark up when autodoc_typehints is ‘description’

  • #7812: autodoc: crashed if the target name matches to both an attribute and module that are same name

  • #7650: autodoc: function signature becomes (*args, **kwargs) if the function is decorated by generic decorator

  • #7812: autosummary: generates broken stub files if the target code contains an attribute and module that are same name

  • #7806: viewcode: Failed to resolve viewcode references on 3rd party builders

  • #7838: html theme: List items have extra vertical space

  • #7878: html theme: Undesired interaction between “overflow” and “float”

Release 3.1.1 (released Jun 14, 2020)

Incompatible changes

  • #7808: napoleon: a type for attribute are represented as typed field

Features added

  • #7807: autodoc: Show detailed warning when type_comment is mismatched with its signature

Bugs fixed

  • #7808: autodoc: Warnings raised on variable and attribute type annotations

  • #7802: autodoc: EOFError is raised on parallel build

  • #7821: autodoc: TypeError is raised for overloaded C-ext function

  • #7805: autodoc: an object which descriptors returns is unexpectedly documented

  • #7807: autodoc: wrong signature is shown for the function using contextmanager

  • #7812: autosummary: generates broken stub files if the target code contains an attribute and module that are same name

  • #7808: napoleon: Warnings raised on variable and attribute type annotations

  • #7811: sphinx.util.inspect causes circular import problem

Release 3.1.0 (released Jun 08, 2020)


  • #7746: mathjax: Update to 2.7.5

Incompatible changes

  • #7477: imgconverter: Invoke “magick convert” command by default on Windows


  • The first argument for sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate.AutosummaryRenderer has been changed to Sphinx object

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate.AutosummaryRenderer takes an object type as an argument

  • The ignore argument of sphinx.ext.autodoc.Documenter.get_doc()

  • The template_dir argument of sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate. AutosummaryRenderer

  • The module argument of sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate. find_autosummary_in_docstring()

  • The builder argument of sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate. generate_autosummary_docs()

  • The template_dir argument of sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate. generate_autosummary_docs()

  • The ignore argument of sphinx.util.docstring.prepare_docstring()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate.AutosummaryRenderer.exists()

  • sphinx.util.rpartition()

Features added

  • LaTeX: Make the toplevel_sectioning setting optional in LaTeX theme

  • LaTeX: Allow to override papersize and pointsize from LaTeX themes

  • LaTeX: Add latex_theme_options to override theme options

  • #7410: Allow to suppress “circular toctree references detected” warnings using suppress_warnings

  • C, added scope control directives, c:namespace, c:namespace-push, and c:namespace-pop.

  • #2044: autodoc: Suppress default value for instance attributes

  • #7473: autodoc: consider a member public if docstring contains :meta public: in info-field-list

  • #7487: autodoc: Allow to generate docs for singledispatch functions by py:autofunction

  • #7143: autodoc: Support final classes and methods

  • #7384: autodoc: Support signatures defined by __new__(), metaclasses and builtin base classes

  • #2106: autodoc: Support multiple signatures on docstring

  • #4422: autodoc: Support GenericAlias in Python 3.7 or above

  • #3610: autodoc: Support overloaded functions

  • #7722: autodoc: Support TypeVar

  • #7466: autosummary: headings in generated documents are not translated

  • #7490: autosummary: Add :caption: option to autosummary directive to set a caption to the toctree

  • #7469: autosummary: Support module attributes

  • #248, #6040: autosummary: Add :recursive: option to autosummary directive to generate stub files recursively

  • #4030: autosummary: Add autosummary_context to add template variables for custom templates

  • #7530: html: Support nested <kbd> elements

  • #7481: html theme: Add right margin to footnote/citation labels

  • #7482, #7717: html theme: CSS spacing for code blocks with captions and line numbers

  • #7443: html theme: Add new options globaltoc_collapse and globaltoc_includehidden to control the behavior of globaltoc in sidebar

  • #7484: html theme: Avoid clashes between sidebar and other blocks

  • #7476: html theme: Relbar breadcrumb should contain current page

  • #7506: html theme: A canonical URL is not escaped

  • #7533: html theme: Avoid whitespace at the beginning of genindex.html

  • #7541: html theme: Add a “clearer” at the end of the “body”

  • #7542: html theme: Make admonition/topic/sidebar scrollable

  • #7543: html theme: Add top and bottom margins to tables

  • #7695: html theme: Add viewport meta tag for basic theme

  • #7721: html theme: classic: default codetextcolor/codebgcolor doesn’t override Pygments

  • C and C++: allow semicolon in the end of declarations.

  • C++, parse parameterized noexcept specifiers.

  • #7294: C++, parse expressions with user-defined literals.

  • C++, parse trailing return types.

  • #7143: py domain: Add :final: option to py:class:, py:exception: and py:method: directives

  • #7596: py domain: Change a type annotation for variables to a hyperlink

  • #7770: std domain: option directive support arguments in the form of foo[=bar]

  • #7582: napoleon: a type for attribute are represented like type annotation

  • #7734: napoleon: overescaped trailing underscore on attribute

  • #7247: linkcheck: Add linkcheck_request_headers to send custom HTTP headers for specific host

  • #7792: setuptools: Support --verbosity option

  • #7683: Add allowed_exceptions parameter to Sphinx.emit() to allow handlers to raise specified exceptions

  • #7295: C++, parse (trailing) requires clauses.

Bugs fixed

  • #6703: autodoc: incremental build does not work for imported objects

  • #7564: autodoc: annotations not to be shown for descriptors

  • #6588: autodoc: Decorated inherited method has no documentation

  • #7469: autodoc: The change of autodoc-process-docstring for variables is cached unexpectedly

  • #7559: autodoc: misdetects a sync function is async

  • #6857: autodoc: failed to detect a classmethod on Enum class

  • #7562: autodoc: a typehint contains spaces is wrongly rendered under autodoc_typehints=’description’ mode

  • #7551: autodoc: failed to import nested class

  • #7362: autodoc: does not render correct signatures for built-in functions

  • #7654: autodoc: Optional[Union[foo, bar]] is presented as Union[foo, bar, None]

  • #7629: autodoc: autofunction emits an unfriendly warning if an invalid object specified

  • #7650: autodoc: undecorated signature is shown for decorated functions

  • #7676: autodoc: typo in the default value of autodoc_member_order

  • #7676: autodoc: wrong value for :member-order: option is ignored silently

  • #7676: autodoc: member-order=”bysource” does not work for C module

  • #3673: autodoc: member-order=”bysource” does not work for a module having __all__

  • #7668: autodoc: wrong retann value is passed to a handler of autodoc-process-signature

  • #7711: autodoc: fails with ValueError when processing numpy objects

  • #7791: autodoc: TypeError is raised on documenting singledispatch function

  • #7551: autosummary: a nested class is indexed as non-nested class

  • #7661: autosummary: autosummary directive emits warnings twices if failed to import the target module

  • #7685: autosummary: The template variable “members” contains imported members even if autossummary_imported_members is False

  • #7671: autosummary: The location of import failure warning is missing

  • #7535: sphinx-autogen: crashes when custom template uses inheritance

  • #7536: sphinx-autogen: crashes when template uses i18n feature

  • #7781: sphinx-build: Wrong error message when outdir is not directory

  • #7653: sphinx-quickstart: Fix multiple directory creation for nested relpath

  • #2785: html: Bad alignment of equation links

  • #7718: html theme: some themes does not respect background color of Pygments style (agogo, haiku, nature, pyramid, scrolls, sphinxdoc and traditional)

  • #7544: html theme: inconsistent padding in admonitions

  • #7581: napoleon: bad parsing of inline code in attribute docstrings

  • #7628: imgconverter: runs imagemagick once unnecessary for builders not supporting images

  • #7610: incorrectly renders consecutive backslashes for docutils-0.16

  • #7646: handle errors on event handlers

  • #4187: LaTeX: EN DASH disappears from PDF bookmarks in Japanese documents

  • #7701: LaTeX: Anonymous indirect hyperlink target causes duplicated labels

  • #7723: LaTeX: pdflatex crashed when URL contains a single quote

  • #7756: py domain: The default value for positional only argument is not shown

  • #7760: coverage: Add coverage_show_missing_items to show coverage result to console

  • C++, fix rendering and xrefs in nested names explicitly starting in global scope, e.g., ::A::B.

  • C, fix rendering and xrefs in nested names explicitly starting in global scope, e.g., .A.B.

  • #7763: C and C++, don’t crash during display stringification of unary expressions and fold expressions.

Release 3.0.4 (released May 27, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #7567: autodoc: parametrized types are shown twice for generic types

  • #7637: autodoc: system defined TypeVars are shown in Python 3.9

  • #7696: html: Updated jQuery version from 3.4.1 to 3.5.1 for security reasons

  • #7611: md5 fails when OpenSSL FIPS is enabled

  • #7626: release package does not contain CODE_OF_CONDUCT

Release 3.0.3 (released Apr 26, 2020)

Features added

  • C, parse array declarators with static, qualifiers, and VLA specification.

Bugs fixed

  • #7516: autodoc: crashes if target object raises an error on accessing its attributes

Release 3.0.2 (released Apr 19, 2020)

Features added

Bugs fixed

  • #7461: py domain: fails with IndexError for empty tuple in type annotation

  • #7510: py domain: keyword-only arguments are documented as having a default of None

  • #7418: std domain: term role could not match case-insensitively

  • #7461: autodoc: empty tuple in type annotation is not shown correctly

  • #7479: autodoc: Sphinx builds has been slower since 3.0.0 on mocking

  • C++, fix spacing issue in east-const declarations.

  • #7414: LaTeX: Xindy language options were incorrect

  • sphinx crashes with ImportError on python3.5.1

Release 3.0.1 (released Apr 11, 2020)

Incompatible changes

  • #7418: std domain: term role becomes case sensitive

Bugs fixed

  • #7428: py domain: a reference to class None emits a nitpicky warning

  • #7445: py domain: a return annotation None in the function signature is not converted to a hyperlink when using intersphinx

  • #7418: std domain: duplication warning for glossary terms is case insensitive

  • #7438: C++, fix merging overloaded functions in parallel builds.

  • #7422: autodoc: fails with ValueError when using autodoc_mock_imports

  • #7435: autodoc: autodoc_typehints='description' doesn’t suppress typehints in signature for classes/methods

  • #7451: autodoc: fails with AttributeError when an object returns non-string object as a __doc__ member

  • #7423: crashed when giving a non-string object to logger

  • #7479: html theme: Do not include xmlns attribute with HTML 5 doctype

  • #7426: html theme: Escape some links in HTML templates

Release 3.0.0 (released Apr 06, 2020)



  • LaTeX: drop dependency on extractbb for image inclusion in Japanese documents as .xbb files are unneeded by dvipdfmx since TeXLive2015 (refs: #6189)

  • babel-2.0 or above is available (Unpinned)

Incompatible changes


  • Drop features and APIs deprecated in 1.8.x

  • #247: autosummary: stub files are overwritten automatically by default. see autosummary_generate_overwrite to change the behavior

  • #5923: autodoc: the members of object class are not documented by default when :inherited-members: and :special-members: are given.

  • #6830: py domain: meta fields in info-field-list becomes reserved. They are not displayed on output document now

  • #6417: py domain: doctree of desc_parameterlist has been changed. The argument names, annotations and default values are wrapped with inline node

  • The structure of has changed

  • Due to the scoping changes for productionlist some uses of token must be modified to include the scope which was previously ignored.

  • #6903: Internal data structure of Python, reST and standard domains have changed. The node_id is added to the index of objects and modules. Now they contains a pair of docname and node_id for cross reference.

  • #7276: C++ domain: Non intended behavior is removed such as say_hello_ links to .. cpp:function:: say_hello()

  • #7210: js domain: Non intended behavior is removed such as parseInt_ links to .. js:function:: parseInt

  • #7229: rst domain: Non intended behavior is removed such as numref_ links to .. rst:role:: numref

  • #6903: py domain: Non intended behavior is removed such as say_hello_ links to .. py:function:: say_hello()

  • #7246: py domain: Drop special cross reference helper for exceptions, functions and methods

  • The C domain has been rewritten, with additional directives and roles. The existing ones are now more strict, resulting in new warnings.

  • The attribute sphinx_cpp_tagname in the desc_signature_line node has been renamed to sphinx_line_type.

  • #6462: double backslashes in domain directives are no longer replaced by single backslashes as default. A new configuration value strip_signature_backslash can be used by users to re-enable it.

3.0.0 final

  • #7222: sphinx.util.inspect.unwrap() is renamed to unwrap_all()



  • desc_signature['first']

  • sphinx.directives.DescDirective



  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.get_documenters()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.process_autosummary_toc()


  • sphinx.testing.path.Path.text()

  • sphinx.testing.path.Path.bytes()

  • sphinx.util.inspect.getargspec()

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXWriter.format_docclass()

Features added


  • #247: autosummary: Add autosummary_generate_overwrite to overwrite old stub file

  • #5923: autodoc: :inherited-members: option takes a name of anchestor class not to document inherited members of the class and uppers

  • #6830: autodoc: consider a member private if docstring contains :meta private: in info-field-list

  • #7165: autodoc: Support Annotated type (PEP-593)

  • #2815: autodoc: Support singledispatch functions and methods

  • #7079: autodoc: autodoc_typehints accepts "description" configuration. It shows typehints as object description

  • #7314: apidoc: Propagate --maxdepth option through package documents

  • #6558: glossary: emit a warning for duplicated glossary entry

  • #3106: domain: Register hyperlink target for index page automatically

  • #6558: std domain: emit a warning for duplicated generic objects

  • #6830: py domain: Add new event: object-description-transform

  • #6895: py domain: Do not emit nitpicky warnings for built-in types

  • py domain: Support lambda functions in function signature

  • #6417: py domain: Allow to make a style for arguments of functions and methods

  • #7238, #7239: py domain: Emit a warning on describing a python object if the entry is already added as the same name

  • #7341: py domain: type annotations in signature are converted to cross refs

  • Support priority of event handlers. For more detail, see Sphinx.connect()

  • #3077: Implement the scoping for productionlist as indicated in the documentation.

  • #1027: Support backslash line continuation in productionlist.

  • #7108: config: Allow to show an error message from via ConfigError

  • #7032: html: html_scaled_image_link will be disabled for images having no-scaled-link class

  • #7144: Add CSS class indicating its domain for each desc node

  • #7211: latex: Use babel for Chinese document when using XeLaTeX

  • #6672: LaTeX: Support LaTeX Theming (experimental)

  • #7005: LaTeX: Add LaTeX styling macro for kbd role

  • #7220: genindex: Show “main” index entries at first

  • #7103: linkcheck: writes all links to output.json

  • #7025: html search: full text search can be disabled for individual document using :nosearch: file-wide metadata

  • #7293: html search: Allow to override JavaScript splitter via SearchLanguage.js_splitter_code

  • #7142: html theme: Add a theme option: pygments_dark_style to switch the style of code-blocks in dark mode

  • The C domain has been rewritten adding for example:

    • Cross-referencing respecting the current scope.

    • Possible to document anonymous entities.

    • More specific directives and roles for each type of entity, e.g., handling scoping of enumerators.

    • New role c:expr for rendering expressions and types in text.

  • Added SphinxDirective.get_source_info() and SphinxRole.get_source_info().

  • #7324: sphinx-build: Emit a warning if multiple files having different file extensions for same document found

3.0.0 final

  • Added ObjectDescription.transform_content().

Bugs fixed


  • C++, fix cross reference lookup in certain cases involving function overloads.

  • #5078: C++, fix cross reference lookup when a directive contains multiple declarations.

  • C++, suppress warnings for directly dependent typenames in cross references generated automatically in signatures.

  • #5637: autodoc: Incorrect handling of nested class names on show-inheritance

  • #7267: autodoc: error message for invalid directive options has wrong location

  • #7329: autodoc: info-field-list is wrongly generated from type hints into the class description even if autoclass_content='class' set

  • #7331: autodoc: a cython-function is not recognized as a function

  • #5637: inheritance_diagram: Incorrect handling of nested class names

  • #7139: code-block:: guess does not work

  • #7325: html: source_suffix containing dot leads to wrong source link

  • #7357: html: Resizing SVG image fails with ValueError

  • #7278: html search: Fix use of html_file_suffix instead of html_link_suffix in search results

  • #7297: html theme: bizstyle does not support sidebarwidth

  • #3842: singlehtml: Path to images broken when master doc is not in source root

  • #7179: std domain: Fix whitespaces are suppressed on referring GenericObject

  • #7289: console: use bright colors instead of bold

  • #1539: C, parse array types.

  • #2377: C, parse function pointers even in complex types.

  • #7345: sphinx-build: Sphinx crashes if output directory exists as a file

  • #7290: sphinx-build: Ignore bdb.BdbQuit when handling exceptions

  • #6240: napoleon: Attributes and Methods sections ignore :noindex: option

3.0.0 final

  • #7364: autosummary: crashed when autosummary_generate is False

  • #7370: autosummary: raises UnboundLocalError when unknown module given

  • #7367: C++, alternate operator spellings are now supported.

  • C, alternate operator spellings are now supported.

  • #7368: C++, comma operator in expressions, pack expansion in template argument lists, and more comprehensive error messages in some cases.

  • C, C++, fix crash and wrong duplicate warnings related to anon symbols.

  • #6477: Escape first “!” in a cross reference linking no longer possible

  • #7219: py domain: The index entry generated by py:function directive is different with one from index directive with “builtin” type

  • #7301: capital characters are not allowed for node_id

  • #7301: epub: duplicated node_ids are generated

  • #6564: html: a width of table was ignored on HTML builder

  • #7401: Incorrect argument is passed for env-get-outdated handlers

  • #7355: autodoc: a signature of cython-function is not recognized well

  • #7222: autodoc: __wrapped__ functions are not documented correctly

  • #7409: intersphinx: ValueError is raised when an extension sets up intersphinx_mapping on config-inited event

  • #7343: Sphinx builds has been slower since 2.4.0 on debug mode

Release 2.4.5 (released Nov 18, 2021)


  • #9807: Restrict docutils to 0.17.x or older

Release 2.4.4 (released Mar 05, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #7197: LaTeX: platex cause error to build image directive with target url

  • #7223: Sphinx builds has been slower since 2.4.0

Release 2.4.3 (released Feb 22, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #7184: autodoc: *args and **kwarg in type comments are not handled properly

  • #7189: autodoc: classmethod coroutines are not detected

  • #7183: intersphinx: :attr: reference to property is broken

  • #6244, #6387: html search: Search breaks/hangs when built with dirhtml builder

  • #7195: todo: emit doctree-resolved event with non-document node incorrectly

Release 2.4.2 (released Feb 19, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #7138: autodoc: autodoc.typehints crashed when variable has unbound object as a value

  • #7156: autodoc: separator for keyword only arguments is not shown

  • #7146: autodoc: IndexError is raised on suppressed type_comment found

  • #7161: autodoc: typehints extension does not support parallel build

  • #7178: autodoc: TypeError is raised on fetching type annotations

  • #7151: crashed when extension assigns a value to env.indexentries

  • #7170: text: Remove debug print

  • #7137: viewcode: Avoid to crash when non-python code given

Release 2.4.1 (released Feb 11, 2020)

Bugs fixed

  • #7120: html: crashed when on scaling SVG images which have float dimensions

  • #7126: autodoc: TypeError: ‘getset_descriptor’ object is not iterable

Release 2.4.0 (released Feb 09, 2020)


  • The decode argument of sphinx.pycode.ModuleAnalyzer()

  • sphinx.directives.other.Index

  • sphinx.environment.temp_data['gloss_entries']

  • sphinx.environment.BuildEnvironment.indexentries

  • sphinx.environment.collectors.indexentries.IndexEntriesCollector

  • sphinx.ext.apidoc.INITPY

  • sphinx.ext.apidoc.shall_skip()



  • sphinx.pycode.ModuleAnalyzer.encoding

  • sphinx.roles.Index

  • sphinx.util.detect_encoding()

  • sphinx.util.get_module_source()

  • sphinx.util.inspect.Signature

  • sphinx.util.inspect.safe_getmembers()


  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.settings.contentsname

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.settings.docclass

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.settings.docname

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.settings.title

  • sphinx.writers.latex.ADDITIONAL_SETTINGS

  • sphinx.writers.latex.DEFAULT_SETTINGS

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LUALATEX_DEFAULT_FONTPKG

  • sphinx.writers.latex.PDFLATEX_DEFAULT_FONTPKG

  • sphinx.writers.latex.XELATEX_DEFAULT_FONTPKG

  • sphinx.writers.latex.XELATEX_GREEK_DEFAULT_FONTPKG

Features added

  • #6910: inheritance_diagram: Make the background of diagrams transparent

  • #6446: duration: Add sphinx.ext.durations to inspect which documents slow down the build

  • #6837: LaTeX: Support a nested table

  • #7115: LaTeX: Allow to override LATEXOPTS and LATEXMKOPTS via environment variable

  • #6966: graphviz: Support :class: option

  • #6696: html: :scale: option of image/figure directive not working for SVG images (imagesize-1.2.0 or above is required)

  • #6994: imgconverter: Support illustrator file (.ai) to .png conversion

  • autodoc: Support Positional-Only Argument separator (PEP-570 compliant)

  • autodoc: Support type annotations for variables

  • #2755: autodoc: Add new event: autodoc-before-process-signature

  • #2755: autodoc: Support type_comment style (ex. # type: (str) -> str) annotation (python3.8+ or typed_ast is required)

  • #7051: autodoc: Support instance variables without defaults (PEP-526)

  • #6418: autodoc: Add a new extension sphinx.ext.autodoc.typehints. It shows typehints as object description if autodoc_typehints = "description" set. This is an experimental extension and it will be integrated into autodoc core in Sphinx 3.0

  • SphinxTranslator now calls visitor/departure method for super node class if visitor/departure method for original node class not found

  • #6418: Add new event: object-description-transform

  • py domain: py:data and py:attribute take new options named :type: and :value: to describe its type and initial value

  • #6785: py domain: :py:attr: is able to refer properties again

  • #6772: apidoc: Add -q option for quiet mode

Bugs fixed

  • #6925: html: Remove redundant type=”text/javascript” from <script> elements

  • #7112: html: SVG image is not layouted as float even if aligned

  • #6906, #6907: autodoc: failed to read the source codes encoeded in cp1251

  • #6961: latex: warning for babel shown twice

  • #7059: latex: LaTeX compilation falls into infinite loop (wrapfig issue)

  • #6581: latex: :reversed: option for toctree does not effect to LaTeX build

  • #6559: Wrong node-ids are generated in glossary directive

  • #6986: apidoc: misdetects module name for .so file inside module

  • #6899: apidoc: private members are not shown even if --private given

  • #6327: apidoc: Support a python package consisted of file

  • #6999: napoleon: fails to parse tilde in :exc: role

  • #7019: gettext: Absolute path used in message catalogs

  • #7023: autodoc: nested partial functions are not listed

  • #7023: autodoc: partial functions imported from other modules are listed as module members without :impoprted-members: option

  • #6889: autodoc: Trailing comma in :members:: option causes cryptic warning

  • #6568: autosummary: autosummary_imported_members is ignored on generating a stub file for submodule

  • #7055: linkcheck: redirect is treated as an error

  • #7088: HTML template: If navigation_with_keys option is activated, modifier keys are ignored, which means the feature can interfere with browser features

  • #7090: std domain: Can’t assign numfig-numbers for custom container nodes

  • #7106: std domain: enumerated nodes are marked as duplicated when extensions call note_explicit_target()

  • #7095: dirhtml: Cross references are broken via intersphinx and :doc: role

  • C++:

    • Don’t crash when using the struct role in some cases.

    • Don’t warn when using the var/member role for function parameters.

    • Render call and braced-init expressions correctly.

  • #7097: Filenames of images generated by sphinx.transforms.post_transforms.images.ImageConverter or its subclasses (used for latex build) are now sanitized, to prevent broken paths

Release 2.3.1 (released Dec 22, 2019)

Bugs fixed

  • #6936: sphinx-autogen: raises AttributeError

Release 2.3.0 (released Dec 15, 2019)

Incompatible changes

  • #6742: end-before option of literalinclude directive does not match the first line of the code block.

  • #1331: Change default User-Agent header to "Sphinx/X.Y.Z requests/X.Y.Z python/X.Y.Z". It can be changed via user_agent.

  • #6867: text: content of admonitions starts after a blank line





  • sphinx.util.texescape.tex_escape_map

  • sphinx.util.texescape.tex_hl_escape_map_new

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.no_contractions

Features added

  • #6707: C++, support bit-fields.

  • #267: html: Eliminate prompt characters of doctest block from copyable text

  • #6548: html: Use favicon for OpenSearch if available

  • #6729: html theme: agogo theme now supports rightsidebar option

  • #6780: Add PEP-561 Support

  • #6762: latex: Allow to load additional LaTeX packages via extrapackages key of latex_elements

  • #1331: Add new config variable: user_agent

  • #6000: LaTeX: have backslash also be an inline literal word wrap break character

  • #4186: LaTeX: Support upLaTeX as a new latex_engine (experimental)

  • #6812: Improve a warning message when extensions are not parallel safe

  • #6818: Improve Intersphinx performance for multiple remote inventories.

  • #2546: apidoc: .so file support

  • #6798: autosummary: emit autodoc-skip-member event on generating stub file

  • #6483: i18n: make explicit titles in toctree translatable

  • #6816: linkcheck: Add linkcheck_auth option to provide authentication information when doing linkcheck builds

  • #6872: linkcheck: Handles HTTP 308 Permanent Redirect

  • #6613: html: Wrap section number in span tag

  • #6781: gettext: Add gettext_last_translator' and :confval:`gettext_language_team to customize headers of POT file

Bugs fixed

  • #6668: LaTeX: Longtable before header has incorrect distance (refs: latex3/latex2e`#173 <>`_)

  • #6618: LaTeX: Avoid section names at the end of a page

  • #6738: LaTeX: Do not replace unicode characters by LaTeX macros on unicode supported LaTeX engines: ¶, §, €, ∞, ±, →, ‣, –, superscript and subscript digits go through “as is” (as default OpenType font supports them)

  • #6704: linkcheck: Be defensive and handle newly defined HTTP error code

  • #6806: linkcheck: Failure on parsing content

  • #6655: image URLs containing data: causes gettext builder crashed

  • #6584: i18n: Error when compiling message catalogs on Hindi

  • #6718: i18n: KeyError is raised if section title and table title are same

  • #6743: i18n: rst_prolog breaks the translation

  • #6708: mathbase: Some deprecated functions have removed

  • #6709: autodoc: mock object does not work as a class decorator

  • #5070: epub: Wrong internal href fragment links

  • #6712: Allow not to install sphinx.testing as runtime (mainly for ALT Linux)

  • #6741: html: search result was broken with empty html_file_suffix

  • #6001: LaTeX does not wrap long code lines at backslash character

  • #6804: LaTeX: PDF build breaks if admonition of danger type contains code-block long enough not to fit on one page

  • #6809: LaTeX: code-block in a danger type admonition can easily spill over bottom of page

  • #6793: texinfo: Code examples broken following “sidebar”

  • #6813: An orphan warning is emitted for included document on Windows. Thanks to @drillan

  • #6850: Fix smartypants module calls re.sub() with wrong options

  • #6824: HTML search: If a search term is partially matched in the title and fully matched in a text paragraph on the same page, the search does not include this match.

  • #6848: shouldn’t pop extensions from overrides

  • #6867: text: extra spaces are inserted to hyphenated words on folding lines

  • #6886: LaTeX: xelatex converts straight double quotes into right curly ones (shows when smartquotes is False)

  • #6890: LaTeX: even with smartquotes off, PDF output transforms straight quotes and consecutive hyphens into curly quotes and dashes

  • #6876: LaTeX: multi-line display of authors on title page has ragged edges

  • #6887: Sphinx crashes with docutils-0.16b0

  • #6920: sphinx-build: A console message is wrongly highlighted

  • #6900: sphinx-build: -D option does not considers 0 and 1 as a boolean value

Release 2.2.2 (released Dec 03, 2019)

Incompatible changes

  • #6803: For security reason of python, parallel mode is disabled on macOS and Python3.8+

Bugs fixed

  • #6776: LaTeX: 2019-10-01 LaTeX release breaks sphinxcyrillic.sty

  • #6815: i18n: French, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation messages has been broken

  • #6803: parallel build causes AttributeError on macOS and Python3.8

Release 2.2.1 (released Oct 26, 2019)

Bugs fixed

  • #6641: LaTeX: Undefined control sequence \sphinxmaketitle

  • #6710: LaTeX not well configured for Greek language as main language

  • #6759: validation of html static paths and extra paths no longer throws an error if the paths are in different directories

Release 2.2.0 (released Aug 19, 2019)

Incompatible changes

  • apidoc: template files are renamed to .rst_t

  • html: Field lists will be styled by grid layout




  • The info and warn arguments of sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate.generate_autosummary_docs()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate._simple_info()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate._simple_warn()

  • sphinx.ext.todo.merge_info()

  • sphinx.ext.todo.process_todo_nodes()

  • sphinx.ext.todo.process_todos()

  • sphinx.ext.todo.purge_todos()

Features added

  • #5124: graphviz: :graphviz_dot: option is renamed to :layout:

  • #1464: html: emit a warning if html_static_path and html_extra_path directories are inside output directory

  • #6514: html: Add a label to search input for accessability purposes

  • #5602: apidoc: Add --templatedir option

  • #6475: Add override argument to app.add_autodocumenter()

  • #6310: imgmath: let imgmath_use_preview work also with the SVG format for images rendering inline math

  • #6533: LaTeX: refactor visit_enumerated_list() to use \sphinxsetlistlabels

  • #6628: quickstart: Use for default setting of intersphinx_mapping

  • #6419: sphinx-build: give reasons why rebuilt

Bugs fixed

  • py domain: duplicated warning does not point the location of source code

  • #6499: html: Sphinx never updates a copy of html_logo even if original file has changed

  • #1125: html theme: scrollbar is hard to see on classic theme and macOS

  • #5502: linkcheck: Consider HTTP 503 response as not an error

  • #6439: Make generated download links reproducible

  • #6486: UnboundLocalError is raised if broken extension installed

  • #6567: autodoc: autodoc_inherit_docstrings does not effect to __init__() and __new__()

  • #6574: autodoc: autodoc_member_order does not refer order of imports when 'bysource' order

  • #6574: autodoc: missing type annotation for variadic and keyword parameters

  • #6589: autodoc: Formatting issues with autodoc_typehints=’none’

  • #6605: autodoc: crashed when target code contains custom method-like objects

  • #6498: autosummary: crashed with wrong autosummary_generate setting

  • #6507: autosummary: crashes without no autosummary_generate setting

  • #6511: LaTeX: autonumbered list can not be customized in LaTeX since Sphinx 1.8.0 (refs: #6533)

  • #6531: Failed to load last environment object when extension added

  • #736: Invalid sort in pair index

  • #6527: last_updated wrongly assumes timezone as UTC

  • #5592: std domain: option directive registers an index entry for each comma separated option

  • #6549: sphinx-build: Escaped characters in error messages

  • #6545: doctest comments not getting trimmed since Sphinx 1.8.0

  • #6561: glossary: Wrong hyperlinks are generated for non alphanumeric terms

  • #6620: i18n: classifiers of definition list are not translated with docutils-0.15

  • #6474: DocFieldTransformer raises AttributeError when given directive is not a subclass of ObjectDescription

Release 2.1.2 (released Jun 19, 2019)

Bugs fixed

  • #6497: custom lexers fails highlighting when syntax error

  • #6478, #6488: info field lists are incorrectly recognized

Release 2.1.1 (released Jun 10, 2019)

Incompatible changes

  • #6447: autodoc: Stop to generate document for undocumented module variables

Bugs fixed

  • #6442: LaTeX: admonitions of note type can get separated from immediately preceding section title by pagebreak

  • #6448: autodoc: crashed when autodocumenting classes with __slots__ = None

  • #6451: autodoc: generates docs for “optional import”ed modules as variables

  • #6452: autosummary: crashed when generating document of properties

  • #6455: napoleon: docstrings for properties are not processed

  • #6436: napoleon: “Unknown target name” error if variable name ends with underscore

  • #6440: apidoc: missing blank lines between modules

Release 2.1.0 (released Jun 02, 2019)

Incompatible changes

  • Ignore filenames without file extension given to Builder.build_specific() API directly

  • #6230: The anchor of term in glossary directive is changed if it is consisted by non-ASCII characters

  • #4550: html: Centering tables by default using CSS

  • #6239: latex: xelatex and xeCJK are used for Chinese documents by default

  • Sphinx.add_lexer() now takes a Lexer class instead of instance. An instance of lexers are still supported until Sphinx 3.x.




  • sphinx.directives.Acks

  • sphinx.directives.Author

  • sphinx.directives.Centered

  • sphinx.directives.Class

  • sphinx.directives.CodeBlock

  • sphinx.directives.Figure

  • sphinx.directives.HList

  • sphinx.directives.Highlight

  • sphinx.directives.Include

  • sphinx.directives.Index

  • sphinx.directives.LiteralInclude

  • sphinx.directives.Meta

  • sphinx.directives.Only

  • sphinx.directives.SeeAlso

  • sphinx.directives.TabularColumns

  • sphinx.directives.TocTree

  • sphinx.directives.VersionChange







  • sphinx.environment.NoUri

  • sphinx.ext.apidoc.format_directive()

  • sphinx.ext.apidoc.format_heading()

  • sphinx.ext.apidoc.makename()

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer.MockFinder

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer.MockLoader

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer.mock()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.autolink_role()

  • sphinx.ext.imgmath.DOC_BODY

  • sphinx.ext.imgmath.DOC_BODY_PREVIEW

  • sphinx.ext.imgmath.DOC_HEAD

  • sphinx.transforms.CitationReferences

  • sphinx.transforms.SmartQuotesSkipper

  • sphinx.util.docfields.DocFieldTransformer.preprocess_fieldtypes()

  • sphinx.util.node.find_source_node()

  • sphinx.util.i18n.find_catalog()

  • sphinx.util.i18n.find_catalog_files()

  • sphinx.util.i18n.find_catalog_source_files()

For more details, see deprecation APIs list.

Features added

  • Add a helper class sphinx.transforms.post_transforms.SphinxPostTransform

  • Add helper methods

    • PythonDomain.note_module()

    • PythonDomain.note_object()

    • SphinxDirective.set_source_info()

  • #6180: Support --keep-going with BuildDoc setup command

  • math directive now supports :class: option

  • todo: todo directive now supports :name: option

  • Enable override via environment of SPHINXOPTS and SPHINXBUILD Makefile variables (refs: #6232, #6303)

  • #6287: autodoc: Unable to document bound instance methods exported as module functions

  • #6289: autodoc: autodoc_default_options now supports imported-members option

  • #4777: autodoc: Support coroutine

  • #744: autodoc: Support abstractmethod

  • #6325: autodoc: Support attributes in __slots__. For dict-style __slots__, autodoc considers values as a docstring of the attribute

  • #6361: autodoc: Add autodoc_typehints to suppress typehints from signature

  • #1063: autodoc: automodule directive now handles undocumented module level variables

  • #6212 autosummary: Add autosummary_imported_members to display imported members on autosummary

  • #6271: make clean is catastrophically broken if building into ‘.’

  • #6363: Support %O% environment variable in make.bat

  • #4777: py domain: Add :async: option to py:function directive

  • py domain: Add new options to py:method directive

    • :abstractmethod:

    • :async:

    • :classmethod:

    • :property:

    • :staticmethod:

  • rst domain: Add directive:option directive to describe the option for directive

  • #6306: html: Add a label to search form for accessability purposes

  • #4390: html: Consistent and semantic CSS for signatures

  • #6358: The rawsource property of production nodes now contains the full production rule

  • #6373: autosectionlabel: Allow suppression of warnings

  • coverage: Support a new coverage_ignore_pyobjects option

  • #6239: latex: Support to build Chinese documents

Bugs fixed

  • #6230: Inappropriate node_id has been generated by glossary directive if term is consisted by non-ASCII characters

  • #6213: ifconfig: contents after headings are not shown

  • commented term in glossary directive is wrongly recognized

  • #6299: rst domain: rst:directive directive generates waste space

  • #6379: py domain: Module index (py-modindex.html) has duplicate titles

  • #6331: man: invalid output when doctest follows rubric

  • #6351: “Hyperlink target is not referenced” message is shown even if referenced

  • #6165: autodoc: tab_width setting of docutils has been ignored

  • #6347: autodoc: crashes with a plain Tuple on Python 3.6 and 3.5

  • #6311: autosummary: autosummary table gets confused by complex type hints

  • #6350: autosummary: confused by an argument having some kind of default value

  • Generated Makefiles lack a final EOL (refs: #6232)

  • #6375: extlinks: Cannot escape angle brackets in link caption

  • #6378: linkcheck: Send commonly used User-Agent

  • #6387: html search: failed to search document with haiku and scrolls themes

  • #6408: html search: Fix the ranking of search results

  • #6406: Wrong year is returned for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH

  • #6402: image directive crashes by unknown image format

  • #6286: C++, allow 8 and 9 in hexadecimal integer literals.

  • #6305: Fix the string in quickstart for ‘path’ argument of parser

  • LaTeX: Figures in admonitions produced errors (refs: #6364)

Release 2.0.1 (released Apr 08, 2019)

Bugs fixed

  • LaTeX: some system labels are not translated

  • RemovedInSphinx30Warning is marked as pending

  • deprecation warnings are not emitted

    • sphinx.application.CONFIG_FILENAME


    • viewcode_import

  • #6208: C++, properly parse full xrefs that happen to have a short xref as prefix

  • #6220, #6225: napoleon: AttributeError is raised for raised section having references

  • #6245: circular import error on importing SerializingHTMLBuilder

  • #6243: LaTeX: ‘releasename’ setting for latex_elements is ignored

  • #6244: html: Search function is broken with 3rd party themes

  • #6263: html: HTML5Translator crashed with invalid field node

  • #6262: html theme: The style of field lists has changed in bizstyle theme

Release 2.0.0 (released Mar 29, 2019)



  • LaTeX builder now depends on TeX Live 2015 or above.

  • LaTeX builder (with 'pdflatex' latex_engine) will process Unicode Greek letters in text (not in math mark-up) via the text font and will not escape them to math mark-up. See the discussion of the 'fontenc' key of latex_elements; such (optional) support for Greek adds, for example on Ubuntu xenial, the texlive-lang-greek and (if default font set-up is not modified) cm-super(-minimal) as additional Sphinx LaTeX requirements.

  • LaTeX builder with latex_engine set to 'xelatex' or to 'lualatex' requires (by default) the FreeFont fonts, which in Ubuntu xenial are provided by package fonts-freefont-otf, and e.g. in Fedora 29 via package texlive-gnu-freefont.

  • requests 2.5.0 or above

  • The six package is no longer a dependency

  • The sphinxcontrib-websupport package is no longer a dependency

  • Some packages are separated to sub packages:

    • sphinxcontrib.applehelp

    • sphinxcontrib.devhelp

    • sphinxcontrib.htmlhelp

    • sphinxcontrib.jsmath

    • sphinxcontrib.serializinghtml

    • sphinxcontrib.qthelp

Incompatible changes


  • Drop python 2.7 and 3.4 support

  • Drop docutils 0.11 support

  • Drop features and APIs deprecated in 1.7.x

  • The default setting for master_doc is changed to 'index' which has been longly used as default of sphinx-quickstart.

  • LaTeX: Move message resources to sphinxmessage.sty

  • LaTeX: Stop using \captions<lang> macro for some labels

  • LaTeX: for 'xelatex' and 'lualatex', use the FreeFont OpenType fonts as default choice (refs: #5645)

  • LaTeX: 'xelatex' and 'lualatex' now use \small in code-blocks (due to FreeMono character width) like 'pdflatex' already did (due to Courier character width). You may need to adjust this via latex_elements 'fvset' key, in case of usage of some other OpenType fonts (refs: #5768)

  • LaTeX: Greek letters in text are not escaped to math mode mark-up, and they will use the text font not the math font. The LGR font encoding must be added to the 'fontenc' key of latex_elements for this to work (only if it is needed by the document, of course).

  • LaTeX: setting the language to 'en' triggered Sonny option of fncychap, now it is Bjarne to match case of no language specified. (refs: #5772)

  • #5770: doctest: Follow highlight_language on highlighting doctest block. As a result, they are highlighted as python3 by default.

  • The order of argument for HTMLTranslator, HTML5Translator and ManualPageTranslator are changed

  • LaTeX: hard-coded redefinitions of \l@section and \l@subsection formerly done during loading of 'manual' docclass get executed later, at time of \sphinxtableofcontents. This means that custom user definitions from LaTeX preamble now get overwritten. Use \sphinxtableofcontentshook to insert custom user definitions. See Macros.

  • quickstart: Simplify generated

  • #4148: quickstart: some questions are removed. They are still able to specify via command line options

  • websupport: unbundled from sphinx core. Please use sphinxcontrib-websupport

  • C++, the visibility of base classes is now always rendered as present in the input. That is, private is now shown, where it was ellided before.

  • LaTeX: graphics inclusion of oversized images rescales to not exceed the text width and height, even if width and/or height option were used. (refs: #5956)

  • epub: epub_title defaults to the project option

  • #4550: All tables and figures without align option are displayed to center

  • #4587: html: Output HTML5 by default


  • texinfo: image files are copied into name-figure directory



  • Support for evaluating Python 2 syntax is deprecated. This includes configuration files which should be converted to Python 3.

  • The arguments of EpubBuilder.build_mimetype(), EpubBuilder.build_container(), EpubBuilder.bulid_content(), EpubBuilder.build_toc() and EpubBuilder.build_epub()

  • The arguments of Epub3Builder.build_navigation_doc()

  • The config variables

  • The encoding argument of autodoc.Documenter.get_doc(), autodoc.DocstringSignatureMixin.get_doc(), autodoc.DocstringSignatureMixin._find_signature(), and autodoc.ClassDocumenter.get_doc() are deprecated.

  • The importer argument of sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._MockModule

  • The nodetype argument of is_meta_keywords()

  • The suffix argument of env.doc2path() is deprecated.

  • The string style base argument of env.doc2path() is deprecated.

  • The fallback to allow omitting the filename argument from an overridden IndexBuilder.feed() method is deprecated.

  • sphinx.addnodes.abbreviation

  • sphinx.application.Sphinx._setting_up_extension




  • sphinx.cmd.quickstart.term_decode()

  • sphinx.cmd.quickstart.TERM_ENCODING

  • sphinx.config.check_unicode()

  • sphinx.config.string_classes




  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._MockImporter

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.warn()

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.genopt

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.warnings

  • sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.result

  • sphinx.ext.doctest.doctest_encode()




  • sphinx.registry.SphinxComponentRegistry.add_source_input()

  • sphinx.roles.abbr_role()

  • sphinx.roles.emph_literal_role()

  • sphinx.roles.menusel_role()

  • sphinx.roles.index_role()

  • sphinx.roles.indexmarkup_role()

  • sphinx.testing.util.remove_unicode_literal()

  • sphinx.util.attrdict

  • sphinx.util.force_decode()

  • sphinx.util.get_matching_docs()

  • sphinx.util.inspect.Parameter

  • sphinx.util.jsonimpl

  • sphinx.util.osutil.EEXIST

  • sphinx.util.osutil.EINVAL

  • sphinx.util.osutil.ENOENT

  • sphinx.util.osutil.EPIPE

  • sphinx.util.osutil.walk()

  • sphinx.util.PeekableIterator

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.NoneType

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.TextIOWrapper

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.UnicodeMixin

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.htmlescape

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.indent

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.sys_encoding

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.terminal_safe()

  • sphinx.util.pycompat.u

  • sphinx.writers.latex.ExtBabel

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator._make_visit_admonition()

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.babel_defmacro()

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.collect_footnotes()

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.generate_numfig_format()

  • sphinx.writers.texinfo.TexinfoTranslator._make_visit_admonition()

  • sphinx.writers.text.TextTranslator._make_depart_admonition()

  • template variables for LaTeX template

    • logo

    • numfig_format

    • pageautorefname

    • translatablestrings

For more details, see deprecation APIs list.

Features added


  • #1618: The search results preview of generated HTML documentation is reader-friendlier: instead of showing the snippets as raw reStructuredText markup, Sphinx now renders the corresponding HTML. This means the Sphinx extension Sphinx: pretty search results is no longer necessary. Note that changes to the search function of your custom or 3rd-party HTML template might overwrite this improvement.

  • #4182: autodoc: Support suppress_warnings

  • #5533: autodoc: autodoc_default_options supports member-order

  • #5394: autodoc: Display readable names in type annotations for mocked objects

  • #5459: autodoc: autodoc_default_options accepts True as a value

  • #1148: autodoc: Add autodecorator directive for decorators

  • #5635: autosummary: Add autosummary_mock_imports to mock external libraries on importing targets

  • #4018: htmlhelp: Add htmlhelp_file_suffix and htmlhelp_link_suffix

  • #5559: text: Support complex tables (colspan and rowspan)

  • LaTeX: support rendering (not in math, yet) of Greek and Cyrillic Unicode letters in non-Cyrillic document even with 'pdflatex' as latex_engine (refs: #5645)

  • #5660: The versionadded, versionchanged and deprecated directives are now generated with their own specific CSS classes (added, changed and deprecated, respectively) in addition to the generic versionmodified class.

  • #5841: apidoc: Add –extensions option to sphinx-apidoc

  • #4981: C++, added an alias directive for inserting lists of declarations, that references existing declarations (e.g., for making a synopsis).

  • C++: add cpp:struct to complement cpp:class.

  • #1341 the HTML search considers words that contain a search term of length three or longer a match.

  • #4611: epub: Show warning for duplicated ToC entries

  • #1851: Allow to omit an argument for code-block directive. If omitted, it follows highlight or highlight_language

  • #4587: html: Add html4_writer to use old HTML4 writer

  • #6016: HTML search: A placeholder for the search summary prevents search result links from changing their position when the search terminates. This makes navigating search results easier.

  • #5196: linkcheck also checks remote images exist

  • #5924: githubpages: create CNAME file for custom domains when html_baseurl set

  • #4261: autosectionlabel: restrict the labeled sections by new config value; autosectionlabel_maxdepth

Bugs fixed


  • #1682: LaTeX: writer should not translate Greek unicode, but use textgreek package

  • #5247: LaTeX: PDF does not build with default font config for Russian language and 'xelatex' or 'lualatex' as latex_engine (refs: #5251)

  • #5248: LaTeX: Greek letters in section titles disappear from PDF bookmarks

  • #5249: LaTeX: Unicode Greek letters in math directive break PDF build (fix requires extra set-up, see latex_elements 'textgreek' key and/or latex_engine setting)

  • #5772: LaTeX: should the Bjarne style of fncychap be used for English also if passed as language option?

  • #5179: LaTeX: (lualatex only) escaping of > by \textgreater{} is not enough as \textgreater{}\textgreater{} applies TeX-ligature

  • LaTeX: project name is not escaped if latex_documents omitted

  • LaTeX: authors are not shown if latex_documents omitted

  • HTML: Invalid HTML5 file is generated for a glossary having multiple terms for one description (refs: #4611)

  • QtHelp: OS dependent path separator is used in .qhp file

  • HTML search: search always returns nothing when multiple search terms are used and one term is shorter than three characters


  • #6096: html: Anchor links are not added to figures

  • #3620: html: Defer searchindex.js rather than loading it via ajax

  • #6113: html: Table cells and list items have large margins

  • #5508: linenothreshold option for highlight directive was ignored

  • texinfo: make install-info causes syntax error

  • texinfo: make install-info fails on macOS

  • #3079: texinfo: image files are not copied on make install-info

  • #5391: A cross reference in heading is rendered as literal

  • #5946: C++, fix cpp:alias problems in LaTeX (and singlehtml)

  • #6147: classes attribute of citation_reference node is lost

  • AssertionError is raised when custom citation_reference node having classes attribute refers missing citation (refs: #6147)

  • #2155: Support code directive

  • C++, fix parsing of braced initializers.

  • #6172: AttributeError is raised for old styled index nodes

  • #4872: inheritance_diagram: correctly describe behavior of parts option in docs, allow negative values.

  • #6178: i18n: Captions missing in translations for hidden TOCs

2.0.0 final

  • #6196: py domain: unexpected prefix is generated



  • Stop to use SPHINX_TEST_TEMPDIR envvar


  • Add a helper function: sphinx.testing.restructuredtext.parse()

Release 1.8.6 (released Nov 18, 2021)


  • #9807: Restrict docutils to 0.17.x or older

Release 1.8.5 (released Mar 10, 2019)

Bugs fixed

  • LaTeX: Remove extraneous space after author names on PDF title page (refs: #6004)

  • #6026: LaTeX: A cross reference to definition list does not work

  • #6046: LaTeX: TypeError is raised when invalid latex_elements given

  • #6067: LaTeX: images having a target are concatenated to next line

  • #6067: LaTeX: images having a target are not aligned even if specified

  • #6149: LaTeX: :index: role in titles causes Use of \@icentercr doesn't match its definition error on latexpdf build

  • #6019: imgconverter: Including multipage PDF fails

  • #6047: autodoc: autofunction emits a warning for method objects

  • #6028: graphviz: Ensure the graphviz filenames are reproducible

  • #6068: doctest: skipif option may remove the code block from documentation

  • #6136: :name: option for math directive causes a crash

  • #6139: intersphinx: ValueError on failure reporting

  • #6135: changes: Fix UnboundLocalError when any module found

  • #3859: manpage: code-block captions are not displayed correctly

Release 1.8.4 (released Feb 03, 2019)

Bugs fixed

  • #3707: latex: no bold checkmark (✔) available.

  • #5605: with the documentation language set to Chinese, English words could not be searched.

  • #5889: LaTeX: user numfig_format is stripped of spaces and may cause build failure

  • C++, fix hyperlinks for declarations involving east cv-qualifiers.

  • #5755: C++, fix duplicate declaration error on function templates with constraints in the return type.

  • C++, parse unary right fold expressions and binary fold expressions.

  • pycode could not handle egg files on windows

  • #5928: KeyError: ‘DOCUTILSCONFIG’ when running build

  • #5936: LaTeX: PDF build broken by inclusion of image taller than page height in an admonition

  • #5231: “make html” does not read and build “po” files in “locale” dir

  • #5954: :scale: image option may break PDF build if image in an admonition

  • #5966: mathjax has not been loaded on incremental build

  • #5960: LaTeX: modified PDF layout since September 2018 TeXLive update of parskip.sty

  • #5948: LaTeX: duplicated labels are generated for sections

  • #5958: versionadded directive causes crash with Python 3.5.0

  • #5995: autodoc: autodoc_mock_imports conflict with metaclass on Python 3.7

  • #5871: texinfo: a section title . is not allowed

Release 1.8.3 (released Dec 26, 2018)

Features added

  • LaTeX: it is possible to insert custom material to appear on back of title page, see discussion of 'maketitle' key of latex_elements ('manual' docclass only)

Bugs fixed

  • #5725: mathjax: Use CDN URL for “latest” version by default

  • #5460: html search does not work with some 3rd party themes

  • #5520: LaTeX, caption package incompatibility since Sphinx 1.6

  • #5614: autodoc: incremental build is broken when builtin modules are imported

  • #5627: qthelp: index.html missing in QtHelp

  • #5659: linkcheck: crashes for a hyperlink containing multibyte character

  • #5754: DOC: Fix some mistakes in LaTeX customization

  • #5810: LaTeX: sphinxVerbatim requires explicit “hllines” set-up since 1.6.6 (refs: #1238)

  • #5636: C++, fix parsing of floating point literals.

  • #5496 (again): C++, fix assertion in partial builds with duplicates.

  • #5724: quickstart: sphinx-quickstart fails when $LC_ALL is empty

  • #1956: Default is not PEP8-compliant

  • #5849: LaTeX: document class \maketitle is overwritten with no possibility to use original meaning in place of Sphinx custom one

  • #5834: apidoc: wrong help for --tocfile

  • #5800: todo: crashed if todo is defined in TextElement

  • #5846: htmlhelp: convert hex escaping to decimal escaping in .hhc/.hhk files

  • htmlhelp: broken .hhk file generated when title contains a double quote

Release 1.8.2 (released Nov 11, 2018)

Incompatible changes

  • #5497: Do not include MathJax.js and jsmath.js unless it is really needed

Features added

  • #5471: Show appropriate deprecation warnings

Bugs fixed

  • #5490: latex: enumerated list causes a crash with recommonmark

  • #5492: sphinx-build fails to build docs w/ Python < 3.5.2

  • #3704: latex: wrong \label positioning for figures with a legend

  • #5496: C++, fix assertion when a symbol is declared more than twice.

  • #5493: gettext: crashed with broken template

  • #5495: csv-table directive with file option in included file is broken (refs: #4821)

  • #5498: autodoc: unable to find type hints for a functools.partial

  • #5480: autodoc: unable to find type hints for unresolvable Forward references

  • #5419: incompatible math_block node has been generated

  • #5548: Fix ensuredir() in case of pre-existing file

  • #5549: graphviz Correctly deal with non-existing static dir

  • #3002: i18n: multiple footnote_references referring same footnote cause duplicated node_ids

  • #5563: latex: footnote_references generated by extension causes a LaTeX builder crash

  • #5561: make all-pdf fails with old xindy version

  • #5557: quickstart: –no-batchfile isn’t honored

  • #3080: texinfo: multiline rubrics are broken

  • #3080: texinfo: multiline citations are broken

Release 1.8.1 (released Sep 22, 2018)

Incompatible changes

  • LaTeX \pagestyle commands have been moved to the LaTeX template. No changes in PDF, except possibly if \sphinxtableofcontents, which contained them, had been customized in (refs: #5455)

Bugs fixed

  • #5418: Incorrect default path for sphinx-build -d/doctrees files

  • #5421: autodoc emits deprecation warning for autodoc_default_flags

  • #5422: lambda object causes PicklingError on storing environment

  • #5417: Sphinx fails to build with syntax error in Python 2.7.5

  • #4911: add latexpdf to make.bat for non make-mode

  • #5436: Autodoc does not work with enum subclasses with properties/methods

  • #5437: autodoc: crashed on modules importing eggs

  • #5433: latex: ImportError: cannot import name ‘DEFAULT_SETTINGS’

  • #5431: autodoc: autofunction emits a warning for callable objects

  • #5457: Fix TypeError in error message when override is prohibited

  • #5453: PDF builds of ‘howto’ documents have no page numbers

  • #5463: mathbase: math_role and MathDirective was disappeared in 1.8.0

  • #5454: latex: Index has disappeared from PDF for Japanese documents

  • #5432: py domain: :type: field can’t process :term: references

  • #5426: py domain: TypeError has been raised for class attribute

Release 1.8.0 (released Sep 13, 2018)



  • LaTeX: latex_use_xindy, if True (default for xelatex/lualatex), instructs make latexpdf to use xindy for general index. Make sure your LaTeX distribution includes it. (refs: #5134)

  • LaTeX: latexmk is required for make latexpdf on Windows

Incompatible changes


  • #5282: html theme: refer pygments_style settings of HTML themes preferentially

  • The URL of download files are changed

  • #5127: quickstart: Makefile and make.bat are not overwritten if exists


  • #5156: the sphinx.ext.graphviz: extension runs `dot in the directory of the document being built instead of in the root directory of the documentation.

  • #4460: extensions which stores any data to environment should return the version of its env data structure as metadata. In detail, please see Extension metadata.

  • Sphinx expects source parser modules to have supported file formats as Parser.supported attribute

  • The default value of epub_author and epub_publisher are changed from 'unknown' to the value of author. This is same as a file sphinx-build generates.

  • The gettext_compact attribute is removed from document.settings object. Please use config.gettext_compact instead.

  • The processing order on reading phase is changed. smart_quotes, sphinx domains, doctree-read event and versioning doctrees are invoked earlier than so far. For more details, please read a description of Sphinx.add_transform()

  • #4827: All substitution_definition nodes are removed from doctree on reading phase

  • docutils.conf in $HOME or /etc directories are ignored. Only docutils.conf from confdir is obeyed.

  • #789: :samp: role supports to escape curly braces with backslash

  • #4811: The files under html_static_path are excluded from source files.

  • latex: Use \sphinxcite for citation references instead \hyperref

  • The config value viewcode_import is renamed to viewcode_follow_imported_members (refs: #4035)

  • #1857: latex: latex_show_pagerefs does not add pagerefs for citations

  • #4648: latex: Now “rubric” elements are rendered as unnumbered section title

  • #4983: html: The anchor for productionlist tokens has been changed

  • Modifying a template variable script_files in templates is allowed now. Please use app.add_js_file() instead.

  • #5072: Save environment object also with only new documents

  • #5035: qthelp builder allows dashes in qthelp_namespace

  • LaTeX: with lualatex or xelatex use by default xindy as UTF-8 able replacement of makeindex (refs: #5134). After upgrading Sphinx, please clean latex build repertory of existing project before new build.

  • #5163: html: hlist items are now aligned to top

  • highlightlang directive is processed on resolving phase

  • #4000: LaTeX: template changed. Following elements moved to it:

    • \begin{document}

    • shorthandoff variable

    • maketitle variable

    • tableofcontents variable



  • is deprecated

  • is deprecated

  • sphinx.util.i18n.find_catalog_source_file() has changed; the gettext_compact argument has been deprecated

  • #5403: sphinx.util.images.guess_mimetype() has changed; the content argument has been deprecated


  • source_parsers is deprecated

  • autodoc_default_flags is deprecated

  • quickstart: --epub option becomes default, so it is deprecated

  • Drop function based directive support. For now, Sphinx only supports class based directives (see Directive)

  • sphinx.util.docutils.directive_helper() is deprecated

  • sphinx.cmdline is deprecated

  • sphinx.make_mode is deprecated

  • sphinx.locale.l_() is deprecated

  • #2157: helper function warn() for HTML themes is deprecated

  • app.override_domain() is deprecated

  • app.add_stylesheet() is deprecated

  • app.add_javascript() is deprecated

  • app.import_object() is deprecated

  • app.add_source_parser() has changed; the suffix argument has been deprecated

  • sphinx.versioning.prepare() is deprecated

  • Config.__init__() has changed; the dirname, filename and tags argument has been deprecated

  • Config.check_types() is deprecated

  • Config.check_unicode() is deprecated

  • sphinx.application.CONFIG_FILENAME is deprecated

  • highlightlang directive is deprecated

  • BuildEnvironment.load() is deprecated

  • BuildEnvironment.loads() is deprecated

  • BuildEnvironment.frompickle() is deprecated

  • env.read_doc() is deprecated

  • env.update() is deprecated

  • env._read_serial() is deprecated

  • env._read_parallel() is deprecated

  • env.write_doctree() is deprecated

  • env._nitpick_ignore is deprecated

  • env.versionchanges is deprecated

  • env.dump() is deprecated

  • env.dumps() is deprecated

  • env.topickle() is deprecated

  • env.note_versionchange() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.Table.caption_footnotetexts is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.Table.header_footnotetexts is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.footnotestack is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.in_container_literal_block is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.next_section_ids is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.next_hyperlink_ids is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.restrict_footnote() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.unrestrict_footnote() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.push_hyperlink_ids() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.pop_hyperlink_ids() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.check_latex_elements() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.bibitems is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.hlsettingstack is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.latex.ExtBabel.get_shorthandoff() is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang_base is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlangopts is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlinenothreshold is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang_base is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlangopts is deprecated

  • sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlinenothreshold is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase extension is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.math node is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.displaymath node is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.eqref node is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.is_in_section_title() is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.MathDomain is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.MathDirective is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.math_role is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.setup_math() is deprecated

  • sphinx.directives.other.VersionChanges is deprecated

  • sphinx.highlighting.PygmentsBridge.unhighlight() is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.get_node_equation_number() is deprecated

  • sphinx.ext.mathbase.wrap_displaymath() is deprecated

  • The trim_doctest_flags argument of sphinx.highlighting.PygmentsBridge is deprecated

For more details, see deprecation APIs list

Features added


  • #5388: Ensure frozen object descriptions are reproducible

  • #5362: apidoc: Add --tocfile option to change the filename of ToC


  • Add config-inited event

  • Add sphinx.config.Any to represent the config value accepts any type of value

  • source_suffix allows a mapping fileext to file types

  • Add author as a configuration value

  • #2852: imgconverter: Support to convert GIF to PNG

  • sphinx-build command supports i18n console output

  • Add app.add_message_catalog() and sphinx.locale.get_translations() to support translation for 3rd party extensions

  • helper function warning() for HTML themes is added

  • Add Domain.enumerable_nodes to manage own enumerable nodes for domains (experimental)

  • Add a new keyword argument override to Application APIs

  • LaTeX: new key 'fvset' for latex_elements. For XeLaTeX/LuaLaTeX its default sets fanvyvrb to use normal, not small, fontsize in code-blocks (refs: #4793)

  • Add html_css_files and epub_css_files for adding CSS files from configuration

  • Add html_js_files for adding JS files from configuration

  • #4834: Ensure set object descriptions are reproducible.

  • #4828: Allow to override numfig_format partially. Full definition is not needed.

  • Improve warning messages during including (refs: #4818)

  • LaTeX: separate customizability of guilabel and menuselection (refs: #4830)

  • Add classmethod to create a new config object from configuration file

  • #4866: Wrap graphviz diagrams in <div> tag

  • viewcode: Add viewcode-find-source and viewcode-follow-imported to load source code without loading

  • #4785: napoleon: Add strings to translation file for localisation

  • #4927: Display a warning when invalid values are passed to linenothreshold option of highlight directive

  • C++:

    • Add a cpp:texpr role as a sibling to cpp:expr.

    • Add support for unions.

    • #3593, #2683: add support for anonymous entities using names staring with @.

    • #5147: add support for (most) character literals.

    • Cross-referencing entities inside primary templates is supported, and now properly documented.

    • #1552: add new cross-referencing format for cpp:any and cpp:func roles, for referencing specific function overloads.

  • #3606: MathJax should be loaded with async attribute

  • html: Output canonical_url metadata if html_baseurl set (refs: #4193)

  • #5029: autosummary: expose inherited_members to template

  • #3784: mathjax: Add mathjax_options to give options to script tag for mathjax

  • #726, #969: mathjax: Add mathjax_config to give in-line configurations for mathjax

  • #4362: latex: Don’t overwrite .tex file if document not changed

  • #1431: latex: Add alphanumeric enumerated list support

  • Add latex_use_xindy for UTF-8 savvy indexing, defaults to True if latex_engine is 'xelatex' or 'lualatex'. (refs: #5134, #5192, #5212)

  • #4976: now supports location parameter

  • #5122: setuptools: support nitpicky option

  • #2820: autoclass directive supports nested class

  • Add app.add_html_math_renderer() to register a math renderer for HTML

  • Apply trim_doctest_flags to all builders (cf. text, manpages)

  • #5140: linkcheck: Add better Accept header to HTTP client

  • #4614: sphinx-build: Add --keep-going option to show all warnings

  • Add math:numref role to refer equations (Same as eq)

  • quickstart: epub builder is enabled by default

  • #5246: Add singlehtml_sidebars to configure sidebars for singlehtml builder

  • #5273: doctest: Skip doctest conditionally

  • #5306: autodoc: emit a warning for invalid typehints

  • #4075, #5215: autodoc: Add autodoc_default_options which accepts option values as dict

Bugs fixed


  • html: search box overrides to other elements if scrolled

  • i18n: warnings for translation catalogs have wrong line numbers (refs: #5321)

  • #5325: latex: cross references has been broken by multiply labeled objects

  • C++, fixes for symbol addition and lookup. Lookup should no longer break in partial builds. See also #5337.

  • #5348: download reference to remote file is not displayed

  • #5282: html theme: pygments_style of theme was overridden by by default

  • #4379: toctree shows confusing warning when document is excluded

  • #2401: autodoc: :members: causes :special-members: not to be shown

  • autodoc: ImportError is replaced by AttributeError for deeper module

  • #2720, #4034: Incorrect links with :download:, duplicate names, and parallel builds

  • #5290: autodoc: failed to analyze source code in egg package

  • #5399: Sphinx crashes if unknown po file exists


  • i18n: message catalogs were reset on each initialization

  • #4850: latex: footnote inside footnote was not rendered

  • #4945: i18n: fix lang_COUNTRY not fallback correctly for IndexBuilder. Thanks to Shengjing Zhu.

  • #4983: productionlist directive generates invalid IDs for the tokens

  • #5132: lualatex: PDF build fails if indexed word starts with Unicode character

  • #5133: latex: index headings “Symbols” and “Numbers” not internationalized

  • #5114: sphinx-build: Handle errors on scanning documents

  • epub: spine has been broken when “self” is listed on toctree (refs: #4611)

  • #344: autosummary does not understand docstring of module level attributes

  • #5191: C++, prevent nested declarations in functions to avoid lookup problems.

  • #5126: C++, add missing isPack method for certain template parameter types.

  • #5187: C++, parse attributes on declarators as well.

  • C++, parse delete expressions and basic new expressions as well.

  • #5002: graphviz: SVGs do not adapt to the column width

Features removed


  • sphinx.ext.pngmath extension



  • #5083: Fix wrong make.bat option for internationalization.

  • #5115: napoleon: add admonitions added by #4613 to the docs.

Release 1.7.9 (released Sep 05, 2018)

Features added

  • #5359: Make generated texinfo files reproducible by sorting the anchors

Bugs fixed

  • #5361: crashed on incremental build if document uses include directive

Release 1.7.8 (released Aug 29, 2018)

Incompatible changes

  • The type of env.included has been changed to dict of set

Bugs fixed

  • #5320: intersphinx: crashed if invalid url given

  • #5326: manpage: crashed when invalid docname is specified as man_pages

  • #5322: autodoc: Any typehint causes formatting error

  • #5327: “document isn’t included in any toctree” warning on rebuild with generated files

  • #5335: quickstart: escape sequence has been displayed with MacPorts’ python

Release 1.7.7 (released Aug 19, 2018)

Bugs fixed

  • #5198: document not in toctree warning when including files only for parallel builds

  • LaTeX: reduce “Token not allowed in a PDF string” hyperref warnings in latex console output (refs: #5236)

  • LaTeX: suppress “remreset Warning: The remreset package is obsolete” in latex console output with recent LaTeX (refs: #5237)

  • #5234: PDF output: usage of PAPER environment variable is broken since Sphinx 1.5

  • LaTeX: fix the latex_engine documentation regarding Latin Modern font with XeLaTeX/LuaLateX (refs: #5251)

  • #5280: autodoc: Fix wrong type annotations for complex typing

  • autodoc: Optional types are wrongly rendered

  • #5291: autodoc crashed by ForwardRef types

  • #5211: autodoc: No docs generated for functools.partial functions

  • #5306: autodoc: getargspec() raises NameError for invalid typehints

  • #5298: imgmath: math_number_all causes equations to have two numbers in html

  • #5294: sphinx-quickstart blank prompts in PowerShell

Release 1.7.6 (released Jul 17, 2018)

Bugs fixed

  • #5037: LaTeX \sphinxupquote{} breaks in Russian

  • sphinx.testing uses deprecated pytest API; Node.get_marker(name)

  • #5016: crashed when recommonmark.AutoStrictify is enabled

  • #5022: latex: crashed with docutils package provided by Debian/Ubuntu

  • #5009: latex: a label for table is vanished if table does not have a caption

  • #5048: crashed with numbered toctree

  • #2410: C, render empty argument lists for macros.

  • C++, fix lookup of full template specializations with no template arguments.

  • #4667: C++, fix assertion on missing references in global scope when using intersphinx. Thanks to Alan M. Carroll.

  • #5019: autodoc: crashed by Form Feed Character

  • #5032: autodoc: loses the first staticmethod parameter for old styled classes

  • #5036: quickstart: Typing Ctrl-U clears the whole of line

  • #5066: html: “relations” sidebar is not shown by default

  • #5091: latex: curly braces in index entries are not handled correctly

  • #5070: epub: Wrong internal href fragment links

  • #5104: apidoc: Interface of sphinx.apidoc:main() has changed

  • #4272: PDF builds of French projects have issues with XeTeX

  • #5076: napoleon raises RuntimeError with python 3.7

  • #5125: sphinx-build: Interface of sphinx:main() has changed

  • sphinx-build: refers sys.argv instead of given argument

  • #5146: autosummary: warning is emitted when the first line of docstring ends with literal notation

  • autosummary: warnings of autosummary indicates wrong location (refs: #5146)

  • #5143: autodoc: crashed on inspecting dict like object which does not support sorting

  • #5139: autodoc: Enum argument missing if it shares value with another

  • #4946: py domain: rtype field could not handle “None” as a type

  • #5176: LaTeX: indexing of terms containing @, !, or " fails

  • #5161: html: crashes if copying static files are failed

  • #5167: autodoc: Fix formatting type annotations for tuples with more than two arguments

  • #3329: i18n: crashed by auto-symbol footnote references

  • #5158: autosummary: module summary has been broken when it starts with heading

Release 1.7.5 (released May 29, 2018)

Bugs fixed

  • #4924: html search: Upper characters problem in any other languages

  • #4932: apidoc: some subpackage is ignored if sibling subpackage contains a module starting with underscore

  • #4863, #4938, #4939: i18n doesn’t handle correctly node.title as used for contents, topic, admonition, table and section.

  • #4913: i18n: literal blocks in bullet list are not translated

  • #4962: C++, raised TypeError on duplicate declaration.

  • #4825: C++, properly parse expr roles and give better error messages when (escaped) line breaks are present.

  • C++, properly use desc_addname nodes for prefixes of names.

  • C++, parse pack expansions in function calls.

  • #4915, #4916: links on search page are broken when using dirhtml builder

  • #4969: autodoc: constructor method should not have return annotation

  • latex: deeply nested enumerated list which is beginning with non-1 causes LaTeX engine crashed

  • #4978: latex: shorthandoff is not set up for Brazil locale

  • #4928: i18n: Ignore dot-directories like .git/ in LC_MESSAGES/

  • #4946: py domain: type field could not handle “None” as a type

  • #4979: latex: Incorrect escaping of curly braces in index entries

  • #4956: autodoc: Failed to extract document from a subclass of the class on mocked module

  • #4973: latex: glossary directive adds whitespace to each item

  • #4980: latex: Explicit labels on code blocks are duplicated

  • #4919: node.asdom() crashes if toctree has :numbered: option

  • #4914: autodoc: Parsing error when using dataclasses without default values

  • #4931: autodoc: crashed when handler for autodoc-skip-member raises an error

  • #4931: autodoc: crashed when subclass of mocked class are processed by napoleon module

  • #5007: sphinx-build crashes when error log contains a “%” character

Release 1.7.4 (released Apr 25, 2018)

Bugs fixed

  • #4885, #4887: domains: Crashed with duplicated objects

  • #4889: latex: sphinx.writers.latex causes recursive import

Release 1.7.3 (released Apr 23, 2018)

Bugs fixed

  • #4769: autodoc loses the first staticmethod parameter

  • #4790: autosummary: too wide two column tables in PDF builds

  • #4795: Latex customization via _templates/longtable.tex_t is broken

  • #4789: imgconverter: confused by convert.exe of Windows

  • #4783: On windows, Sphinx crashed when drives of srcdir and outdir are different

  • #4812: autodoc ignores type annotated variables

  • #4817: wrong URLs on warning messages

  • #4784: latex: latex_show_urls assigns incorrect footnote numbers if hyperlinks exists inside substitutions

  • #4837: latex with class memoir Error: Font command \sf is not supported

  • #4803: latex: too slow in proportion to number of auto numbered footnotes

  • #4838: htmlhelp: The entries in .hhp file is not ordered

  • toctree directive tries to glob for URL having query_string

  • #4871: html search: Upper characters problem in German

  • #4717: latex: Compilation for German docs failed with LuaLaTeX and XeLaTeX

  • #4459: duplicated labels detector does not work well in parallel build

  • #4878: Crashed with extension which returns invalid metadata

Release 1.7.2 (released Mar 21, 2018)

Incompatible changes

  • #4520: apidoc: folders with an empty are no longer excluded from TOC

Bugs fixed

  • #4669: sphinx.build_main and sphinx.make_main throw NameError

  • #4685: autosummary emits meaningless warnings

  • autodoc: crashed when invalid options given

  • pydomain: always strip parenthesis if empty (refs: #1042)

  • #4689: autosummary: unexpectedly strips docstrings containing “i.e.”

  • #4701: viewcode: Misplaced <div> in viewcode html output

  • #4444: Don’t require numfig to use :numref: on sections

  • #4727: Option clash for package textcomp

  • #4725: Sphinx does not work with python 3.5.0 and 3.5.1

  • #4716: Generation PDF file with TexLive on Windows, file not found error

  • #4574: vertical space before equation in latex

  • #4720: message when an image is mismatched for builder is not clear

  • #4655, #4684: Incomplete localization strings in Polish and Chinese

  • #2286: Sphinx crashes when error is happens in rendering HTML pages

  • #4688: Error to download remote images having long URL

  • #4754: sphinx/pycode/ raises AttributeError

  • #1435: qthelp builder should htmlescape keywords

  • epub: Fix docTitle elements of toc.ncx is not escaped

  • #4520: apidoc: Subpackage not in toc (introduced in 1.6.6) now fixed

  • #4767: html: search highlighting breaks mathjax equations

Release 1.7.1 (released Feb 23, 2018)


  • #4623: sphinx.build_main() is deprecated.

  • autosummary: The interface of sphinx.ext.autosummary.get_documenter() has been changed (Since 1.7.0)

  • #4664: sphinx.ext.intersphinx.debug() is deprecated.

For more details, see deprecation APIs list

Bugs fixed

  • #4608: epub: Invalid meta tag is generated

  • #4260: autodoc: keyword only argument separator is not disappeared if it is appeared at top of the argument list

  • #4622: epub: epub_scheme does not effect to content.opf

  • #4627: graphviz: Fit graphviz images to page

  • #4617: quickstart: PROJECT_DIR argument is required

  • #4623: sphinx.build_main no longer exists in 1.7.0

  • #4615: The argument of has been changed in 1.7.0

  • autosummary: The interface of sphinx.ext.autosummary.get_documenter() has been changed

  • #4630: Have order on msgids in sphinx.pot deterministic

  • #4563: autosummary: Incorrect end of line punctuation detection

  • #4577: Enumerated sublists with explicit start with wrong number

  • #4641: A external link in TOC cannot contain “?” with :glob: option

  • C++, add missing parsing of explicit casts and typeid in expression parsing.

  • C++, add missing parsing of this in expression parsing.

  • #4655: Fix incomplete localization strings in Polish

  • #4653: Fix error reporting for parameterless ImportErrors

  • #4664: Reading objects.inv fails again

  • #4662: any refs with term targets crash when an ambiguity is encountered

Release 1.7.0 (released Feb 12, 2018)



  • Add packaging package

Incompatible changes


  • #3668: The arguments has changed of main functions for each command

  • #3893: Unknown html_theme_options throw warnings instead of errors

  • #3927: Python parameter/variable types should match classes, not all objects

  • #3962: sphinx-apidoc now recognizes given directory as an implicit namespace package when --implicit-namespaces option given, not subdirectories of given directory.

  • #3929: apidoc: Move sphinx.apidoc to sphinx.ext.apidoc

  • #4226: apidoc: Generate new style makefile (make-mode)

  • #4274: sphinx-build returns 2 as an exit code on argument error

  • #4389: output directory will be created after loading extensions

  • autodoc does not generate warnings messages to the generated document even if keep_warnings is True. They are only emitted to stderr.

  • shebang line is removed from generated

  • #2557: autodoc: autodoc_mock_imports only mocks specified modules with their descendants. It does not mock their ancestors. If you want to mock them, please specify the name of ancestors explicitly.

  • #3620: html theme: move DOCUMENTATION_OPTIONS to independent JavaScript file (refs: #4295)

  • #4246: Limit width of text body for all themes. Configurable via theme options body_min_width and body_max_width.

  • #4771: apidoc: The exclude_patterns arguments are ignored if they are placed just after command line options


  • #4467: html theme: Rename csss block to css



  • using a string value for html_sidebars is deprecated and only list values will be accepted at 2.0.

  • format_annotation() and formatargspec() is deprecated. Please use sphinx.util.inspect.Signature instead.

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.AutodocReporter is replaced by sphinx.util.docutils. switch_source_input() and now deprecated. It will be removed in Sphinx 2.0.

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc.add_documenter() and AutoDirective._register is now deprecated. Please use app.add_autodocumenter() instead.

  • AutoDirective._special_attrgetters is now deprecated. Please use app.add_autodoc_attrgetter() instead.

Features added


  • C++, handle decltype(auto).

  • #2406: C++, add proper parsing of expressions, including linking of identifiers.

  • C++, add a cpp:expr role for inserting inline C++ expressions or types.

  • C++, support explicit member instantiations with shorthand template prefix

  • C++, make function parameters linkable, like template params.

  • #3638: Allow to change a label of reference to equation using math_eqref_format

  • Now suppress_warnings accepts following configurations:

    • ref.python (ref: #3866)

  • #3872: Add latex key to configure literal blocks caption position in PDF output (refs #3792, #1723)

  • In case of missing docstring try to retrieve doc from base classes (ref: #3140)

  • #4023: Clarify error message when any role has more than one target.

  • #3973: epub: allow to override build date

  • #3972: epub: Sort manifest entries by filename

  • #4052: viewcode: Sort before highlighting module code

  • #1448: qthelp: Add new config value; qthelp_namespace

  • #4140: html themes: Make body tag inheritable

  • #4168: improve zh search with jieba

  • HTML themes can set up default sidebars through theme.conf

  • #3160: html: Use <kdb> to represent :kbd: role

  • #4212: autosummary: catch all exceptions when importing modules

  • #4166: Add math_numfig for equation numbering by section (refs: #3991, #4080). Thanks to Oliver Jahn.

  • #4311: Let LaTeX obey numfig_secnum_depth for figures, tables, and code-blocks

  • #947: autodoc now supports ignore-module-all to ignore a module’s __all__

  • #4332: Let LaTeX obey math_numfig for equation numbering

  • #4093: sphinx-build creates empty directories for unknown targets/builders

  • Add top-classes option for the sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram extension to limit the scope of inheritance graphs.

  • #4183: doctest: :pyversion: option also follows PEP-440 specification

  • #4235: html: Add manpages_url to make manpage roles to hyperlinks

  • #3570: autodoc: Do not display ‘typing.’ module for type hints

  • #4354: sphinx-build now emits finish message. Builders can modify it through Builder.epilog attribute

  • #4245: html themes: Add language to javascript vars list

  • #4079: html: Add notranslate class to each code-blocks, literals and maths to let Google Translate know they are not translatable

  • #4137: doctest: doctest block is always highlighted as python console (pycon)

  • #4137: doctest: testcode block is always highlighted as python

  • #3998: text: Assign section numbers by default. You can control it using text_add_secnumbers and text_secnumber_suffix


  • #4271: sphinx-build supports an option called -j auto to adjust numbers of processes automatically.

  • Napoleon: added option to specify custom section tags.

Features removed


  • Configuration variables

    • html_use_smartypants

    • latex_keep_old_macro_names

    • latex_elements[‘footer’]

  • utility methods of sphinx.application.Sphinx class

    • buildername (property)

    • _display_chunk()

    • old_status_iterator()

    • status_iterator()

    • _directive_helper()

  • utility methods of sphinx.environment.BuildEnvironment class

    • currmodule (property)

    • currclass (property)

  • epub2 builder

  • prefix and colorfunc parameter for warn()

  • sphinx.util.compat module

  • sphinx.util.nodes.process_only_nodes()

  • LaTeX environment notice, use sphinxadmonition instead

  • LaTeX \sphinxstylethead, use \sphinxstyletheadfamily

  • C++, support of function concepts. Thanks to mickk-on-cpp.

  • Not used and previously not documented LaTeX macros \shortversion and \setshortversion

Bugs fixed


  • #3882: Update the order of files for HTMLHelp and QTHelp

  • #3962: sphinx-apidoc does not recognize implicit namespace packages correctly

  • #4094: C++, allow empty template argument lists.

  • C++, also hyperlink types in the name of declarations with qualified names.

  • C++, do not add index entries for declarations inside concepts.

  • C++, support the template disambiguator for dependent names.

  • #4314: For PDF ‘howto’ documents, numbering of code-blocks differs from the one of figures and tables

  • #4330: PDF ‘howto’ documents have an incoherent default LaTeX tocdepth counter setting

  • #4198: autosummary emits multiple ‘autodoc-process-docstring’ event. Thanks to Joel Nothman.

  • #4081: Warnings and errors colored the same when building

  • latex: Do not display ‘Release’ label if release is not set


  • #4415: autodoc classifies inherited classmethods as regular methods

  • #4415: autodoc classifies inherited staticmethods as regular methods

  • #4472: DOCUMENTATION_OPTIONS is not defined

  • #4491: autodoc: prefer _MockImporter over other importers in sys.meta_path

  • #4490: autodoc: type annotation is broken with python 3.7.0a4+

  • utils package is no longer installed

  • #3952: apidoc: module header is too escaped

  • #4275: Formats accepted by sphinx.util.i18n.format_date are limited

  • #4493: recommonmark raises AttributeError if AutoStructify enabled

  • #4209: intersphinx: In link title, “v” should be optional if target has no version

  • #4230: slowdown in writing pages with sphinx 1.6

  • #4522: epub: document is not rebuilt even if config changed


  • #4019: inheritance_diagram AttributeError stopping make process

  • #4531: autosummary: methods are not treated as attributes

  • #4538: autodoc: sphinx.ext.autodoc.Options has been moved

  • #4539: autodoc emits warnings for partialmethods

  • #4223: doctest: failing tests reported in wrong file, at wrong line

  • i18n: message catalogs are not compiled if specific filenames are given for sphinx-build as arguments (refs: #4560)

  • #4027: sphinx.ext.autosectionlabel now expects labels to be the same as they are in the raw source; no smart quotes, nothig fancy.

  • #4581: apidoc: Excluded modules still included



  • Add support for docutils 0.14

  • Add tests for the sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram extension.

Release 1.6.7 (released Feb 04, 2018)

Bugs fixed

  • #1922: html search: Upper characters problem in French

  • #4412: Updated jQuery version from 3.1.0 to 3.2.1

  • #4438: math: math with labels with whitespace cause html error

  • #2437: make full reference for classes, aliased with “alias of”

  • #4434: pure numbers as link targets produce warning

  • #4477: Build fails after building specific files

  • #4449: apidoc: include “empty” packages that contain modules

  • #3917: citation labels are transformed to ellipsis

  • #4501: graphviz: epub3 validation error caused if graph is not clickable

  • #4514: graphviz: workaround for wrong map ID which graphviz generates

  • #4525: autosectionlabel does not support parallel build

  • #3953: Do not raise warning when there is a working intersphinx inventory

  • #4487: math: ValueError is raised on parallel build. Thanks to jschueller.

  • #2372: autosummary: invalid signatures are shown for type annotated functions

  • #3942: html: table is not aligned to center even if :align: center

Release 1.6.6 (released Jan 08, 2018)

Features added

Bugs fixed

  • #4334: sphinx-apidoc: Don’t generate references to non-existing files in TOC

  • #4206: latex: reST label between paragraphs loses paragraph break

  • #4231: html: Apply fixFirefoxAnchorBug only under Firefox

  • #4221: napoleon depends on autodoc, but users need to load it manually

  • #2298: automodule fails to document a class attribute

  • #4099: C++: properly link class reference to class from inside constructor

  • #4267: PDF build broken by Unicode U+2116 NUMERO SIGN character

  • #4249: PDF output: Pygments error highlighting increases line spacing in code blocks

  • #1238: Support :emphasize-lines: in PDF output

  • #4279: Sphinx crashes with pickling error when run with multiple processes and remote image

  • #1421: Respect the quiet flag in sphinx-quickstart

  • #4281: Race conditions when creating output directory

  • #4315: For PDF ‘howto’ documents, latex_toplevel_sectioning='part' generates \chapter commands

  • #4214: Two todolist directives break Sphinx 1.6.5

  • Fix links to external option docs with intersphinx (refs: #3769)

  • #4091: Private members not documented without :undoc-members:

Release 1.6.5 (released Oct 23, 2017)

Features added

  • #4107: Make searchtools.js compatible with pre-Sphinx1.5 templates

  • #4112: Don’t override the smart_quotes setting if it was already set

  • #4125: Display reference texts of original and translated passages on i18n warning message

  • #4147: Include the exception when logging PO/MO file read/write

Bugs fixed

  • #4085: Failed PDF build from image in parsed-literal using :align: option

  • #4100: Remove debug print from autodoc extension

  • #3987: Changing theme from alabaster causes HTML build to fail

  • #4096: C++, don’t crash when using the wrong role type. Thanks to mitya57.

  • #4070, #4111: crashes when the warning message contains format strings (again)

  • #4108: Search word highlighting breaks SVG images

  • #3692: Unable to build HTML if writing .buildinfo failed

  • #4152: HTML writer crashes if a field list is placed on top of the document

  • #4063: Sphinx crashes when labeling directive .. todolist::

  • #4134: [doc] docutils.conf is not documented explicitly

  • #4169: Chinese language doesn’t trigger Chinese search automatically

  • #1020: ext.todo todolist not linking to the page in pdflatex

  • #3965: New quickstart generates wrong SPHINXBUILD in Makefile

  • #3739: :module: option is ignored at content of pyobjects

  • #4149: Documentation: Help choosing latex_engine

  • #4090: [doc] latex_additional_files with extra LaTeX macros should not use .tex extension

  • Failed to convert reST parser error to warning (refs: #4132)

Release 1.6.4 (released Sep 26, 2017)

Features added

  • #3926: Add autodoc_warningiserror to suppress the behavior of -W option during importing target modules on autodoc

Bugs fixed

  • #3924: docname lost after dynamically parsing RST in extension

  • #3946: Typo in sphinx.sty (this was a bug with no effect in default context)

  • pep:

    and :rfc: does not supports default-role directive (refs: #3960)

  • #3960: default_role = ‘guilabel’ not functioning

  • Missing texinputs_win/Makefile to be used in latexpdf builder on windows.

  • #4026: nature: Fix macOS Safari scrollbar color

  • #3877: Fix for C++ multiline signatures.

  • #4006: Fix crash on parallel build

  • #3969: private instance attributes causes AttributeError

  • #4041: C++, remove extra name linking in function pointers.

  • #4038: C, add missing documentation of member role.

  • #4044: An empty multicolumn cell causes extra row height in PDF output

  • #4049: Fix typo in output of sphinx-build -h

  • #4062: hashlib.sha1() must take bytes, not unicode on Python 3

  • Avoid indent after index entries in latex (refs: #4066)

  • #4070: crashes when the warning message contains format strings

  • #4067: Return non-zero exit status when make subprocess fails

  • #4055: graphviz: the :align: option does not work for SVG output

  • #4055: graphviz: the :align: center option does not work for latex output

  • #4051: warn() function for HTML theme outputs ‘None’ string

Release 1.6.3 (released Jul 02, 2017)

Features added

  • latex: hint that code-block continues on next page (refs: #3764, #3792)

Bugs fixed

  • #3821: Failed to import sphinx.util.compat with docutils-0.14rc1

  • #3829: sphinx-quickstart template is incomplete regarding use of alabaster

  • #3772: ‘str object’ has no attribute ‘filename’

  • Emit wrong warnings if citation label includes hyphens (refs: #3565)

  • #3858: Some warnings are not colored when using –color option

  • #3775: Remove unwanted whitespace in default template

  • #3835: sphinx.ext.imgmath fails to convert SVG images if project directory name contains spaces

  • #3850: Fix color handling in make mode’s help command

  • #3865: use of self.env.warn in sphinx extension fails

  • #3824: production lists apply smart quotes transform since Sphinx 1.6.1

  • latex: fix \sphinxbfcode swallows initial space of argument

  • #3878: Quotes in auto-documented class attributes should be straight quotes in PDF output

  • #3881: LaTeX figure floated to next page sometimes leaves extra vertical whitespace

  • #3885: duplicated footnotes raises IndexError

  • #3873: Failure of deprecation warning mechanism of sphinx.util.compat.Directive

  • #3874: Bogus warnings for “citation not referenced” for cross-file citations

  • #3860: Don’t download images when builders not supported images

  • #3860: Remote image URIs without filename break builders not supported remote images

  • #3833: command line messages are translated unintentionally with language setting.

  • #3840: make checking epub_uid strict

  • #3851, #3706: Fix about box drawing characters for PDF output

  • #3900: autosummary could not find methods

  • #3902: Emit error if latex_documents contains non-unicode string in py2

Release 1.6.2 (released May 28, 2017)

Incompatible changes

  • #3789: Do not require typing module for python>=3.5

Bugs fixed

  • #3754: HTML builder crashes if HTML theme appends own stylesheets

  • #3756: epub: Entity ‘mdash’ not defined

  • #3758: Sphinx crashed if logs are emitted in

  • #3755: incorrectly warns about dedent with literalinclude

  • #3742: RTD PDF builds of Sphinx own docs are missing an index entry in the bookmarks and table of contents. This is rtfd/`#2857 <>`_ issue, a workaround is obtained using some extra LaTeX code in Sphinx’s own

  • #3770: Build fails when a “code-block” has the option emphasize-lines and the number indicated is higher than the number of lines

  • #3774: Incremental HTML building broken when using citations

  • #3763: got epubcheck validations error if epub_cover is set

  • #3779: ‘ImportError’ in sphinx.ext.autodoc due to broken ‘sys.meta_path’. Thanks to Tatiana Tereshchenko.

  • #3796: env.resolve_references() crashes when non-document node given

  • #3803: Sphinx crashes with invalid PO files

  • #3791: PDF “continued on next page” for long tables isn’t internationalized

  • #3788: smartquotes emits warnings for unsupported languages

  • #3807: latex Makefile for make latexpdf is only for unixen

  • #3781: double hyphens in option directive are compiled as endashes

  • #3817: latex builder raises AttributeError

Release 1.6.1 (released May 16, 2017)



  • (updated) latex output is tested with Ubuntu trusty’s texlive packages (Feb. 2014) and earlier tex installations may not be fully compliant, particularly regarding Unicode engines xelatex and lualatex

  • (added) latexmk is required for make latexpdf on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X (refs: #3082)

Incompatible changes


  • #1061, #2336, #3235: Now generation of autosummary doesn’t contain imported members by default. Thanks to Luc Saffre.

  • LaTeX \includegraphics command isn’t overloaded: only \sphinxincludegraphics has the custom code to fit image to available width if oversized.

  • The subclasses of should override generate() method. The default implementation raises NotImplementedError

  • LaTeX positioned long tables horizontally centered, and short ones flushed left (no text flow around table.) The position now defaults to center in both cases, and it will obey Docutils 0.13 :align: option (refs #3415, #3377)

  • option directive also allows all punctuations for the option name (refs: #3366)

  • #3413: if literalinclude’s :start-after: is used, make :lines: relative (refs #3412)

  • literalinclude directive does not allow the combination of :diff: option and other options (refs: #3416)

  • LuaLaTeX engine uses fontspec like XeLaTeX. It is advised latex_engine = 'lualatex' be used only on up-to-date TeX installs (refs #3070, #3466)

  • latex_keep_old_macro_names default value has been changed from True to False. This means that some LaTeX macros for styling are by default defined only with \sphinx.. prefixed names. (refs: #3429)

  • Footer “Continued on next page” of LaTeX longtable’s now not framed (refs: #3497)

  • #3529: The arguments of BuildEnvironment.__init__ is changed

  • #3082: Use latexmk for pdf (and dvi) targets (Unix-like platforms only)

  • #3558: Emit warnings if footnotes and citations are not referenced. The warnings can be suppressed by suppress_warnings.

  • latex made available (non documented) colour macros from a file distributed with pdftex engine for Plain TeX. This is removed in order to provide better support for multiple TeX engines. Only interface from color or xcolor packages should be used by extensions of Sphinx latex writer. (refs #3550)

  • Builder.env is not filled at instantiation

  • #3594: LaTeX: single raw directive has been considered as block level element

  • #3639: If html_experimental_html5_writer is available, epub builder use it by default.

  • Sphinx.add_source_parser() raises an error if duplicated


  • #3345: Replace the custom smartypants code with Docutils’ smart_quotes. Thanks to Dmitry Shachnev, and to Günter Milde at Docutils.


  • LaTeX package eqparbox is not used and not loaded by Sphinx anymore

  • LaTeX package multirow is not used and not loaded by Sphinx anymore

  • Add line numbers to citation data in std domain

1.6 final

  • LaTeX package threeparttable is not used and not loaded by Sphinx anymore (refs #3686, #3532, #3377)

Features removed

  • Configuration variables

    • epub3_contributor

    • epub3_description

    • epub3_page_progression_direction

    • html_translator_class

    • html_use_modindex

    • latex_font_size

    • latex_paper_size

    • latex_preamble

    • latex_use_modindex

    • latex_use_parts

  • termsep node

  • defindex.html template

  • LDML format support in today, today_fmt and html_last_updated_fmt

  • :inline: option for the directives of sphinx.ext.graphviz extension

  • sphinx.ext.pngmath extension

  • sphinx.util.compat.make_admonition()

Features added


  • #3136: Add :name: option to the directives in sphinx.ext.graphviz

  • #2336: Add imported_members option to sphinx-autogen command to document imported members.

  • C++, add :tparam-line-spec: option to templated declarations. When specified, each template parameter will be rendered on a separate line.

  • #3359: Allow sphinx.js in a user locale dir to override sphinx.js from Sphinx

  • #3303: Add :pyversion: option to the doctest directive.

  • #3378: (latex) support for :widths: option of table directives (refs: #3379, #3381)

  • #3402: Allow to suppress “download file not readable” warnings using suppress_warnings.

  • #3377: latex: Add support for Docutils 0.13 :align: option for tables (but does not implement text flow around table).

  • latex: footnotes from inside tables are hyperlinked (except from captions or headers) (refs: #3422)

  • Emit warning if over dedent has detected on literalinclude directive (refs: #3416)

  • Use for LuaLaTeX same default settings as for XeLaTeX (i.e. fontspec and polyglossia). (refs: #3070, #3466)

  • Make 'extraclassoptions' key of latex_elements public (refs #3480)

  • #3463: Add warning messages for required EPUB3 metadata. Add default value to epub_description to avoid warning like other settings.

  • #3476: setuptools: Support multiple builders

  • latex: merged cells in LaTeX tables allow code-blocks, lists, blockquotes… as do normal cells (refs: #3435)

  • HTML builder uses experimental HTML5 writer if html_experimental_html5_writer is True and docutils 0.13 or later is installed.

  • LaTeX macros to customize space before and after tables in PDF output (refs #3504)

  • #3348: Show decorators in literalinclude and viewcode directives

  • #3108: Show warning if :start-at: and other literalinclude options does not match to the text

  • #3609: Allow to suppress “duplicate citation” warnings using suppress_warnings

  • #2803: Discovery of builders by entry point

  • #1764, #1676: Allow setting ‘rel’ and ‘title’ attributes for stylesheets

  • #3589: Support remote images on non-HTML builders

  • #3589: Support images in Data URI on non-HTML builders

  • #2961: improve autodoc_mock_imports. Now the config value only requires to declare the top-level modules that should be mocked. Thanks to Robin Jarry.

  • #3449: On py3, autodoc use inspect.signature for more accurate signature calculation. Thanks to Nathaniel J. Smith.

  • #3641: Epub theme supports HTML structures that are generated by HTML5 writer.

  • #3644 autodoc uses inspect instead of checking types. Thanks to Jeroen Demeyer.

  • Add a new extension; sphinx.ext.imgconverter. It converts images in the document to appropriate format for builders

  • latex: Use templates to render tables (refs #3389, 2a37b0e)


Bugs fixed


  • literalinclude directive expands tabs after dedent-ing (refs: #3416)

  • #1574: Paragraphs in table cell doesn’t work in Latex output

  • #3288: Table with merged headers not wrapping text

  • #3491: Inconsistent vertical space around table and longtable in PDF

  • #3506: Depart functions for all admonitions in HTML writer now properly pass node to depart_admonition.

  • #2693: Sphinx latex style file wrongly inhibits colours for section headings for latex+dvi(ps,pdf,pdfmx)

  • C++, properly look up any references.

  • #3624: sphinx.ext.intersphinx couldn’t load inventories compressed with gzip

  • #3551: PDF information dictionary is lacking author and title data

  • #3351: intersphinx does not refers context like py:module, py:class and so on.

  • Fail to load template file if the parent template is archived


  • #3661: sphinx-build crashes on parallel build

  • #3669: gettext builder fails with “ValueError: substring not found”

  • #3660: Sphinx always depends on sphinxcontrib-websupport and its dependencies

  • #3472: smart quotes getting wrong in latex (at least with list of strings via autoattribute) (refs: #3345, #3666)


  • #3588: No compact (p tag) html output in the i18n document build even when html_compact_lists is True.

  • The make latexpdf from 1.6b1 (for GNU/Linux and Mac OS, using latexmk) aborted earlier in case of LaTeX errors than was the case with 1.5 series, due to hard-coded usage of --halt-on-error option (refs #3695)

  • #3683: sphinx.websupport module is not provided by default

  • #3683: Failed to build document if builder.css_file.insert() is called

  • #3714: viewcode extension not taking highlight_code='none' in account

  • #3698: Moving :doc: to std domain broke backwards compatibility

  • #3633: misdetect unreferenced citations

1.6 final

  • LaTeX tables do not allow multiple paragraphs in a header cell

  • LATEXOPTS is not passed over correctly to pdflatex since 1.6b3

  • #3532: Figure or literal block captions in cells of short tables cause havoc in PDF output

  • Fix: in PDF captions of tables are rendered differently whether table is of longtable class or not (refs #3686)

  • #3725: Todo looks different from note in LaTeX output

  • #3479: stub-columns have no effect in LaTeX output

  • #3738: Nonsensical code in

  • #3746: PDF builds fail with latexmk 4.48 or earlier due to undefined options -pdfxe and -pdflua



  • sphinx.util.compat.Directive class is now deprecated. Please use instead docutils.parsers.rst.Directive

  • sphinx.util.compat.docutils_version is now deprecated

  • #2367: Sphinx.warn(), and other logging methods are now deprecated. Please use sphinx.util.logging (Logging API) instead.

  • #3318: notice is now deprecated as LaTeX environment name and will be removed at Sphinx 1.7. Extension authors please use sphinxadmonition instead (as Sphinx does since 1.5.)

  • Sphinx.status_iterator() and Sphinx.old_status_iterator() is now deprecated. Please use sphinx.util:status_iterator() instead.

  • Sphinx._directive_helper() is deprecated. Please use sphinx.util.docutils.directive_helper() instead.

  • BuildEnvironment.set_warnfunc() is now deprecated

  • Following methods of BuildEnvironment is now deprecated.

    • BuildEnvironment.note_toctree()

    • BuildEnvironment.get_toc_for()

    • BuildEnvironment.get_toctree_for()

    • BuildEnvironment.create_index()

    Please use sphinx.environment.adapters modules instead.

  • latex package footnote is not loaded anymore by its bundled replacement footnotehyper-sphinx. The redefined macros keep the same names as in the original package.

  • #3429: deprecate config setting latex_keep_old_macro_names. It will be removed at 1.7, and already its default value has changed from True to False.

  • #3221: epub2 builder is deprecated

  • #3254: sphinx.websupport is now separated into independent package; sphinxcontrib-websupport. sphinx.websupport will be removed in Sphinx 2.0.

  • #3628: sphinx_themes entry_point is deprecated. Please use sphinx.html_themes instead.


  • #3662: builder.css_files is deprecated. Please use add_stylesheet() API instead.

1.6 final

  • LaTeX \sphinxstylethead is deprecated at 1.6 and will be removed at 1.7. Please move customization into new macro \sphinxstyletheadfamily.


1.6 final

  • #3458: Add sphinx.testing (experimental)

Release 1.6 (unreleased)

  • not released (because of package script error)

Release 1.5.6 (released May 15, 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • #3614: Sphinx crashes with requests-2.5.0

  • #3618: autodoc crashes with tupled arguments

  • #3664: No space after the bullet in items of a latex list produced by Sphinx

  • #3657: EPUB builder crashes if a document starting with genindex exists

  • #3588: No compact (p tag) html output in the i18n document build even when html_compact_lists is True.

  • #3685: AttributeError when using 3rd party domains

  • #3702: LaTeX writer styles figure legends with a hard-coded \small

  • #3708: LaTeX writer allows irc scheme

  • #3717: Stop enforcing that favicon’s must be .ico

  • #3731, #3732: Protect isenumclass predicate against non-class arguments

  • #3320: Warning about reference target not being found for container types

  • Misspelled ARCHIVEPREFIX in Makefile for latex build repertory

Release 1.5.5 (released Apr 03, 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • #3597: python domain raises UnboundLocalError if invalid name given

  • #3599: Move to new MathJax CDN

Release 1.5.4 (released Apr 02, 2017)

Features added

  • #3470: Make genindex support all kinds of letters, not only Latin ones

Bugs fixed

  • #3445: setting 'inputenc' key to \\usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} leads to failed PDF build

  • EPUB file has duplicated nav.xhtml link in content.opf except first time build

  • #3488: objects.inv has broken when release or version contain return code

  • #2073, #3443, #3490: gettext builder that writes pot files unless the content are same without creation date. Thanks to Yoshiki Shibukawa.

  • #3487: intersphinx: failed to refer options

  • #3496: latex longtable’s last column may be much wider than its contents

  • #3507: wrong quotes in latex output for productionlist directive

  • #3533: Moving from Sphinx 1.3.1 to 1.5.3 breaks LaTeX compilation of links rendered as code

  • #2665, #2607: Link names in C++ docfields, and make it possible for other domains.

  • #3542: C++, fix parsing error of non-type template argument with template.

  • #3065, #3520: python domain fails to recognize nested class

  • #3575: Problems with pdflatex in a Turkish document built with sphinx has reappeared (refs #2997, #2397)

  • #3577: Fix intersphinx debug tool

  • A LaTeX command such as \\large inserted in the title items of latex_documents causes failed PDF build (refs #3551, #3567)

Release 1.5.3 (released Feb 26, 2017)

Features added

  • Support requests-2.0.0 (experimental) (refs: #3367)

  • (latex) PDF page margin dimensions may be customized (refs: #3387)

  • literalinclude directive allows combination of :pyobject: and :lines: options (refs: #3416)

  • #3400: make-mode doesn’t use subprocess on building docs

Bugs fixed

  • #3370: the caption of code-block is not picked up for translation

  • LaTeX: release is not escaped (refs: #3362)

  • #3364: sphinx-quickstart prompts overflow on Console with 80 chars width

  • since 1.5, PDF’s TOC and bookmarks lack an entry for general Index (refs: #3383)

  • #3392: 'releasename' in latex_elements is not working

  • #3356: Page layout for Japanese 'manual' docclass has a shorter text area

  • #3394: When 'pointsize' is not 10pt, Japanese 'manual' document gets wrong PDF page dimensions

  • #3399: quickstart: was not overwritten by template

  • #3366: option directive does not allow punctuations

  • #3410: return code in release breaks html search

  • #3427: autodoc: memory addresses are not stripped on Windows

  • #3428: xetex build tests fail due to fontspec v2.6 defining \strong

  • #3349: Result of IndexBuilder.load() is broken

  • #3450: &nbsp is appeared in EPUB docs

  • #3418: Search button is misaligned in nature and pyramid theme

  • #3421: Could not translate a caption of tables

  • #3552: linkcheck raises UnboundLocalError

Release 1.5.2 (released Jan 22, 2017)

Incompatible changes

  • Dependency requirement updates: requests 2.4.0 or above (refs: #3268, #3310)

Features added

  • #3241: emit latex warning if buggy titlesec (ref #3210)

  • #3194: Refer the $MAKE environment variable to determine make command

  • Emit warning for nested numbered toctrees (refs: #3142)

  • #978: intersphinx_mapping also allows a list as a parameter

  • #3340: (LaTeX) long lines in parsed-literal are wrapped like in code-block, inline math and footnotes are fully functional.

Bugs fixed

  • #3246: xapian search adapter crashes

  • #3253: In Py2 environment, building another locale with a non-captioned toctree produces None captions

  • #185: References to section title including raw node has broken

  • #3255: In Py3.4 environment, autodoc doesn’t support documentation for attributes of Enum class correctly.

  • #3261: latex_use_parts makes sphinx crash

  • The warning type misc.highlighting_failure does not work

  • #3294: add_latex_package() make crashes non-LaTeX builders

  • The caption of table are rendered as invalid HTML (refs: #3287)

  • #3268: Sphinx crashes with requests package from Debian jessie

  • #3284: Sphinx crashes on parallel build with an extension which raises unserializable exception

  • #3315: Bibliography crashes on latex build with docclass ‘memoir’

  • #3328: Could not refer rubric implicitly

  • #3329: emit warnings if po file is invalid and can’t read it. Also writing mo

  • #3337: Ugly rendering of definition list term’s classifier

  • #3335: gettext does not extract field_name of a field in a field_list

  • #2952: C++, fix refs to operator() functions.

  • Fix Unicode super- and subscript digits in code-block and parsed-literal LaTeX output (ref #3342)

  • LaTeX writer: leave " character inside parsed-literal as is (ref #3341)

  • #3234: intersphinx failed for encoded inventories

  • #3158: too much space after captions in PDF output

  • #3317: An URL in parsed-literal contents gets wrongly rendered in PDF if with hyphen

  • LaTeX crash if the filename of an image inserted in parsed-literal via a substitution contains an hyphen (ref #3340)

  • LaTeX rendering of inserted footnotes in parsed-literal is wrong (ref #3340)

  • Inline math in parsed-literal is not rendered well by LaTeX (ref #3340)

  • #3308: Parsed-literals don’t wrap very long lines with pdf builder (ref #3340)

  • #3295: Could not import extension

  • #3285: autosummary: asterisks are escaped twice

  • LaTeX, pass dvipdfm option to geometry package for Japanese documents (ref #3363)

  • Fix parselinenos() could not parse left half open range (cf. “-4”)

Release 1.5.1 (released Dec 13, 2016)

Features added

Bugs fixed

  • #3195: Can not build in parallel

  • #3198: AttributeError is raised when toctree has ‘self’

  • #3211: Remove untranslated sphinx locale catalogs (it was covered by untranslated it_IT)

  • #3212: HTML Builders crashes with docutils-0.13

  • #3207: more latex problems with references inside parsed-literal directive (\DUrole)

  • #3205: sphinx.util.requests crashes with old pyOpenSSL (< 0.14)

  • #3220: KeyError when having a duplicate citation

  • #3200: LaTeX: xref inside desc_name not allowed

  • #3228: build_sphinx command crashes when missing dependency

  • #2469: Ignore updates of catalog files for gettext builder. Thanks to Hiroshi Ohkubo.

  • #3183: Randomized jump box order in generated index page.

Release 1.5 (released Dec 5, 2016)

Incompatible changes


  • latex, package fancybox is not any longer a dependency of sphinx.sty

  • Use 'locales' as a default value of locale_dirs

  • latex, package ifthen is not any longer a dependency of sphinx.sty

  • latex, style file does not modify fancyvrb’s Verbatim (also available as OriginalVerbatim) but uses sphinxVerbatim for name of custom wrapper.

  • latex, package newfloat is not used (and not included) anymore (ref #2660; it was used since 1.3.4 and shipped with Sphinx since 1.4).

  • latex, literal blocks in tables do not use OriginalVerbatim but sphinxVerbatimintable which handles captions and wraps lines (ref #2704).

  • latex, replace pt by TeX equivalent bp if found in width or height attribute of an image.

  • latex, if width or height attribute of an image is given with no unit, use px rather than ignore it.

  • latex: Separate stylesheets of pygments to independent .sty file

  • #2454: The filename of sourcelink is now changed. The value of html_sourcelink_suffix will be appended to the original filename (like index.rst.txt).

  • sphinx.util.copy_static_entry() is now deprecated. Use sphinx.util.fileutil.copy_asset() instead.

  • sphinx.util.osutil.filecopy() skips copying if the file has not been changed (ref: #2510, #2753)

  • Internet Explorer 6-8, Opera 12.1x or Safari 5.1+ support is dropped because jQuery version is updated from 1.11.0 to 3.1.0 (ref: #2634, #2773)

  • QtHelpBuilder doesn’t generate search page (ref: #2352)

  • QtHelpBuilder uses nonav theme instead of default one to improve readability.

  • latex: To provide good default settings to Japanese documents, Sphinx uses jreport and jsbook as docclass if language is ja.

  • sphinx-quickstart now allows a project version is empty

  • Fix :download: role on epub/qthelp builder. They ignore the role because they don’t support it.

  • sphinx.ext.viewcode doesn’t work on epub building by default. viewcode_enable_epub option

  • sphinx.ext.viewcode disabled on singlehtml builder.

  • Use make-mode of sphinx-quickstart by default. To disable this, use -M option

  • Fix genindex.html, Sphinx’s document template, link address to itself to satisfy xhtml standard.

  • Use epub3 builder by default. And the old epub builder is renamed to epub2.

  • Fix epub and epub3 builders that contained links to genindex even if epub_use_index = False.

  • html_translator_class is now deprecated. Use Sphinx.set_translator() API instead.

  • Drop python 2.6 and 3.3 support

  • Drop epub3 builder’s epub3_page_progression_direction option (use epub3_writing_mode).

  • #2877: Rename latex_elements['footer'] to latex_elements['atendofbody']


  • #2983: Rename epub3_description and epub3_contributor to epub_description and epub_contributor.

  • Remove themes/basic/defindex.html; no longer used

  • Sphinx does not ship anymore (but still uses) LaTeX style file fncychap

  • #2435: Slim down quickstarted

  • The sphinx.sty latex package does not load itself “hyperref”, as this is done later in the preamble of the latex output via 'hyperref' key.

  • Sphinx does not ship anymore a custom modified LaTeX style file tabulary. The non-modified package is used.

  • #3057: By default, footnote marks in latex PDF output are not preceded by a space anymore, \sphinxBeforeFootnote allows user customization if needed.

  • LaTeX target requires that option hyperfootnotes of package hyperref be left unchanged to its default (i.e. true) (refs: #3022)

1.5 final

  • #2986: themes/basic/defindex.html is now deprecated

  • Emit warnings that will be deprecated in Sphinx 1.6 by default. Users can change the behavior by setting the environment variable PYTHONWARNINGS. Please refer Deprecation Warnings.

  • #2454: new JavaScript variable SOURCELINK_SUFFIX is added


These features are removed in Sphinx 1.6:

  • LDML format support in i18n feature

  • sphinx.addnodes.termsep

  • Some functions and classes in sphinx.util.pycompat: zip_longest, product, all, any, next, open, class_types, base_exception, relpath, StringIO, BytesIO. Please use the standard library version instead;

If any deprecation warning like RemovedInSphinxXXXWarning are displayed, please refer Deprecation Warnings.

Features added


  • #2951: Add --implicit-namespaces PEP-0420 support to apidoc.

  • Add :caption: option for sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram.

  • #2471: Add config variable for default doctest flags.

  • Convert linkcheck builder to requests for better encoding handling

  • #2463, #2516: Add keywords of “meta” directive to search index

  • :maxdepth: option of toctree affects secnumdepth (ref: #2547)

  • #2575: Now sphinx.ext.graphviz allows :align: option

  • Show warnings if unknown key is specified to latex_elements

  • Show warnings if no domains match with primary_domain (ref: #2001)

  • C++, show warnings when the kind of role is misleading for the kind of target it refers to (e.g., using the class role for a function).

  • latex, writer abstracts more of text styling into customizable macros, e.g. the visit_emphasis will output \sphinxstyleemphasis rather than \emph (which may be in use elsewhere or in an added LaTeX package). See list at end of sphinx.sty (ref: #2686)

  • latex, public names for environments and parameters used by note, warning, and other admonition types, allowing full customizability from the 'preamble' key or an input file (ref: feature request #2674, #2685)

  • latex, better computes column widths of some tables (as a result, there will be slight changes as tables now correctly fill the line width; ref: #2708)

  • latex, sphinxVerbatim environment is more easily customizable (ref: #2704). In addition to already existing VerbatimColor and VerbatimBorderColor:

    • two lengths \sphinxverbatimsep and \sphinxverbatimborder,

    • booleans \ifsphinxverbatimwithframe and \ifsphinxverbatimwrapslines.

  • latex, captions for literal blocks inside tables are handled, and long code lines wrapped to fit table cell (ref: #2704)

  • #2597: Show warning messages as darkred

  • latex, allow image dimensions using px unit (default is 96px=1in)

  • Show warnings if invalid dimension units found

  • #2650: Add --pdb option to command

  • latex, make the use of \small for code listings customizable (ref #2721)

  • #2663: Add --warning-is-error option to command

  • Show warnings if deprecated latex options are used

  • Add sphinx.config.ENUM to check the config values is in candidates

  • math: Add hyperlink marker to each equations in HTML output

  • Add new theme nonav that doesn’t include any navigation links. This is for any help generator like qthelp.

  • #2680: sphinx.ext.todo now emits warnings if todo_emit_warnings enabled. Also, it emits an additional event named todo-defined to handle the TODO entries in 3rd party extensions.

  • Python domain signature parser now uses the xref mixin for ‘exceptions’, allowing exception classes to be autolinked.

  • #2513: Add latex_engine to switch the LaTeX engine by

  • #2682: C++, basic support for attributes (C++11 style and GNU style). The new configuration variables ‘cpp_id_attributes’ and ‘cpp_paren_attributes’ can be used to introduce custom attributes.

  • #1958: C++, add configuration variable ‘cpp_index_common_prefix’ for removing prefixes from the index text of C++ objects.

  • C++, added concept directive. Thanks to mickk-on-cpp.

  • C++, added support for template introduction syntax. Thanks to mickk-on-cpp.

  • #2725: latex builder: allow to use user-defined template file (experimental)

  • apidoc now avoids invalidating cached files by not writing to files whose content doesn’t change. This can lead to significant performance wins if apidoc is run frequently.

  • #2851: sphinx.ext.math emits missing-reference event if equation not found

  • #1210: eqref role now supports cross reference

  • #2892: Added -a (--append-syspath) option to sphinx-apidoc

  • #1604: epub3 builder: Obey font-related CSS when viewing in iBooks.

  • #646: option directive support ‘.’ character as a part of options

  • Add document about kindlegen and fix document structure for it.

  • #2474: Add intersphinx_timeout option to sphinx.ext.intersphinx

  • #2926: EPUB3 builder supports vertical mode (epub3_writing_mode option)

  • #2695: build_sphinx subcommand for setuptools handles exceptions as same as sphinx-build does

  • #326: numref role can also refer sections

  • #2916: numref role can also refer caption as an its linktext


  • #3008: linkcheck builder ignores self-signed certificate URL

  • #3020: new 'geometry' key to latex_elements whose default uses LaTeX style file geometry.sty to set page layout

  • #2843: Add :start-at: and :end-at: options to literalinclude directive

  • #2527: Add :reversed: option to toctree directive

  • Add -t and -d option to sphinx-quickstart to support templating generated sphinx project.

  • #3028: Add {path} and {basename} to the format of figure_language_filename

  • new 'hyperref' key in the latex_elements dictionary (ref #3030)

  • #3022: Allow code-blocks in footnotes for LaTeX PDF output


  • #2513: A better default settings for XeLaTeX

  • #3096: 'maxlistdepth' key to work around LaTeX list limitations

  • #3060: autodoc supports documentation for attributes of Enum class. Now autodoc render just the value of Enum attributes instead of Enum attribute representation.

  • Add --extensions to sphinx-quickstart to support enable arbitrary extensions from command line (ref: #2904)

  • #3104, #3122: 'sphinxsetup' for key=value styling of Sphinx LaTeX

  • #3071: Autodoc: Allow mocked module decorators to pass-through functions unchanged

  • #2495: linkcheck: Allow skipping anchor checking using linkcheck_anchors_ignore

  • #3083: let Unicode no-break space act like LaTeX ~ (fixed #3019)

  • #3116: allow word wrap in PDF output for inline literals (ref #3110)

  • #930: sphinx-apidoc allow wildcards for excluding paths. Thanks to Nick Coghlan.

  • #3121: add inlineliteralwraps option to control if inline literal word-wraps in latex

1.5 final

  • #3095: Add tls_verify and tls_cacerts to support self-signed HTTPS servers in linkcheck and intersphinx

  • #2215: make.bat generated by sphinx-quickstart can be called from another dir. Thanks to Timotheus Kampik.

  • #3185: Add new warning type misc.highlighting_failure

Bugs fixed


  • #2707: (latex) the column width is badly computed for tabular

  • #2799: Sphinx installs roles and directives automatically on importing sphinx module. Now Sphinx installs them on running application.

  • sphinx.ext.autodoc crashes if target code imports * from mock modules by autodoc_mock_imports.

  • #1953: Sphinx.add_node does not add handlers the translator installed by html_translator_class

  • #1797: text builder inserts blank line on top

  • #2894: quickstart main() doesn’t use argv argument

  • #2874: gettext builder could not extract all text under the only directives

  • #2485: autosummary crashes with multiple source_suffix values

  • #1734: Could not translate the caption of toctree directive

  • Could not translate the content of meta directive (ref: #1734)

  • #2550: external links are opened in help viewer

  • #2687: Running Sphinx multiple times produces ‘already registered’ warnings


  • #2810: Problems with pdflatex in an Italian document

  • Use latex_elements.papersize to specify papersize of LaTeX in Makefile

  • #2988: linkcheck: retry with GET request if denied HEAD request

  • #2990: linkcheck raises “Can’t convert ‘bytes’ object to str implicitly” error if linkcheck_anchors enabled

  • #3004: Invalid link types “top” and “up” are used

  • #3009: Bad rendering of parsed-literals in LaTeX since Sphinx 1.4.4

  • #3000: option directive generates invalid HTML anchors

  • #2984: Invalid HTML has been generated if html_split_index enabled

  • #2986: themes/basic/defindex.html should be changed for html5 friendly

  • #2987: Invalid HTML has been generated if multiple IDs are assigned to a list

  • #2891: HTML search does not provide all the results

  • #1986: Title in PDF Output

  • #147: Problem with latex chapter style

  • #3018: LaTeX problem with page layout dimensions and chapter titles

  • Fix an issue with \pysigline in LaTeX style file (ref #3023)

  • #3038: sphinx.ext.math* raises TypeError if labels are duplicated

  • #3031: incompatibility with LaTeX package tocloft

  • #3003: literal blocks in footnotes are not supported by Latex

  • #3047: spacing before footnote in pdf output is not coherent and allows breaks

  • #3045: HTML search index creator should ignore “raw” content if now html

  • #3039: English stemmer returns wrong word if the word is capitalized

  • Fix make-mode Makefile template (ref #3056, #2936)


  • #2432: Fix unwanted * between varargs and keyword only args. Thanks to Alex Grönholm.

  • #3062: Failed to build PDF using 1.5a2 (undefined \hypersetup for Japanese documents since PR#3030)

  • Better rendering of multiline signatures in html.

  • #777: LaTeX output “too deeply nested” (ref #3096)

  • Let LaTeX image inclusion obey scale before textwidth fit (ref #2865, #3059)

  • #3019: LaTeX fails on description of C function with arguments (ref #3083)

  • fix latex inline literals where < > - gobbled a space

1.5 final

  • #3069: Even if 'babel' key is set to empty string, LaTeX output contains one \addto\captions...

  • #3123: user 'babel' key setting is not obeyed anymore

  • #3155: Fix JavaScript for html_sourcelink_suffix fails with IE and Opera

  • #3085: keep current directory after breaking build documentation. Thanks to Timotheus Kampik.

  • #3181: pLaTeX crashes with a section contains endash

  • #3180: latex: add stretch/shrink between successive singleline or multipleline cpp signatures (ref #3072)

  • #3128: globing images does not support .svgz file

  • #3015: fix a broken test on Windows.

  • #1843: Fix documentation of descriptor classes that have a custom metaclass. Thanks to Erik Bray.

  • #3190: util.split_docinfo fails to parse multi-line field bodies

  • #3024, #3037: In Python3, application.Sphinx._log crushed when the log message cannot be encoded into console encoding.


  • To simplify, sphinx uses external mock package even if unittest.mock exists.

Release 1.4.9 (released Nov 23, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • #2936: Fix doc/Makefile that can’t build man because doc/man exists

  • #3058: Using the same ‘caption’ attribute in multiple ‘toctree’ directives results in warning / error

  • #3068: Allow the ‘=’ character in the -D option of

  • #3074: add_source_parser() crashes in debug mode

  • #3135: sphinx.ext.autodoc crashes with plain Callable

  • #3150: Fix query word splitter in JavaScript. It behaves as same as Python’s regular expression.

  • #3093: gettext build broken on substituted images.

  • #3093: gettext build broken on image node under note directive.

  • imgmath: crashes on showing error messages if image generation failed

  • #3117: LaTeX writer crashes if admonition is placed before first section title

  • #3164: Change search order of sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram

Release 1.4.8 (released Oct 1, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • #2996: The wheel package of Sphinx got crash with ImportError

Release 1.4.7 (released Oct 1, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • #2890: Quickstart should return an error consistently on all error conditions

  • #2870: flatten genindex columns’ heights.

  • #2856: Search on generated HTML site doesn’t find some symbols

  • #2882: Fall back to a GET request on 403 status in linkcheck

  • #2902: jsdump.loads fails to load search index if keywords starts with underscore

  • #2900: Fix epub content.opf: add auto generated orphan files to spine.

  • #2899: Fix hasdoc() function in Jinja2 template. It will detect genindex, search also.

  • #2901: Fix epub result: skip creating links from image tags to original image files.

  • #2917: inline code is hyphenated on HTML

  • #1462: autosummary warns for namedtuple with attribute with trailing underscore

  • Could not reference equations if :nowrap: option specified

  • #2873: code-block overflow in latex (due to commas)

  • #1060, #2056: sphinx.ext.intersphinx: broken links are generated if relative paths are used in intersphinx_mapping

  • #2931: code-block directive with same :caption: causes warning of duplicate target. Now code-block and literalinclude does not define hyperlink target using its caption automatically.

  • #2962: latex: missing label of longtable

  • #2968: autodoc: show-inheritance option breaks docstrings

Release 1.4.6 (released Aug 20, 2016)

Incompatible changes

  • #2867: linkcheck builder crashes with six-1.4. Now Sphinx depends on six-1.5 or later

Bugs fixed

  • applehelp: Sphinx crashes if hiutil or codesign commands not found

  • Fix make clean abort issue when build dir contains regular files like DS_Store.

  • Reduce epubcheck warnings/errors:

    • Fix DOCTYPE to html5

    • Change extension from .html to .xhtml.

    • Disable search page on epub results

  • #2778: Fix autodoc crashes if obj.__dict__ is a property method and raises exception

  • Fix duplicated toc in epub3 output.

  • #2775: Fix failing linkcheck with servers not supporting identity encoding

  • #2833: Fix formatting instance annotations in ext.autodoc.

  • #1911: -D option of sphinx-build does not override the extensions variable

  • #2789: sphinx.ext.intersphinx generates wrong hyperlinks if the inventory is given

  • parsing errors for caption of code-blocks are displayed in document (ref: #2845)

  • #2846: singlehtml builder does not include figure numbers

  • #2816: Fix data from builds cluttering the Domain.initial_data class attributes

Release 1.4.5 (released Jul 13, 2016)

Incompatible changes

  • latex, inclusion of non-inline images from image directive resulted in non-coherent whitespaces depending on original image width; new behaviour by necessity differs from earlier one in some cases. (ref: #2672)

  • latex, use of \includegraphics to refer to Sphinx custom variant is deprecated; in future it will revert to original LaTeX macro, custom one already has alternative name \sphinxincludegraphics.

Features added

  • new config option latex_keep_old_macro_names, defaults to True. If False, lets macros (for text styling) be defined only with \sphinx-prefixed names

  • latex writer allows user customization of “shadowed” boxes (topics), via three length variables.

  • woff-format web font files now supported by the epub builder.

Bugs fixed

  • jsdump fix for python 3: fixes the HTML search on python > 3

  • #2676: (latex) Error with verbatim text in captions since Sphinx 1.4.4

  • #2629: memoir class crashes LaTeX. Fixed by latex_keep_old_macro_names=False (ref 2675)

  • #2684: sphinx.ext.intersphinx crashes with six-1.4.1

  • #2679: float package needed for 'figure_align': 'H' latex option

  • #2671: image directive may lead to inconsistent spacing in pdf

  • #2705: toctree generates empty bullet_list if :titlesonly: specified

  • #2479: sphinx.ext.viewcode uses python2 highlighter by default

  • #2700: HtmlHelp builder has hard coded index.html

  • latex, since 1.4.4 inline literal text is followed by spurious space

  • #2722: C++, fix id generation for var/member declarations to include namespaces.

  • latex, images (from image directive) in lists or quoted blocks did not obey indentation (fixed together with #2671)

  • #2733: since Sphinx 1.4.4 make latexpdf generates lots of hyperref warnings

  • #2731: sphinx.ext.autodoc does not access propertymethods which raises any exceptions

  • #2666: C++, properly look up nested names involving constructors.

  • #2579: Could not refer a label including both spaces and colons via sphinx.ext.intersphinx

  • #2718: Sphinx crashes if the document file is not readable

  • #2699: hyperlinks in help HTMLs are broken if html_file_suffix is set

  • #2723: extra spaces in latex pdf output from multirow cell

  • #2735: latexpdf Underfull \hbox (badness 10000) warnings from title page

  • #2667: latex crashes if resized images appeared in section title

  • #2763: (html) Provide default value for required alt attribute for image tags of SVG source, required to validate and now consistent w/ other formats.

Release 1.4.4 (released Jun 12, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • #2630: latex: sphinx.sty notice environment formatting problem

  • #2632: Warning directives fail in quote environment latex build

  • #2633: Sphinx crashes with old styled indices

  • Fix a \begin{\minipage} typo in sphinx.sty from 1.4.2 (ref: 68becb1)

  • #2622: Latex produces empty pages after title and table of contents

  • #2640: 1.4.2 LaTeX crashes if code-block inside warning directive

  • Let LaTeX use straight quotes also in inline code (ref #2627)

  • #2351: latex crashes if enumerated lists are placed on footnotes

  • #2646: latex crashes if math contains twice empty lines

  • #2480: sphinx.ext.autodoc: memory addresses were shown

  • latex: allow code-blocks appearing inside lists and quotes at maximal nesting depth (ref #777, #2624, #2651)

  • #2635: Latex code directives produce inconsistent frames based on viewing resolution

  • #2639: Sphinx now bundles iftex.sty

  • Failed to build PDF with framed.sty 0.95

  • Sphinx now bundles needspace.sty

Release 1.4.3 (released Jun 5, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • #2530: got “Counter too large” error on building PDF if large numbered footnotes existed in admonitions

  • width option of figure directive does not work if align option specified at same time (ref: #2595)

  • #2590: The inputenc package breaks compiling under lualatex and xelatex

  • #2540: date on latex front page use different font

  • Suppress “document isn’t included in any toctree” warning if the document is included (ref: #2603)

  • #2614: Some tables in PDF output will end up shifted if user sets non zero parindent in preamble

  • #2602: URL redirection breaks the hyperlinks generated by sphinx.ext.intersphinx

  • #2613: Show warnings if merged extensions are loaded

  • #2619: make sure amstext LaTeX package always loaded (ref: d657225, 488ee52, 9d82cad and #2615)

  • #2593: latex crashes if any figures in the table

Release 1.4.2 (released May 29, 2016)

Features added

  • Now suppress_warnings accepts following configurations (ref: #2451, #2466):

    • app.add_node

    • app.add_directive

    • app.add_role

    • app.add_generic_role

    • app.add_source_parser

    • image.data_uri

    • image.nonlocal_uri

  • #2453: LaTeX writer allows page breaks in topic contents; and their horizontal extent now fits in the line width (with shadow in margin). Also warning-type admonitions allow page breaks and their vertical spacing has been made more coherent with the one for hint-type notices (ref #2446).

  • #2459: the framing of literal code-blocks in LaTeX output (and not only the code lines themselves) obey the indentation in lists or quoted blocks.

  • #2343: the long source lines in code-blocks are wrapped (without modifying the line numbering) in LaTeX output (ref #1534, #2304).

Bugs fixed

  • #2370: the equations are slightly misaligned in LaTeX writer

  • #1817, #2077: suppress pep8 warnings on generated by sphinx-quickstart

  • #2407: building docs crash if document includes large data image URIs

  • #2436: Sphinx does not check version by needs_sphinx if loading extensions failed

  • #2397: Setup shorthandoff for Turkish documents

  • #2447: VerbatimBorderColor wrongly used also for captions of PDF

  • #2456: C++, fix crash related to document merging (e.g., singlehtml and Latex builders).

  • #2446: latex(pdf) sets local tables of contents (or more generally topic nodes) in unbreakable boxes, causes overflow at bottom

  • #2476: Omit MathJax markers if :nowrap: is given

  • #2465: latex builder fails in case no caption option is provided to toctree directive

  • Sphinx crashes if self referenced toctree found

  • #2481: spelling mistake for mecab search splitter. Thanks to Naoki Sato.

  • #2309: Fix could not refer “indirect hyperlink targets” by ref-role

  • intersphinx fails if mapping URL contains any port

  • #2088: intersphinx crashes if the mapping URL requires basic auth

  • #2304: auto line breaks in latexpdf codeblocks

  • #1534: Word wrap long lines in Latex verbatim blocks

  • #2460: too much white space on top of captioned literal blocks in PDF output

  • Show error reason when multiple math extensions are loaded (ref: #2499)

  • #2483: any figure number was not assigned if figure title contains only non text objects

  • #2501: Unicode subscript numbers are normalized in LaTeX

  • #2492: Figure directive with :figwidth: generates incorrect Latex-code

  • The caption of figure is always put on center even if :align: was specified

  • #2526: LaTeX writer crashes if the section having only images

  • #2522: Sphinx touches mo files under installed directory that caused permission error.

  • #2536: C++, fix crash when an immediately nested scope has the same name as the current scope.

  • #2555: Fix crash on any-references with unicode.

  • #2517: wrong bookmark encoding in PDF if using LuaLaTeX

  • #2521: generated Makefile causes BSD make crashed if sphinx-build not found

  • #2470: typing backport package causes autodoc errors with python 2.7

  • sphinx.ext.intersphinx crashes if non-string value is used for key of intersphinx_mapping

  • #2518: intersphinx_mapping disallows non alphanumeric keys

  • #2558: unpack error on devhelp builder

  • #2561: Info builder crashes when a footnote contains a link

  • #2565: The descriptions of objects generated by sphinx.ext.autosummary overflow lines at LaTeX writer

  • Extend pdflatex config in sphinx.sty to subparagraphs (ref: #2551)

  • #2445: rst_prolog and rst_epilog affect to non reST sources

  • #2576: sphinx.ext.imgmath crashes if subprocess raises error

  • #2577: sphinx.ext.imgmath: Invalid argument are passed to dvisvgm

  • #2556: Xapian search does not work with Python 3

  • #2581: The search doesn’t work if language=”es” (Spanish)

  • #2382: Adjust spacing after abbreviations on figure numbers in LaTeX writer

  • #2383: The generated footnote by latex_show_urls overflows lines

  • #2497, #2552: The label of search button does not fit for the button itself

Release 1.4.1 (released Apr 12, 2016)

Incompatible changes

  • The default format of today_fmt and html_last_updated_fmt is back to strftime format again. Locale Date Markup Language is also supported for backward compatibility until Sphinx 1.5.


  • Added Welsh translation, thanks to Geraint Palmer.

  • Added Greek translation, thanks to Stelios Vitalis.

  • Added Esperanto translation, thanks to Dinu Gherman.

  • Added Hindi translation, thanks to Purnank H. Ghumalia.

  • Added Romanian translation, thanks to Razvan Stefanescu.

Bugs fixed

  • C++, added support for extern and thread_local.

  • C++, type declarations are now using the prefixes typedef, using, and type, depending on the style of declaration.

  • #2413: C++, fix crash on duplicate declarations

  • #2394: Sphinx crashes when html_last_updated_fmt is invalid

  • #2408: dummy builder not available in Makefile and make.bat

  • #2412: hyperlink targets are broken in LaTeX builder

  • figure directive crashes if non paragraph item is given as caption

  • #2418: time formats no longer allowed in today_fmt

  • #2395: Sphinx crashes if unicode character in image filename

  • #2396: “too many values to unpack” in genindex-single

  • #2405: numref link in PDF jumps to the wrong location

  • #2414: missing number in PDF hyperlinks to code listings

  • #2440: wrong import for gmtime. Thanks to Uwe L. Korn.

Release 1.4 (released Mar 28, 2016)

Incompatible changes

  • Drop PorterStemmer package support. Use PyStemmer instead of PorterStemmer to accelerate stemming.

  • sphinx_rtd_theme has become optional. Please install it manually. Refs #2087, #2086, #1845 and #2097. Thanks to Victor Zverovich.

  • #2231: Use DUrole instead of DUspan for custom roles in LaTeX writer. It enables to take title of roles as an argument of custom macros.

  • #2022: ‘Thumbs.db’ and ‘.DS_Store’ are added to exclude_patterns default values in that will be provided on sphinx-quickstart.

  • #2027, #2208: The html_title accepts string values only. And The None value cannot be accepted.

  • sphinx.ext.graphviz: show graph image in inline by default

  • #2060, #2224: The manpage role now generate sphinx.addnodes.manpage node instead of sphinx.addnodes.literal_emphasis node.

  • #2022: html_extra_path also copies dotfiles in the extra directory, and refers to exclude_patterns to exclude extra files and directories.

  • #2300: enhance autoclass:: to use the docstring of __new__ if __init__ method’s is missing of empty

  • #2251: Previously, under glossary directives, multiple terms for one definition are converted into single term node and the each terms in the term node are separated by termsep node. In new implementation, each terms are converted into individual term nodes and termsep node is removed. By this change, output layout of every builders are changed a bit.

  • The default highlight language is now Python 3. This means that source code is highlighted as Python 3 (which is mostly a superset of Python 2), and no parsing is attempted to distinguish valid code. To get the old behavior back, add highlight_language = "python" to

  • Locale Date Markup Language like "MMMM dd, YYYY" is default format for today_fmt and html_last_updated_fmt. However strftime format like "%B %d, %Y" is also supported for backward compatibility until Sphinx 1.5. Later format will be disabled from Sphinx 1.5.

  • #2327: latex_use_parts is deprecated now. Use latex_toplevel_sectioning instead.

  • #2337: Use \url{URL} macro instead of \href{URL}{URL} in LaTeX writer.

  • #1498: manpage writer: don’t make whole of item in definition list bold if it includes strong node.

  • #582: Remove hint message from quick search box for html output.

  • #2378: Sphinx now bundles newfloat.sty

Features added

  • #2092: add todo directive support in napoleon package.

  • #1962: when adding directives, roles or nodes from an extension, warn if such an element is already present (built-in or added by another extension).

  • #1909: Add “doc” references to Intersphinx inventories.

  • C++ type alias support (e.g., .. type:: T = int).

  • C++ template support for classes, functions, type aliases, and variables (#1729, #1314).

  • C++, added new scope management directives namespace-push and namespace-pop.

  • #1970: Keyboard shortcuts to navigate Next and Previous topics

  • Intersphinx: Added support for fetching Intersphinx inventories with URLs using HTTP basic auth.

  • C++, added support for template parameter in function info field lists.

  • C++, added support for pointers to member (function).

  • #2113: Allow :class: option to code-block directive.

  • #2192: Imgmath (pngmath with svg support).

  • #2200: Support XeTeX and LuaTeX for the LaTeX builder.

  • #1906: Use xcolor over color for fcolorbox where available for LaTeX output.

  • #2216: Texinputs makefile improvements.

  • #2170: Support for Chinese language search index.

  • #2214: Add sphinx.ext.githubpages to publish the docs on GitHub Pages

  • #1030: Make page reference names for latex_show_pagerefs translatable

  • #2162: Add Sphinx.add_source_parser() to add source_suffix and source_parsers from extension

  • #2207: Add sphinx.parsers.Parser class; a base class for new parsers

  • #656: Add graphviz_dot option to graphviz directives to switch the dot command

  • #1939: Added the dummy builder: syntax check without output.

  • #2230: Add math_number_all option to number all displayed math in math extensions

  • #2235: needs_sphinx supports micro version comparison

  • #2282: Add “language” attribute to html tag in the “basic” theme

  • #1779: Add EPUB 3 builder

  • #1751: Add todo_link_only to avoid file path and line indication on todolist. Thanks to Francesco Montesano.

  • #2199: Use imagesize package to obtain size of images.

  • #1099: Add configurable retries to the linkcheck builder. Thanks to Alex Gaynor. Also don’t check anchors starting with !.

  • #2300: enhance autoclass:: to use the docstring of __new__ if __init__ method’s is missing of empty

  • #1858: Add Sphinx.add_enumerable_node() to add enumerable nodes for numfig feature

  • #1286, #2099: Add sphinx.ext.autosectionlabel extension to allow reference sections using its title. Thanks to Tadhg O’Higgins.

  • #1854: Allow to choose Janome for Japanese splitter.

  • #1853: support custom text splitter on html search with language='ja'.

  • #2320: classifier of glossary terms can be used for index entries grouping key The classifier also be used for translation. See also Glossary.

  • #2308: Define \tablecontinued macro to redefine the style of continued label for longtables.

  • Select an image by similarity if multiple images are globbed by .. image:: filename.*

  • #1921: Support figure substitutions by language and figure_language_filename

  • #2245: Add latex_elements["passoptionstopackages"] option to call PassOptionsToPackages in early stage of preambles.

  • #2340: Math extension: support alignment of multiple equations for MathJax.

  • #2338: Define \titleref macro to redefine the style of title-reference roles.

  • Define \menuselection and \accelerator macros to redefine the style of menuselection roles.

  • Define \crossref macro to redefine the style of references

  • #2301: Texts in the classic html theme should be hyphenated.

  • #2355: Define \termref macro to redefine the style of term roles.

  • Add suppress_warnings to suppress arbitrary warning message (experimental)

  • #2229: Fix no warning is given for unknown options

  • #2327: Add latex_toplevel_sectioning to switch the top level sectioning of LaTeX document.

Bugs fixed

  • #1913: C++, fix assert bug for enumerators in next-to-global and global scope.

  • C++, fix parsing of ‘signed char’ and ‘unsigned char’ as types.

  • C++, add missing support for ‘friend’ functions.

  • C++, add missing support for virtual base classes (thanks to Rapptz).

  • C++, add support for final classes.

  • C++, fix parsing of types prefixed with ‘enum’.

  • #2023: Dutch search support uses Danish stemming info.

  • C++, add support for user-defined literals.

  • #1804: Now html output wraps overflowed long-line-text in the sidebar. Thanks to Hassen ben tanfous.

  • #2183: Fix porterstemmer causes make json to fail.

  • #1899: Ensure list is sent to OptParse.

  • #2164: Fix wrong check for pdftex inside sphinx.sty (for graphicx package option).

  • #2165, #2218: Remove faulty and non-need conditional from sphinx.sty.

  • Fix broken LaTeX code is generated if unknown language is given

  • #1944: Fix rst_prolog breaks file-wide metadata

  • #2074: make gettext should use canonical relative paths for .pot. Thanks to anatoly techtonik.

  • #2311: Fix sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram raises AttributeError

  • #2251: Line breaks in .rst files are transferred to .pot files in a wrong way.

  • #794: Fix date formatting in latex output is not localized

  • Remove image/gif from supported_image_types of LaTeX writer (#2272)

  • Fix ValueError is raised if LANGUAGE is empty string

  • Fix unpack warning is shown when the directives generated from Sphinx.add_crossref_type is used

  • The default highlight language is now default. This means that source code is highlighted as Python 3 (which is mostly a superset of Python 2) if possible. To get the old behavior back, add highlight_language = "python" to

  • #2329: Refresh environment forcedly if source directory has changed.

  • #2331: Fix code-blocks are filled by block in dvi; remove xcdraw option from xcolor package

  • Fix the confval type checker emits warnings if unicode is given to confvals which expects string value

  • #2360: Fix numref in LaTeX output is broken

  • #2361: Fix additional paragraphs inside the “compound” directive are indented

  • #2364: Fix KeyError ‘rootSymbol’ on Sphinx upgrade from older version.

  • #2348: Move amsmath and amssymb to before fontpkg on LaTeX writer.

  • #2368: Ignore emacs lock files like .#foo.rst by default.

  • #2262: literal_block and its caption has been separated by pagebreak in LaTeX output.

  • #2319: Fix table counter is overridden by code-block’s in LaTeX. Thanks to jfbu.

  • Fix unpack warning if combined with 3rd party domain extensions.

  • #1153: Fix figures in sidebar causes latex build error.

  • #2358: Fix user-preamble could not override the tocdepth definition.

  • #2358: Reduce tocdepth if part or chapter is used for top_sectionlevel

  • #2351: Fix footnote spacing

  • #2363: Fix toctree() in templates generates broken links in SingleHTMLBuilder.

  • #2366: Fix empty hyperref is generated on toctree in HTML builder.


Release 1.3.6 (released Feb 29, 2016)

Features added

  • #1873, #1876, #2278: Add page_source_suffix html context variable. This should be introduced with source_parsers feature. Thanks for Eric Holscher.

Bugs fixed

  • #2265: Fix babel is used in spite of disabling it on latex_elements

  • #2295: Avoid mutating dictionary errors while enumerating members in autodoc with Python 3

  • #2291: Fix pdflatex “Counter too large” error from footnotes inside tables of contents

  • #2292: Fix some footnotes disappear from LaTeX output

  • #2287: sphinx.transforms.Locale always uses rst parser. Sphinx i18n feature should support parsers that specified source_parsers.

  • #2290: Fix sphinx.ext.mathbase use of amsfonts may break user choice of math fonts

  • #2324: Print a hint how to increase the recursion limit when it is hit.

  • #1565, #2229: Revert new warning; the new warning will be triggered from version 1.4 on.

  • #2329: Refresh environment forcedly if source directory has changed.

  • #2019: Fix the domain objects in search result are not escaped

Release 1.3.5 (released Jan 24, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • Fix line numbers was not shown on warnings in LaTeX and texinfo builders

  • Fix filenames were not shown on warnings of citations

  • Fix line numbers was not shown on warnings in LaTeX and texinfo builders

  • Fix line numbers was not shown on warnings of indices

  • #2026: Fix LaTeX builder raises error if parsed-literal includes links

  • #2243: Ignore strange docstring types for classes, do not crash

  • #2247: Fix #2205 breaks make html for definition list with classifiers that contains regular-expression like string

  • #1565: Sphinx will now emit a warning that highlighting was skipped if the syntax is incorrect for code-block, literalinclude and so on.

  • #2211: Fix paragraphs in table cell doesn’t work in Latex output

  • #2253: :pyobject: option of literalinclude directive can’t detect indented body block when the block starts with blank or comment lines.

  • Fix TOC is not shown when no :maxdepth: for toctrees (ref: #771)

  • Fix warning message for :numref: if target is in orphaned doc (ref: #2244)

Release 1.3.4 (released Jan 12, 2016)

Bugs fixed

  • #2134: Fix figure caption with reference causes latex build error

  • #2094: Fix rubric with reference not working in Latex

  • #2147: Fix literalinclude code in latex does not break in pages

  • #1833: Fix email addresses is showed again if latex_show_urls is not None

  • #2176: sphinx.ext.graphviz: use <object> instead of <img> to embed svg

  • #967: Fix SVG inheritance diagram is not hyperlinked (clickable)

  • #1237: Fix footnotes not working in definition list in LaTeX

  • #2168: Fix raw directive does not work for text writer

  • #2171: Fix cannot linkcheck url with unicode

  • #2182: LaTeX: support image file names with more than 1 dots

  • #2189: Fix previous sibling link for first file in subdirectory uses last file, not intended previous from root toctree

  • #2003: Fix decode error under python2 (only) when make linkcheck is run

  • #2186: Fix LaTeX output of mathbb in math

  • #1480, #2188: LaTeX: Support math in section titles

  • #2071: Fix same footnote in more than two section titles => LaTeX/PDF Bug

  • #2040: Fix UnicodeDecodeError in sphinx-apidoc when author contains non-ascii characters

  • #2193: Fix shutil.SameFileError if source directory and destination directory are same

  • #2178: Fix unparsable C++ cross-reference when referencing a function with :cpp:any:

  • #2206: Fix Sphinx latex doc build failed due to a footnotes

  • #2201: Fix wrong table caption for tables with over 30 rows

  • #2213: Set <blockquote> in the classic theme to fit with <p>

  • #1815: Fix linkcheck does not raise an exception if warniserror set to true and link is broken

  • #2197: Fix slightly cryptic error message for missing index.rst file

  • #1894: Unlisted phony targets in quickstart Makefile

  • #2125: Fix unifies behavior of collapsed fields (GroupedField and TypedField)

  • #1408: Check latex_logo validity before copying

  • #771: Fix latex output doesn’t set tocdepth

  • #1820: On Windows, console coloring is broken with colorama version 0.3.3. Now sphinx use colorama>=0.3.5 to avoid this problem.

  • #2072: Fix footnotes in chapter-titles do not appear in PDF output

  • #1580: Fix paragraphs in longtable don’t work in Latex output

  • #1366: Fix centered image not centered in latex

  • #1860: Fix man page using :samp: with braces - font doesn’t reset

  • #1610: Sphinx crashes in Japanese indexing in some systems

  • Fix Sphinx crashes if mecab initialization failed

  • #2160: Fix broken TOC of PDFs if section includes an image

  • #2172: Fix dysfunctional admonition \py@lightbox in sphinx.sty. Thanks to jfbu.

  • #2198,`#2205 <>`_: make gettext generate broken msgid for definition lists.

  • #2062: Escape characters in doctests are treated incorrectly with Python 2.

  • #2225: Fix if the option does not begin with dash, linking is not performed

  • #2226: Fix math is not HTML-encoded when :nowrap: is given (jsmath, mathjax)

  • #1601, #2220: ‘any’ role breaks extended domains behavior. Affected extensions doesn’t support resolve_any_xref and resolve_xref returns problematic node instead of None. sphinxcontrib-httpdomain is one of them.

  • #2229: Fix no warning is given for unknown options

Release 1.3.3 (released Dec 2, 2015)

Bugs fixed

  • #2177: Fix parallel hangs

  • #2012: Fix exception occurred if numfig_format is invalid

  • #2142: Provide non-minified JS code in sphinx/search/non-minified-js/*.js for source distribution on PyPI.

  • #2148: Error while building devhelp target with non-ASCII document.

Release 1.3.2 (released Nov 29, 2015)

Features added

  • #1935: Make “numfig_format” overridable in latex_elements.

Bugs fixed

  • #1976: Avoid “2.0” version of Babel because it doesn’t work with Windows environment.

  • Add a “default.css” stylesheet (which imports “classic.css”) for compatibility

  • #1788: graphviz extension raises exception when caption option is present.

  • #1789: :pyobject: option of literalinclude directive includes following lines after class definitions

  • #1790: literalinclude strips empty lines at the head and tail

  • #1802: load plugin themes automatically when theme.conf use it as ‘inherit’. Thanks to Takayuki Hirai.

  • #1794: custom theme extended from alabaster or sphinx_rtd_theme can’t find base theme.

  • #1834: compatibility for docutils-0.13: handle_io_errors keyword argument for cause TypeError.

  • #1823: ‘.’ as <module_path> for sphinx-apidoc cause an unfriendly error. Now ‘.’ is converted to absolute path automatically.

  • Fix a crash when setting up extensions which do not support metadata.

  • #1784: Provide non-minified JS code in sphinx/search/non-minified-js/*.js

  • #1822, #1892: Fix regression for #1061. autosummary can’t generate doc for imported members since Sphinx 1.3b3. Thanks to Eric Larson.

  • #1793, #1819: “see also” misses a linebreak in text output. Thanks to Takayuki Hirai.

  • #1780, #1866: “make text” shows “class” keyword twice. Thanks to Takayuki Hirai.

  • #1871: Fix for LaTeX output of tables with one column and multirows.

  • Work around the lack of the HTMLParserError exception in Python 3.5.

  • #1949: Use safe_getattr in the coverage builder to avoid aborting with descriptors that have custom behavior.

  • #1915: Do not generate smart quotes in doc field type annotations.

  • #1796: On py3, automated .mo building caused UnicodeDecodeError.

  • #1923: Use babel features only if the babel latex element is nonempty.

  • #1942: Fix a KeyError in websupport.

  • #1903: Fix strange id generation for glossary terms.

  • make text will crush if a definition list item has more than 1 classifiers as: term : classifier1 : classifier2.

  • #1855: make gettext generates broken po file for definition lists with classifier.

  • #1869: Fix problems when dealing with files containing non-ASCII characters. Thanks to Marvin Schmidt.

  • #1798: Fix building LaTeX with references in titles.

  • #1725: On py2 environment, doctest with using non-ASCII characters causes 'ascii' codec can't decode byte exception.

  • #1540: Fix RuntimeError with circular referenced toctree

  • #1983: i18n translation feature breaks references which uses section name.

  • #1990: Use caption of toctree to title of tableofcontents in LaTeX

  • #1987: Fix ampersand is ignored in :menuselection: and :guilabel: on LaTeX builder

  • #1994: More supporting non-standard parser (like recommonmark parser) for Translation and WebSupport feature. Now node.rawsource is fall backed to node.astext() during docutils transforming.

  • #1989: “make blahblah” on Windows indicate help messages for sphinx-build every time. It was caused by wrong make.bat that generated by Sphinx 1.3.0/1.3.1.

  • On Py2 environment, that is generated by sphinx-quickstart should have u prefixed config value for ‘version’ and ‘release’.

  • #2102: On Windows + Py3, using |today| and non-ASCII date format will raise UnicodeEncodeError.

  • #1974: UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘domain’ referenced before assignment when using any role and sphinx.ext.intersphinx in same time.

  • #2121: multiple words search doesn’t find pages when words across on the page title and the page content.

  • #1884, #1885: plug-in html themes cannot inherit another plug-in theme. Thanks to Suzumizaki.

  • #1818: sphinx.ext.todo directive generates broken html class attribute as ‘admonition-’ when language is specified with non-ASCII linguistic area like ‘ru’ or ‘ja’. To fix this, now todo directive can use :class: option.

  • #2140: Fix footnotes in table has broken in LaTeX

  • #2127: MecabBinder for html searching feature doesn’t work with Python 3. Thanks to Tomoko Uchida.

Release 1.3.1 (released Mar 17, 2015)

Bugs fixed

  • #1769: allows generating quickstart files/dirs for destination dir that doesn’t overwrite existent files/dirs. Thanks to WAKAYAMA shirou.

  • #1773: sphinx-quickstart doesn’t accept non-ASCII character as a option argument.

  • #1766: the message “least Python 2.6 to run” is at best misleading.

  • #1772: cross reference in docstrings like :param .write: breaks building.

  • #1770, #1774: literalinclude with empty file occurs exception. Thanks to Takayuki Hirai.

  • #1777: Sphinx 1.3 can’t load extra theme. Thanks to tell-k.

  • #1776: source_suffix = ['.rst'] cause unfriendly error on prior version.

  • #1771: automated .mo building doesn’t work properly.

  • #1783: Autodoc: Python2 Allow unicode string in __all__. Thanks to Jens Hedegaard Nielsen.

  • #1781: Setting html_domain_indices to a list raises a type check warnings.

Release 1.3 (released Mar 10, 2015)

Incompatible changes

  • Roles ref, term and menusel now don’t generate emphasis nodes anymore. If you want to keep italic style, adapt your stylesheet.

  • Role numref uses %s as special character to indicate position of figure numbers instead # symbol.

Features added

  • Add convenience directives and roles to the C++ domain: directive cpp:var as alias for cpp:member, role :cpp:var as alias for :cpp:member, and role any for cross-reference to any C++ declaraction. #1577, #1744

  • The source_suffix config value can now be a list of multiple suffixes.

  • Add the ability to specify source parsers by source suffix with the source_parsers config value.

  • #1675: A new builder, AppleHelpBuilder, has been added that builds Apple Help Books.

Bugs fixed

  • 1.3b3 change breaks a previous gettext output that contains duplicated msgid such as “foo bar” and “version changes in 1.3: foo bar”.

  • #1745: latex builder cause maximum recursion depth exceeded when a footnote has a footnote mark itself.

  • #1748: SyntaxError in sphinx/ext/ with Python 2.6.

  • #1658, #1750: No link created (and warning given) if option does not begin with -, / or +. Thanks to Takayuki Hirai.

  • #1753: C++, added missing support for more complex declarations.

  • #1700: Add :caption: option for toctree.

  • #1742: :name: option is provided for toctree, code-block and literalinclude directives.

  • #1756: Incorrect section titles in search that was introduced from 1.3b3.

  • #1746: C++, fixed name lookup procedure, and added missing lookups in declarations.

  • #1765: C++, fix old id generation to use fully qualified names.


  • #1651: Add vartype field description for python domain.

Release 1.3b3 (released Feb 24, 2015)

Incompatible changes

Features added

  • #1346: Add new default theme;

    • Add ‘alabaster’ theme.

    • Add ‘sphinx_rtd_theme’ theme.

    • The ‘default’ html theme has been renamed to ‘classic’. ‘default’ is still available, however it will emit notice a recommendation that using new ‘alabaster’ theme.

  • Added highlight_options configuration value.

  • The language config value is now available in the HTML templates.

  • The env-updated event can now return a value, which is interpreted as an iterable of additional docnames that need to be rewritten.

  • #772: Support for scoped and unscoped enums in C++. Enumerators in unscoped enums are injected into the parent scope in addition to the enum scope.

  • Add todo_include_todos config option to quickstart conf file, handled as described in documentation.

  • HTML breadcrumb items tag has class “nav-item” and “nav-item-N” (like nav-item-0, 1, 2…).

  • New option sphinx-quickstart --use-make-mode for generating Makefile that use sphinx-build make-mode.

  • #1235: i18n: several node can be translated if it is set to gettext_additional_targets in Supported nodes are:

    • ‘literal-block’

    • ‘doctest-block’

    • ‘raw’

    • ‘image’

  • #1227: Add html_scaled_image_link config option to, to control scaled image link.

Bugs fixed

  • LaTeX writer now generates correct markup for cells spanning multiple rows.

  • #1674: Do not crash if a module’s __all__ is not a list of strings.

  • #1629: Use VerbatimBorderColor to add frame to code-block in LaTeX

  • On windows, make-mode didn’t work on Win32 platform if sphinx was invoked as python

  • #1687: linkcheck now treats 401 Unauthorized responses as “working”.

  • #1690: toctrees with glob option now can also contain entries for single documents with explicit title.

  • #1591: html search results for C++ elements now has correct interpage links.

  • bizstyle theme: nested long title pages make long breadcrumb that breaks page layout.

  • bizstyle theme: all breadcrumb items become ‘Top’ on some mobile browser (iPhone5s safari).

  • #1722: restore toctree() template function behavior that was changed at 1.3b1.

  • #1732: i18n: localized table caption raises exception.

  • #1718: :numref: does not work with capital letters in the label

  • #1630: resolve CSS conflicts, div.container css target for literal block wrapper now renamed to div.literal-block-wrapper.

  • sphinx.util.pycompat has been restored in its backwards-compatibility; slated for removal in Sphinx 1.4.

  • #1719: LaTeX writer does not respect numref_format option in captions

Release 1.3b2 (released Dec 5, 2014)

Incompatible changes

  • update bundled for setuptools-7.0 that requires Python 2.6 or later.

Features added

  • #1597: Added possibility to return a new template name from html-page-context.

  • PR#314, #1150: Configuration values are now checked for their type. A warning is raised if the configured and the default value do not have the same type and do not share a common non-trivial base class.

Bugs fixed

  • PR#311: sphinx-quickstart does not work on python 3.4.

  • Fix autodoc_docstring_signature not working with signatures in class docstrings.

  • Rebuilding cause crash unexpectedly when source files were added.

  • #1607: Fix a crash when building latexpdf with “howto” class

  • #1251: Fix again. Sections which depth are lower than :tocdepth: should not be shown on localtoc sidebar.

  • make-mode didn’t work on Win32 platform if sphinx was installed by wheel package.

Release 1.3b1 (released Oct 10, 2014)

Incompatible changes

  • Dropped support for Python 2.5, 3.1 and 3.2.

  • Dropped support for docutils versions up to 0.9.

  • Removed the sphinx.ext.oldcmarkup extension.

  • The deprecated config values exclude_trees, exclude_dirnames and unused_docs have been removed.

  • A new node, sphinx.addnodes.literal_strong, has been added, for text that should appear literally (i.e. no smart quotes) in strong font. Custom writers will have to be adapted to handle this node.

  • PR#269, #1476: replace <tt> tag by <code>. User customized stylesheets should be updated If the css contain some styles for tt> tag. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • #1543: templates_path is automatically added to exclude_patterns to avoid reading autosummary rst templates in the templates directory.

  • Custom domains should implement the new Domain.resolve_any_xref method to make the any role work properly.

  • gettext builder: gettext doesn’t emit uuid information to generated pot files by default. Please set True to gettext_uuid to emit uuid information. Additionally, if the python-levenshtein 3rd-party package is installed, it will improve the calculation time.

  • gettext builder: disable extracting/apply ‘index’ node by default. Please set ‘index’ to gettext_enables to enable extracting index entries.

  • PR#307: Add frame to code-block in LaTeX. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

Features added

  • Add support for Python 3.4.

  • Add support for docutils 0.12

  • Added sphinx.ext.napoleon extension for NumPy and Google style docstring support.

  • Added support for parallel reading (parsing) of source files with the sphinx-build -j option. Third-party extensions will need to be checked for compatibility and may need to be adapted if they store information in the build environment object. See env-merge-info.

  • Added the any role that can be used to find a cross-reference of any type in any domain. Custom domains should implement the new Domain.resolve_any_xref method to make this work properly.

  • Exception logs now contain the last 10 messages emitted by Sphinx.

  • Added support for extension versions (a string returned by setup(), these can be shown in the traceback log files). Version requirements for extensions can be specified in projects using the new needs_extensions config value.

  • Changing the default role within a document with the default-role directive is now supported.

  • PR#214: Added stemming support for 14 languages, so that the built-in document search can now handle these. Thanks to Shibukawa Yoshiki.

  • PR#296, PR#303, #76: numfig feature: Assign numbers to figures, tables and code-blocks. This feature is configured with numfig, numfig_secnum_depth and numfig_format. Also numref role is available. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#202: Allow “.” and “~” prefixed references in :param: doc fields for Python.

  • PR#184: Add autodoc_mock_imports, allowing to mock imports of external modules that need not be present when autodocumenting.

  • #925: Allow list-typed config values to be provided on the command line, like -D key=val1,val2.

  • #668: Allow line numbering of code-block and literalinclude directives to start at an arbitrary line number, with a new lineno-start option.

  • PR#172, PR#266: The code-block and literalinclude directives now can have a caption option that shows a filename before the code in the output. Thanks to Nasimul Haque, Takeshi Komiya.

  • Prompt for the document language in sphinx-quickstart.

  • PR#217: Added config values to suppress UUID and location information in generated gettext catalogs.

  • PR#236, #1456: apidoc: Add a -M option to put module documentation before submodule documentation. Thanks to Wes Turner and Luc Saffre.

  • #1434: Provide non-minified JS files for jquery.js and underscore.js to clarify the source of the minified files.

  • PR#252, #1291: Windows color console support. Thanks to meu31.

  • PR#255: When generating latex references, also insert latex target/anchor for the ids defined on the node. Thanks to Olivier Heurtier.

  • PR#229: Allow registration of other translators. Thanks to Russell Sim.

  • Add app.set_translator() API to register or override a Docutils translator class like html_translator_class.

  • PR#267, #1134: add ‘diff’ parameter to literalinclude. Thanks to Richard Wall and WAKAYAMA shirou.

  • PR#272: Added ‘bizstyle’ theme. Thanks to Shoji KUMAGAI.

  • Automatically compile *.mo files from *.po files when gettext_auto_build is True (default) and *.po is newer than *.mo file.

  • #623: sphinx.ext.viewcode supports imported function/class aliases.

  • PR#275: sphinx.ext.intersphinx supports multiple target for the inventory. Thanks to Brigitta Sipocz.

  • PR#261: Added the env-before-read-docs event that can be connected to modify the order of documents before they are read by the environment.

  • #1284: Program options documented with option can now start with +.

  • PR#291: The caption of code-block is recognized as a title of ref target. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#298: Add new API: add_latex_package(). Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • #1344: add gettext_enables to enable extracting ‘index’ to gettext catalog output / applying translation catalog to generated documentation.

  • PR#301, #1583: Allow the line numbering of the directive literalinclude to match that of the included file, using a new lineno-match option. Thanks to Jeppe Pihl.

  • PR#299: add various options to sphinx-quickstart. Quiet mode option --quiet will skips wizard mode. Thanks to WAKAYAMA shirou.

  • #1623: Return types specified with :rtype: are now turned into links if possible.

Bugs fixed

  • #1438: Updated jQuery version from 1.8.3 to 1.11.1.

  • #1568: Fix a crash when a “centered” directive contains a reference.

  • Now sphinx.ext.autodoc works with python-2.5 again.

  • #1563: add_search_language() raises AssertionError for correct type of argument. Thanks to rikoman.

  • #1174: Fix smart quotes being applied inside roles like program or makevar.

  • PR#235: comment db schema of websupport lacked a length of the node_id field. Thanks to solos.

  • #1466,`PR#241 <>`_: Fix failure of the cpp domain parser to parse C+11 “variadic templates” declarations. Thanks to Victor Zverovich.

  • #1459,`PR#244 <>`_: Fix default mathjax js path point to http:// that cause mixed-content error on HTTPS server. Thanks to sbrandtb and robo9k.

  • PR#157: autodoc remove spurious signatures from @property decorated attributes. Thanks to David Ham.

  • PR#159: Add coverage targets to quickstart generated Makefile and make.bat. Thanks to Matthias Troffaes.

  • #1251: When specifying toctree :numbered: option and :tocdepth: metadata, sub section number that is larger depth than :tocdepth: is shrunk.

  • PR#260: Encode underscore in citation labels for latex export. Thanks to Lennart Fricke.

  • PR#264: Fix could not resolve xref for figure node with :name: option. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#265: Fix could not capture caption of graphviz node by xref. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#263, #1013, #1103: Rewrite of C++ domain. Thanks to Jakob Lykke Andersen.

    • Hyperlinks to all found nested names and template arguments (#1103).

    • Support for function types everywhere, e.g., in std::function<bool(int, int)> (#1013).

    • Support for virtual functions.

    • Changed interpretation of function arguments to following standard prototype declarations, i.e., void f(arg) means that arg is the type of the argument, instead of it being the name.

    • Updated tests.

    • Updated documentation with elaborate description of what declarations are supported and how the namespace declarations influence declaration and cross-reference lookup.

    • Index names may be different now. Elements are indexed by their fully qualified name. It should be rather easy to change this behaviour and potentially index by namespaces/classes as well.

  • PR#258, #939: Add dedent option for code-block and literalinclude. Thanks to Zafar Siddiqui.

  • PR#268: Fix numbering section does not work at singlehtml mode. It still ad-hoc fix because there is a issue that section IDs are conflicted. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#273, #1536: Fix RuntimeError with numbered circular toctree. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#274: Set its URL as a default title value if URL appears in toctree. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#276, #1381: rfc and pep roles support custom link text. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#277, #1513: highlights for function pointers in argument list of c:function. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#278: Fix section entries were shown twice if toctree has been put under only directive. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • #1547: pgen2 tokenizer doesn’t recognize ... literal (Ellipsis for py3).

  • PR#294: On LaTeX builder, wrap float environment on writing literal_block to avoid separation of caption and body. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • PR#295, #1520: make.bat latexpdf mechanism to cd back to the current directory. Thanks to Peter Suter.

  • PR#297, #1571: Add imgpath property to all builders. It make easier to develop builder extensions. Thanks to Takeshi Komiya.

  • #1584: Point to master doc in HTML “top” link.

  • #1585: Autosummary of modules broken in Sphinx 1.2.3.

  • #1610: Sphinx cause AttributeError when MeCab search option is enabled and python-mecab is not installed.

  • #1674: Do not crash if a module’s __all__ is not a list of strings.

  • #1673: Fix crashes with nitpick_ignore and :doc: references.

  • #1686: ifconfig directive doesn’t care about default config values.

  • #1642: Fix only one search result appearing in Chrome.


  • Add clarification about the syntax of tags. (doc/markup/misc.rst)

Release 1.2.3 (released Sep 1, 2014)

Features added