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PX at Daresbury 

PX experiments at Daresbury are performed using the high energy X-rays from the Synchrotron Radiation Source.  The PX Staff supports five experimental Stations : 7.2, 9.6, 10.1, 14.1 and 14.2 for Users, as well as undertaking their own Research Projects.

College of Biology and Medicine

The PX staff and facilities form part of the College of Biology and Medicine, which is a multidisciplinary team of scientists who are working on biological and medical problems, while exploiting the unique properties of the SRS.


In addition to the PX facilities, a Structural Biology Laboratory (SBL) is available for users to prepare their samples immediately before their allocated beamtime. 


The Collaborative Computing Project Number 4 (CCP4)  is administered from Daresbury Laboratory.  CCP4 supports an integrated suite of programs for protein crystallography.


Latest News of Interest to PX Users

Status of the 5 PX Stations - as of 31st January 2005

The station is no longer scheduled for users (since March 2000) but remains operational, with a MAR-345 image plate. 7.2 is used for testing new developments, such as the DNA software and new automation hardware. Steven Buffey is station manager of 7.2.


The station is operating with an ADSC Quantum 4U CCD detector. 9.6 will be closed to users during AP44 (April-September 2005) for upgrade to microfocus capability. Richard Strange is the station manager; Pierre Rizkallah is the deputy


The PX/EXAFS capabilities of the station have been successfully demonstrated and several structures have been solved during AP42 and AP43. The station is available part-time for users in AP43 (October 2004 - March 2005). The station manager is Michele Cianci and the deputy is Mark Ellis.


Fluorescence detectors and software were installed and commissioned in early 2004. 14.1 is now available for MAD experiments at both the Ni-edge (1.488 Å) and the Se-edge (0.979 Å). Mike Macdonald is the station manager; Rob Kehoe is deputy.


The station operates with an ACTOR system for automated mounting, centring and screening of samples with new control software (PXGEN++) and automatic processing software (DNA). Rob Kehoe is the station manager; James Nicholson is the deputy.

Complete up-to-date station manuals and schedules are available.

PX User Support

In October 2004 Mark Ellis joined the PX user support staff.

User support on the four heavily subscribed PX stations (9.6, 10.1, 14.1 & 14.2) is provided by the seven PX station scientists using a rota system. Cover for evenings and weekends will be provided as before with the station managers and deputies contactable via the main control room. Further details - User Support Rota

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