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Staff Supporting the Protein Crystallography Facilities

Staff Supporting the Protein Crystallography Facilities

(alphabetical list)

Name Job Description Extension Bleep Room
Karen Ackroyd Software Engineer 3580 C5
Mike Bailey Mechanical Engineer & Station Deputy 7.2 3904* 438 S6
Rod Birchall Mechanical Engineer 3597 305 EH7
Steve Buffey Automation Project Manager & Station Manager 7.2 3418* 385 C14
Mike Cianci Station Manager 10.1 3658 509 C31
John Cowan BioXHIT Development Scientist 3817   B5
Mark Ellis Station Deputy 10.1 3590 C31
Tony Fordham-Skelton SBL Molecular Biologist 3927 SBL3
Theonie Georgiou SBL Manager 3908 SBL3
Theresa Hillon SBL Technician 3107 SBL3
Rob Kehoe Station Manager 14.2 & Deputy 14.1 3626 383 B43
Steve Kinder Software Engineer 3350 339 C6
Dave Love Scientific Programmer 3357 C16
Mike MacDonald Station Manager 14.1 3627 314 B5
Colin Nave e-htpx coordinator 3265 B65a
James Nicholson Operations Manager & Station Deputy 14.2 3905* B43
Miroslav Papiz Head of BioMed College 3388 386 B5
Pierre Rizkallah Station Deputy 9.6 3808 343 B12
Richard Strange Station Manager 9.6 3441 C27
Martyn Winn CCP4 Group Leader 3455 SBL4


* Automatic transfer to mobile if there is no answer on office extension

The above named individuals may be contacted by email to:, and by phone on (+44) 01925-60-ext.

Personnel who cannot be contacted on their normal extension by phone, can be contacted through the pager (bleep) system. First dial 73, listen to the instructions, choose 1 then dial the pager number you need, then dial the extension number you are ringing from followed by #, put the receiver down.


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