Station Scientist

Richard Strange

Telephone:phone+44 (0)1925 603441
Deputy Station Scientist

Pierre Rizkallah

Telephone:phone+44 (0)1925 603808
Telephone:phonepager 343
Station Telephone

Telephone:phone +44(0)1925 603243
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High resolution protein crystallography

Functional Description

Station 9.6 is situated on Wiggler line 9 and provides a high intensity focused monochromatic X-ray beam at a fixed wavelength of 0.87 Å. The station is routinely used for high quality protein crystallography data collection.

Technical Description

Station 9.6 optics are comprised of a vertically focussing Rh coated Si mirror and a triangular single crystal Si monochromator. The mirror is located at around 9 metres from the source and focuses the beam 11 metres downstream onto the monochromator. The Si(111) reflection from the asymmetrically cut monochromator is used in 7:1 compression geometry to produce high brightness X-rays of wavelength 0.87 Å. This is close to the peak of the Wiggler output of 0.9 Å. The monochromator is bent cylindrically focusing in the horizontal plane to a point 2 meters further downstream at the sample position. The size of the beam at the focus is 0.5 x 0.3 mm H x V but this is usually defined to 0.2 x 0.2 mm by the pre-sample slits.

A MAR rotation camera with pre-shutter ion chambers, collimating slits, adjustable backstop and crystal viewing camera is used in conjunction with an ADSC Quantum-4 CCD detector for data collection. The crystal to detector distance can be varied from around 100 to 640 mm allowing data with resolution ranging from just under 1 Å upwards to be collected with excellent spot resolution, even for large unit cells. The station is equipped with a 100K cryojet cooler.


The Mar-supplied ion chamber is expected to read between 20 and 30 on a gain setting of 1, when the storage ring current is around 200 mA. Typical exposure times for data collection range from tens of seconds up to about 1 minute.




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