IAU Division III

Planetary System Sciences

Sciences du Systeme Planetaire

Commissions of the Division

IAU Division III is composed of six commissions, all of which are related, at lest in part and in one way or another to the study of things in orbit around the sun or around other stars - planets and life thereon, comets, asteroids, zodiacal dust (and related sky background), etc. You can contact the individual commissions by following the email links to the presidents of the commissions, or in the case of commissions that have their own web pages you can follow the links to their web pages.

Commission 15: Physical Study of Comets, Minor Planets, and Meteorites/L'Etude Physique des Cometes, des Petites Planetes et des Meteorites. President, Vincenzo Zappalá.

Commission 16: L'Etude Physique des Planetes et des Satellites/Physical Studies of Planets and Satellites. President, Catherine de Bergh.

Commission 20: Positions and Motions of Minor Planets, Comets, and Satellites/Positions et Mouvements des Petites Planetes, des Cometes, et des Satellites. President, Hans Rickman.

Commission 21: Lumiere du Ciel Nocturne/The Light of the Night Sky. President, Stuart Bowyer.

Commission 22: Meteors and Interplanetary Dust/Meteors et la Poissiere Interplanetaire. President, W. Jack Baggaley.

Commission 51: Bioastronomie/Bioastronomy. President, F. R. Colomb.

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