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2001 Census - Consultation

We want to know your data needs


Statistics Canada invites you to participate in the consultation regarding the content of the 2001 Census.

The goal of this consultation is to ensure that Statistics Canada takes account of emerging social and economic issues and, where appropriate, uses the census and post-censal survey information to shed light on these issues.

Planning a census begins well before Census Day. For Canada’s census to be useful, it must reflect Canadians' information needs. This is why before each census, Statistics Canada asks data users and other interested parties across Canada what type of census and post censal survey information they need.

You Can Participate!

Anyone can participate in the consultation. Listed below are just a few of the interested parties which have participated in the census consultation in the past.
  • all levels of government
  • school boards
  • the private sector
  • associations and community groups
  • academics
  • consultants and researchers
  • the general public

Helping You Prepare Your Ideas and Suggestions

If you would like more information on census content before preparing a submission of your ideas and suggestions, consul the 2001 Census Consultation Guide. Examine the guide on-line, or download those sections that pertain to your submission. Each chapter of the guide focuses on a particular census theme, and presents topics such as major social policy issues for the 21st century, points for discussion and a comparison of the census and alternative sources of data.

To help you prepare your ideas and suggestions on suitable topics for potential post-censal surveys, please refer to the chapter of the guide on post-censal surveys.

To help you in respond to the geography questions raised in the guide, additional information is provided in the 2001 Census Consultation Geography Supplement.

How to Provide Your Views

Comments or proposals on the content of the 2001 Census should be submitted in writing to the address below before  March 31, 1998.

Submissions regarding geographic issues should be submitted before September 30, 1997, since it si necessary to establish a geographic infrastructure early in the census cycle.

Finally, your ideas and suggestions regarding suitable topics for post-censal surveys should be submitted before December 30, 1997.

By mail:

Pamela White
2001 Census Content Determination Project
Statistics Canada
3-B4 Jean Talon Building
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario
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