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Various FAQs regarding the great man, his demesnes, and his hangers-on. Some of this is official propaganda from Straight Dope World Headquarters, and some of it was put together by amateur Cecil watchers. I advise that information from all quarters be taken with a grain of salt.

FileMaintainer or ProviderDescription
Who is this man called Cecil Adams?OfficialThe official Cecil Adams FAQ. Alarming disinformation or a rare view behind the scenes? You make the call. FAQj.b. DiGrizThe official FAQ for, this is a good source of all the juicy gossip Cecil doesn't want you to know.
Slug Signorino FAQOfficialThe low-down on Slug Signorino, Cecil's long-time illustrator.
AOL Announcement in a.f.c-aOfficialA post by Ed Zotti to announcing that the Straight Dope would be available on AOL. Explains the whole start-up from a 'net perspective.
Newspapers that carry the Straight DopeOfficialThe official list of subscribing papers.
The Straight Dope is on TV!OfficialThe press release announcing the debut of the TV show.
Questions Cecil Refuses to AnswerOfficialIdiotic questions that repeatedly crop up on AOL and a.f.c-a. Allow me to unofficially add questions about words ending in "-gry" and about glass flowing to the list.

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