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See what YOU can do to save the Straight Dope TV show!


The list of Newspapers Carrying the Straight Dope has been updated!


The Index of Return of the Straight Dope is now available on-line.


Read the official words of Ed Zotti, Assistant to Cecil Adams in:

You'll want to check these out even if you already have the books or subscribe to AOL, because they are pretty funny.


The index to The Straight Dope is now available.


The Straight Dope web staff has been very busy and produced all kinds of new goodies to keep you on the hook, including:


The column index page has been reordered with the latest columns on top, as opposed to the bottom, in order to minimize scrolling.


The Straight Dope comes on-line complete with all the back articles. Teeming Millions rejoice.

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