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The Straight Dope has exploded into a veritable media empire as of late. You can satisfy your addiction in a wide variety of forms including: newspapers, online, television or books. These links contain more information about choosing a delivery system that fits your needs.

America Online

Ed makes the official pitch to get you to subscribe to AOL! I think by this point it's pretty obvious that Ed gets a percentage of the AOL action, but if, after reading his plea for subscribers, you don't run out and subscribe, you have a heart of stone. I was actually weeping at one point and have since ordered additional computer systems and phone lines so that I can log onto AOL as many times as possible.

OK, that was a little bit sarcastic, but I must say, as a long-time 'net snob, there are a phenomenal amount of Straight Dope columns and other information available on AOL. And the interface is unique, to say the least.

Read Ed's Pitch for AOL

Straight Dope on Television

Hosted by Mike Lukas, the TV show on A&E; explores in-depth classic Straight Dope columns. Destined to join the ranks of classic television shows, the show is currently following in Star Trek's footsteps by rebounding from impending cancellation.

See what YOU can do to save the Straight Dope TV show!

If you would like to give your question a trial run in front of a bunch of Cecil wannabees, try posting it to, a usenet newsgroup dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. The newsgroup is also a good place to ask questions that Cecil deems too lame to answer. Don't worry about having Cecil ignore you, he's even snubbed a few of your faithful webmaster's questions (Most recently: Is Alex Trebek actually smart or does he fake it?). While a fair amount of Cecil worship does go on in the group, it is primarily dedicated to discussions of Cecil-type questions. If you have to ask what Cecil-type questions are, you better lurk for a while.

Straight Dope Books

Cecil has published several collections of columns that are destined to take their place alongside the Oxford English Dictionary and other weighty tomes of knowledge that I can't think of right now (that's why I'm just the web guy).

Find out everything there is to know about the Straight Dope collection and check out the available indices of topics that are covered in each book in ...

The Straight Dope Books

Newspapers Carrying the Straight Dope

The Straight Dope's primary incarnation is as a weekly column in alternative newspapers. This file contains a fairly recent listing of these papers and information on getting a subscription. The newspapers generally publish the columns several days before they are made available via other means.

Newspapers Carrying the Straight Dope

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