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More of the Straight Dope

By Cecil Adams

Edited by Ed Zotti

Illustrated by Slug Signorino

Copyright ©1988 by Chicago Reader, Incorporated

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ABC (network), 42, 447-48
acid (drug). See LSD
acidity, of urine, and desire to
    smoke, 223
acrostics, 175-76
acupuncture and acupressure, 414-17
Adamson, Joy (Born Free author),
    slaying of, 126
additives: in food, 47, 48; in ink of
    alternative newspapers, 98
age, of dogs, compared to human,
air conditioning, effect of on auto gas
    mileage, vs. keeping windows
    down, 393-94
air embolism, resulting from air
    blown into vagina during sex, 210-
air pressure, and shower curtain
    motion, 104-8
aircraft: commercial, prohibition of
    passenger radios on, 355; exit doors
    in, possibility of opening while in
    flight, 390-92
airfoil (explained), 104-5
alarm clock, why you wake just
    before it goes off, 300-301
alcohol, 54; effect of on autos when
    used in gasoline, 392-93; and
    hangover severity, 230-32; wood,
    in Heet gas drier, 392. See also
    beer; wine
Alexander VI (pope), 140
Alfonso XIII of Spain, 84
alligators, in sewers of New York,
amalgam, in tooth fillings, alleged
    danger of, 428-30
amphetamines, 230; as sex enhancer,
amyl nitrate, as sex enhancer, 209
Anatomy and Destiny, 368
ancestors, "doubling" of, 83-85
Anderson, John, 298
Andrew, Prince: how addressed in
    Royal Navy, 136-37; last name of,
Andrews, Jean (geologist), 118
animals: deviant sex practices of,
    198-99; excrement of, terms for,
    383; testing of color vision in, 4-5
anisakiasis (parasite infestation), 60
antifreeze, gas-line (Heet), 392
apatosaurus, name mix-up regarding,
aphrodisiacs, 227; and human sexual
    response, 206, 208-10
apnea, sleep, 424
apple juice, difference vis-a-vis cider,
apple skins, nutritiousness of, 57-59
"-arama," origin of suffix, 240-41
Arbuckle, Fatty, accusations
    regarding, 470-71
Archer, John, 213
Aristotle, 113; and proofs of earth's
    sphericity, 87
Armendariz, Pedro, 18
arthritis, and knuckle-cracking,
"As Time Goes By," who played it in
    Casablanca, 465-68
asparagus, effect of, on smell of
    urine, 383-85
Astaire, Fred, real name of, 473
astral projection, and sleep paralysis,
Atchison, David Rice, 459
atmosphere, effect of on apparent
    size of moon, 110-12
atom bomb tests, and movie The
    Conqueror, 16-18
Audubon, J.J., and rumor that he
    was Louis XVII, 122-23
Australia: 332-33; and "kangaroo,"
    "kangaroo court," 237, 238; and
    perennial location at bottom of
    map, 160
automobiles, why some travel down
    the road sideways, 352
"aversive therapy," 233


back pain, relief of, through
    "rotational manipulation," 418-20
"bad" popes. See popes, "bad"
Bagdasarian, Ross (Chipmunks
    creator), 20-21
Baldrige, Letitia, 273
Banks, Joseph (explorer), 237, 239
Barker, Robert (inventor of
    "panorama"), 240
Barker, William, 290
baseball: how unassisted triple play
    accomplished, 173-74; perfect
    games in. 173-74; record for
    double plays in game, 173-74;
    scoring code in, 479; why ball
    thrown to 1st baseman when he
    leaves field, 182-82
Basic Color Terms, 170
Bathory, Elisabeth (reputed
    vampire), career of, 133-35
bathroom, trips to, impact of many
    simultaneous during Super Bowl,
bathroom. See also toilet; "loo"
baths, hot, as contraceptive measure,
bats, and mosquitoes, 68
Bean, Alan, 94
"bear" (stock market term), origin
    of, 260-61
Bearden, Thomas, 282
Bears, Chicago (football team),
Bedford, James (cryonics subject),
bee pollen, effectiveness in increasing
    virility, 208-10
beer: American vs. Canadian, 50-51;
    network policy regarding
    commercials for, 40; significance of
    "33" on Rolling Rock brand, 44-46
belching, resulting from finger stuck
    in ear, 324
Berlin, Brent and Paul Kay (color
    researchers), 170-71
Berlitz, Charles, 294
Berman, David, 13
Bernoulli's principle, 106, 107
Bernstein, Morey (Bridey Murphy
    hypnotist), 288-92
beta carotene, use of, as tanning
    agent, 228-29
Biardot, Alphonse (Franco-American
    founder), 36-37
Big Secrets, 330
"Bijou," origin of, as name for
    theatres, 167
Bilderberg Conference, 296
bilirubin, 302, 387; as source of
    brown color in feces, 381-82
Biondi, Dick (Chicago DJ), and on-
    air off-color joke, 26
birds, why they fly close to ground
    when storm is near, 114
birth control. See contraception; Pill,
birth defects, resulting from LSD,
black widow spider, cannibalism in,
Blackboard Jungle (film), 28
Blake, Randy, 318-19
Blanchard, Doug (NASA
    geochemist), 285
Blessing, Jack (actor), 448
blind, dreams of, 310-11
blobs from space, alleged (Texas
    incident), 285
blood, 220, 399; alleged use of, in
    protein-based hair-care products,
    333-34; bilirubin as end product of
    cell decomposition of, 381;
    donation of, record for, 301-2;
    flow of, during sexual arousal,
    192-93; and male erection, 427;
    and porphyria (genetic disorder),
    135; and spots in eye. 312
blue moon, further elaboration on,
Blumenthal, Michael, 296
body paints, where available now,
Bodywatching, 147
boiling: impact of, on freezing rate
    of water, 99-100; speed of, with
    hot vs. cold water, 101-2; why
    teakettle gets louder, then quieter
    during, 115
Bonnefons, Nicholas, 335
Book of Signs, The, 150
Book of Weather Signs, 113
Boorstin, Daniel, 160
Borgia, Cesare and Lucrezia, 140
Borglum, Gutzon (sculptor), 440
Bormann, Martin, 130
Born Free. See Adamson, Joy
Boswell Sisters, 28
Boulder, Colorado, location of
    magazine subscription service in,
Boys of Summer, The, 488
brain: and menstrual cycle, 212;
    death of, and organ donation,
    421-22; dual, of dinosaurs, 3-4;
    feline, responsiveness of, to color,
    5; and "love-producing" chemical
    found in chocolate, 227; preserved,
    of Albert Einstein, 127-28; sinuses
    as protection for, 302-3; and
    yawning, 309
"brand-new," origin of expression,
brandy, consumption of, by
    Wisconsinites, 39-40
Brannum, Hugh (Mr. Greenjeans),
Braun, Eva, 129
breast size, in women athletes, lack
    of, 319-21
breastfeeding, possibility of, among
    male mammals, 321-22
breath, last, of Thomas Edison, 128
breathing, 420, 421
"Brewster" (surname), origin of,
Britain: and settlement of Pacific
    Northwest, 468; residence of prime
    minister of, 433-35
British royal family, last name of,
Bronck, Jonas, 248
Bronson, Charles, real name of, 473
brontosaurus: brain of, 3; name mix-
    up regarding, 11-14
Bronx, the (New York borough), why
    it begins with "the," 248-49
"Brothers and sisters have I none,
    but that man's father . . ." (riddle
    answered), 174
brown potato chips, dangers of, 55-
Brown, Roy, 28
Brunvand, Jan, 340, 463
Brzezinski, Zbigniew, 295
"bull" (stock market term), origin of,
Bullwinkle, where went to college,
buried treasure. See treasure, buried
Burnam, Tom, 94
Bush, George, 296
business reply cards, advisability of
    returning affixed to brick, 356-58


calendar: and division of time into
    weeks, 186-67; development of,
camarasaurus, 13-14
Camel cigarettes, alleged subliminal
    "embed" on package of, 346-47
Campbell Soup company, 37
canals, Martian, whatever happened
    to, 102-4
cancer, 321, 331, 332; and shoe store
    fluoroscopes, 414; lung, resulting
    from marijuana smoking, 226;
    prostate, resulting from sex, 196;
    resulting from filming of movie
    The Conqueror, 16-18; skin, 228;
    vitamin C as preventive for, 412
Candler, Asa, 34
candy, squiggle codes on, 62-63
cannibalism, in praying mantis and
    other insects, 7-8
Cape Canaveral; 92; reasons for
    change of name from Cape
    Kennedy, 440-41
Capet, Louis-Charles (dauphin of
    France), death and rumored
    reappearance of, 121-23
"Captain Kangaroo" (TV show), 18
captains of ships, and marriages. See
    ships' captains
Carter, Jimmy, 296
Cartmell, Richard troller coaster
    expert), 179
Casablanca, 468
Castelot, Andre, 123
Catholic Church, and "bad" popes,
catnapping, vs. kidnapping, 81
cats, color vision in, 4-5
cattle mutilation, 281-83
cavitation, and sound of boiling
    water, 115
CBS (network), 21, 22, 42
chalkboard, fingernail scraped on,
    why it's so annoying, 317-19
 champagne, 231; glass for, origin of
    shape of, 151-52
change-of-address cards, for
    magazines, why they always go to
    Boulder, Colorado, 354-55
Charroux, Robert, 439
checks, non-standard, legal
    requirements for. 352-54
cheekbone implants, 417-18
Cheeseburgers, 194
chess, variant rules in, 180
Chevy Nova, why travels down road
    sideways, 352
chewing gum: advisability of
    swallowing, 59; disintegration of,
    during sexual arousal, 201-6
Chicago, 453, 480, 482; and mass
    murderer H.W. Mudgett, 454-56
chicken, vs, egg, which came first,
chin dimple, how one shaves, 315
China, Great Wall of, visibility of
    from space, 92-95
"Chipmunks, The" (TV cartoon
    characters), secret behind voices
    of. 19-21
chiropractors, and relief of back
    pain, 418-20
chocolate, 47; "love-producing"
    chemical in. 227-28
Chocolate to Morphine, 228
cholesterol, 48, 54; impact of water-
    soluble fiber on, 59
christening of ships, procedure for,
Christian, Mrs. Sybil (finder of blobs
    from space), 286-87
chromosome damage, resulting from
    ingestion of LSD, 229-30
cider, difference vis-a-vis apple juice,
cigarettes. See also nicotine;
    smoking; tobacco
"circadian rhythms," 300
circumcision, female, 197-98
clams, bisexuality of, as handicap in
    finding apartments, 214
Claudius (Roman emperor), 385-
Clement VII (pope), 140
clitoridectomy, 197
clocks: resetting of in Saudi Arabia,
    482; why IIII is used on face of
    rather than IV, 153-55; why
    always set at 10:10 or 8:20 in
    catalogs, 330-31
Clooney, Rosemary, 20
"close door" button on elevator,
    function of, 406-7
"Clutch Cargo" (TV cartoon series),
    animation technique in, 15
Coanda effect, and shower curtains,
Coca-Cola, 47; bottle, found in
    rectum, 216; as contraceptive,
    218-20; foaminess of Diet Coke
    version of, 43-44; use of cocaine
    in, 33-36
cocaine, use of, in Coca-Cola, 33-36
cockroach extermination: using cats,
    86; using contraceptives, 66-68;
    using Ivory soap, 64-65; using
    squirt bottle Ailed with alcohol, 66
coconuts, determining freshness of,
coffee, changes in sound-carrying
    ability of, 101
Cohen, Maimon, 229
colds, vitamin C as preventive for,
Coleridge, Samuel, 479
color, ability of early man to
    recognize, 168-71
color blindness, as driving hazard,
color coding for traffic lights, origin
    of, 152-53
color vision, in animals, 4-5
Columbus, Bartholomew, 240
commercials, beer, TV network
    policy regarding, 40
Committee for the Scientific
    Investigation of Claims of the
    Paranormal (CSICOP), 293
Congreve, William, 262
Conquergood, Dwight, 463
Conqueror, The (ill-fated movie),
Conrad, Charles, 92
Conrad, Joseph, real name of, 472
Consumer Products Safety
    Commission, 178
Consumer Reports, 429
contraception, hot baths as method
    of, 210. See also Pill, the
contraceptive: percent effectiveness
    of, explained, 216; use of Coca-
    Cola as, 218-20
Cook, James (explorer), 237, 238,
Cooper, D.B. (hijacker), 391-92
Cooper, Cordon, 92
Cooper, James Fenimore, 280
Cooper, Jim (congressman), 48
"cooties," origin of term, 235
Cope, Edward Drinker
    (paleontologist), 12
Copernicus, and invention of
    buttered bread, 474
Corinthians, and whether they ever
    wrote back, 87
corn sweetener, use of, in Coca-
    Cola, 35
coughing, resulting from insertion of
    Q-tip in ear, 323
Council on Foreign Relations, 296
"counter-conditioning," 233
cousin, term for children of, 268
"cracking": of back (pain relief
    measure), 418-20; of knuckles,
    cause of sound of, 305-6
Crapper, Thomas, 379-80; role of in
    development of flush toilet, 378-79
cravat, origin of, 155
Creed, Tom, 344
crickets, counting of chirps of, to
    estimate temperature, 114
crossword puzzles, symmetricality
    and other aspects of, 174-76
Crossword Puzzles: Their History
    and Their Cult, 178
cryonics, and Walt Disney's body,
Cunningham, Harry B, (Kresge
    boss), 348
"cwm," 247
Czeisler, Charles, 300


Daley, Robert, 340
Daly, Martin, 321
Darwin, Charles, and universality of
    gestures, 450-51
dauphin (Louis XVII). See Capet,
Davis, Mary Lee. 240
Davson, Hugh, 94
de Poitiers, Diane, breasts of, as
    model for champagne glass, 151
de Pompadour, Madame, breast of,
    as model for champagne glass, 152
"Deck Us All With Boston Charlie,"
    fractured Christmas carol in
    "Pogo," 188-89
defecation: link to tobacco
    consumption, 372-73; possibility of
    eating in such a way as to halt,
deja vu, 479
des Ombiaux, Maurice, 152
DeVoss, J.C, (animal color vision
    researcher), 5
Diamond, Marian, 127
Diazinon vs. Malathion, toxicity of,
Dick, Elliot (vitamin C researcher),
diet: and breast size, 319-21; and
    minimization of excretion, 386-87
Diet Coke: as contraceptive, 218-20;
    effect of NutraSweet on foaminess
    of, 43-44
dieting. See weight loss
DiIulio, Ron, 286
dimple, shaving of. See chin dimple
dinosaurs: alleged dual brains of, 3-
    4; apatosaurus/brontosaurus mix-
    up, 11-14; as source of fossil fuels,
"disgruntled," as opposite of
    "gruntled," 284
"disintegrating gum syndrome,"
    cause of during sexual arousal,
Disney, Walt, alleged freezing of
    body of prior to death, 331-33
Dixon, Willie, 259
Djerassi, Carl, 68
"DO NOT HUMP" (railroad car
    marking), significance of, 402-4
Dodgers, Brooklyn, 471; origin of
    name, 468
"Doe, John," origin of, 168
dogs: age of, compared to humans,
    10-11; color vision in, 4-5; effect
    of urine of, on plants, 72-73; two-
    dimensional seeing ability of, 71-
Dolphin, David, 133-36
Domestic Mail Manual, 357
door, exit (aircraft). See exit door
Doster, Allen (champion blood
    donor), 302
double plays, record for single game,
doubling ancestor paradox, 83-85
Dracula, Prince (aka Vlad the
    Impaler), career of, 131-33
dreams: of the blind, 310-11;
    paralytic, 408-12
driveway, why we park in, vs.
    driving in parkway, 80-81
drowning: of cockroaches with Ivory
    soap, 64-65; of slugs in beer, 75;
    of turkeys during rainstorms, 10;
    and worms, 14
drugs: marijuana, 225-27; MDA,
    233-34; nicotine, 223; nitrous
    oxide, 223-25; RO15-4513
    (intoxication preventer), 233. See
    also cocaine; endorphins;
Dummar, Melvin, 125
Dunne, Finley Peter, 290


earth: population of, since dawn of
    time, 85-88; proofs of sphericity
    of, 87-88; why same side of moon
    always faces, 112-13
Easter eggs, origin of, 9-10
Eastman Kodak, policy on
    developing nude photos of, 201
"-ectomy," definition of, 425
Edison, Thomas, preserved last
    breath of, 128
egg, 399; ability of, to stand on end
    at equinox, 89-91; purpose of
    white squiggles in, 71; stale,
    whether it floats in water, 470; vs.
    chicken, which came first, 218
8:20, why clocks in catalogs often set
    for, 330-31
Einstein, Albert: preserved brain of,
    127-28; theories of, 95, 101
elephant, memory of, 5-6
elevator, "close door" button on,
    function of, 408-7
Ellington, Duke, 28
endorphins, and acupuncture, 415,
"energy output machine" (invention
    of Joseph Newman), 401-2
engine turning, 397
English, most common words in,
envelope stuffing at home (get rich
    quick scheme), 358-59
Environmental Protection Agency,
    67, 68, 69
epicanthic fold (in Orientals),
    purpose of, 305
epilepsy: and flashing lights, 423;
    and paralytic dreams, 408-10
equinox, ability of eggs to stand on
    end during, 89-91
Eskimos, and heart disease, 81
"etaoin shrdlu," origin of, 262
ethanol. See alcohol
excrement: animal, terms for, 383;
    why brown, 381-82
excretion, possibility of eating in
    such a way as to halt, 386-87
exit door, aircraft, possibility of
    opening while in flight, 390-92
Expression of the Emotions in Man
    and Animals, The, 450
eyes, 311; and "floaters," 311-
eyes. See epicanthic fold


Fair Food Labeling and Advertising
    Act, 48
Falletta, Nicholas, 482
falling, dreams of, alleged danger of,
Falwell, Jerry, 284
Fannie May (candy company), 62
Fanny Farmer (candy company),
farts. See flatulence
fat, 48, 54, 61, 305, 398; and
    "candle effect," 299; and female
    breast size, 320-21; and shaving of
    chin dimple, 315; metabolism of,
    vs. glucose, 313-14
Fate (magazine), 286
faucet, why hot water issuing from
    slows to trickle, 394-95 .
February, why it only has 28 days,
fertility rites, and Easter, 9
fibre, in apple and potato skins, 57-
fillings, tooth, mercury in, alleged
    danger, of, 428-30
fingernails on blackboard, why sound
    of is so annoying, 317-19
fingers, why they wrinkle in bathtub,
first baseman (baseball), why ball
    thrown to when leaves field, 182-
first decade of century, what it's
    called, 263
Fischer, John, 298-99
Ash, pros and cons on consumption
    of, 60, 61
Fitzgerald contraction, 96
Fitzgerald, Barry (actor), 475
5/5/2000-Ice: The Ultimate
    Disaster, 118
flashing lights, and epilepsy, 423
flatulence: dangers of suppressing,
    385-88; effect on weight, 380-81
"flayed." proper use of term, 121
Flintstones vitamins, why Betty
    Rubble is missing from bottles of,
    defined, 475
flock of geese, and nuclear false
    alarm, 435-37
fluoroscopes, and cancer, 414
Flushed With Pride: The Story of
    Thomas Crapper, 378
flushing (of toilet), impact if occurs
    simultaneously citywide during
    Super Bowl, 371-72
football: significance of "John 3:16"
    signs at games, 186-88; why only
    27 first-round picks in 1986 draft,
Forbes (magazine), 124-25
Ford, Henry, and preservation of
    Thomas Edison's last breath, 128
forecasts. See weather forecasts
40-hour week, origin of, 166-67
Fossey, Dian. 126
fracture of penis, 426-28
Franch, Guido (water-into-gasoline
    con artist), 399-401
Francis the Talking Mule, 29, 30
Franco-American spaghetti, origin of
    brand name, 36-37
Franklin, Benjamin, 384, 481; and
    Saturday Evening Post, 473-74
Freed, Alan (disc jockey), 27-28
Freeman, Walter (lobotomy
    advocate), 425-26
freezing: effect of, on weight, 101; of
    bodies, 331-33. See also ice
Freud, Sigmund, 198
"fuck," origin of, 288-71
Fujita, Theodore (tornado
    researcher), 97-98
full moon. See moon, full
Funk, Charles (dictionary editor),


Gadhafi, Moammar, 345; variant
    spellings of, 264-68
Gaedel, Edward Carl (midget
    baseball player), 473
"gaffer," origin of, 465
Ganson, Rose (animal color blindness
    researcher), 5
Garbo, Greta, 481; and Academy
    Awards, 22; shoe size of, 475
Gargantua, and substitutes for toilet
    paper, 375-76
gas drier (Heet), 392
gas, intestinal. See flatulence
gas, natural, dispute regarding fossil
    origin of, 91-92
gasohol, drawbacks of, 392-93
gasoline, turning water into, 399-401
Gasparro, Frank (coin designer), 341
"gay," as term for homosexuals, 271-
geese, flock of, and nuclear false
    alarm, 435-37
Geiger, Lazarus, 169-70
Gemini space program, 92; first song
    in space sung on Gemini VI, 459
General Motors, 352; and role in
    demise of U.S. trolley lines, 335-37
geoduck (Puget Sound horror), 76, 78
George II (king of England), 434
George V (king of England), 139
gerbil stuffing (sex practice), 216-18
Germany, why so many names for in
    different languages, 182-64, 185
Gerome, Jean Leon (painter), 453
Gestures, 454
gestures, for "yes" and "no."
    universality of, 450-54
Gilmore, Charles, 13
Gladstone, William, 189
glass squares, near podiums, 395-98
Gleason, H.A., 170
glow sticks and bracelets, 397-98
glucose, 386; metabolism of, vs.
    body fat, 313
glycoalkaloids, in potatoes, 56, 58
gnats, why they swarm, 69
Godey's Lady's Book, 147, 148
gold, drain of, from Spain, 437-39
Gold, Thomas, 91-92; and shifting
    of earth's poles, 118
Gosselin, Barry, 58
Grabowski, Ken, 378
graham cracker, origin of, 53-55 of
Graham, Sylvester, and invention
    graham cracker, 53-55
Gray, Ken (egg standing
    experimenter), 89-90
Great American Beer Book, The, 51
Greet and Desperate CuTes, 425
Great Wall of China. See China,
    Great Wall of
green potato chips, dangers of, 55-57
Greene, Bob, 194
greeting, non-sexist, to anonymous
    business correspondent, dilemma
    of, 272-73
Griffith, D.W., 35
Guide to Alaska, 240
guilds, and admission of female
    members, 167-68
Guillotin, Dr. Joseph, 481
Guinness Book of World Records,
    301, 477
gum. See chewing gum


H in Jesus H. Christ, significance of,
hair: overnight whitening of, due to
    stress, 315-16; toughness of, man's
    vs. woman's, 349
Haldeman, H.R., 470
Hale, Mrs, Sara Josepha, and
    establishment of Thanksgiving
    holiday, 147-49
Haley, Bill, 28
Hall, Rich, 241
Halley's comet, 467
Halpern, Lynn, 318-19
Hamilton, Earl (historian), 438
hangover, resulting from different
    forms of alcohol, 230-33
hare, and Easter, 9-10
Hare, Cyril, 383
Harper Dictionary of Contemporary
    Usage, 121
Harris, Wynonie, 28
Hartness, Jeff (egg standing
    experimenter), 91
Harvey, Thomas S., 127
Haycock, Dr. Christine, 320
Hayward, Susan, 16, 17
headache, acupressure as relief for,
headaches, following orgasm, 192
heart disease, and triglycerides, 61
heart rate, slowing of, resulting from
    object inserted in ear or throat,
heart symbol, origin of, 146-47
heat: and "disintegrating gum
    syndrome," 205; effect of, on
    sperm, 210
Hedden, Gilbert (Oak Island treasure
    explorer), 445
Heet (gas drier), 392
Helen of Troy, breast of, as model
    for champagne glass. 152
"Hell hath no fury like a woman
    scorned," origin of, 262-63
Henry of Navarre, rapid whitening
    of hair of, 316
Hernandez, Francisco, 240
high-voltage power lines, purpose of
    thin wire(s) at top of, 404-5
Hillenbrand, Jim, 318-19
Hitler, Adolph, 157; allegedly
    missing testicle of, 128-31
Ho Ku point (acupressure point),
"hobo," origin of term 243-44
"hocus-pocus," etymology of, 478
holes, in prongs of electric plugs,
Holland, William, 13
Holliday, Doc, 469
Hollywood Hall of Shame, The, 16
Holmes, Dr. Henry (mass murderer),
Holmes, Sherlock, inconsistencies in
    stories, 469
Holtom, Gerald (designer of peace
    symbol), 149-50
homosexuality, in monkeys, 199
homosexuals: and gerbil stuffing.
    216-18; "gay" as term for, 271-
"Honeymooners, The," 183
Hood, Robin: historicity of, 143-45;
    as practitioner of witchcraft, 145-
horizon, why moon seems larger
    when near, 110-12
 horizon, distance to (clarification),
Hormisdas (pope), 142
hormones: 321; sex, and declining sen
    drive. 208-9; sex, and birth control
Horowitz, Evalyn (plant researcher),
Horsefeathers and Other Curious
    Words, 236
Horwich, Frances, 471-72
hot baths, as contraceptive measures,
hot dogs, why they're 10 to a
    package when buns are 8 to a
    package, 350-52
"how" (alleged Indian greeting),
    whether ever really used, 261-82
Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures
    of. 122
Hughes Medical Institute, 125
Hughes, Alma, 125
Hughes, Alyce Hovsepian, 125
Hughes, Howard: disposition of
    estate of, 124-26; and ill-starred
    movie The Conqueror, 16-18
Hula Hoop, purpose of ball bearings
    in, 189
Humboldt River, peculiarities of, 468
"humping" (railroad practice), 402-4
hurricane, energy of, vs. hydrogen
    bomb, 435, 437
hydrogen bomb, energy of, vs.
    hurricane, 435, 437
hydroprene (insect growth
    regulator), 68-88
Hylton, Lester, 30
hypnotic past-life regression, validity
    of, 287-93


"I don't know," as alleged
    translation of "kangaroo,"
    "Yucatan," "Nome," 237-40
"I want to be alone," authenticity of,
IBM, and synchronous menstruation,
ice: as problem in cryonic
    suspension, 332; effect of, on
    shifting of earth's poles, 118;
    whether hot water or cold water
    will form faster, 98-101. See also
ice cubes, fake, how to make, 347-48
Idaho (only state that has never had
    a foreign flag over it), 467-68
IIII, use of on clock faces, vs. IV,
Illuminati, 297
implants, surgical, use of in cosmetic
    surgery, 4174-18
In Old Chicago (movie), 19
Indians, American: and alleged use
    of greeting "how," 261-82; use of
    swastika as good luck symbol by,
    158-57, 159
infallibility, papal, 141-42
inflation, resulting from Spanish gold
    imports, 437-39
Innocent VIII (pope), 140
insecticides, 460-81
insects, sex habits of, 7-9
insults, ritual, among blacks, 244-46
intelligence, of turkeys, 10
ions, and human behavior, 338-39
Irreverent and Almost Complete
    Social History of the Bathroom,
island cities (surrounded by larger
    towns), 480
Ivory soap, usefulness of, in.
    cockroach extermination, 64-65


Jackson, Andrew, 251, 252
Jackson, Shoeless Joe, 471
Jefferson, Thomas, 148
Jelinek, J.E. (dermatologist), 316
Jesus Christ: historicity of, 275;
    significance of middle initial H in
    name of, 461
jiggle bed, definition of, 211
"Jingle Bells" (first song in space),
"john," origin of term, 379-80
John 3:16, significance of, on signs at
    football games, 186-88
John Birch Society, 150-51; and
    Trilateral Commission, 296
John X (pope), 140
John XI (pope), 140
John XII (pope), 140
John, "Doctor," 259
Johnson, Lil, 27
Johnson, Lyndon, and renaming of
    Cape Canaveral, 440-41
Jones, Buddy, 28
Journal of the American Medical
    Association, 193, 326, 419
Jovan, pheromone-based perfume
    introduced by, 207-8
"junk mail." See business reply cards


K mart, what "K" stands for, 348-49
Kahn, Roger, 469
"kangaroo court," origin of term,
"kangaroo," as aboriginal term for "I
    don't know," 237-39. See also
    "Yucatan," "Nome"
Karr, Alphonse, 334
Katch, Drs. Frank and Victor, 321
Kay, Paul and Brent Berlin (color
    researchers), 170-71
Keller, Helen, 311
Kelly, Walt ("Pogo" creator), 188-
    89, 262
Kennedy half-dollar, alleged hammer
    and sickle on, 340-41
Kennedy, John F.: clocks in catalogs
    set at 8:20 to mark death of, 330-
    31; naming of NASA space center
    after, 440-41
Kern, Stephen, 368
Key, Wilson Bryan, theories of, on
    subliminal seduction, 344-47
kidnapping, vs. catnapping, 81
Kinsey Data, The, 193
Kinsey, Alfred C., 193
Kipperman, Kenneth (coin saboteur),
Klein, Donald F., 227
knuckle-cracking, cause of sound
    during, 305-8
Kock, Rudolph, 150
Kosar, Bernie, 185
Kramer, Barry (Creem magazine
    founder), 224
Kresge dimestore chain, 348-49
Kurland, Dr. Howard (acupressure
    advocate), 415, 417
Kurtz, Paul, 293
Kuskoy (whistling village), 472


labeling, of "natural" foods, 46-48
lactation in male mammals. See
Lamarr, Hedy, and shoplifting
    arrest, 471
Lane, Allan "Rocky," 30
Language of Field Sports, 383
Larsen, Don, 471
laser, feasibility of audio equivalent
    of, 114-15
last name, of members of British
    royal family, 137-39
laughter, neurological basis of, 326
Lava Lite, history of, 359-61
"Leave It to Beaver," stand-in for
    Jerry Mathers on, 469
lemonade cans, use of tearstrips
    with, 40
Lenehan, Mike, 399
Lenoir, J.B., 259
Leo V (pope), 140
"Let them eat cake," whether ever
    actually said by Marie Antoinette,
Levitt, Dr. Michael (flatulence
    expert), 386
Library of Congress, and spelling of
    "Moammar Gadhafi," 246, 266-67
libration (of moon), 113
Libya, variant spellings of name of
    leader of, 264-68
"licking one's wounds," as antiseptic
    measure, 412-14
Liebowitz, Michael, 227
"lieutenant," pronunciation of, in
    England, 137
life expectancy, of dogs, 11
light: and photic sneeze reflex, 303-4;
    sensitivity to, in porphyria victims,
    135. See also speed of light
light sticks and bracelets, 397-98
"light," as food labeling term, 48
lightning protection, and high-
    voltage power lines, 404-5
limericks, 183-84
Lincoln, Abraham, 148; clocks in
    catalogs set at 8:20 to mark death
    of, 331
Liszt, Franz, 457; relation of, to
    Richard Wagner, 471
Little Red Schoolhouse, 382
Liu, Dr. C.W. (acupuncture
    advocate), 415
lizards, 4
lobotomy, 425-26
Lofgren, David (botanist), 365
"loo," origin of term, 380
Los Angeles, 449, 480, 482; sperm
    trees of, 383, 365-67; trolleys in,
    alleged role of CM in demise of,
"Louie Louie," further elaboration
    on, 458
Louis XVI, 121, 334
Louis XVII. See Capet, Louis-
Lowell, Percival (astronomer), 103
LSD, and birth defects, 229-30
Lubin, Arthur, 30
"lunar effect." See moon, full


magazine subscription services, 354-
Magnus, Hugo (color researcher),
Malathion vs. Diazinon, toxicity of,
mantis, praying, sex habits of, 7-8
maps, why north is always on top of,
Marie Antoinette: and whether she
    ever said, "Let them eat cake,"
    331-35; breast of, as model for
    champagne glass, 152; rapid
    whitening of hair of, 316. See also
    Capet, Louis-Charles
marijuana, health effects of, 225-27
Mariner space program, 103-4, 481
Markstein, George, 23
Marozia (papal mistress), 140
marriage, what makes it legal, 450
marriages, alleged ability of ships'
    captains to perform, 329-30
Mars, canals of, whatever happened
    to. 102-4
Mars and its Canals, 103
Marsh, O.C. (paleontologist), 11-13
Marx, Groucho, legendary
    wisecracks of, 24-28
"M*A*S*H," and "super flush
    effect," 372
masturbation: female circumcision as
    cure for, 197; in monkeys, 199
Mathers, Jerry, post-"Beaver" career
    of, 469
May, Teddy (New York sewer
    superintendent), 340
McClintock, Martha, 307
McCrone, Walter, 278
McDowell, Mississippi Fred, 471
McGoohan, Patrick, and "The
    Prisoner" TV show, 22-24
McIntosh, John, 13
McTell, Blind Willie, 258-59
MDA (drug), dangers of, 233-34
Medved, Harry and Michael, 16
megadoses, of vitamin E, effect on
    sex drive of, 209
memory, of elephants, 5-6
memory loss, and mercury amalgam
    tooth fillings, 430
Mencken, H.L., 280
menopause, timing of, and use of the
menstrual synchrony. See
    synchronous menstruation
menstruation, cessation of, and low
    body fat, 320
mercury in tooth fillings, alleged
    danger of, 428-30
message, secret, in "Moonlighting"
    TV show, 447-49
metabolic rate, and weight loss, 313-
meteors, showers of, and nuclear
    false alarms, 435. See also blobs
    from space
methanol. See alcohol
Michelob Light, 48
microwaved babies (urban legend),
    origin of, 462-63
midget baseball player (E.C.
    Gaedel), 473
mileage, gas: effect of air
    conditioning vs, keeping windows
    down on, 393-94; on Saturn V
    rocket and other vessels, 480-
Miles Laboratories, 342-43
milk, weight of liquid vs, frozen, 101
Miller, James (FTC chairman), 47
Millington, Roger, 176
mirror: special non-reversing, 83;
    why right/left reverse in, but not
    up/down, 81-82, 83
"misanthrope," female equivalent of,
mobile homes, susceptibility of, to
    tornadoes, 96-98
"mojo," origin of term, 257-59
Molson's (beer), alleged difference in
    American, Canadian versions, 50-
"Mommy and I are one" (subliminal
    message), 324-26
Mondale, Walter, 295
Mondy, Nell, 58
monkeys, and susceptibility of
    humans to scraping noises, 319;
    deviant sex practices of, 198-99
Monopoly (game): British version of,
    479; variant rules of, 179-82
Montaigne, 385
Montgomery Ward, subliminal
    "embed" in catalog of, 346-47
moon: blue, further elaboration on,
    461-62; full, effect of on behavior,
    337-39; half, why found on doors
    of outhouses, 382-83; visibility of
    terrestrial structures from, 93-95;
    why it appears larger when at
    horizon, 110-12; why same side
    always faces earth, 112-13
"Moonlighting" (TV show), secret
    message in, 447-49
Moore, Terry, 125
Moore, William L., 294-95
Moorehead, Agnes, 16
More Misinformation, 94
More, Thomas, rapid whitening of
    hair of, 316
Morris Dictionary of Word and
    Phrase Origins, 236, 249, 481
Morris, Desmond, 147, 454
Morris, William and Mary, 236, 250
Morrison, Jim, and "Mr. Mojo
    Risin'," 259
mosquito, ultrasonic sound as
    repellent for, 68-89
Mother Earth News, 110
Mountain of Names, The, 85
Mountbatten-Windsor (royal last
    name), 137-38
Mourning Bride, The, 262
movie theatres: origin of "Bijou" as
    common name for, 167; why they
    tear tickets in two when entering,
Mr. Ed (TV horse), how they got
    him to talk, 28-31
Mr. Greenjeans (Captain Kangaroo
    sidekick), as father of Frank
    Zappa, 18-19
Ms, magazine, 197
Mudgett, Herman Webster (mass
    murderer), 454-56
Muir, Frank, 375, 377. 380
Mundy, Jack (Lava Lite boss), 381
murder. See Arbuckle, Fatty;
    Mudgett, Herman Webster
Murphy, Bridey, hypnotic past-life
    regression of, 288-92
Muslims: and female circumcision,
    197, 198; form of courtroom oath
    for, 457
Muzak, further elaboration on, 464-
Mxyzptlk, Mr, (Superman's nemesis),


name, family, of British royals. See
    last name
narcolepsy, symptoms and treatment
    of, 408-12
Nash, Jay Robert, 454
National Aeronautics and Space
    Administration, 93, 94, 102, 285,
National Association of Broadcasters,
    policy of, on alcohol advertising,
    41, 42
"natural," propriety as food labeling
    term, 46-48
navels, species of mammals born
    without, 327
Navy, U.S.: and Philadelphia
    Experiment (alleged teleportation
    of ship), 293-95; prohibition of,
    against marriages by commanding
    officers, 329-30
Nazis, 336; use of swastika by, 156-
NBC (network), 42, 472
necktie, origin of, 155-56
nerve, vagus, and cough/gag reflex,
nerves, 304-5; and photic sneeze
    reflex, 303-4
nervous system: and acupuncture,
    414-17; brontosaurus, 3-4;
    "nicotinic receptors" in, 372. See
    also laughter, neurological basis of
New Catholic Encyclopedia, 142
New England Journal of Medicine,
    213, 219
New York, 251, 449-50, 482;
    alligators in sewers of, 339-40;
    former official name of Staten
    Island borough in, 470; and
   warning not to flush
    simultaneously during Super Bowl,
    371-72. See also Bronx, the
New York Talk, 217
New York Times, 89, 265, 339, 478
New Yorker, substitutions for capsule
    reviews of long-running plays in,
Newman, Joseph (perpetual motion
    machine inventor), 401-2
Nickell, Joe: and Shroud of Turin,
    279; and spontaneous human
    combustion, 298--99.
nicotine, pharmacological action of,
nipple piercing, advisability of, 363-
    65, 368-69
Nite, Norm N., 21
nitrous oxide, dangers of, 223-25
No Commercial Potential (Zappa
    biography), 18
nodding for "yes," shaking head for
    "no," universality of, 450-54
"Nome" (Alaska), as native word for
    "I don't know," 239-40
Noone, Richard ("poleshift" author),
north, why it's always at top of maps,
Norton, Ed ("Honeymooners"
    character), 183
Norway, King of, 137
nuclear false alarms, 435-37
NutraSweet (artificial sweetener),
    and impact on soft drink
    foaminess, 43-44
"nyemetz" (Russian term for
    "German"), origin of expression,


Oak Island (Nova Scotia), buried
    treasure on, 441-46
oaths, courtroom, for non-Christians
    and atheists, 457-58
oil, dispute regarding fossil origin of,
oil companies: and alleged role in
    demise of U.S. trolleys, 335-37;
    and cattle mutilations, 282; and
    powder that allegedly will turn
    water into gasoline, 399-401
"OK," origin of, 250-52
OK gesture, meaning of in different
    countries, 452
Old Coke Drinkers of America, 35
"Old Kinderhook," and origin of
    expression "OK," 250-52
Olds Omega, why travels down the
    road sideways, 352
"Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,"
    explained, 477
oral sex. See sex, oral
orange juice cans, use of tearstrips
    with, 40
organ donation, procedures for, 420-
orgasm, sneezing fits following, 191-
orgasms, multiple, as cause of
    congestive prostatitis, 198
Origins, 250
Orr, W.C., 408
Oscar (Academy Award), won by
    Greta Garbo, 22
Oscar Mayer, 351
Osmond, Ken, post-"Beaver" career
    of, 470
"-ostomy," definition of, 425
ostrich, 4
Otis Elevator Co., 406, 407
"-otomy," definition of, 425
outhouses, why half-moons on doors
    of, 382-83
Outrageously Pogo, 189
ovaries, functioning of, 211-13
Oxford English Dictionary, 236, 257,
    260, 272, 383, 475


pacemaker (heart stimulator), for
    pets, 363, 367-88
Pacific Electric, alleged role of Gen-
    eral Motors in demise of, 335-37
pain, acupressure as relief for, 414-
    17. See also back pain
"pair," usage of for single items,
pancreas, and sweetbreads, 55
Paradoxicon, The, 482
paralytic dreams, causes of, 408-12
park, city, location of largest, 449-50
"park," derivation of, 80-81
parkway, why we drive in, vs.
    parking in driveway, 80-81
Partridge, Eric, 238, 250, 270
past-life regression. See hypnotic
    past-life regression
Paul III (pope), 140
Paul, Steve, 233
Pauling, Linus, and claims for
    vitamin C, 412
peace symbol, origin of, 149-51
pedal on piano, middle, purpose of,
Pellicori, S.F., 279-80
Pemberton, John Styth, 33, 35
penile fracture, 426-28
penis: as Latin origin of "pencil,"
    471; of pig, unique shape of, 461;
    size as factor in passing out during
    arousal, 220-21
penis, human, average length of,
People's Almanac #3, The, 283
pepper, reasons for popularity of,
perfect game tin baseball), 173-74
Peroutka, Stephen, 303
perpetual motion, 401
Peters, Wes, 123-24
Peterzell, Jay (defense reporter), 397
petroleum. See oil
pheromones: and human sexual
    response, 206-8; in cockroaches, 67
Philadelphia Experiment (alleged
    attempt to teleport ship), 293-95
phobias, 474
photic sneeze reflex, 303
photography, of persons having sex,
    legal aspects of, 199-201
Physiology of the Eye, 94
piano, purpose of middle pedal on,
pig, corkscrew-shaped penis of, 461
pigeons: and "crop milk," 322;
    where baby ones are, 69-70
Pilgrims, and first Thanksgiving,
Pill, the (contraceptive), 216; effect
    of, on timing of menopause, 211-
    13. See also contraception
pipes, diminishing hot water flow in,
Pius IV (pope), 140, 142
plants, effect of talking to, 108-9
plastic surgery, use of cheekbone and
    other implants in, 417-18
"Play it again, Sam," authenticity of,
    466, 481
plugs, electric, why holes in prongs
    of, 389-90
Plumbing Repairs Made Easy, 395
"Pogo" (comic strip), 262; lyrics to
    fractured Christmas carol in, 188-
poles, earth's, shifting of, 117-18
Polk, James, 459
Polo, Marco, 37
"Pope Joan" (alleged female pope),
popes, "bad," 139-41
population, of earth, since dawn of
    time, 85-86
pornography, legal status of, 200
porphyria, as cause of vampirism
    and lycanthropy, 135-36
Postal Service, U.S., 354. See also
    business reply cards; stamp
potato chips, green and brown,
    dangers of, 55-57
potato skins, alleged location of
    vitamins in, 57-59
Poundstone, William, 331-32
Powell, Dick, 16
praying mantis, See mantis
pregnancy, 211; danger of air
    embolism during, 210-11
Presley, Elvis, 470
prisms, fire danger from, 402
prizes, sweepstakes, does anybody
    ever take instead of cash, 348
"Prisoner, The" (TV show), exegesis
    of, 22-24
probability of rain, determination of,
Procter & Gamble, alleged control of
    by Satanists, 283-85
prostate gland, sex-related disorders
    of, 195-97
prostitutes, 214, 215
protein, 386; in shampoo, alleged
    derivation of from human blood,
    333-34; stains, 399
Psychology Today, 318-19
Psychopathic God, The, 130
Ptolemy (astronomer), 110, 160
Publishers Clearing House, 348
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists,
punctuation, dropping of, in
    correspondence, 244
Pynchon, Thomas, 340


Q-tips: why inserting in ear causes
    coughing, 323; why so called, 343-
Q-Tv (teleprompter company), 396
Quaife, Arthur (cryonics advocate),
Quick Headache Relief Without
    Drugs, 415


R.J. Reynolds company, 347
rabbits, and Easter, 9-10
Rabelais, Francois, 375
radiation, ionizing: and movie The
    Conqueror, 18-18; in shoe store
    fluoroscopes, danger of, 414
radiation, ultraviolet, dangers of, in
    tanning salons, 423-24
radio receivers, why prohibited on
    commercial flights, 355
railroad cars, "DO NOT HUMP"
    signs on, 402-4
railroads, and development of color
    coding for signals, 152-53
rain: meaning of percentage chance
    of, in forecasts, 115; why
    earthworms crawl on sidewalk
    following, 14
Ray, Verne, 170
razor: and shaving chin dimple, 315.
    why women's legs are tougher on
    than man's face, 349-50
"read the riot act," origin of, 263
Read, Allen Walker, 251
Reagan, Ronald, 296
rectum, insertion of foreign bodies
    into, 216-18
red sky, meteorological significance
    of, 113-14
Reeser, Mary (spontaneous human
    combustion victim), 298-99
reflection. See mirror
refraction, atmospheric, and "moon
    illusion," 111-12
Rensch, B, (elephant memory
    researcher), 6
resolution, of human vision,
Restle, Frank, 111
Retallack, Mrs. Dorothy (plant
    researcher), 109
retouchers, photo, as creators of
    subliminal "embeds," 345-47
Reyburn, Wallace, 378
Rice, Charlie (columnist), 353
right/left reversal in mirror, vs. up/
    down, 81-82, 83
"ring around the rosie . . . ," origin
    of, 478-79
Riverview Park (Chicago amusement
    park), 178
Roberts, Gilroy (coin designer), 341
Robertson, James, 51
Robin Hood. See Hood, Robin
Robinson, Ikey, 27
"rock 'n' roll," origin of term, 27
Rock On (rock encyclopedia), 21
Rockefeller, David, and Trilateral
    Commission, 295
roller coaster, technology of, 176-79
Rolling Rock (beer), significance of
    "33" on label of, 44-46
Romans, 153, 155; and development
    of calendar, 161-62; and origin of
    name "German," 182-63; and
    thumbs-up, thumbs-down gesture,
    452, 453-454; and use of IIII vs.
    IV on clock faces, 153-55
Roosevelt, Franklin, 445; and change
    in date of Thanksgiving, 148-49
rotation: of earth's poles,
    catastrophic effect of, 117-18; of
    moon relative to earth, 112-13
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 334
royal family, British, last name of,
    uncertainty regarding, 137-39
Rubble, Betty, why missing from
    Flintstones vitamins, 342-43
Russell, Bertrand, 149


Safire, William, 242, 253
St. Louis Browns, 473, 482
Sales, Soupy: "dead presidents"
    stunt, 25; off-color jokes, 25
saliva, as antiseptic, 412-14
salt, 47, 48, 54; reasons for
    popularity of as seasoning, 51-53
salutation, non-sexist, to anonymous
    business correspondent, dilemma
    of, 272-73
salute, in British armed forces,
Saroyan, William, 20
Satanists: and cattle mutilation, 282;
    and Procter & Gamble symbol,
satellites: and determination of
    existence of canals on Mars, 102-4;
    and weather forecasting, 116; spy,
    visual resolving power of, 397
Saturday Evening Post, origin of,
Saudia Arabia, resetting of clocks in,
Sauvy, Alfred (originator of term
    "Third World"), 271
Savalas, Telly, when first shaved
    head, 475
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (royal last
    name), 138-39
Scheibel, Arnold, 127
Schiaparelli, Giovanni (astronomer),
Schick Laboratories, 233
Schliemann, Heinrich, and
    popularization of swastika, 157
Schultz, Harvey, 371
Schuster, Charles, 233-34
Scientific American, 100, 101, 107
Scrabble (game): best way to get 50-
    point bonus in, 482; list of two
    letter words in, 464; variant rules
    in, 180
Search for Bridey Murphy, The, 288
seashells, why she sells by seashore,
Seattle, giant slugs of, 73
secret message, in "Moonlighting"
    TV show, 447-49
Secret Word Is Groucho, The, 25
Seiden, Lewis, 233-34
semen trees. See sperm trees of Los
Sergius III (pope), 140
sewers, of New York, alligators in,
sex: and "blue balls" syndrome, 195-
    97; desire for, effect of graham
    crackers on, 53-55; and
    "disintegrating gum syndrome,"
    201-6; effectiveness of
    aphrodisiacs. 208-10; effectiveness
    of pheromones, 206-8; legality of
    photos of persons engaged in, 199-
    201; penile fracture during, 426-
    28; sneezing and other unusual
    reactions following. 191-93; and
    subliminal suggestion, 344-47. See
    also contraception; pregnancy;
    gerbil stuffing, 216-18
sex, oral: and monkeys, 199; danger
    of blowing air into vagina during,
"sex clubs," theory and operation of,
sex habits: of ants, 9; of gnats, 89; of
    praying mantis, 7-8
sex practices, deviant, of monkeys,
Shakespeare's Bawdy, 270
Shakespeare, William, and
    "foculation," 270-71
shaking head for "no," nodding for
    "yes," universality of, 450-54
shampoo, protein, alleged use of
    human blood in, 333-34
shaving: of chin dimple, 315: why
    woman uses up razor blade faster
    than man when, 349-50
ship christening, procedure for, 446-47
ships' captains, and alleged ability to
    perform marriages, 329-30
shit, why brown, 381-82
shoe store fluoroscopes, and cancer,
Shoumatoff, Alex, 85
shower curtain, why it blows in
    during shower, 104-8
Shroud of Turin, debate regarding
    authenticity of, 275-81
"shuggleftulation,'' term for
    impromptu dance when meeting
    someone head-on, 241-42
sidewalk "dance" (attempt to avoid
    oncoming walker), terms for, 241-
"signifying," black insult game, 244-
Silverman, Lloyd (subliminal
    researcher), 325
Silverius (pope), 142
sinuses, purpose of, 302-3
Skeptical Inquirer, 298, 344
Slang and Euphemism, 269
sleep: and why you awaken just
    before alarm goes off, 300-301;
    paralysis during, causes of, 408-
    12;, twitches during, 423-24
sleep apnea, 424
Sleep Disorders, 408
Sloane, Eric, 382
slugs, giant, of Seattle, 73-78
Smith, Trixie, 27
smoking, 233. See also nicotine
sneezing: following orgasm, 191-93;
    on suddenly being exposed to
    bright light, 303-4; whether
    holding lids open during will cause
    eyes to pop out, 304-5
Snell, Bradford (Senate antitrust staff
    lawyer), 336
Sniglets, 241
"snowdomes" (knick-knacks that
    "snow" when shaken), terms for,
soap, how works. 398
Sognnaes, Reidar, 130
solanine, 58
sound: effect of, on plants 109-10; of
    piano, effect of pedals on, 405-8
"Space Angel" (TV cartoon series),
    animation technique in, 15
space, outer: update on first song
    sung in, 459; visibility of terrestrial
    objects from. 92-95. See also Mars
spaghetti, origin and history of, 36-
Spain: and settlement of Pacific
    Northwest, 467-68; drain of gold
    from, 437-39
Spears, Richard, 289
speed of light, ability of objects to
    exceed, 95-96
sperm, effective of high temperature
    on. 210; effect of Coke on, 218-220
sperm trees of Los Angeles, 363, 365-
sphericity, of earth, proofs of, 87-88
spinal cord, of dinosaurs, 3-4
spinal manipulation (pain relief
    measure). 418-20
spit as antiseptic. See saliva
spontaneous human combustion,
    update on, 297-99
spoon: sound of, when stirring
    coffee. 101; why reflection in is
    upside down, 82-83
spots, in eyes, 311-13
spy organizations, fictional, meaning
    of initials of, 476
spy satellites, visual resolving power
    of, 397
squares of glass, near podiums,
    significance of, 395-96
"squiggle code," on candy, 62
Stalin, Joseph, 129, 130
stamps: profit on those sold in stores,
    who gets to keep, 354; sabotage of,
Statue of Liberty: and access to torch
    by tourists, 439-40; length of nose
    of, 476
stegosaurus, alleged dual brain of, 3-
Stewart, Rollen (John 3:16 man),
Stoker, Bram, 131, 133
"story" (of building), origin of term,
stress, and rapid whitening of hair,
strobe lights, and epilepsy, 423
stuffing envelopes at home. See
    "work-at-home" schemes
subliminal message, in
    "Moonlighting" TV show, 447-49
subliminal suggestion: as therapeutic
    method, 324-26; in advertising
    (work of W.B. Key), 344-48
sugar, 54; as factor in hangover
    severity, 231; cubes vs. packets,
    38-38; as "natural" ingredient, 46-
    48; in potatoes, 57; use of, in
    Coca-Cola, 35-36. See also glucose
Super Bowl, and NYC warning not
    to flush toilets all at once during,
surgical terminology ("-ectomy,"
    "-otomy," "-ostomy"), explained,
sushi, and parasite infestation, 60, 61
swallows. See birds
swastika, origin and significance of,
sweepstakes, taking prize vs. cash
    after winning, 348
sweetbreads, composition of, 55
swirls, decorative, on inside back
    cover of pocket watch, 397
synchronous menstruation, 207,
    308-9; and IBM assembly lines,


Tafel, Edgar, 123
tanning salons, dangers of, 424-25
teakettle, why sound varies in during
    boiling, 115
telephone, how originally answered,
teleportation, alleged, of warship
    (Philadelphia Experiment), 293-95
teleprompters, operation of, 395-96
television: ability of dogs to perceive,
    72; network policy regarding use of
    alcohol consumption, 40-42;
    teleprompters and, 395-96;
    viewing of, and epileptic seizures
temperature: effect of, on boiling
    speed of water, 101-2; effect of, on
    freezing rate of water, 99-101;
    effect on sperm, 210; as factor in
    sound of boiling water, 115;
    internal, effect on weight, 101;
    outside, and weight loss, 313;
    required for combustion of body,
    298; usefulness of cricket chirps in
    estimating, 114
10 Downing Street (British PM's
    residence), 433-35
10:10, why clocks in catalogs often
    set for, 330-31
Terasaki, Dr. Paul, 213
Thanksgiving, origin of, 147-49
Thatcher, Margaret, 434
Theophrastus, 113
"Third World," origin of expression,
"33," significance of, on Rolling
    Rock beer label, 44-46
thumbs-up, thumbs-down gesture,
    dispute regarding, 452
thymus gland, and sweetbreads, 55
tickets, movie, why they're torn in
    half, 27
tides, 113
tie. See necktie
Tighe, Virginia (aka Bridey
    Murphy), 288-92
time, determination of, in Saudi
    Arabia, 462
Time (magazine), 264, 265, 345
tin can, invention of, 472-73
Tito, James L. (Rolling Rock beer
    executive), 45-46
tobacco, and urge to defecate, 372-
toilet: euphemisms for, 377-78, 379,
    380; squeamish American attitude
    toward, 377-79
toilet paper, alternatives to, 373-77
Tolkien, J.R.R., basis for Elvish
    languages in works of, 477
tomatoes, and spaghetti, 38
tooth fillings, mercury in, alleged
    danger of, 428-30
toothache, "acu-ice" as relief for, 417
tornadoes, destructive power of, in
    cities vs. mobile homes, 96-98
Tosches, Nick, 27
traffic lights, origin of color coding
    for, 152-53
Transylvania, See Vlad the Impaler
trazodone, as increaser of sex drive
    in women, 210
treasure, buried: near Argeles,
    France, 439; on Oak Island, 441-
trees: foul-smelling, 383, 365-387;
    whether carvings in will always
    remain same distance from
    ground, 96
Trevor-Roper, H.R., and efforts to
    clear up mystery of Hitler's death,
Trilateral Commission, alleged world
    conspiracy involving, 295-98
triple play, unassisted, how
    accomplished, 173-74
Trivial Pursuit (game), 92
Turin, Shroud of. See Shroud of Turin
turkeys, intelligence of, 10
Twain, Mark, 122, 467
Twerp, Joe (actor), 19
twins, fraternal, possibility of having
    different fathers, 213-14
twitching while sleeping, 423-24
2000 (year), how to pronounce it,
2000-2010, what decade will be
    called, 263


"ukelele," derivation of, 472
ultrasonic sound: effect of, on plants,
    109-10; as insect repellent, 68-69
Uncle Sam's Attic, 240
urban legends, and gerbil stuffing, 218
urination, difficulty with, resulting
    from prostatitis, 196
urine, 427; canine, effect of, on
    plants, 72-73; effect of asparagus
    on smell of. 383-85; smoking and
    acid level in, 223


vaginal odor, variation in, 364,
Valenstein, Elliott, 425
vampirism, genetic disorder as cause
    of, 135-36. See also Elisabeth
Van Buren, Martin, and origin of
    expression "OK," 250-52
Vance, Cyrus, 296
Vanishing Hitchhiker, The, 340, 463
visibility, of terrestrial structures
    from space, 92-95
vision; ability to process information
    from, 311; resolving power of
    human, 94. See also color vision
vitamin C, as preventive for colds,
    cancer, 412
vitamin E, effect of megadoses of, on
    sex drive, 209
vitamins: consumption of, as
    hangover cure, 232; in apple and
    potato skins, 57-59
Vlad the Impaler (model for
    Dracula), career of, 131-33
Volcker, Paul, 295
von Liebenfels, Jorge Lanz, 157


"W," use of, as vowel, 246-48
Wachtel, Kenneth, 85
Wagner, Richard, relation of, to
    Franz Liszt, 471
Waite, Robert G.L., 130
waking just before alarm goes off,
Walcher, Fred (crucifixion victim),
Walgreen's, policy regarding nude
    photography film developing, 200-
Walker, Craven, 360
Walker, Jearl, 100, 101, 107
Walley, David, 18
Walpole, Robert (British PM), 434
Wambsganss, Bill, made unassisted
    triple play during World Series,
Waring, Fred, 481
Washington, George, 148
watch, decorative swirls on inside
    back cover of, 397
water: falling, and motion of shower
    curtain, 104-8; hot vs. cold,
    boiling speed of, 101-2; hot vs.
    cold, freezing rate of, 98-101; hot,
    why slows to a trickle after turning
    on faucet, 394-95; making gasoline
    from, 399-401; variation of sound
    in, during boiling, 115
water pressure, during Super Bowl
    commercials, 371-72
Water, Muddy, 259
Wayne, John, 474; and appearance
    in The Conqueror, 16-18
weather forecasts, meaning of
    percentage chance of precipitation
    in, 115-17
weather sayings, 113-14
week, origin of, 166-67
Weekley, Ernest, 168
weight, effect of flatulence on, 380-
weight loss: and eating habits, 314;
    and metabolic rate, 313-14; and
    subliminal suggestion, 325
Weil, Andrew, 228
Weinberger, Caspar, 295
Weinberger, Joel (subliminal
    researcher), 325
Weinberger, Pearl (plant researcher),
werewolves, genetic disorder as cause
    of, 135-36
West, Mae, 29, 481
Wham-O company, 189-90
White, Robert H. (asparagus
    researcher), 384, 385
whitening of hair, overnight, from
    stress, 315-16
"whole nine yards," origin of
    expression, 252-57
"Why don't you come up and see me
    sometime," authenticity of, 481
Williams Obstetrics, 213
Wilson, Dooley, 485-66
Wilson, Harold, 434
Wilson, Stephen, 114-15
Windsor (royal last name), 137-
wine: and hangover severity, 231;
    depiction of, in TV commercials,
Wisconsin, alleged lead in
    consumption of brandy, 39-40
witchcraft, Robin Hood and, 145-48
women athletes, and flat-chestedness,
woodchuck, ability to chuck wood
    of, 83
word squares, 176
words, English, most common, 470-
"work-at-home" schemes, 358-59
World Beneath the City, The,
World Series, 4?0, 471, 482;
    unassisted triple play during, 173-
worms, and drowning, 14
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 480; impact of
    height of, on his architecture, 123-
Wright, John (inventor of Lincoln
    Logs), 480
Wrigley Co. (chewing gum), 206
wrinkling, of fingers and toes in
    bathtub, 317
Wynne, Arthur, 175
Wynne-Jones, G., 386


X rays. See radiation, ionizing


"Yankee," origin of term, 260
yawning, contagiousness of, 309-10
yes/no gestures, in different cultures,
"You Bet Your Life" (Groucho Marx
    TV show), legendary wisecracks
    on, 24-26
"You dirty rat," authenticity of, 481
Young, Alan (actor on "Mr. Ed"),
"Yucatan," as native word for "I
    don't know," 239-40


Zappa, Frank, as son of Mr.
    Greenjeans, 18-19
Zener series, 478

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