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Received from Ed Zotti, assistant to Cecil Adams!

Well, we had a minor setback in our lonely battle to eradicate ignorance in our lifetimes. A&E; did not renew the Straight Dope TV show.

Yes, we know it is an appalling commentary on the state of popular culture in our society. However, we are philosophical about it. Were it not for the appalling state of popular culture, Cecil would not have a job in the first place.

Besides, all is not lost--and YOU CAN HELP.

Let's get one thing straight. We do NOT want you to spam A&E.; Actually, A&E; was pretty nice about it, or about as nice as anybody can be who has just canned your butt.

The show got decent ratings, all things considered. At least until it went into reruns. Granted it went into reruns after only 6-1/2 weeks due to the fact that two half-hour shows were run back to back each week. Needless to say this was not OUR idea.

The folks at A&E; claim they liked the show. And the host, Mike Lukas, got many propositions from groupies, which we feel is the acid test of quality entertainment.

(Our favorite Lukas ad lib: the scientist lady is explaining to Mike why wintergreen Life Savers make clouds of blue sparks when you crush them with your teeth. She says you should have a friend look inside your mouth to see the sparks, or else you can look in the bathroom mirror. Mike turns to the camera and says, "So, if you haven't got a friend, use the bathroom." Cracked us up.)

Problem was, the show just didn't fit with A&E;'s core audience. The Straight Dope TV show attracted people who were young, vibrant, and alive. The typical A&E; viewer is old, dull, and comatose.

Hey, just kidding! A&E; is a class outfit that attracts a mature audience. We attract, let's face it, a frivolous rabble. A delightful, intellectually curious frivolous rabble, and we know who WE would rather go to a party with. But we can see where A&E; didn't know quite what to do with us.

Anyway, there's hope--and that's where you come in.

Another network has expressed interest in the show. Our TV guys are pitching them even as we speak. Negotiations are at a delicate stage, so we can't mention any names. However, a few testimonials from the Teeming Millions couldn't hurt.

So here's the deal. If you want to see the Straight Dope show continue, send a message to the mystery network using the link below. Say nice things. Promise you will buy TWO of any product advertised on the show EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Nah, seriously, say whatever you want, assuming it's of a positive nature. Your message will be routed to the people that need to see it. If enough people show enough enthusiasm, maybe it'll help. Gotta beat waiting for another round of Gilligan reruns.

Send your Straight Dope TV Show testimonials here!

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