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Welcome to the home page of the Norwegian Meteor Section! The section is one of the oldest observing sections within the Norwegian Astronomical Society, and was established in 1970. Our biggest passion is observations of meteor showers. The following pages host scores of information on both scientific and amateur related topics, as well as a lot of pictures.

Unfortunately, the pages have not been updated in a while. Therefore, external links may have expired, and some other information may be outdated. Still, a lot of information on craters, meteors and meteorites may be useful.(Sep. 98)


A bright meteor from the
Perseid meteor shower.

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How to observe meteors
Meteor camps and other activities
Meteor publications

Other information on meteors and meteorites:

What is a meteor ?
What is a meteorite ?
Why did the dinosaurs die ?
Are comets and asteroids dangerous ?
The Norwegian meteorite collection
How is a meteorite crater formed ?
Impact structures in the Nordic countries
Where to report possible meteorite falls ?
I've found a weird rock - a meteorite ?

Other information and resources :

Upcoming meteor shower events
Other sources of information on the Web

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Background - meteors and their origin:

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Background - meteorites and craters:

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