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March 14, 1997
Women's Program Funding to be more flexible and accountable

OTTAWA The Honourable Hedy Fry, Secretary of State (Status of Women), today announced changes to the framework and funding mechanism of the Women’s Program that will be phased-in over two years. With these changes, the program will be more flexible and responsive to the diversity of women’s realities in Canada.

"Beginning in April 1998, the revamped program will have one pot of money and a flexible program framework to guide its application," said Dr. Fry. "We will no longer have an arbitrary distinction between program funding and project funding."

The first step of the changeover begins April 1, 1997. Organizations seeking funding after that date will have their proposals evaluated based on their ability to address specific program objectives to increase women's equality and focus on the areas of improving women’s economic status, systemic violence against women and girls, and social justice.

"The Women's Program will be flexible enough to allow us to work on issues of importance to women as well as to respond to regional differences, the diversity among Canadian women and emerging issues," said Dr. Fry. "We will introduce multi-year funding beginning in 1998-99."

The Secretary of State has maintained the Women’s Program funding of $8.1 million for 1997-98.

In the coming year, Status of Women Canada will work with women's organizations to develop more effective quantitative and qualitative methods to measure progress in removing barriers to women's equality. The result will be a program that is more accountable, efficient and effective.

Copies of New Direction for the Women’s Program of Status of Women Canada available on request. For more information, please contact:
Cathy McRae, Status of Women Canada, Tel: (613) 995-7835, TDD: (613) 996-1322, E-Mail:
Artur Wilczynski, Office of the Honourable Hedy Fry, Tel: (819) 997-9900

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