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Research Directorate

Policy Research Fund

bullet Our Primary Objective
bullet Form for List of Researchers
bullet Secretary of State (Status of Women) Names Six Women to Lead Policy Research Fund (March 20, 1997)
bullet Status of Women Canada Independent Research Papers Providing Gender Perspective on Public Policy Issues (September 3, 1998)

Policy Research Fund Calls for Proposals

bullet September 30, 1998 Call for Proposals
The theme for this call for proposals is Trafficking in Women: the Canadian Dimension

bullet August 31, 1998 Call for Proposals
The two themes are:
   1. Women and the Canadian Tax System; and
   2. The Intersection of Gender and Sexual Orientation: Implications of Policy Changes for Women in Lesbian Relationships

Previous Calls for Proposals
bullet Factoring Diversity into Policy Analysis and Development: New Tools, Frameworks, Methods and Applications (September 1997)
bullet Reducing Women's Poverty: Policy Options, Directions and Frameworks (September 1997)
bullet Custody and Access (September 1997)
bullet Integration of Diversity into Policy Research, Development and Analysis (April 1997)
bullet Changing Role of the State, Women's Paid and Unpaid Work, and Women's Vulnerability to Poverty (April 1997)
bullet Women's Access to Justice (April 1996)
bullet Canada Health and Social Transfer and its Impacts on Women (April 1996)

Policy Research Publications Available for Download

Custody and Access
bullet Relocation of Custodial Parents
bullet Spousal Violence in Custody and Access Disputes: Recommendations for Reform

The Changing Role of the State, Women's Paid and Unpaid Work, and Women's Vulnerability to Poverty
bullet New Policy Options to Improve Standards for Women Garment Workers in Canada and Internationally
bullet Unpaid Work and Macroeconomics: New Discussions, New Tools for Action

Canada Health and Social Transfer and its Impacts on Women
bullet Benefiting Canada's Children: Perspectives on Gender and Social Responsibility
bullet The Impact of Block Funding on Women with Disabilities
bullet Who Will Be Responsible for Providing Care? The Impact of the Shift to Ambulatory Care and of Social Economy Policies on Quebec Women
bullet Women and the CHST: A Profile of Women Receiving Social Assistance in 1994
bullet Women and the Equality Deficit: The Impact of Restructuring Canada's Social Programs
bullet Women's Support, Women's Work: Child Care in an Era of Deficit Reduction, Devolution, Downsizing and Deregulation

Women's Access to Justice
bullet Getting a Foot in the Door: Women, Civil Legal Aid and Access to Justice
bullet Access to Justice for Sexual Harassment Victims: The Impact of Béliveau St-Jacques on Female Workers' Rights to Damages
bullet A Complex Web: Access to Justice for Abused Immigrant Women in New Brunswick.
bullet Family Mediation in Canada: Implications for Women's Equality

Other Publications
bullet Aboriginal Women in Canada: Strategic Research Directions for Policy Development
bullet New Gender Equality Indicators: Public Concerns and Public Policies: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Statistics Canada, March 26 and 27, 1998
bullet Gendering Immigration/Integration: Policy Research Workshop Proceedings and a Selective Review of Policy Research Literature 1987-1996

Reference Documents
bullet Finding Data on Women: A Guide to Major Data Sources at Statistics Canada
bullet Statistics Canada Data Sources on Immigrant Women
bullet Women and the Economy: Long-Term Policy Research Issues

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bullet Metropolis Project (Canadian site)
bullet Status of Women Canada (SWC site)

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