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Part I : Status Report 1996-97

Part II : Action Plan 1997-98

  • Section I. General Information
  • Section II. Identification of Community Needs
  • Section III. Action Plan Contents and Timetable
  • Section IV. Communications Plan
  • Section V. Signature

    Part III : What do you think of our Action Plan?

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  • STATUS REPORT 1996-1997 and ACTION PLAN 1997 - 1998

    Implementation of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act


    Status of Women Canada (SWC)’s goal is to promote gender equality and the full participation of women in the economic, social, cultural and political life of the country. As such, it is committed to working with other partners to assist women in Canada’s English and French minority communities to participate in achieving this goal, for themselves, within their communities and within society as a whole.

    The activities of the department are guided by a number of key documents including the Beijing Platform for Action and The Federal Plan for Gender Equality. Approved by Cabinet in 1995, the Federal Plan is both a statement of commitments and a framework for the future, representing the concerted efforts of 24 federal departments and agencies, spearheaded by SWC. It documents some of the salient global and domestic issues to be addressed in the movement toward full equality for women and men, and highlights broad directions that will guide future federal initiatives around eight major objectives.

    The first of these objectives, to implement gender-based analysis throughout federal departments and agencies, forms the cornerstone of the Federal Plan in that it underpins all subsequent objectives. It puts forward the federal government’s commitment to ensuring that all future federal legislation and policies include, where appropriate, an analysis of the potential for different impacts on women and men.

    The Federal Plan recognizes the important role which women’s organizations, including official-language minority women’s organizations can play in promoting gender equality and long-term systemic changes. SWC will continue to strengthen its partnerships with institutions, communities and all levels of government to identify and remove barriers that impede full access and participation by all Canadian women, including official-language minority women and will continue to assist official-language minority women’s organizations to contribute to the promotion of gender equality within their communities and within society as a whole.

    The challenge is to produce solutions to support and achieve gender equality. SWC’s efforts in striving to meet this challenge are reinforced by the obligation to plan and account for measures taken to implement the objectives of Section 41 of Part VII of the Official Languages Act.

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