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Part I : Status Report 1996-97

Part II : Action Plan 1997-98

  • Section I : General Information
  • Section II : Identification of Community Needs
  • Section III : Action Plan Contents and Timetable
  • Section IV : Communications Plan
  • Section V : Signature

    Part III : What do you think of our Action Plan?

    The Report & Action Plan is available for download in Word for Windows format. Please be advised that the size of the Paper is 86 Kb.

  • STATUS REPORT 1996-1997 and ACTION PLAN 1997 - 1998

    Implementation of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act


    Responsible Minister: The Honourable Hedy Fry

    Principal measures planned

    Over the course of the past year, Status of Women Canada (SWC) officials in the regions and at the national office have worked closely with official-language minority community representatives and with officials from the Department of Canadian Heritage to implement SWC's 1996-97 Action Plan and to consult about the immediate and long-term measures that could be incorporated into the current 1997-98 Plan.

    The following strategies are proposed for 1997-98 to encourage and promote the commitments set out in Section 41 of the Official Languages Act:

  • provide technical and financial support to official-language minority women’s organizations in undertaking activities aimed at achieving gender equality;

  • address specific needs identified by women in official-language minority communities such as access to SWC information and resources, and participation in consultation activities;

  • enhance SWC's institutional awareness and understanding of its obligations under Section 41 of the Official Languages Act; and

  • integrate the Section 41 objectives into SWC's planning and evaluation processes.
  • NOTE: For additional details on proposed measures, please see Section III of this document.

    Helen Doyon
    National Official Languages Co-ordinator
    Telephone : (613) 947-0206

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