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- USA Headquarters -
Systema SpetsNaz / Systema Russian Style

11488 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA, 91601
(818) 508 - 8424

OLEG SPECTOR - USA Representative

Founder, Chief instructor of Shoto - Jutsu Karate
President of Shoto - Jutsu International Martial Arts Federation

Oleg Spector was introduced to martial arts at the age of twelve. Training in Japanese, Korean and Chinese arts, he competed on the international circuit establishing himself as a pro-am athlete.

By attending private college and earning a police-science degree, he worked as a security advisor and bodyguard, consulting private agencies on special assignments.

Working as a stunt man and an actor he appeared on national TV and video.

A 5th Degree Black Belt, Oleg Spector is the founder and owner of Shoto-Jutsu Karate Academy has been teaching since 1987, dedicating himself to martial arts.


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