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Systema SpetsNaz "Russian Style" dvd's coming soon ...

Ultimate protaction video


Price - $ 14.95

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Crash course is an instruction video, intended to educate and prepare you to reach the right decision when it comes to your personal safety. You will learn how to prevent the confrontation and overcome your attacker a last resort.

Realistic and easy to learn and apply techniques, will give you knowledge and peace of mind when it comes to personal protection.

Available only on VHS.

Video Contents:

1. Theory of self-defense
2. Stances and footwork
3. Blocking techniques
4. Punching & striking techniques
5. Kicking techniques
6. Self-defense on the ground
7. Techniques against grabs & chokes
8. Techniques against weapons (knife, club, gun)
9. Tips & guidelines of self-defense



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