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The Russian Military:

1) The Russian History

2) Russia - Army - Battles
- From Narva to Poltava
- April 1242 - Lake Chud
- The Kulikov Battle

3) The Russian Military

Russian Martial Art Systema SpetsNaz:

1) Russian Spetsnaz
- The Soviet Army - Smersh
- Russian Spetsnaz

-2) Russian Sambo

Russian Spetsnaz Units:

1) Russian History Units
- The Soviet Union

2) SpetsNaz Units
- Special Units: Federal Protective Service

3) GRU - Operation of the Main Intelligence Administration

4) SpetsNaz Organization
- Lubianka - the kgb
- History of the Cheka - OGPU - NKVD - MGB - KGB - FSB
- the KGB

SpetsNaz Psychology

1) Systema Spetsnaz Psychology (Integrated development of the intellect)


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Systema SpetsNaz Psychology

The system of integrated development of intellect (memory, thinking) has the special value for the training in hand-to-hand combat - Systema SpetsNaz.

The developed right hemisphere of a brain responds for a position and orientation of the body in space, for a coordination and speed of motions, for quick identification of the information from all body, thus the sensitivity to a pain and intoxication is reduced, the intuitive perception is increased sharply. The right hemisphere operates not sample operations on the arisen danger.

The developed left hemisphere of a brain inspects our operations, allows to avoid them in chaos, to evaluate critically of an ambient reality and to select an actual method of reacting on the arisen danger in the same time.

The person acts most effectively in extreme situations, when he has advanced the intellect and has learned the brain to work as a unit.

Each person can multiply increase the intellectual capabilities, logical and creative intellection, memory, intuition and response during a short time.

The system has strong improving effect: the immunity becomes stronger, the process of an aging of the brain is suspended, the hormonal processes are normalized, the vessels of the brain become stronger, the physiological consequences of stress are taken out, the requirement of an organism for simulated stimulators peters etc.

The pharmaceuticals are not used in the given system.

Systema Spetsnaz are based on 4 lessons:

1. Intellect and methods of its enriching.

  • Frequencies of a brain's activity and influence of external factors on intellect (emotions, electromagnetic and acoustical frequency, light and color waves, odors).
  • Memory as a component of intellectual capabilities. Exercises on development of memory, concentration and attention.

2.Head and spine.

  • Features of physiology of a brain. The main zones of a brain. Cerebral bleeding and exercises.
  • Hormonal system. Self-massage and exercises for normalization of hormonal processes. Effect of food and drinks, dream and stressful situations on intellectual activity.
  • The anti-stress guidelines and exercises. Special exercises for a spine.

3. Back zones of a brain.

  • Exercises for development of vision, audition, olfaction, gustatory and tactile sensations.
  • Exercises for development of space orientation's zone.
  • Frontal zones of a brain and zone of composite intellection.
  • Exercises for development of frontal zones of a brain.

4. Hemisphere of the brain.

  • Left (logical) hemisphere of a brain. Exercises on activation of the left hemisphere of a brain.
  • Right (creative) hemisphere of a brain. Exercises on activation of a right hemisphere of a brain.
  • Brain callused body of a brain and interaction of hemispheres of a brain.
  • Exercises on development of interactions of hemispheres of a brain.
  • Cerebellum and exercises for activation of its activity.
  • Self-massage on activation of a brain's activity.



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