12/08/2009 Senior Team Holland v England
05/09/2009 Senior Team England v Slovenia
09/09/2009 Senior Team England v Croatia
10/06/2009 Senior Team England 6 - 0 Andorra
06/06/2009 Senior Team Kazakhstan 0 - 4 England
01/04/2009 Senior Team England 2 - 1 Ukraine
28/03/2009 Senior Team England 4 - 0 Slovakia
11/02/2009 Senior Team Spain 2 - 0 England

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For names of players and managers you should search their surnames rather than first names, and remember that you will always be able to link through the different items at any time.

For example you may want to search Sir Alf Ramsey's record as England Manager, so select 'Manager' and type in 'Ramsey'. From this page you can select  the games he has taken charge of, simply by clicking on either the score or the date of the game.

By clicking on the scoreline of the match with Greece in August, you will find a match screen from the game at Old Trafford. By clicking on Frank Lampard's name you will come to his player profile.

Once there you can view his record, which you can rank by opponent, goals or even stadium, simply clicking the terms at the top will rank the list in this way.

On individual player pages you can also search through associated articles, videos and image galleries.

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