Matchday & PayPal - a perfect way to automate your payments
We estimate a whopping 40% of affiliated football match fees go unpaid each season. That’s a lot of money your club could be losing, making it incredibly difficult to balance the books. But we’ve got good news – collecting match fees has never been easier thanks to the Matchday app.

Matchday enables you to accept payments directly from your players as one-off payments or multiple instalments, straight from your phone. No more chasing players for fees or fumbling with cash; just more time for you to run your club.

To make life even easier, we partnered with online payments service PayPal, for safe, secure and simple money transfers. And because club volunteers are the lifeblood of the grassroots game, there are rewards throughout the season from PayPal to managers and players who use Matchday Payments.

Like us, PayPal are dedicated to making busy lives simple. Your club’s players (or their parents) just need a PayPal account to pay. With 26 million PayPal users in the UK, chances are many already have one. If not, creating a PayPal account is free and takes only a few minutes.

In addition to paying using their PayPal accounts, players can make payments either by cash or by credit or debit cards too. However, because PayPal makes payments using your existing debit or credit card stored on your account, players can save more time by not having to input their card details each time they pay.
Sit back and relax with payments through The FA Matchday
What are the Benefits to using Matchday Payments?
Whether you manage the club finances or are just paying to play, everyone can benefit from managing payments through Matchday.
Matchday is made for flexibility and can manage payments in whatever way works best for the club, manager, player or parent/carer. Here are the three main ways you can make payments in the app.

1) Monthly autocollect and autopay
Simply activate the PayPal subscription service and every month a flat fee will be transferred from the player or parent/carer. It’s a direct debit system in effect. Here’s a handy video showing how to set this up.

2) Annual payment

An annual payment from each player or parent/carer. It’s transferred at the start of the season, so your club has the money up front.

3) Pay as you play

Simple transfer of match fees from each player on the day of the game. Quick, convenient and no need for cash,
How to get started
To start giving and accepting payments on The Matchday app your club administrator or treasurer needs to create a PayPal business account for your club. Club Officials can downlaod our guides below to see the easy steps to setup and visit the Whole Game System finance tab to get started.

Download the following PDFs for further guidance:


Once your club is set up, Players can set up a PayPal account through the app and Managers can begin to collect match fees from all your players at a touch of a button.

Still not sure? Visit our knowledge base with lots of ‘how to’ videos and FAQs here that can help you get started. You can also get in touch with our technology service desk here.
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PayPal Payment Rewards

PayPal offers a variety of rewards for using Matchday. Find out how you can benefit here

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