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Trevor Contributors

Donations from the following made TREVOR possible. The producers gratefully acknowledge . . .

Bryan Bantry

. . . the following benefactors . . .

Deluxe Laboratories
Lon Diamond
Eastman Kodak Company
Jodie Foster
Charlie Goldstein
Kathleen Hammer
Colin Higgins Foundation
Joel Hornstock
International Creative Management
Island Pictures
Alan Landsburg
Paskal Lighting
Polygram Films International
Daniel Saxon
Shark Equipment Services
Sound One Corp., Elisha Birnbaum
and Bill Nisselson
Sting and Trudie Styler
Twentieth Century Fox

. . . and thank the following for their support . . .

Mark Balsam
Larry and Susan Barzman
Benton Foundation
Fred Berner
Broadway Video, Inc.
Cynthia Burke
Teresa Burkholder
John Byrum

Margaret Polly Carter
Henry and Kathleen A. Chalfant
Marc Cherry
Barbara DeFina
Marcy Drogin
Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood
Simone Genatt
Robyn Goodman and Brenda Currin
Todd Graff
David Marshall Grant
David Guc
Stuart Kleinman
Kit and Geraldine Laybourne
Joe R. Mantello
Ellen McLaughlin
Aileen Winter Mostel
Josh Mostel
Maria Nation and Craig Unger
Christina H. Ohly
Playboy Foundation
Carl D. Reimers
Deborah Reinisch
Seth Zvi Rosenfeld
Peter Roth
Barbara Schock
Sam and Bea Schor
Martin Scorsese
John Sloss
Arnold Stiefel
Carl Stibolt
Nancy Tenenbaum
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Anita Zuckerman

. . . plus additional thanks to the countless others who so generously gave their time, energy and resources to make this happen . . .

. . . and a very special thank you to Diana Ross for her music.