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If you are feeling suicidal or your question is urgent and you need a response right away, please call our 24-hour lifeline immediately!  866-4.U.TREVOR [866.488.7386]All calls are confidential and toll-free from anywhere in the United States 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Dear Trevor is a online non-time sensitive, Question & Answer resource for young people with questions surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity.

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I’m only out to my best friend and thankfully she accepted me but my cousin doesn’t like gay people. I asked, "If I was a lesbian how would you react?" She told me she wouldn’t talk to me for a while. Then I asked her "Would you go to my... Samantha, 12, New York NY
I am gay and my school is just for men so I feel like a kid in a candy shop but I can’t buy. I am not like a macho guy but neither like a camp. After my first time with a guy (at 9 yrs old) I changed a lot. Before my first time, I was like the leader of... Ethan, 14, CA
Is there some kind of problem about being gay? Taran, 12, Baltomore MD
I am so upset. I go to a school with religion and people and even the teacher say awful things about homosexuality. It makes me feel so bad about myself and sometimes I wonder if what they say is true. Eventually, I come to my senses and know it isn't... Cassidy, 14, KY
Ok so the reason I put questioning is that I don’t know if I’m bisexual or not. I feel like I am but I’m just not sure. I mean all the signs are there. I am still attracted to girls but when if look at a guy sometimes I start thinking "wow he’s kind... Jordan, 15, Acworth GA
In my school, I’m considered a bitch, a skank, an emo, and people say I should just go kill myself and that nobody likes me. I’ve been caught cutting before but I can’t help but keep doing it. I’ve had alcohol, drug, and prescription overdose problems... Raii, 15, Tampa FL
I like to read erotica about girl on girl or guy on girl. It makes me extremely horny? Am I bi?? Confused, 13, Schuyler NE
I just came out of the closet as a bisexual. Many of my friends are very religious, and half said they accept me and the other half shunned me, the half that often criticizes me for being a bi Christian. Am I wrong for saying that being bisexual does not... Renee, 16, Houston TX
For some reason, I feel like I like guys and I don’t know why. Do you have any idea why I feel that way? Bret, 13, NE
Hahaha!!! I’m in India. How will you help me? Lol. I don’t wanna go to be here. I don’t. It’s very lonely and I won’t say a word to anyone. I have no idea what I should do. What do I do? SoumTj, 23, New Delhi