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The Trevor Survival Kit

Sexual orientation and gender identity alone are not risk factors for suicide. However, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth face many social factors that put them at higher risk for self-destructive behaviors, including suicide.

The Trevor Project believes that the high rates of suicide are preventable. To this end, we created The Trevor Workshop Guide, a classroom tool to be used in conjunction with the short film, Trevor, to constructively generate discussion about the myriad of issues surrounding suicide, personal identity and sexual orientation.

Through open discussions with all youth about feelings of isolation, feeling "different" from their peers, or being misunderstood, the classroom atmosphere can empower youth to discuss options for troubled youth and help students to watch over each other.

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Survival Kit Contents:

  • 25 Youth brochures
  • 25 Wallet cards
  • 1 Age-appropriate Workshop Guide/Curriculum of your choice
  • 4 Posters featuring our most recent social marketing campaign
  • 1 List of Books and Films for LGBTQ Youth
  • 1 Educator Resource Guide
  • 1 copy of the Academy-Award winning film Trevor
  • 5 Stickers with information for The Trevor Lifeline

Once you've completed your first workshop using the Survival Kit, please complete this Evaluation Form. Your feedback is very important to us.

Survival Kit Webinar Training

The Trevor Project’s staff regularly provides technical assistance training on how to best use the Survival Kit through a one-hour teleconference and webinar training. If you are interested in participating in a free, quarterly webinar on how to best use your Survival Kit, please email Guide.

Educator Resource Guide

Download a free copy.

Comprehensive Book and Film List

Download a free copy.

The Trevor Lifeguard Workshop Program

The Trevor Project’s Lifeguard Workshop Program uses a structured, age-appropriate curriculum with trained facilitators to address topics including sexual orientation and gender identity, the impacts of language and behavior on LGBTQ youth and suicide prevention skills in schools. The Trevor Lifeguard Workshop Program is available free of charge to educators and youth service providers in California, New York state and Philadelphia. Locations outside of these areas may be accommodated for a nominal fee to cover travel expenses of workshop facilitators.

Lifeguard Workshop Evaluation Forms

The Trevor School Workshop Program Sponsor Evaluation Form.

The Trevor School Workshop Program Participant Evaluation Form.

Purchase the Academy Award®-winning short film, Trevor

If you'd like to purchase a DVD copy of the Trevor film, please order it by clicking here. All sales go directly to support The Trevor Project.