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The 18-minute film TREVOR is set in 1981.

Told narratively as diary entries, the film follows 13-year-old Trevor, a passionate Diana Ross fan who strives for attention from his parents by faking suicides. To no avail. To his delight, Trevor is befriended by a hunky school athlete named Pinky Faraday, upon whom he develops a crush. When he confesses how he feels about Pinky to his best friend Walter Stiltman, not realizing anything is unusual about his feelings, his friend turns on him and word spreads at school that Trevor is gay. Shortly thereafter, a confused Trevor is ostracized by all of his friends. In his ensuing pain, he attempts to give himself electric shocks to reverse his apparent homosexuality, runs away from home, and ultimately attempts real suicide while lip-syncing to the song "Endless Love."

When Trevor awakes in the hospital, he meets Jack, a young candy-striper with a supportive demeanor and pleasant bedside manner. Jack's friendship and advice, alongwith his offer of a free ticket to see Diana Ross, inspire Trevor to live. The film closes with a buoyant Trevor dancing up the sidewalk to his parents' house while Diana Ross sings "I'm Coming Out."

NOTE: The majority of this synopsis is excerpted from a review of the film that ran in The Edge. Thanks to the reviewer for capturing it so well.