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September has been a difficult month across the country with regard to youth suicide. The entire nation has been struck with the losses of Raymond Chase in Rhode Island, Tyler Clementi in New Jersey, Seth Walsh in California, Billy Lucas in Indiana and Asher Brown in Texas, each of whom were the victims of LGBTQ bullying and cyberbullying. 

You have the power to help make a difference and prevent future bullycides. Join us at The Trevor Project to ensure we are there every step of the way.


You can help The Trevor Project respond to the needs of LGBTQ youth and invest in the innovative programs that are breaking down barriers and reaching young people in their schools and homes.

1. Text TREVOR to 85944 to make a $5 donation
2. Join the Lifeline Donor Club for only $15/month
3. Join the Circle of Hope for $42/month or more


Your voice needs to be heard. Last month, Senator Bob Casey introduced the Safe Schools Improvement Act in Congress. Call or email your Representatives and Senators and demand that they take action to save lives and create safe places for our youth. 

In your own city, you can help get Trevor's Survival Kit in front of our students. The Survival Kit helps teachers and community leaders create a safe, affirming environment for every student while providing invaluable tools that can save lives! Despite the cost – about $10 to produce and distribute each kit – Trevor makes them available free to educators at our website. Talk to teachers and administrators in your community to make sure they are in your schools and make a contribution to The Trevor Project so we can get more out there.


Talk to the young people in your life before it’s too late. The Trevor Project has developed Y-CARE to help you recognize warning signs and act to save a life. It’s begins with YOU! You can get more information about Y-CARE on our website. 

These three steps – Investing, Advocating, Sharing – will lead to few months like September. We don't need to sit idly waiting for the next headline. We can SAVE LIVES. We can TAKE ACTION. 


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