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February 01, 2010

CBS rejects 'Dante's Inferno' Super Bowl ad (video)

UPDATED: CBS has rejected another Super Bowl ad, this time for telling viewers to "Go to Hell."

The trailer for the epic Electronic Arts' game "Dante's Inferno" contains plenty of scenes of a warrior fighting beasts in the netherworld. But it was the game's widely used marketing tagline that had CBS seeing red.

The commercial will still air, only with the tagline "Hell Awaits" instead. 

The verdict follows CBS' controversial decisions to air a pro-life ad from conservative group Focus on the Family during the big game, and to reject an ad from a gay dating site that showed two men making out.

Here's a trailer for "Dante's Inferno" that contains the original tagline:

And here is the actual 30-second "Dante's Inferno" ad that will run during the Super Bowl...

Here's more rejected Super Bowl ads...

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