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B Tsering Yeshi
B. Tsering Yeshi - President

B. Tsering received her Ph. D. in Educational Program Evaluation from University of Virginia, USA, in May 2001. B. Tsering was elected to be the President of the Tibetan Womenís Association in 2003, and was later re-elected in 2006. She served as the President of Tibetan Fulbright Alumni Association (TFAA) from October 2001 to November 2003. B. Tsering was also the Assistant Vice-Principal of Tibetan Childrenís Village (TCV) School from 1995-1997. She sat on the Board of Directors of Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy from 2003-2006 and currently she sits on the Education Policy Drafting Committee, Tibetan government in Exile. B. Tsering is also on the Governing Body member of Tibet Charity Society, Longsho: Tibetan Jewish Exchange Program, Tibetan Nunís Project, and she is a Member of Board of Directors, Tibetan National Sports Association.

Tenzin Bhuti
Tenzin Bhuti - Vice President

Tenzin Bhuti attended Tibetan Homes School Mussoorie and received her Bachelor of Arts from Himachal Pradesh University in Simla in 1998. From 2001-2003 she was the General Secretary of the Regional Tibetan Women's Association in Simla. During the 7th General Body Meeting of TWA in April 2003, she was elected as the Joint Secretary for the Central Executive TWA office, and was re-elected as Vice-President in April 2006. Tenzin Bhuti states, "As a Tibetan women we have a great responsibility to take care of our own country. The Tibetan women in Tibet are voiceless because they under deep Chinese repression. We are in a free country, so we can raise our voice to secure out country. We are the voice of the voiceless. We have a great responsibility on our shoulders towards these oppressed women in Tibet and strengthening the Tibetan women in exile."

Tsering Yangzom
Tsering Yangzom Oshoe - General Secretary

Tsering Yangzom graduated from the Tibetan Chidren's Village-Bylakuppee in 1998. She later attended the Sarah College for Higher Tibetan Studies and graduated in 2003 with her B.A. She began working for TWA as a volunteer assisting with the book publication, "The Status of Exiled Tibetan Women" and also participated in the peace march from Silguri to Calcutta. She then attended a one-year Software Engineering course in Chandigarh and completed this course in June 2006. She was elected in April 2006 as the General Secretary and states, "I am working here because I feel its my responsibility to work for a Tibetan cause."

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Tamdin Dolma - Joint Secretary
Tsering Deckyi
Tsering Deckyi –
International Public Relations Officer

Tsering Deckyi began school at Lower TCV/Dharamsala for her early years and she later attended the Scholars Home in Dehra Dun for High School graduating in 1994. Upon graduation she attended Delhi Polytechnic and studied tourism for two years. She received her diploma in 1996. From 2003-2006 she began working with TWA as a Public Relations Officer and was elected as the International Public Relations Officer in April 2006. Tsering Deckyi states, "Before working at TWA, I did not know a lot about the Tibetan issue. I wanted to learn much more and since joining TWA I have learned a lot and want to continue learning about the Tibetan cause. Of course I love to work for the Tibetan cause and I'm lucky to have this opportunity to work with Tibetan women."

Tenzin Dolma
Tenzin Dolma - Public Relations Officer

Tenzin Dolma attended the Mussoorie Tibetan School and began working as the President for the Regional Tibetan Women's Association in Dharamsala from 2003 to 2006. Tenzin Dolma maintained this position for three years and was later elected by the Regional Chapters to be the Information Secretary in April 2006. Her responsibilities include working as a liaison between the Regional Executive Committee and the 47 Regional Chapters, Managing Stitches of Tibet and PRO. She says, "Working for TWA has allowed me to guide Tibetan women to follow tradition and to preserve Tibetan culture." She is also serving on the Election Sub Commission, Utsang province, from 2005 to 2008.

Former Executives

Current Staff

Tenzin Chokzay
Tenzin Chokzay - Accountant

Tenzin Chokzay attended the Tibetan SOS Children's Village in Bylakuppe and graduated in 2001. She decided to study at the Teresian College in Mysore and received a Bachelor's of Commerce in 2004. In April of 2006 she started working for the Tibetan Women's Association as a volunteer because as a Tibetan woman, she wanted to learn more about the Tibetan cause. By May of 2006, she was offered the position as an Accountant and has continued to learn about the Tibetan cause since starting at TWA. Tenzin Chokzay states, "Working at TWA has allowed me to work with many people, gain fantastic work experience, and learn more about the Tibetan movement. TWA is a great platform for all the executives and staff to learn and grow."

Tenzin Palkyi
Tenzin Palkyi - Research and Scholarship Officer

Tenzin Palkyi attended the Tibean Children's Village in Dharamsala and graduated in 2000. She received the Berea College Scholarship to study in Kentucky and she received her Bachelors in Economics in May 2005. Palkyi first got involved in activism for Tibet with a student group called Students for a Free Tibet. She began working for the Tibetan Women's Association in October of 2006 and has continued to play a vital role between sponsors and beneficiaries, managing interns, and researching for TWA publications. "A crash course in multi-tasking" is how Palkyi explains the past 4 months at TWA and adds that "it has been exciting, challenging, humbling and enthralling all at the same time".

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