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Tibetan religion Religion is the basis of our cultural and social identity. As a community we believe it is very important to encourage institutions which enable women to devote themselves to spiritual practices. A total of ten nunneries have been established in exile, with TWA assisting with the management and coordination of three. These nunneries function as comprehensive learning and spiritual centers for the preservation of a unique religious and cultural tradition.

In 1987, TWA launched the Tibetan Nuns Project in conjunction with the Department of Religion and Culture. The Tibetan Nuns Project assists many newly arrived nuns with shelter, food and clothing as well as with providing environments conducive to learning. Today the Tibetan Nuns Project is a completely independent and self-sustaining program. The vision and energy of the Tibetan Nuns Project has grown to accommodate over 500 nuns in exile. The TWA continues its strong relationship with the Tibetan Nuns Project by serving as a governing member of the program.