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Social Welfare

Tibetan social welfare It is a priority of the Tibetan Women's Association that we work towards increasing the social awareness of our people. We do not believe in discrimination. We assist people regardless of race, sex, class, caste or religion. 

TWA provides family guidance and counselling to those who seek our support. This program has proven to be highly successful and is valued by the community.

Other TWA social welfare activities include environmental cleanup campaigns, lectures and public information on health, diet and hygiene, assisting poorer families, the needy, the elderly, the sick and the handicapped. Our volunteers organize "broom-squads" during religious gatherings and offer this service at many other local community events to ensure a clean and safe environment. 

TWA continues to promote and sustain a healthy social environment for the many Tibetans living in exile. We wish to nurture and support the community in any way that we can to support this philosophy.