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Tibetan Women's Association has been an active member of the Campaign Working Group (CWG) of International Tibet Support Network (ITSN) dedicated to the Beijing 2008 Olympics. This campaign is aimed at using the Olympic games as a platform for highlighting China's oppressive occupation of Tibet and of leveraging the demands for freedom and justice.

Tibet Activists Demonstrate at Base Camp While Chinese Team Attempts Olympic Torch Ascent.

The protest, organized by Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) coincided with the International Olympic Committee’s deliberations on the final Beijing 2008 Olympic torch relay route and preempted a Chinese trial expedition to the summit with the Olympic torch.

China uses Tibetan Antelope as their Olympic Mascot

Yingsel, The Freedom Antelope

In its attempt to demonstrate the "unity of the nationalities in China" and to legitimize China's occupation of Tibet, China's Olympic Committee has adopted the endangered Tibetan antelope, Chiru, as one of the five mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Tibetan antelope was evaluated as endangered by the World Conservation Union's in 2000 and is at a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Tibetan antelope is not a Chinese symbol but it is being used as a Chinese propaganda to convince the world that Tibet is a part of China.

To read more on Yingsel and her courageous actions to secure freedom for Tibet, go to

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