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Voice: Quarterly Newsletter

Tibetan Women's Association's magazine, Dolma, is published every 18 months. The next issue of Dolma is coming out in August 2007. In the past, TWA used to publish all of its activities of the past 18 months in one publication of Dolma, and thus, Dolma magazine usually ends up carrying very old information. To rid of that problem, TWA started doing a quarterly newsletter, Voice, since 2006. The newsletter serves the purpose of highlighting events of the past three months, and also highlights Regional Tibetan Women's Associations and their activities.

We are also hoping to make Dolma magazine a platform for Tibetan female writers to publish their work. We encourage Tibetan female writers to send us their work if they wish to utilize the platform. You can email your work to Any Tibetan female living in Tibet or in exile are eligible to apply for a spot on the magazine.


  • October-December Newsletter [ PDF 13.4M ]
    • Nangpa-La and Grandmother's Council
    • Chalo Delhi Movement
    • Indian Social Forum
    • New Year Resolutions and Tibetan Women Leadership
    • All-India Tibet Support Group, Youth Liberation Front
    • Health Page, Quotable Quotes
    • RTWA's Pictures