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TWA encourages you to join our extensive sponsorship program that allows you to become a sponsor of schoolchildren, college students, nuns, the elderly, sick, or poor and needy Tibetan families. Your monthly contribution of $US10 to $30 for a fixed period of time will ensure that you make a difference in the lives of Tibetan people.

Sponsor Success Stories

Kathrin Müllner

Since many years I have been interested in Tibet — its culture, its people, its language. When I first heard about sponsorships for Tibetan refugees, ... [more]

Sponsor a Tibetan in Need


Many elderly Tibetans have lived very difficult lives because they have typically made the trek across the Himalayas into exile and have perhaps survived Chinese brutality at the start of the invasion. While escaping into exile, many elderly Tibetan people took construction jobs at the Indian border and endured years of hard labor. Many elderly people were given a piece of land to work on by the Indian government, however years of working on the farm has led to many physical difficulties. Elderly people may have also lost a spouse or have a disabled spouse, causing further stress on their lives. Elderly people may also have the added difficulty of being responsible for younger family members that are unable of being self- reliant. Many of our Tibetan elderly suffer from many physical disabilities that prevent them from continuing any work at all.


Disabilities are extremely difficult for every family, but especially difficult for families living in poverty. Many Tibetan families do not have the option to seek out special treatment for family members born with disabilities, creating a very difficult situation for many families that are financially struggling. Many Tibetans do not have access to any international organizations or donors that provide funding and/or programs for people with disabilities. Family members find it very difficult to provide adequate services and opportunities for family members with disabilities because providing even daily necessities can prove to be difficult.


Education is the key to alleviating poverty, empowering our youth and creating a healthy society. The Tibetan community and government has worked very hard in providing financial support for all Tibetan children, however this is not always possible. Children born in exile typically attend a school funded by the government and this creates a financial burden among families to provide funding for school fees, uniforms, and supplies. By providing funding for young Tibetan children, you would be improving their lives forever.

Female Heads of Household

Increasingly, women are becoming heads of household due to higher divorce rates, families living in different locations, and other factors that cause family strain. Generally, women have a more difficult time finding employment than men do and have the primary responsibility as caregivers. This creates an enormous amount of pressure on the lives of many Tibetan women living in exile. Funds for a female head of household would support a woman with children, thereby creating a better life for both the women and their children. Female heads of household have some of the hardest jobs in existence because it requires them to not only support themselves and their children on a small monthly salary that hardly meets needs of the family.

Stitches of Tibet

Stitches of Tibet (SOT) is a non-profit vocational training program initiated by the Tibetan Women's Association (TWA) in 1995. The project provides opportunities for Tibetan women become self-reliant. Priority is given to those refugees who have recently arrived from Tibet. An eighteen month course is given to approximately ten women in traditional Tibetan tailoring skills, western shirts and trousers. [Read more]

If you are interested in sponsoring a Tibetan in need, please email Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

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