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Ways you can help

You can support the Tibetan Women's Association and struggle for freedom of the Tibetan people in many ways:

  • EDUCATE yourself and others about the history and struggle of Tibet and its people. Understand the truth about what is happening to this precious culture.
  • JOIN a Tibetan Support Group in your community and help to increase awareness of the critical situation in Tibet to national and international levels. Get involved in stopping the environmental destruction, human rights abuses and political and cultural murder of a nation.
  • ORGANIZE fundraising, cultural shows and speakers on issues concerning Tibet in your community. Discover and support the rich and diverse culture of Tibet.
  • SPONSOR a needy member of the Tibetan community in exile through the Tibetan Women's Association. Make a difference in someone's life.
  • DONATE to the vocational training program of the Tibetan Women's Association. Help us help Tibetan women through building marketable skills and increasing self-sufficiency. Make a difference in someone's life.
  • SUPPORT a Tibetan woman in pursuing professional training beyond the university. TWA emphasizes the importance of further career training for women who are interested in becoming doctors, lawyers, computer professionals, academics, etc. Supporting this endeavour will assist Tibetan women in participating in their community on this level.
  • LOBBY your government, the United Nations, and international human rights organizations for decisive political action supporting Tibet. The official recognition of the Chinese government's occupation of Tibet is a major step towards Tibetan freedom.
  • WRITE LETTERS to your government officials seeking action to support Tibet. International pressure is greatly needed to change the conditions created and imposed by China. Every voice counts. Stop the silence and demand a free Tibet!

For more information please contact our central office.