Why the president's stem-cell decision could define his term

For the longest time, we have been told that George W. Bush is a different kind of leader. He runs the White House like a sleek business. The nerdy all-night debates in the Clinton West Wing Dormitory have ended. The adults are in charge now, we are told, and they are guided by simple, moderate principles that blend compassion with conservatism.     Full Story >>

The Great Debate Over Stem Cell Research
Scientists believe stem cells from human embryos could hold the key to treatments and cures for disease. Pro-life advocates argue using the cells is the equivalent of taking a life, even if it is to save life

The Faustian Bargain of Stem Cell Research
Lance Morrow on why we should proceed with caution when it comes to tampering with mother nature

If You Believe Embryos Are Humans...
...then curbing research on stem cells is an odd place to start protecting them

Memo to Stem Cell Researchers: Take My Fat, Please!
Scientists involved in the highly controversial harvesting of stem cells may have found a new source: liposuctioned fat

Aggressive Parkinson's Treatment Falls Short
A new experiment can't deliver on the promise of stem cell research

The Genetics Revolution
In an amazing half-century we've moved from discovering the double helix to nearly decoding the instruction set for human life. TIME.com looks at the genetics revolution set to make fundamental changes in our lives.

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The Basics
How it Works
The path of stem cells from an embryo to a specfic body tissue

Common Questions
Andrew Goldstein explains the key issues

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The Big Picture
A comprehensive guide to the issues
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From the TIME Archives*
Belly-Button Brothers
Stem cells from umbilical cords saved their lives

Brave New Cells
Despite a federal ban, research on "cure-all" embryo tissue widens

How to Build a Body Part
Need a hand, or perhaps a liver? Scientists are finding ways to help you grow your own

Help From The Unborn Fetal-cell
Surgery raises hopes — and issues

Who Will Live Longest?
The fatter man is at high risk for lots of diseases, but stem cells in his flab may have lifesaving potential

Use the Body's "Repair Kit"
We must pursue research on embryonic stem cells - by Christopher Reeve

The Biological Mother Lode
Scientists isolate cells that give rise to all the body's tissues, promising a flood of therapies—and protests

In Search of Sight
Physicians in Chicago use fetal cells to combat a degenerative eye disease afflicting millions

Brave New Babies
In three landmark experiments involving gene therapy, doctors try to cure a rare hereditary disease

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