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 photo essays cover the world, from the Balkans to the environmental disaster of the Aral Sea, from the tragedies of the Kennedy family to Ricky Martin's vida loca.Questions or comments on our pictures? E-mail us at

Reagan at 90: A Life in Pictures   
From Gipper to Great Communicator, a look back as Ronald Reagan turns 90. 02/01

India Shaken to the Core   
A massive earthquake hits northwest India, and the death toll is thousands and climbing. 01/01

'Mother Ganges' Bathes Her Children   
India's Purna Kumbh Mela festival sees 30 million Hindus seek purification in the mighty river. 01/01

Enter the Snake   
For China (and Taiwan), Jan. 24 means the Lunar New Year-out with the dragon and in with the serpent. 01/01

Bad Tidings in Paradise   
A huge oil spill in the Galapagos Archipelago threatens one of the world's most precious marine wildlife sanctuaries. 01/01

Clinton's Last Days   
William Jefferson Clinton's last five days as president were a poignant journey through his eight years as commander-in-chief. TIME photographer Diana Walker was there, as she has been so many times, to document the private moments.

George W. Bush Becomes President   
Scenes from the nation's Capitol as the 43rd President is sworn in. 01/01

Tuxes and Tiaras   
What they were wearing at inaugurations through the years, with special fashion commentary by TIME's Sandra Jamison. 01/01

Inaugural Moments   
As George W. Bush prepares to be sworn in as the 43rd president of the United States, takes you on a tour of some of the notable inaugurations of the past. 01/01

First Pets   
A playful look at the dogs, cats and... well, raccoons who've insinuated themselves into the hearts of presidents and the American people. 01/01

El Salvador's Agony   
A killer earthquake's terrible toll on the impoverished Central American country. 01/01

Martin Luther King in His Own Words   
In this tribute to the memory of Martin Luther King, presents the powerful images of photographer Flip Schulke accompanied by excerpts from Dr. King's most memorable speeches. 01/01

The Salt of Life   
Life is hard for the nomadic people of the Sahara Desert who live and work along the 450-mile salt road from Timbuktu. 01/01

The Real Millennium Celebration   
Goodbye 2000, hello 2001. All over the world people welcomed the new year and, despite last year's hoopla, a new millennium.

Winter's Snowy Bite   
Brrrr! A heavy snowstorm blows from the nation's midsection toward the Northeast. 12/00

Santa's Big Day   
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus — in fact, there are quite a few of them — and you can find them all on doing everything from delivering gifts to water-skiing. This first annual Chrismas photo essay proves that Kris Kringle really does get around. 12/00

Year in Pictures 2000 presents a chronology of 2000's biggest events with some of the year's best photographs. 12/00

Chernobyl's Unnatural Disaster   
Ukraine finally closes the nuclear plant whose Number 4 reactor killed 15,000 people. 12/00

The Election's Final 48 Hours   
The election night that wouldn't end finally made it to dawn with a Supreme Court ruling and the candidates' acceptance of the outcome.12/00

Person of the Year History   
On Dec. 17, TIME will anounce the Person of the Year. Take a look back at past winners, from Lindbergh to Clinton. 12/00

The New Nobels   
In an elegant ceremony in Stockholm, the Swedish royal family crowned a new crop of Nobel laureates. 12/00

Election Moments   
A pictorial timeline of the history-making events of Election 2000

Islam's Holiest Month   
A centerpiece of the Muslim faith, the holy month of Ramadan is being observed throughout the world. 11/00

End of an Era   
As Bill Clinton moves into the final stage of his presidency, his place in history begins to come into focus. How will he be remembered? In photographs and audio from contract photographer Diana Walker, looks back at the 42nd presidency of the United States. 11/00

Blizzard in Buffalo   
Winter came hard and fast to this northern New York city, as 25 inches fell in 12 hours on Monday. 11/00

Clinton's Vietnam Visit   
More than a century after America experienced one of its darkest hours, the U.S. president tries to build bridges. 11/00

The Election Night That Wouldn't Quit   
The nation's would-be leaders entered Tuesday evening thinking they'd know their fate by the next dawn. It wasn't to be... 11/00

On the Trail   
In exclusive photographs, TIME looks back at the campaigns of one of the closest races in America's history. 11/00

Ready, Set, Vote!   
Around the country, Americans are lining up at polling places and voting booths to cast their ballot for the next president. 11/00

Squaring Off: Comparing and Contrasting the Campaigns   
The glorious messes that are political campaigns provide plenty of unforgettable images and stories. Some of the best are collected here in photographs by TIME contract photographer Christopher Morris and TIME reporters John Dickerson and Tamala Edwards. 11/00

Countdown to E-Day   
With just hours left before the polls open, the two presidential candidates are still standing, and delivering. 11/00

Halloween 2000   
In cities, suburbs and even under water, Americans poured their creative juices into Halloween celebrations around the country. 11/00

Mission to Recover the Kursk Victims   
Russian and Norwegian divers embark on a risky mission to recover the bodies of the crewmen killed in the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk. 10/00

Rage and Sorrow in the Middle East   
After four weeks of violence, hostilities between Palestinians and Israelis show no sign of abating. 10/00

Al and W. Down the Homestretch   
With the debates behind them, the candidates hit the trail to make their case in person one more time.10/00

Thought the Games Were Over? Think Again   
This month, 4,000 athletes from 125 countries will fill Sydney's Olympic Park to compete in the events of the 11th Paralympic Games. Paralympians are world-class athletes who live with a mental or physical disability. 10/00

Mideast on the Brink   
A sprial of violence threatens to push a volatile region into full-scale war

Debates 2000 (Part One)   
As the nation takes in the second presidential debate between Al Gore and George W. Bush, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the events surrounding the first. 10/00

Fab Fourtraits   
In a series of famous and not-so-famous Beatles portraits, takes a look at the Fab Four in some of their goofiest moments. 10/00

Campaign Follies   
Lowlights on the campaign trail from the first week of October

The Battle for Belgrade   
Serb protestors overcome police and tear gas to seize Belgrade's parliament building. 10/00

Higher, Faster, Stronger: An Olympic Portfolio reflects on the power of the Sydney Games with an exclusive olympic portfolio from TIME contract photographers Sergei Guneyev and Joe McNally. 10/00

From Baltimore to Baraka and Back   
Boys don't stay boys for very long in inner-city Baltimore. One experimental program hopes to change that by taking the most at-risk of these troubled kids away from the city to a special boarding school in Kenya. In photographs by Radhika Chalasani, tracks their amazing journey from city to savanna and back. 10/00

Mayhem in the Mideast   
Tension over the future of Jerusalem turns into full-fledged, deadly conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. 10/00

Holy War: A Clash of Faiths in Jerusalem   
Four Palestinians are killed after worshipers in the Al Aksa mosque threw stones at Jews praying at the Western Wall. The battle highlights the religious passions underlying troubled negotiations over the fate of Jerusalem. 09/00

Good Day, Sunshine   
A set of stunning pictures recently taken by NASA's Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) spacecraft expose the source of the sun's most spectacular heat: The plumes that rise and fall within 10,000 miles of the sun's surface. 09/00

Olympic Moments Through the Ages   
Florence Griffith Joyner, Mark Spitz and Nadia Comaneci are only a few of the Olympic legends who have captivated the world with their larger-than-life feats. Walk back in TIME as we pause to remember the most spectacular competitors in Olympic history. 09/00

Clash in Prague: Police, Protesters and the IMF   
Remember the Prague Spring of 1968? Now it's the Prague Fall, and this time the enemy is capitalism. 09/00

Rapper's Delight   
An introduction to some of the most important players in the history of hip-hop. 09/00

Olympic Moments presents images from the world's greatest athletic competition. 09/00

Let the Games Begin!   
With everything from fireworks to fire-eaters, the 27th Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, started off with a bang. 09/00

Dying on Our Own Terms   
Too many Americans spend their final days in a hospital or nursing home, alone and in pain. It doesn't have to be that way, as this photo essay by Eugene Richards shows.

Photo Essay: The Burning Man Festival   
A TIME team, including columnist Joel Stein, descended on the Nevada desert for the recent annual Burning Man arts festival. Here's his pictorial report.

New York's Rockin' Eve   
The MTV Video Music Awards take over a tiny corner of the city that never sleeps

Campaign Photo Portfolio: All in a Day's Labor   
On a day when America celebrated with parades and barbecues, Al and George W. worked even harder

Beyond the Fall: The Former Soviet Bloc in Transition   
For 10 years following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, TIME contract photographer Anthony Suau traveled the lands of the former Soviet bloc. In hundreds of powerful images and audio commentaries, Suau documents in stark detail the people of that region as they shed their former skin and head into an unknown future. 08/00

Typhoon Bilis's Ill Wind   
At least 11 are dead and thousands are displaced as Taiwan endures Asia's worst storm of the year. 08/00

The Tragedy of the Submarine Kursk   
An explosion sinks a Russian nuclear submarine, killing all aboard. chronicles the harrowing final days of a futile rescue effort. 08/00

Backstage with Gore   
It was the week when Al Gore went very public. Before and after his speech, photographer Diana Walker followed him behind the scenes. 08/00

L.A. Unconventional   
The Democratic convention has attracted quite a cast of characters: Ghosts, zombies, pigs and protesters all descended on the Staples Center. 08/00

At Home and on Vacation With the Gore Family   
Harry Benson, who has been photographing presidents since Eisenhower, visited with Vice President Al Gore and his family at home in Tennessee and on vacation on Figure Eight Island, N.C. 08/00

Behind the Scenes With Gore and Lieberman   
Photographer Diana Walker spent the week with Presidential hopeful Al Gore and his VP choice, Joseph Lieberman, as they geared up for the Democratic convention. 08/00

Backyard Infernos   
As the worst fires in 50 years raged throughout the West, photographer Bill Campbell covered the devastation in Bitterroot National Forest. 08/00

Donkey's Years: The 1960 Democratic Convention   
Take a look back at the 1960 Democratic convention in Los Angeles in this photo essay from the TIME/LIFE vault. 08/00

California, Here We Come   
The Democrats get ready for Los Angeles — but is Los Angeles ready for the Democrats? 08/00

Meet Joe Lieberman   
When Al Gore named Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate, he gave the Democrats a shot in the arm — and a new lease on morality. 08/00

In the Line of Fire   
In one of the worst fire seasons in a half century, 66 fires are blazing in 11 western states, destroying forest land and buildings and forcing terrified residents out of their homes. 08/00

The Many Faces of Sir Alec   
From Danish princes to Jedi Knights, Sir Alec Guinness's career spanned 66 years and countless roles — many of them in the same movie. 08/00

Behind the Scenes With the Bush Team   
As the candidate took a trip trhough the heartland to Philadelphia, photographer Brooks Kraft captured Bush watching his convention and being moved by its tributes. 08/00

Tiger's Tale   
Tiger Woods knows how to make the big shots. Here are some classics from his already illustrious career. 08/00

Finalé in Philadelphia   
Dubya delivers the goods in his keynote speech to the Republican National Convention. And then it's to clear out and clean up. 08/00

Convention Clashes   
A plethora of protesters have gathered at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. From sit-downs to marches to mayhem, brings you the action. 08/00

Photos From the Floor   
As the 2000 Republican Convention kicks off, brings you scenes of the fun and hijinks of the convention floor. 08/00

At Home and Behind the Scenes with the Governor   
Visiting the executive mansion in Austin on a hot July weekend, TIME contract photographer Brooks Kraft found George W. at rest, planning his ranch, and bonding with Dick Cheney. 07/00

Elephant Memories: The Republican Convention of '48   
Take a look back at the 1948 GOP convention in this photo essay from the TIME/LIFE vault. 07/00

Tour de Lance   
Lance Armstrong wins another Tour de France title, slogging through Alpine rain and wind — and capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. 07/00

The Crash of the Concorde: Supersonic Nightmare   
On July 25, an Air France Concorde crashed moments after takeoff, killing everyone on board and shaking public confidence in the aircraft's formerly rock-solid safety record. 07/00

Soothing Summer's Southern Sizzle   
A heat wave has gripped the south-central United States, leaving beleaguered residents to find ways of beating temperatures that are hovering around 100 degrees. 07/00

Fun (Really!) at the Mideast Summit   
And you thought it was all just boring diplomatic stuff at the Camp David confab. Well, it was -- but we didn't let that stop us. 07/00

OpSail 2000   
In the largest maritime event in history, 150 tall ships and more than 40 military vessels sailed into New York Harbor on Independence Day. 07/00

Independence Day 2000   
Images of a celebration, America's first Independence day of the new millennium. 07/00

Mexican Performers, Off Stage   
A TIME photographer steps behind the campaign machinery to take an intimate look at Mexico's presidential front runners. 06/00

Elian Goes Home   
After seven months, the tug of war over Elian Gonzalez ends, and the boy and his father return to Cuba. 06/00

Suburban Smackdown   
Wrestling fans grab your lawn chairs. Teenage boys are brawling in a backyard near you. Photographs by Scott Houston and Chris Ramirez. SHOCKWAVE. 06/00

Syria Mourns   
An emotional funeral marks the passing of longtime Middle East strongman Hafez Assad. 06/00

Earthquake in Indonesia   
Two powerful earthquakes shake the the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Enggano, leaving more than one hundred dead and thousands injured and homeless. 06/00

Rave New World   
Youth culture — often fueled by drugs such as ecstacy — is in thrall to deejays and the relentless beat of electronic music. SHOCKWAVE. 05/00

American Beauty   
Photographer Mary Ellen Mark has a unique view of America, a fact that comes out loud and clear in this selection of images from her book and exhibit. 05/00

Million Mom March   
Tens of thousands of protesters came to Washington on Mother's Day to demand stricter gun control, but the opposition rallied its own supporters. 05/00

Blaze at Los Alamos   
A wall of fire sweeps through this New Mexico town, destroying hundreds of homes and threatening thousands more. 05/00

Crisis in Sierra Leone   
As chaos grips the west African nation, British forces arrive to help U.N. peacekeepers restore order . 05/00

Mothers Against Guns   
The Million Mom March on Washington is inspired by women like these, forever scarred by gun violence. 05/00

A Parched Land, a Starving People   
In a series of searingly sad images, photographer Seamus Murphy documents the horror of the drought and famine in Ethiopia's Ogaden region. 05/00

Birth and Death in Rwanda   
Photographer James Nachtwey documents the delicate balance between birth and death in Rwanda in this exclusive. 04/00

The Removal of Elian   
The government moves to reunite Cuban boy with his father. 04/00

The Battle Over Elian   
A photographic timeline of the struggle for Elian Gonzalez. 04/00

In a volume of profound, unflinching pictures, award-winning photojournalist James Nachtwey surveys the grave new world of the 1990s. 03/00

Outcast: Displaced People of the World   
Dramatic images from documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado's new book, 'Migrations'. 03/00

The Pope Visits the Holy Land follows John Paul II on his historic tour of Christianity's holiest sites. 03/00

Campaign 2000: Gore Behind the Scenes   
A exclusive photo essay of the Gore campaign by photographer Diana Walker. 03/00

Campaign 2000: Super Tuesday   
The voters, the victors and the not-so-lucky: Images from March's decisive day of primaries. 03/00

Campaign 2000: Bradley Behind the Scenes   
A exclusive photo essay of the Bradley campaign by P.F. Bentley. 03/00

The Mozambique Floods   
Deadly waters overwhelm the African nation and leave thousands of victims stranded on roofs and treetops. 02/00

Campaign 2000: McCain Behind the Scenes   
A exclusive photo essay of the McCain campaign by Christopher Morris. 02/00

Campaign 2000: Bush Behind the Scenes   
A exclusive photo essay of the Bush campaign by Brooks Kraft and Tomas Muscionico.

Leo Through the Years looks back at the TV and film career of Leonardo DiCaprio. 02/00

Grozny: Fallen City   
Chechnya's capital lies in ruins in the aftermath of the Russian invasion. 02/00

On the Campaign Trail: Iowa   
Every four years, Iowa's presidential caucuses make the Hawkeye State the center of the political universe. checks in on the candidates and the hoopla. 01/00

Snowed Under   
The first big snowstorm of 2000 covered the East Coast of the United States with a blanket of the white stuff, frustrating motorists but providing fun for those with time to play. 01/00

Person of the Century Photo Essays   
Explore the life and times of Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mohandas Gandhi

The Deep Freeze   
Tumbling temperatures and a sprinkling of snow put the Northeast and Midwest in true winter mood. 01/00

Into 2000: A TIME Photo Essay   
Exclusive photos for TIME and from around the globe document the entrance into the new millennium. 01/2000

Dawn of the Millennium: Part 3   
The year 2000 finally reaches the Western Hemisphere in the third installment of a three-part photo essay documenting the arrival of the new millennium. 01/2000

Dawn of the Millennium: Part 2   
From the cold north of Russia to the tip of South Africa, the second installment of a three-part photo essay documenting the arrival of the new millennium. 12/99

Dawn of the Millennium: Part 1   
From Tonga's first-in-the-world welcome of the 21st Century to troubled Chechnya, the first installment of a three-part photo essay documenting the arrival of the new millennium. 12/99

France's Terrible Blow   
Paris bears the brunt of the damage as high winds wreak havoc in Western Europe. 12/99

Venezuelan Floods   
Torrential rains have wreaked havoc in this oil-rich but poverty-stricken South American nation. documents the devastation. 12/99

Columbine: Healing the Wounds   
Seven months after their high school was shattered by the evil plotting of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, revisits Littleton, Colorado, a community still fighting to come to grips with a tragedy beyond reason. 12/99

Crisis Nursery   
An exclusive photo essay about a new kind of shelter that helps troubled parents stop child abuse before it starts. 12/99

The Battle in Seattle   
December's meeting of the World Trade Organization brought a deluge of protest. monitored the mayhem. 12/99

Pokémania looks at the cartoon craze that is sweeping the nation. 11/99

The Wall: Where is it Now?   
10 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall bits of the barrier can be found from Buenos Aires to the Big Apple. 11/99

The Berlin Wall: A Pictorial History   
A retrospective of the Berlin Wall on the ten year anniversary of its demise

Road to the World Series brings you photos recapping the American and National League championship playoffs.

Inside Webster Groves High   
Welcome to high school in the heartland of America, circa 2000

Deluge in Mexico   
A tropical depression raging in the Gulf of Mexico has covered the area in 2 1/2 feet of water in just a few days - more than a year's worth of rainfall.

China Celebrates 50 Years of Communism   
Scenes from the anniversary celebrations of the People's Republic

An Earthquake Devastates Taiwan   
Photos from Taiwan after a massive earthquake shook the island country before dawn Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1999. 9/99

In the Path of Floyd   
Fortunately for Florida, the Storm of the Century didn't quite turn out that way, although high winds and rising waters did do some damage in Jacksonville Beach and all along the state's Atlantic coast. 9/99

Fascinated by Floyd   
It may be dangerous, but some people can't stop themselves from gawking at a hurricane's fury. 9/99

East Timor's Referendum Breeds an Ugly Backlash   
Scenes from a nation's struggle for independence. 9/99

East Timor's Big Decision   
The fragile coalition that is the Indonesian archipelago frayed even more as East Timor began a vote this weekend on whether to become an independent state. Violence was the order of the days leading up to the weekend vote. 9/99

Hurricane Hits Texas   
Bret was the biggest storm to hit Texas in 20 years. This photo essay looks at the warnings, the storm and the aftermath. 8/99

A Deadly Tornado Strikes   
A rare tornado touched down in downtown Salt Lake City on Wednesday August 11, 1999. takes a look at the aftermath in pictures. 8/99

The Day the Sun Went Black   
Images from the total eclipse of the sun on Wednesday, August 11, 1999. 8/99

Saying Good-bye to JFK Jr.   
Images from the national farewell to John Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette. 7/99

Kosovo at the Crossroads   
Photos of the uneasy peace in Kosovo. 6/99

El Mundo Loves Ricky   
The Puerto Rican Martin has already sold more than 15 million records worldwide, but with the phenomenal success of his single, the English-language "Livin' La Vida Loca" ("Livin' the Crazy Life"), the former Menudo member has become an American superstar.4/99

Around the World in 20 Days   
On March 20, 1999, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones became the first aviators to circle the globe nonstop in a hot air balloon. Take a look at some highlights from the trip in photos. 3/99

The Aral Sea   
For centuries, the Aral Sea was the lifeline for a vast, arid region whose steppes carried Genghis Khan into Europe and French silk merchants into Asia. Now, shortsighted environmental policy is causing the sea to dry up. 8/99

A Deadly Earthquake in Turkey   
The earthquake that hit western Turkey on Tuesday, August 17, 1999, weighed in at a heavy 7.8 on the Richter scale, a number that placed it in the neighborhood of the big (7.9 magnitude) San Francisco quake of 1906. 8/99

The Blair Witch Project   
The filmmakers created a chilling but fictional documentary and made it seem all too real. Artisan Entertainment built a hugely successful publicity campaign by leaving the question — real or Memorex? — open. Take a look at some images from the film and solve the mystery for yourself. 8/99

The Everglades   
Stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the outskirts of Miami, the Everglades make up 1.5 million acres of swampy marsh entirely dependent on water for its survival. Join on a photographic tour of the many threats facing this delicate ecosystem. 7/99

Remembering JFK Jr.   
Few people have grown up so completely in the public eye as John Kennedy Jr. The little boy bravely saluting at his father's funeral grew up to be a magazine publisher — and the cameras were there every step of the way. 7/99

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