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1. Custom Reprints

2. Copyright Permission:
a) For permission to photocopy TIME material
b) Text Syndication for books and newsletters (North American and Worldwide rights.)
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  Please contact the Los Angeles Times Syndicate:
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d) Text Syndication for domestic magazines and newspapers.

  Please contact Tribune Media Services:
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3. Electronic Use
To obtain permission to post TIME material on a Web site, please send a written request to:

  Time Reprints and Permissions
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  Please include in your written request:
    --Your company/organization.
    --The article and issue date.
    --Your Web address.

4. Photography Permission and Time or Life Cover Permission Requests.
For use in exhibits, movie/tv productions, books and more. Please contact:

Phone - 212-522-4800
Fax - 212-522-0150

5. Single Copy Sales.
To purchase entire issues of the domestic edition of Time Magazine.

Phone: 800-274-6800
Fax: 813-979-6685

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