Hurricane Katrina - Two Years Later

Katrina Hurricane New Orleans Disaster
Kadir Van Lohuizen for TIME

Special Report

Why New Orleans Still Isn't Safe

How years of misguided policies and bureaucratic bungling left New Orleans defenseless against Katrina — and why it may happen again


In Their Own Words

After all the second guessing and armchair quarterbacking from various corners, seven prominent New Orleanians give their perspectives on what it will take to bring their city back


How New Orleans Has Changed

A look at the levee system protecting the city and where people are living since Hurricane Katrina

Photo Essay

Broken City

Photographer Kadir Van Lohiuzen witnesses the sorrow of New Orleans

Photo Essay

Survivors and Heroes

Portraits by Chris Usher from the book One of Us

TIME Video

Surveying the Damage

- How the Mississippi River gulf outlet destroyed protective wetlands
- An aerial view of the extent of the damaged environment
- A look at what's left of the Lower Ninth Ward and at the post-Katrina floodwalls


How Can We Save New Orleans?

Two years later, the country is still failing a great American city. But if there is one reason to believe that the city can rise again, it is the resilience of its people. After reading our package share your own ideas for saving the city

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Time Inc. Returns to New Orleans

An index of special reports from various Time Inc. publications marking the second anniversary of Katrina