The Best Inventions Of The Year

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From the phone that has changed phones forever, to futuristic cars, to a building made of water, to a remote-controlled dragonfly—a dazzling display of ingenuity

By Maryanne Murray Buechner, Kristina Dell, Andrea Dorfman, Lev Grossman, Anita Hamilton, Rebecca Winters Keegan, Jeffrey Kluger, Michael D. Lemonick, Coco Masters, Lisa McLaughlin, Alice Park, Julie Rawe and Deirdre van Dyk

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Invention of the Year

The iPhone

The iPhone is more than just a gadget. It's a genuine handheld computer, the first device that really deserves the name


How We Chose The List

Lev Grossman discusses the process of choosing the Best Inventions of the Year


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All the details on the newest products to help you decide how to spend your money wisely

Photo Essay

Emotive Clothing

A research team at Philips has developed clothes that look good and let others know how you feel

Photo Essay

The X-48B

NASA, Boeing and the U.S. Air Force are teaming up to develop a Blended-Wing Body aircraft for the military


Best Inventors

From Leonardo DaVinci to the YouTube gurus, read about how these inventors changed our lives


Warren Buffett, Adjust My Bra

Scientists in Hong Kong have discovered there's a better way to build a bra. How will the lingerie industry respond? An open letter to the one man who can help