TIME 100: Heroes & Icons - June 14, 1999

Heroes and Icons
Twenty people who articulate the longings of the last 100 years, exemplifying courage, selflessness, exuberance, superhuman ability and amazing grace.
Views of an Extraordinary Era
Timeline: The Century
Where these heroes and inspirations fit into the last 100 years

Beautiful Stars
Great Sports Moments
The American G.I.
The Kennedys

Dubious Influences
Minor villains and antiheroes who caused no little bit of havoc

Memorable Love Affairs
Five romances that, for better or worse, captured our imagination

Online Interviews
Read the transcripts of our chats with Billy Graham, Reeve Lindbergh about her father, Charles Lindbergh, and George Plimpton on Muhammad Ali.

Test Your Knowledge
Quiz yourself on the century's icons
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